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Heroes Community > Library of Enlightenment > Thread: Collectors Cut (restored)
Thread: Collectors Cut (restored)

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posted November 08, 2008 10:52 AM

Collectors Cut (restored)

Collectors Cut restored by SAG (posts were deleted by Xarfax). I make new thread as old thread seems to be closed. Pictures can't be restored at the moment...
posted December 07, 2004 03:44 PM QP BONUS
Collectors Cut

mmh... instead of answering the same questions all over again in several threads, i decided to answer here in future. Also i decided to open a bit my heroes pan box from time to time. Hope u peeps like it.
Heroes Specialities Calculations:

Creature Specialty:

Heroes with creature speciality get actually 3 Bonuses in one .

a) The indicated creatures gain a bonus of +1 to their Speed rating, regardless of the hero’s level. This gives additional movement in the fights and on the map.

b) As soon as the Hero level (= HL) reaches the Creature level (=CL), the indicated creatures also gain a bonus of +1 Attack and +1 Defence ratings.

c) In addition, they gain the 5% percentage bonus based on the creature’s basic attack and defence stats. Unfortunately they tried to balance this ability by dividing the percentage by the Creature Level. This wasn’t really necessary as the varying creature growth would’ve balanced it anyway. Now it takes too many Levels to get this speciality work on high level creatures:

Formular: Percentage that will be raised = (HL-CL) x 5% / CL


Level 21 Galthran with Skeletons (Level 1)

Formular: (21-1) x 5% /1 = 20 x 5% = 100%

Skeletons Basic Attack = 5
Skeletons Speciality = 5 x 100% = 5
Skeletons Total Attack = 10

Skeletons Basic Defence = 4
Skeletons Speciality = 4 x 100% = 4
Skeletons Total Defence = 8


Level 25 Alkin with Gorgons (Level 5)

Formulary: (25-5) x 5% / 5 = 20 x 5 % / 5 = 100% / 5 = 20%

Gorgons Basic Attack = 10
Gorgons Speciality = 10 x 20% = 2
Gorgons Total Attack = 12

Gorgons Basic Defence = 14
Gorgons Speciality = 14 x 20% = 2,8
Gorgons Total Defence approx.: = 17

You can see that on with Low Level Creatures the stats got doubled early, while already on Level 5 the effect is very limited. If u upgrade the creature and it gets better stats by this, the speciality also works on this. So for example if u have Galthran on Level 21 and u played well u will face your opponent with zounds of skeleton warriors, which is stats wise similar to face the opponent with zounds of mighty gorgons.

One advice for “testers”: Don’t miss point “b”.

Skill Specialty:

This is often described and easily to calculate:

5% per HL plus on that Secondary Skill (=SS)

Formular: Percentage that will be raised: HL x 5% x SS


Level 20 Kyrre with Expert Logistics (=30%)

Formula: 20 x 5% x 30% = 30%

Expert Logistics = 30%
Speciality = 30%
Total = 30% + 30% = 60% more movement points

This Formulary works with all Secondary Skill Specialists. Of course u need to have the Secondary Skill to get it to work. To approximate it, u simply know that Level 20 will make the effect double!

Spell Specialty:

That’s even easier: You get 3% Bonus per Heroes Level. Unfortunately this is also reduced by the Creature Level.

Formula: Percentage that will be raised = HL x 3% / CL


Level 25 Deemer with a 600 Meteor Damage on a stack of Liches (LVL 5)

Formula: 25 x 3% / 5 = 15%

Meteor Damage: = 600
Speciality = 600 x 15% = 90
Total Damage = 690

Note that the spell book does not show the additional damage. So for the calculation u take the amount straight out of your spell book.

posted December 08, 2004 06:06 PM

Medusa Store: Tower Force Feedback

Old Thread requested by Lord Lazy

Normal Hero and Troups on day 8 on a random 160. Hero has spell cure, but it did work without. Formation shown is important.

A full 10 medusa store with even queens in it. Nagaqueens go first and attack dusas on the right. Dusaqueen shoots on Nagaqueen. Gargoyles move in formation like is shown on next pic, Mastergremlins shoot Medusas to the right to death. Forcefeedback works fine, Medusas move into near of the Nagaqueens to kill those 2 Gargoyles...Rest is history.

Thats what u got for loosing 6 Gargoyles ON DAY 8 ON A RANDOM 160. Dont tell me u dont need the money with tower.

So You say entering a Store on week 2 is a "No-No"...well i say entering is a must.

posted December 13, 2004 01:11 PM
Resistance Basics

Requested Thread by sirzapdos

Old post made by Venom in the "Oracle Contest"...the answer, contains all the Basics of Resistance



Hello honorable members of the Oracle, its me Xarfax...

...last week i met Thorgrim for a beer in the Rampart tavern. Although he is only Lvl20, he is the guardian of the rampart town. He talked about his recent famous fight he had against Alagar. After a few beers he started to show off, talking about his "great tactics" und "his magic resistance, the nice Formation he got and all the precious arts...". Man i know he is only an idiot; ive heard that he had only the lowest resistance art, no tactics, 1 iron golem, 1 dendruid soldier , 1 war unicorn, 1 gold dragon and 1 battle dwarf (in this direction in the fight) with him. Well im evil...and i want his town, but i need to know if i do have a chance against him.

Now my question: If Alagar do cast first at the beginning of the fight and makes his ice bolt in the descriped situation, what is the maximum chance of getting resistance in % ....

a).. for the iron golem, if noone has the orb of vulnerability.

b).. for dendruid soldier, if noone has the orb of vulnerability.

c).. for the war unicorn, if noone has the orb of vulnerability.

d).. for the gold dragon, if Alagar has the orb of vulnerability.

e).. for the battle dwarf, if noone has the orb of vulnerability.

(Result = a) in % + b) in % + ...+ ...+ e) in %) (author: Xarfax1)


Best answer (11/07): (corrected version)

The solution to question 2 is as follows:

The lowest resistance giving art is the Garniture of Interference = 5% resistance.(=comment: Boots of Polarity = 15%; Surcoat of Counterpoise = 10%)

You want to know the maximum of resistance possible, therefore u assume that Thorgrimm got expert resistance with lvl.20. Calculation: Thorgrimm lvl.20, expert resistance + art:

20+(20*0,2*0,05)+5=45 (=comment: expert resistance+(level*expert resistance*speciality per level)+art= cummulated resistance)

So Thorgrimm gives 45% chance of resistance to all creatures.

