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Heroes Community > Heroes 3.5 - WoG and Beyond > Thread: Some maps
Thread: Some maps

Famous Hero
posted October 18, 2008 12:01 PM
Edited by Ayreon at 13:51, 18 Oct 2008.

Some maps

Hey all

I have created a few maps myself over the years that I know WoG, and I'd like to know what you think about them.
This zipfile contains 4 maps:

Crowded in Here ][:
This is a small map, and the idea was to make the player feel a little claustrophobic when being put into an S map with 8 opponents. Please do NOT Wogify it, since it has inner ERM scripts. (merely standard scripts though)

Monolight Madness:
The idea was to create a giant madness of monolights. Let me know whether the map is any good. Don't Wogify it plz. Maybe you shouldn't play this with a commander either.

The Battle of Hungary:
In my weird moods I decided to create Hungary on an XL map. That's exactly what this is. I renamed every hero to a hungarian name, and the towns are HUngarian cities, each terrain is a province, and sorry for the inaccuracy at some points. Don't wogify it, and turn off commander.

The Battle of Hungary Allied:
Same as above, but now you have brothers in arms.

Let me know how you think about it

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Supreme Hero
Always loyal to HC
posted October 18, 2008 01:15 PM

Good to see ya again Ayreon , nice maps you have there. You should write the warnings and explanations in a notepad and put it in the archive

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Famous Hero
posted October 18, 2008 01:52 PM

Thanks, Dj, good to be back
I've edited the link and added the warnings and short descriptions to the zip file


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Omnipresent Hero
Wog refugee
posted October 18, 2008 02:05 PM
Edited by Salamandre at 15:18, 18 Oct 2008.

Well, is always good thing to know that people make WoG maps; Let me express my opinion about yours:

Crowded In Here!: definitely multiplayer, however the starting positions are very unbalanced, towns have no heroes but garrisons are very different. For example, one starts with 5 level 7 creatures while the other has 50 haflings. No matchup. Another has 10 enchanter and 20 sharpshooters. Tan player has hill fort at few steps from his town, and thats the only one on the map.Also he has armour of wonder. Teal has bow of sharpshooter almost for free, while others have no boost artefacts at all. You must keep in mind that on a small 8 players map, the final fights are all done by day 2, so the original deeds can not be changed. If I have 5 dragons and you 50 halfings, I win, no matter what you do the first day.

Monolight Madness: The green monoliths are too near from towns, with  correct chaining, red player can take up to 6 towns/players on day 2, all the others on day 3. I can send you a save where I won the game on day 3 with red/rampart using Ivor.

Race with the Devil: All players start with 10 devils, while all monsters on the map can be killed with 1 devil, not to mention many groups setted to compliant. I remind you that devils have no retaliation, so from low level creatures only shooters can be a challenge for them.

The Battle of Hungary: to get away from little town area you have to defeat random monsters. That can be as well ghost behemots as goblins.Here the bad luck can get you stucked in your town for weeks.
Red players has access to 8 stacks of sulphur while others not. Almost all artefacts are set to random and easy to take while all tomes of elements were not disabled. On my fourth try I got this:

Overall, lack of story, hints, path and ignorance of basic multiplayer tactics/design. No challenge at all, maps being way to easy.Maybe because they are small? Small MP maps are always a nightmare to do because they need perfect balance while others not. Scripts are not original, most being copy/pasted from original ERM scripts.

I think WOG allows much more customization and its possibilities and potential were not used in those maps. Many events could be placed and make the unbalanced factions to change over time.

In general MP maps are build with the purpose to see which of the players can combine exploration with fast build the better. In those maps you dont need to build anything, you have all you need from start.

Sorry for harsh analysis but you asked for opinions, and this one is only mine. Hope you will do better work with time.
Era II mods and utilities

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Famous Hero
posted October 18, 2008 08:00 PM

thx for the feedback

true, the ERM scripts are merely the standard ones, but I once tried to understand a little ERM, but I found myself unable to decipher it

I will note these remarks, and I'll use them for my next map (if there's a next map)

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