To get the 20% resistance of the aura of theWar Unicorn to work, the creature have to be next to the War Unicorn. If there is a single hex field between the unicorns and the specific creature the aura of the unicorn does not work. As Thorgrimm does not have tactics and cant move before Alagar makes his cast, there would be no aura of unicorns working, if uve the normal (called "wide") formation, as there would be hex fields between the creatures. But with "tight formation" and only 5 slots filled, the Dendroid Soldier and the Gold Dragon will be very next to the War Unicorn and benefit from the 20% resistance of the War Unicorn.

Iron Golem: Iron golems dont have an own percentage of resistance. They have the ability to always reduce (not resist) the magic damage by a certain percentage. So the percentage of resistance which works for them is still 45%.(=comment: magic damage reducing even works when orb of vulnerability is in fight)

Dendroid Soldier: Having no own resistance they are lucky that the 20% of the aura of the war unicorns works for them too. Unlike the resistance of the battle dwarfes, the resistance of the unicorns work seperately after the other resistance. Therefore it is 45% resistance, and then 20% resistance, which gives 56 times resistance out of 100 = 56%. (=comment: 100tries 45% = 45 times no damage; rest 55 tries 20% = 11 times no damage;45+11=56, 56 out of 100 =56%)

War Unicorn: Although the aura works for the adjacted creatures it unfortunately does not work for the unicorns themselves. 45%

Gold Dragon: Gold Dragons have spell immunity for 1-4 lvl. spells. So normally the lvl2 spell ice bolt wouldnt work on them. But the orb of vulnerability takes aways "all natural resistance".Well..its hard to find out what "natural resistance" really means, but in this case it takes away the 1-4 spell immunity of the Dragons, the resistance of Thorgrimm and the resistance of the art, which would mean that resistance is down to zero and the ice bolt would work everytime. The clue is: The resistance of the war unicorn still works!!..so in this case the gold dragons have a 20% chance to resist. 20%

Battle Dwarf: The battle dwarf has an own resistance of 40%. Rumours say that in this case uve to calculate the chance of Heroes resistance first and then the resistance of the Battle Dwarf (example: 100 tries, 45%=45 , 40% of 55=22, 67 out of 100 resisted = 67%). Another rumour says that only the highest resistance is valid (example: Thorgrimm + art = 45%, Battle Dwarf = 40%, Max resistance = 45%). Both rumours are wrong. It works cummulative, so it is45% + 40% = 85%. (=comment: give Thorgrimm 2 990 000 experinece and a Battle Bwarf, damage spell; then do the same with 3 100 000 experience, test it!)

Answer: 45/56/45/20/85= 251

Best answer from Venom

posted December 26, 2004 02:32 PM
We wanna see more
"by Pandora

Siege Fights

Town Defending Advantages:

1. No matter what kind of ground your town is standing, ull will always have the “native ground” relating to the town. On native ground your troups have +1 Attack, +1 Defense and +1 Combat Speed.

2. Town walls are the only obstacles that reduces damage, all other obstacles or “creatures in the way” don’t reduce damage. The walls reduce the damage of shooters by 50%. The damage of the shooters will be reduced by another 50%, if the distance inbetween is more then 10 Hexfields long. Both effects work after the other, so together so the damage will be reduced by 75%; ull receive 25% of the original damage. Exception is the Archmage: His shot wont be reduced by the walls. The Golden Bow will allow u to shoot without any of those penalties.

Little advice: The „Upper and Lower Buttress“ are undestroyable, so right behind it there will always bet he obstacle penalty. So there is the best place to place your Harpy Hags (as they jump back).

3. After having at least Basic Artillery u can controll they town shooters, so u can choose your targets. Additional to this u can cast before the fight begins. Or u can make your town shooters wait: Now u can concentrate your town shooters (6 shots) and two spells in a row on your target.

Little advice: Most of the times the town shooters only do about 90-120 damage (see below), so the best thing is to destroy the tent or concentrate on Lvl6 units.

Town Defending Disadvanteges:

If u defend a town u wont be able to flee or surrender (exception: Escape Tunnel at Stronghold town). So if u loose the siege u normally lost the complete game. If u want to avoid being “trapped” in siege, but still want to renew your spellpoints, put a scout into garrison, and the fight will be outside the town.



The Table shows the probabilites of the shots of a balista in a Siege.

The first part shows what will be shot:

Keep = Shooters in the back
Tower = Shooters in the front
Gate = the Frontdoor
Wall = the 4 walls

The middle part shows the amount of shots per round (1 or 2 Shots)

Last part shows the Damage that will be inflicted if the shoot is succesful:

Nothing = no damage
1 point = 1 Damage
2 point = 2 Damage

This is all related to the stated Balistic Skill.

The next Table shows the parts of the buildings and the damage they can take before they are down. Despite some rumors these points are for all town all the same, so there is no town that can keep more damage then the other.

Upper Tower 2
Upper Wall 2
Upper Wall 2
Gate 2
Mid-lower Wall 2
Lower Wall 2
Lower Tower 2
Main Building 2 (= Keep)

…so its 16 Hit points in total, before the building is completely destroyed. All other parts of the building do have “0” damage, and therefore are not destroyable. (The range of hitpoints could be from 1-3 but all do have 2 points).

The only thing that influence the damage made by the catapult ist he Balistic Skill. Everything else has no influence (Skills, Arts etc.).

Some examples how to interpret the table above:

1. If u dont have Balistics there is a 10% chance that u wont make any damage at all. (if this happens twice ull be in trouble cause no it will take too much time to get into the town.)

2. U need either 2 Shots with 1 damage at the same building part or a single Shot with 2 damage before a building part is destroyed.

3. With Expert Balistics all buildings will be destroyed after the 4 round = 4 times 2 shoots that will 100% do 2 damage = 16 damage points)

Cyclop/ Cyclop Kings

The Cyclop speciality is that they can destroy town buildings if wanted.

Cyclops shot on Basic Balistic, which means the have 1 shot that will do on 50%, either

a) 1 damage (only damages a building) or
b) 2 damage (destroys a building directly)

Cyclop Kings shot on Advanced Balistics which means they have 2 shots. Both of them have a 50% chance to do either

c) 1 damage (only damages a building) or
d) 2 damage (destroys a building directly)

Again their Abilities are not influenced by anything.

Town sitting / Destroy Catapult / open Gates / Town trap

Someone that stays in his town when he sees the opponent coming is called a “Town sitter”. Some players don’t like it and see that as unfair playing. I think its totally ok. There are various reasons; just to name some is that he needs 2 more days before ready for fight; the attacker didn’t prepare his attack properly to avoid that; attacker can take further advantage if opponent sits in town….and so on, and so on. In my eyes the castle siege is a part of the game and therefore not “to ban”. Experienced players know to handle/avoid those situations, and noone should be “forced” to fight on open ground if this is a sure loss.

But to “Detroy the catapult” is just lame, unhonorble and unfair behaviour. Those players are on my “never play again” list. Still, there is no rule against it, so if u play in an international tournament uve to expect it, if u go into a siege. If your catapult is destroyed and your main fighting power is into ground troups u are almost lost. Even if u r prepared against “catapult destroying” it will be more then very hard to win that battle.

The catapult can take 1000 damage, which means it mustve been very important for the player to deastroy it. The catapult can be destroyed by magic and fight damage. Common spells are Meteor, Chainlightning or Lighning Bolt …even Magic Arrow works on the Catapult. But the Catapult is immun to Implosion, Mindspells and Bless. Those Immunities wont be away with the Orb of Vulnerability.

Counter Action

To avoid the Magic Damage u can…

a) Have Resistanceskill, arts etc. or put a Unicorn into the 6th slot of your armie, as it will stand next to the catapult.

b) Cast Antimagic on the catapult (if not available cast Protection of …. Spell).

To avoid fight damage surround the catapult with fodder or cast shield/stoneskin/prayer on it.

To avoid shooting cast Forgethfullness/stoneskin/prayer on it. Don’t use Air Shield as the town shooters would do double damage then, due to a bug.

Who will be first to act?

This is important, cause otherwise u might wont be able to do counter action in time:

- First of all the one with the fastest creature will be first to act, if not…
- The fastest creatures are same Speed. Now the town defender (not like in “normal” combat the attacker) will be first to act, if not…
- The town attacker does have at least Basic Balistic and therefore the control over the catapult. Now he can act first, if not…
- The town defender does have at least Basic Artillery and therefore the control over the town shooters. Now he can act first.

What can u do if the catapult is damaged!?

If u need your ground troups in the town to win this fight your option are very limited if the catapult is destroyed:

1. Earthquake:

This spell s*cks even more then u already think. This spell is “like” Balistics, so Spellpower etc. don’t have influence on the damage. Only Earth Magic does influence it. It will do

- 2 times 1 damage without/with Basic Earth Magic.
- 3 times 1 damage with Advanced Earth Magic.
- 4 times 1 damage with Expert Earth Magic.

The earthquake will “randomly damage x part of the section”. And that’s were the problem is: It means the 4 times 1 damage will be made on different parts of the buildings. As u know that u need 2 damage to destroy a part immediately, it takes at least 2 rounds before a castle wall can be down. Additional to this EQ seems to work like “without Balisitic” Skill so there is a 10% chance that some of those “4 times” don’t make any damage.

2. Expert Teleport

With Expert Teleport u can Transport your ground Troups over the town walls. It needs to be at Expert Watermagic Level. It isn’t really effective either, but very effectfull if u do it with a Legion of Skeletons or Lots of Mighty Gorgons, if someone is hiding behind a single stack of Black Dragons. 

3. Magic Door Opener: Berserk and Hyphnose

Berserk might be better as it is spellpower independent. The power stack should be next to the castle gate (not blocking it), while the berserk creatures is the closest one to it. The berserked creature opens the door to reach the power stack. Best thing is if the creature dies on the Gate as it now stays open!

Reduce one of your opponents weak stacks and hyphnotize it. Now u can make this creature open the door for you. If your opponent did already cast, he wont be able to stop this stack, as he can attack his hypnotized creature. Only try he can do now is to block this creature.

The following things are to object in this matter:

a) If a defending creature opens the Gate on move over it, the Gate will close behind it.
b) If the defending creature dies on the Gate the Gate will stay open…
c) as long as the Defender will resurrect/animate it and move it away (Gate closes)
d) To avoid this it is best to do to let one of your own creatures die on the Gate. Now it cant be closed anymore.

4. Clone

This Option is very unknown and therefore my little secret advice here. With a certain formation u can “press” your cloned stack thru the castle walls (look picture).

The Hook:

All those Option do have a little fault: They are all Lvl3 or more Spells. So if recanters is in the fight all those options don’t work. The battle is lost.

In theory the following Option should still work: Let a flier die on the other side, and let the Pit Lord change them into Demons (this spell is Lvl2). Now let the Demons in the town open the Gate. Unfortunately it doesn’t work!, cause…

..your own troups cant open the Gate. So if u your ground troups are thru a normal lack in the wall they wont be able to open the Gate for u. Good to know if u are a town defender and do have to flee out of your own town.

The Town Trap

U can also turn it against your Opponent. If your Opponents likes to sit in his town, and your fighting power is into Fliers/Shooters/Magic u can “trap” him into his own town!!!! Simply place a creature in front of his Gates, the Gate will be blocked. If u destroy this stack with an area damage spell the Gate will be closed forever. Or at least as long as the catapult wont destroy the Gate. So to complete this little trick destroy your own catapult, or – even better- get Basic Balistik and press the catapult on “defend”. Now the opponent will be ”trapped” in his own town. (His only working Options now: Earthquake, Expert Teleport, Hyphnotized Cyclops).

The damage of the town shooters

There is many nonsense u can read about them. That because the programm doesn’t show the damage the “will be made” correctly. I know there is a formula around from Binabik which I think is correct. This is how it worked for me in practice over the years:

- All shooters of all towns do the same damage

- If Fort, Citadelle and Castle is built the Base Damage is 15 for the Keep, and approx. the half of it for the other shooters.
- Every Building (dwellings, marketplace etc.) increase the damage of the Keep by 3, which means approx. 6 more damage per round (3 +1,5 +1,5).
- Dwelling and mageguild upgrades do not increase the damage.
- Although there is a range given (rightclick on Keep) it will almost always do the max. Damage (sometimes +1 or 2 points)
- It doenst matter what is the target, the damage will be the same no matter what.
- Skills, Arts etc. (especially Archery or Artillery) don’t have influence to the damage.

Formel: (Keep + Buildings * 3) *2


Uve build both Castle walls plus all creature buildings, market place, Mage Guild and Blacksmith (=10 additional Buildings):

Formel: Keep + Buildings * 3 = 15+10*3= 45 (=Damage fort he Keep)
(Keep + Buildings * 3)*2 = 45 * 2 = 90 (= approx. Total Damage)

The Maximum of additional Buildings is 18, so the Maximum damage per round is approx. 140.

The max. damage per town per round u can expect (without gral, approx.):

120 = Castle, Conflux
125 = Necro, Inferno, Fortress
130 = Stronghold, Tower, Dungeon.

Again….these damages will always be… no matter which Creature is attacked or which Skills the Attacker/Defender will have (Artillery just gives the Control) …or spells!!

There are only 2 Exceptions (due to programming faults, called bugs):

1. Defence Specialists take additional damage (approx. double).
2. Creatures with Air Shield do have same effect.

The Moat

Since SoD there are additional Moats fort he Town defence. They are undestroyable; also not by magic. If a Creature is in the Moat it take 10% additional damage by non-magic attacks. The creature is not able to cross the Moat in one turn and stops into the turn. Additional to this the creatures take damage for entering the Moat and for each round they stay in this moat. They don’t take damage if they leave the Moat. Not only the attacking creatures but also the defending creatures will take damage!

The damage theyve to take is different from town to town:

Castle (Water) = 70 Damage
Rampart (Brambles) = 70 Damage
Stronghold (Wodden Spikes) = 70 Damage
Necromancer (Boneyard) = 70 Damage
Fortress (Boiling Tar) = 90 Damage
Dungeon (Boiling Oil) = 90 Damage
Inferno (Lava) = 90 Damage
Tower (Landmines) (explanaition see next).

Thats pretty easy to remember: Everything that is hot does make 90 Damage. The damage cant be avoided/lowered down by Magic…. Again!...the Damage will be all the same no matter what.

The Fortress Boiling Tar is something special: It is 2 Hexfields wide. So to cross it uve to take 180 damage.

The other exceptions are the Tower Landmines.

There are some funny facts about them:

The landmines are casted on advanced firemagic on spell power 10. They are the only town defending system which influenced by the visiting hero. Also Protection from Fire will reduce the damage they make and the defending creatures wont let the mines explode.

The formula: 10x 10sp + 50 = 150 damage.

They will do 150 damage at minimum, only if the heroes stats are stronger it will above them. So the hero needs..

Spellpower 14 without/with basic firemagic
Spellpower 11 with advanced and
Spellpower 6 with expert fire magic...

..to increase the damage of the landmines. Of course the fire orb will always increase the damage by 50%. The hero doesnt need a spellbook.

The problem with the landmines is that u cant let them explode on someone that is immune to fire magic so that they wont to damage (efreetis, fire/magic elementals, Phoenixes). They simply wont explode and are still there for the next one to come.

Same problem with Resistance. On Creatures that do have 100% Resistance (some Dragons) they wont explode, but as soon as they do have 99% Resistance they will always explode and always do damage.

With dispel u can take them away, and with massdispel they will all will fade away in a single cast (looks funny). Unknown is that u can also remove them with "Remove obstacle" spell (if opponent does have dispel orb). U can use this spell to "detect" landmines and quicksand if u move the spell coursor over the battlefield.

Funny thing is that the recanter cloak (no matter who wears it) makes all creatures "immun" to the landmines ...means: They will never explode if someone do have the recanters (but u see them still there). But if someone do have the Orb of Inhibition, which "allows no battlemagic" the landmines will still explode and do damage.

Ok those are some facts

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The last hero standing
posted November 08, 2008 10:42 PM
Edited by Xarfax111 at 20:27, 13 Nov 2008.

HOMM3 Tactics Part II

...i hope will forgive me that i started a new threat, but the old one did get to long and to much blah now in it .

Ease down an Utopia:

Well in most TOH games u really dont have to fear to go into the Utopia, Most of the time ull have a great hero, some great arts out of water or else and tons of resources to buy enough army to get into any utopia..maybe u loose some lvl1-3 but who cares about them.


...u only find eagle eyes on water
...loose some creatures in a stupid fight
...in your mageguild occur waterwalk instead of ressurrect
.... have only crappy heroes and no might in sight
and so on and on.

So the last thing that can save u is an Utopia. But u note if u go in this Utopia ull lose far to many creatures again (Especially if uve tower or rampart creatures).

So with this little trick u can ease down an utopia without to many losses (only on 100%):

Send in a scout with the following stacks:

for gras: 5 1 3 1 4 2 1 = 17 (for example zombies from a camp)

for other underground: 2 5 1 3 1 4 1 = 17 (for example imps from second town)

This combinations will let the dragons cross their ways and u can make...

..(on gras) the greens and reds strike and kill one blacky.

...(other) the greens strike and kill one goldy.

At this time of game ull have already bought your scouts, so u need no money for this. Only maybe for the creatures but they are cheap.... so u lose only crap ull never need instead to lose some essential parts of your army. Repeat this so often u wish. Each time a dragon will fade away and ease down your Utopia.

If u wish u can continue it as follows:

to kill Goldies on Gras: 1 4 1 2 3 1 1 = 10 (for example skeltons for free out of external dwelling)

to kill Blackies on other: 2 4 1 1 1 3 1 = 10 (for example useless goblins from refugee camp).

After this u can even continuing and kill some of the only left standing reds and greens. This can be made twice per scout...but this combination will stay my secret .

Theoretically u can eliminate a 5 Black Utopia with 11 Scouts about 200 Lvl1 and two times deemer/aislinn with some spellpower/points entering it.

Ok i hope this was worth enough to explained here, were already some very nice tricks were given.

See u all in the zone,


Edit by Hexa: QP applied...thnkx for sharing!@
posted June 13, 2003 11:35 AM
..wow some nice input here ...especially from coae and mad lan (sikerem ) ... i wish there wouldve been some, when i origianlly posted it. Now the methods can even be improved.

.. i like the method midnight described as u need LESS lvl1 fodder.. i might have to check if i can reduce the amount for my formations too. The amount of creatures in my method is to LEAD the dragons EXACTLY where they have to be.

For example: If the greens couldnt kill a blackie, my formation enables u to kill the rest of their hitpoints with the reds.

remains: 4 blacks 6 greens 5 reds

PS: You can continue and kill all of the greens by 1211100 troop arrangement. Each time 4 blacks will kill 1 green. You will need about 40 more lvl1s and 6 scouts to sac.

... well thats the main clue why this dont work in the end. The Blacks will stay till the end ..and as magic resistant no way to kill. Concentrate on killing Blacks first (greens and reds do that), then the Goldies (no prob for 8 greens).

Then let the greens and the reds kill each other ... as uve 2 stacks of dragons without morale u can easily let them hit each other 2 times.

I dunno exactly to which level u can reduce them, as if there is 4 greens and 3 reds left the magic heroes asilin, deemer or solmyr come into the game (make them cast twice per entering utopia, flee, rebuy...topia done).

(Btw. no fear with solmyr..even if u kill yourself by killing the last dragons ...then u just have to enter the topia and its all yours).

posted June 13, 2003 12:32 PM

Positively yes. But the quesiton is which is more important:

"The smallest size you can shave a tope down"


"The most damage you can do with lesser scouts/costs"

IMO, 2nd one is more important. Because, the smaller you try to size a tope the more cost you pay. What good is a 4red -or 3 black 2 green or whatever- tope if you have to spend about 30k gold?

..i disagree:

Reason a: Most of the times u already have 7 scouts and most of the times the lvl1 fodder is for free (joiners, dwellings, camps, starting army). So 30k doesnt happen.

Reason b: What do u think is better? Loosing some scouts with useless fodder OR lose some important troups?.

Reason c: Its important to take a topia early... not for the money, more likely for the arts!

posted June 13, 2003 03:50 PM
... well ok, i must say if u read my original thread we are talking about "reducing" and the ability to "theoretically totally clean-out"

..so the practise is the reducing and theory the clean-out.

On TOH maps and on Random the practice doesnt happen often, but on some original 3DuH-Maps with stand stand alone Utopias next to town even the total clean out is possible (thats what grunan asked for, and very easy to make if version is UNPATCHED!!

Some examples for TOH practice:

- U wana do the Chaos trick in a Utopia. Thats risky if a 5 Black Utopia. So reduce first!

- On some Criss Cross Maps everything on your side is already done at the beginning of week2 but the garrison and utopia is still to heavy. U already have scouts and fodder and send them in for reducing (so u avoid losses in lvl3-4 in main army).

- Tower needs definitely to much time to be strong enough to clean a 5 Blacks Utopia. Dragons would go for archenemy giants with low stats, the non-retaliation nagas. Additionally to that the other creatures arent really tough "infighters"; they are more like "shooters". So a reducing would recommended here too, to enter the utopia earlier with less losses.

I know many players just give everything to the main and enter, not careing if some lvl3-4 creatures will die too. I prefer the other way, after the tope u will have enough money for scouts, and ull still have your 40 Dragflys, 50 Battledwarfes, all Evil Eyes and stuff......


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posted November 13, 2008 08:53 PM

How does logistics work

After a long time of thinking,i decided to do my very best and translate the german post of Xarfax.


Let´s see if i can manage that on my old days. First of all, forget everything in the manual.
OK...here it goes:

The basicspeed depends on the battlespeed of the slowest creature on the day before.

Battlespeed of the slowest creature = basicspeed

3 Speed = 1500 movement points
4 Speed = 1560 movement points  
5 Speed = 1630 movement points  
6 Speed = 1700 movement points  
7 Speed = 1760 movement points  
8 Speed = 1830 movement points  
9 Speed = 1900 movement points  
10 Speed = 1960 movement points
>11 Speed = 2000 movement points

The basicspeed doesn´t raise anymore, when the battlespeed of the slowest creature is 11 or higher.
Those movement points will be reduced by every single "field value" depending on the terrain.

Field values:

Cobblestone road 50
Gravelstone road 65
Field road 75
(rivers don´t have any influence)

Dirt 125
Desert, Snow 150
Swamp 175
(cursed and holy ground don´t have any influence)

You don´t have to remind anything else. Every other kind of terrain reduces by 100 points.
For example: With a creature of speed 4, u can travel 15 times on Lava and one step on a cobblestone road (15 *100 + 50= 1550). The remaining 10 points aren´t to be used.

Additional to the basicspeed is the logistic skill. It is only calculated from the basicspeed.

If u have an angel with speed 13 for example, which means a basicspeed of 2000, and expert logistics, u have to add 30% of these 2000, which makes 600. U can use 2600 movement points though.

The raise of the logistic skill affects not before the next day, while raising the pathfinding skill affects immediately.

All further things which give movement points will be added aswell (stables, gloves, boots, miscellaneous buildings/places etc..)

Gloves 300
Boots 600
Stables 400

To wear 2 pair of gloves won´t give u more speed. And also artifacts which raise the battlespeed have no influence on the movement points (e.g. cape, ring).

Creature specialits don´t give a speedbonus on the battlefield for the creatures, but raise the basicspeed of them as well.

For example Ivor with creature speciality Elves:

Normaly, elves have a battlespeed of 6, which means a basicspeed of 1700. You would be able to travel 17 steps on grass though. However, Ivor raises the speed up to 7, which means a basicspeed of 1760. Ivor could travel 17 steps on grass and one more step on the cobbelstone.

Something special is Sir Mullich. He gives +2 speed to the battlespeed of all creatures, which is put in practice exactly like this.

Something special as well are the logistic specialists (Gunnar, Dessa, Kyrre):

Here u can see how it works exactly, the unprecise circumlocution in the game, on the means of an example:

Kyrre Level 20 with titans and expert logisics has visited the stables and wears the gloves.

Kyrre level 20 speciality:
20*5% = 100%
100% of 30% expert logistics = 30%
30% logistics + 30% speciality = 60%
Speed of titan = 11 is equivalent to 2000 basicspeed
plus the 60% makes 3200 movementpoints
additional the 300 points for the gloves and 400 points for the stables makes 3900 movement points in summary.

As a formula:

Movement points = basicspeed + (basicspeed * logistic skill) + (logistic skill * hero level * 5%) + miscellaneous)


It´s normal that u don´t want to calculate everytime like this. But there are some reference points. For the fact, the hero should always be speed optimized (means = minimum speed 11), u could say he can travel

20 normal steps
26 with expert logistics
30 with expert logistics and stables

And a specialist has DOUBLED his skill when reaching Level 20!

A further speciality is the "Ghost hero". That´s a hero who travels without any troops. Without troops a hero has 1900 movement points. There are different ways to get a ghost hero, but up to 90% it happens when using known bugs, which i won´t explain here...that´s cheating for me.

There are many charts and calculation humbugs related to the pathfinding skill. But it is very easy. Every skill level reduces the distraction by 25 points, but it won´t fall below 100.

Just as easy:

Snow -150 points distraction

Advanced pathfinding (2*+25)

Snow only -100 points distraction

Personally, i rarely give pathfinding on my main, coz it influences only on 4 kinds of terrain, it is easy to prevent and it´s an ineffective skill in the endfight. (not to mention all the streets)

Easy to prevent, coz the distraction won´t count when u only have troops of that native terrain.

For example:

The main hero has used all his movement points and stands on snow terrain. At the and of the turn, a scout gives him creatures with a minimum of battlespeed 11.

At the beginning of the next turn he will have maximum movements though. To prevent the distraction of the snow terrain, the scout gives a Tower creature (e.g a gremlin) to the main hero. Now the main hero can travel without any distraction. With the help of a scoutchain, all the troops were given to the next and on the final to the main again. Summary:
Fullspeed without any distraction but without having lost a skill to pathfinding.

A little bit different are the movement points on water. It doesn´t matter which creatures the hero has, he will always have a basicspeed of 1500. The navigation skill does NOT raise the movement like described in percent (50, 100, 150), but is settled like this:

Without = 1500 movement points
Basic = 2250 movement points
Advanced = 3000 movement points
Expert = 3750 movement points
(As a comparison = expert logistics = 2600)

Sorry Xarfax, but this calculations are EXACTLY like the described ones... e.g.: 150% of 1500 = 2250, 1500 + 2250 = 3750..)

It will get extremely fast, when the navigation specialits show up (Sylvia, Voy). On level 20, the reduplication of the skill comes again, which means the hero gets added 300% of 1500 = 4500, 6000 in summary.
Additional there are the artefacts (necklace 1000, hat 600). Additional 500 for every lighthouse, as they work cumulative.

So you can see, those heroes can easily get 7000 to 8000 movement points. And here comes the big hit:
At the start of the turn, the hero flees from a battle on water and is rebought immediately from a tavern. You additional get those 400 points from the stables in the town eventualy (if it is castle) and can travel 83 (!!) steps across the adventure map, 3 circles around the enemy and back again.

You can see, these heros are brilliant suited for surprise attacks, even if they won´t be leveled up to 20, they still have 40-50 movement points (In comparison: Level 20 Kyrre with expert logistics, stables and gloves = 39)

The movement over land...

....can be imagined like this. Ater the movement points have been set by the troops on the day before, the movement point distraction depending on the terrain is made. Important to know, the steps don´t include the starting field, however, the distraction is calculated from the field the hero comes. If u walk on cobblestone and make the last step on swamp (-50) and want to travel back the same way, u start from the swamp with -175, which means you will have 3 steps less! That is important to know when u want to arrange a backchain.

You can imagine the whole thing like a distraction-chain. If u ran over snow, then a bit over cobblestone and finaly get to the swamp, it looks similar to this:

-150 -150 -150 -150 -150 -50 -50 -50 -50 -50 -175 -175 -175 -175 = 1700 movement points
(14 steps)

...if u get only swamp creatures at the end of the cobbelstone road (native terrain = no additional distraction), the whole thing changes and it looks like u have some additional movement points:

-150 -150 -150 -150 -150 -50 -50 -50 -50 -50 -100 -100 -100 -100 -100 -100 -100 = 1700 movement points (17 steps)

You would get 2 additonal steps if u would only have Tower creatures at the start of your turn.

It says, your movement gets reduced by 1 step when u collect resources, attack wandering creatures or an oponents´ hero. That´s not correct. If you collect resources or attack a hero, your movement gets reduced by the value of the field the resources/hero lays/stands on. So if u were in money problems and have different possibilities of collecting resources, you should remind that. If you want to block an opponents´ hero, sometimes it is better to place a scout on swamp than directly on the road. If the opponent attacks the scout now, he gets reduced his movement points by THREE. Wandering creatures don´t reduce movement points, no matter if the hero clicks directly on them or places him in front of them.

Buildings which u can travel "over" (e.g. magic shrine) don´t reduce your movement, on buildings which u have to visit (e.g. dwarven treasury), you will lose 1 extra step. But there are buildings which give you some movement points:

Stables = 400 per day during the week of visiting
Waterhole = 400
Fountain of Youth = 400
Ralley flagg = 400
Oasis = 800

It says, those places give the travel bonus per day, correct is, you can get some new movement points after every fight. Especially on the oasis u can get many movement points, if u refill after every fight. The other 3 are to be thought of to visit, coz u surely lose some movement points to get there.

I hope i don´t have forgotten anyhting on that topic......that´s all folks.


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posted November 13, 2008 09:14 PM
Edited by Xarfax111 at 14:04, 21 Nov 2008.

Demon Farming

Demon Farming

orignally posted by wiggy_wam (including reasoning and some facts)

after 3 weeks, I record the # of demons / horned demons I have ...

on any toh map, I can average 80-120 demons. (3 weeks)

3 week records:
- 174 horned demons, random XL  (fire shield worked well)
- 196 horned demons, bob2 (gotta go with air magic)  
- 218 demons, hg3 (thanks to adela)
- 264 demons, hgXL
- 266 demons, hgXL

havn't done it on giant war yet, I imagine I'd get a ton from that map  

about cerebi, they're great vs the cpu, but in battles with other humans, unless you have the RED ORB, they suck because their damage is too low to be of effective use... unless they are blessed.
therefore, dogs = demon food  

other things to remember:
- can't raise demons on cursed ground
- can't raise undead, gargoyles, or golems.
- each pit-lords raises up to 1.4 demons, rounded down.
who needs the dogs when u got expert air magic?

after 3 weeks,  31-41 dogs = 22-29 demons added to a stack that's about ... 75 demons, making it about 100 demons.

so those dogs make up for 25% of your demons (when u don't have deplomacy).  An extra 7-9 demons per week.

casting bless on cerebi is a wasted spell in multiplayer.  The 41 cerebi will do about 180 damage, 280 if blessed.  An extra 100 damage for a unit your opponent will avoid is NOTHING compared to a 200 damage meteor shower.

in multiplayer, the only units that make the difference are the high damage ones (if you're not a spell-caster), or the high HP ones (if you are a spell-caster).  The cerebi DO have high HP, but low damage just like most other lvl3 units.  A demon averages twice the damage of a cerebi, a pit-fiend twice that of a demon.  Therefore pit-fiends are a MUCH bigger threat than cerebi.  Implode them.

cerebi have much in common with the harpy-hag.  They are great against cpu, but not in multiplay.  They seem to stay alive the longest in a multiplay battle, because they are NOT the primary targets of the opponent, nor should they be.  Why kill 4 hags when u can kill a minotaur?  Why kill 2 cerebi when u can kill 1 pit-fiend?  because hags and cerebi suck in combat unless they're used in recon.  Can you successfully use them in recon?  If you can use them in recon, then your opponent is either dumb or has crappy spells.

Mass hasted Marius' horned demons have a speed of 13.  That's when I want my extra 25% demons

orignally posted by the great Wub

And now for something completely different. I also tested the number of demons that pit lords can summon. I varied the number of pit lords, the hero level and the presence of magic plains. I kept arriving at the same conclusion:

1 pit lord raises 50 hit points, which is 1.42857 demons.
7 pit lords raise 350 hitpoints, which is exactly 10 demons.

An example: 5 pit lords raise demons from a dead 400 hit point stack. They raise 5*50=250 hitpoints. 250/35 = 7,14 demons. The number of demons raised is ALWAYS rounded down. So in this case, 7 demons are raised.

Just added some info by me

- You cant animate more creatures then died creatures.
- Health Arts DO increase the amount of animated creatures.

And the skill table for easy farming:

How does the Mighty Gorgons Death Star work?

Every single Mo in a stack has a chance of 10%. So it does NOT accumulate to 100%.

Every 10 Moos uve a chance to deathstare ONE more creature, means for example: U need at least 11 Moos to be able to deathstare 2 creatures, or 21 Moos to deathstare 3 creatures.

So the problities are:

for 1 to 10 MOOs (chance to do 1 deathstare):

1 10% - - -
2 19% - - -
5 41% - - -
10 65% - - -

for 11 to 20 MOOs (chance to do 2 deathstares):

11 68.5% second: 30% - -
15 79.5% second: 45% - -
20 88% second: 61% - -

above 20 and so on (chance to do 3 deathstares):

21 89% second: 63.5% third: 35% -
25 93% second: 73% third:46% -
30 96% second: 81.5% third:59% -
31 96% second: 83% third:61% fourth: 37.5%
40 98.5% second: 92% third:77.5% fourth: 57.5%


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posted November 13, 2008 09:48 PM

How does the necromancy skill work exactly?

originally posted by angelito

How does the necromancy skill work exactly?

Many times i thought about the necromancy skill and how it works exactly. When i read my "Heroes-updater-list", where there is described what was changed with which patch, there was also a point about the "reworking" of that skill coming with the 1.3 patch.
So i think since this version, that skill works fine and could be explained very easy (with one exception....but read that later...).

Some question had to be figured out:

1. Which necro skill counts? The one u have before u go into a fight, or the one which u have after the fight? Coz normaly u have ur level-up at first, then the result of the risen skellies is shown.

After some testing, it´s clear. The skill u have before u get into a fight is counted.

2. How do the necro bonuses count? Do they count cumulative or are they all based on ur necromancy skill?

Also did some testings here. They work all cumulative.
That means, if u r expert necro, have built the amplifier and have the vampire´s cowl, your necro skill is 50%.
One exception: The skill speciality "necromancy" like Isra has, is always based on the "natural" necro skill the hero has. That means, if Isra has the situation like above and is Lev 20, his necro skill does NOT raise to 100%, but up to 80% (30% expert necro, 30% speciality (20*5% of 30), 10% amplifier, 10% vampir´s cowl).

3. When i have expert necromancy (30%) and fight against a stack of 100 creatures, how come there are not exactly 30 skeletons raising after the fight?

This is the most missunderstood fact of that skill and i think that is meant with the "reworking of that skill".
The nummer of raised skeletons is NOT based on the number of the stack u r fighting but on the summary of their whole hitpoints!

Example 1

U fight against 1000 gremlins and have expert necro.
How many skellies will raise?

Complete hitpoints of the gremlins were 1000*4 = 4000
Expert necro means 30% of "hitpoints" will raise = 1200
How many skellies will u "get" for 1200 hitpoints?
Right...exactly 200.

Example 2

U fight against 30 gremlins and have basic necro.
How many skellies will raise?

Complete hitpoints of the gremlins were 30*4 = 120
Basic necro means 10% of "hitpoints" will raise = 12
How many skellies will u "get" for 12 hitpoints?
Right...exactly 2.

Example 3

U fight against 500 gremlins and have expert necro, amplifier, amulett of the undertaker, Isra Level 10.
How many skellies will raise?

Complete hitpoints of the gremlins were 500*4 = 2000
Expert necro (30%), Isra Level 10 (10*5% of 30% = 15%), amplifier (10%), amulett (5%)...that makes 60%....of 2000 hitpoints...that gives 1200 hitpoints.
How many skellies will u "get" for 1200 hitpoints?
Right...exactly 200.

So there are some points to notice:

U can´t raise more skeletons as the number of creatures u r fighting against.
And your necro skill can´t raise above 100%.
This fact is interesting when u play with a hero who has necromancy as speciality.
Take a look at this situation:
U r expert necro, have all 3 necro artifacts (amulett of the undertaker, vampir´s cowl, dead mens boots....not as combo...) and 2 towns were the amplifier is built. That will give in summary 80% necromancy skill. When your hero now is Level 20, normaly this number will raise on 110% (Level 20= 20*5% of 30 = 30%).
But that is not possible.

If u fight against 1000 gremlins with 100% necro skill, u will raise 666 skeletons (1000*4=4000, 4000/6=666).
There is nothing u can do, to raise this number of skellies after that fight. (I made Isra a level 50 hero and he raised again exactly 666 skellies).

But now i will mention the one exception i could not figure out by now.

When i did those test fights, the gremlins were split in 1 or 2 stacks (I fought with 100 titans ) and the calculations were all great..in theory and in practice.
But sometimes, the gremlins were splitted in 3 stacks and then, the calculation did not work exactly....the number of risen skeletons were smaller than calculated.

So i tried to figure out, when there appear 1 or 2 and when there were more stacks of gremlins.

I tried it with nearly every number beetween 10 and 100.
Only when they were 40 gremlins, they were parted in 3 stacks. I tried 80, 120, 160.....everytime 2 stacks....I tried 400, 4000.....everytime 2 stacks (I changed the number of my titans, i changed the spreading....always the same).
The next number i could figure out where the gremlins were split in 3 stacks was 2000 (choose some random numbers....was lucky..).

Here the test results against a neutral stack of 40 gremlins (which were splitted in 3 stacks....14,13,13):

With basic necro, only 1 skeleton raised after fight (normaly it has to be at least 2....40*4=160...10% of 160=16...this makes 2 skellies and 4 hitpoints left).

With expert necro, only 6 skeletons raised after fight
(normaly it has to be exactly 8....30% of 160 = 48....this makes exactly 8 skeletons).

Then i did the same fight against a hero with 40 gremlins:

Against 1 stack............8 skellies raised
Against 2 stacks (20,20)...8 skellies raised
Against 3 stacks (14,13,13)6 skellies raised???

I tried it with more than 3 stacks (500 gremlins in 5 stacks to 100)...works fine....exact like calculation.

Tried it with different numbers per stack (4 times 100, 1 time 101)...works fine also....

So there has to be a (for me) "unknown" factor when fighting against a stack of creatures which were splitted into 3 stacks.....perhaps anybody knows this (Xarfax?, Wub?).

Please remember, that this calculation works only since version 1.3!

Hope i helped some guys to figure out how they can raise 3000 skeletons on week 6...

Though i know, necro is banned in the zone mostly, this could be interesting stuff for some of you..

Edit by Hexa: QP applied!@

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Heroji su zakon
posted November 13, 2008 11:52 PM

I have fast-read the log part, there is some unmentioned stuff that very few people know (if it is mentioned, I overlooked it):

If the hero has at least 100 movement points left he will still be able to make a diagonal move on a non penalty terrain. This is not true for penalty terrains, even in case you have native creatures or (any level of) Pathfinding.  

If the army avoids terrain penalty in any other way except through Pathfinding skill, it will never be able to avoid terrain penalty for the last movement tile.

If the army traverses a penalty associated terrain, and is composed of native and neutral units (Peasants, Mummies etc.), it can bypass the terrain penalty by placing all neutral units in left slots relative to the native units.

Town Portal costs 200 movement points if on Expert level, 300 otherwise.

Dimension Door costs 100 movement points, regardless of Air magic skill.

Fly (spell and artifact) isn't affected by terrain penalties but is by terrain bonuses (roads only). No Air magic Fly penalty is the same as Basic Air (140%).
Interesting fact is that penalties apply only if hero traverses terrain that would bear penalty normally. If the hero has the neccessary Pathfinding skill to nullify terrain penalty he doesn’t even need to have Air magic, he will always fly full movement.
Angel Wings isn’t affected by the above: it will always allow flying for full movement, other factors disregarded.

No Water magic Waterwalk penalty is the same as Basic Water (140%).
Boots of Levitation will always allow full levitating, no matter the school expertise.
Waterwalk (and Fly) is not affected by Favorable Winds.

Navigation skill specialty bonus is calculated differently from all other skill specialties. For the other, formula is:
Hero level * 0,05 * Secondary skill bonus
but for Navigation it is
Hero level * 0,02 * Secondary skill bonus
For this reason you are wrong that on level 20 movement will be doubled:
A level 1 Navigation specialist with Exp Nav will have 3825 mp. Level 20 will have 5250, etc.

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posted November 18, 2008 08:08 PM

Random Template Settings!

originally posted by angelito


- Name

- Name of the template

- Minimume Size

- This number shows what size the map should have at least

1 = Small no under
2 = Small with under
4 = Middle no under
8 = Middle with under
9 = Large no under
16 = X-Large no under
18 = Large with under
32 = X-Large with under

- Maximum Size

- This number shows what size the map maximum should have


- ID

- Shows how much areas are made on the map


- human start
Shows which areas are the „home“-areas of the human players

- computer start
Shows which areas are the „home“-areas of the comp. players

- Treasure
Here u can define which areas are the treasure areas, no player
will start here

- Junction
Here u can define the areas, where other areas „come together“
and where nothing special should be placed

- Base Size
This should normaly define the size fo each area, but i still couldn´t find out what these numbers refer to. Don´t know what
is maximum for each or what is maximum in summary for all.....


Should test a bit to find out what those restrictions really effectuate. If it shows how many players can participate in that game minimum and maximum, i wonder why it is set for EVERY area-ID. But i think it is something like that. If u set the max. of total positions here on 4, only 4 players can participate. Will test a bit more to find that out.

Player towns

- Ownership
Shows which color belongs to which starting area
(1=red, 2=blue, and so on..)

- Minimum Towns
Shows the number of towns without fort prebuilt in every area

- Minimum castles
Shows the number of towns with fort prebuilt in every area

- Town Desnity
Shows how „near/close“ the non-fort towns are placed to each other in each area (the higher the number, the „nearer/closer“ the towns are placed)

- Castle Density
Shows how „near/close“ the towns are placed to each other in each area (the higher the number, the „nearer/closer“ the towns are placed)

Neutral Towns

- Minimum Towns
Shows the number of towns without fort prebuilt in every area

- Minimum castles
Shows the number of towns with fort prebuilt in every area

- Town Desnity
Shows how „near/close“ the non-fort towns are placed to each other in each area (the higher the number, the „nearer/closer“ the towns are placed)

- Castle Density
Shows how „near/close“ the towns are placed to each other in each area (the higher the number, the „nearer/closer“ the towns are placed)

- Towns are of same typ
Here u can define if the neutral towns should all be of the same typ. You can define in the „Town Types“-row (see further explanations), which kind of towns are allowed to be placed.
If u define only ONE typ of town for an area there, all neutral towns will be of that kind. If u define more than one typ, the typ will be randomly chosen, but all towns are still only of that one typ.

Town Types

- Here u can define which types of towns will be allowed for each area. (If u mark the row „Necropolis“ for the treasure areas with a „x“ here, than there will only be necro towns in the treasure areas....)

Minimum Mines

- Here u can define the minimum amount of mines of each kind which will be placed in each area.

Mine Density

- Shows how „near/close“ the mines are placed to each other in each area (the higher the number, the „nearer/closer“ the mines are placed)


- Match to town
If u mark an area here, the terrain will match to the starting town of this area. So if u have defined an area with more than 1 town, the terrain matches to the town the player choses at the start or the randomly chosen starting town typ.

- Dirt
Terrain will be „dirt“ for the area u mark here

- All other terrains the same procedure

Hint: If u mark only „cave“ for a specific area, u can define this starting town will be placed on underground if map size and settings allow underground though...


- Strength
You can define 4 different types of strength here. These strength settings only refer to guards of mines, arties and such. They do NOT refer to zone guards which guard a boarderline between 2 areas.

none = no guards at all
weak = weak guards, mines and minor arties are not guarded.
avg = average guards, ore and wood mines are not guarded
strong = strong guards, nearly everything on the map is guarded

- Match to town
This is an extremly easy way to prevent a Necro-player from raising too many skellies. Just mark the area of the Necro player here, and he will only have Necro-units to fight against in his area. No more legions of skellies except from caches and such buildings!
To make something clear here: Surely u can still raise skellies in those areas, but u wont be able to do your "Vamplords"-rush against all the undead units, that´s why u probably wont get that many skellies in that short time!

- Neutral
Only neutral units like nomads, trolls, halflings, Azure dragons, a.s.o....are placed in the marked area.

- Castle, Rampart, Tower.....
Only the units of these towns are placed in the marked area

- Forge
This was ment to be the „forge“ town („future town“) which was finally never implemented in the game. So this row stands for „Conflux“ now.


Here can u define all the stuff which will be placed in each area besides mountains, roads, trees and such.
In the link „Angelitos Investigations“ which i have posted above, u can see a small amount of numbers which define such special buildings, stuff, arties and so on. You have to set a Low and a High number to define a range, and u r able to define 3 ranges for each area. The bigger the range is set, the more different stuff can appear.
For example: a den of thieves has the treasure range 100-3000,
a gold pile 300-4500 (not really sure about these numbers though), a conservatory 2000-15000, a level 5 dwelling 5000-12500 and an utopia 6500-25000.
If u will set your range now like this: 100 (low)-4500 (high) and a density of 1 or 2, u will probably find a low number of dens and goldpiles in you area, 1 conservatory if u are lucky, but NO level 5 dwelling and NO utopia.
If u will set the range like this instead: 4000 (low]-25000 (high) and a density of 7 or 8, the range is soo big, nearly everything could happen, coz u give the random generator too many possibilities. You can find 5 utopias and 4 conservatories in that area, or u can find 15 crypts and 8 medusa stores and 1 relic artefact, but NO utopia and NO conservatory.
So the best way to control the stuff a bit and try to balance it for the areas which should be balanced, is to keep the ranges small. That is why u r able to define 3 different ranges for every area.
You also define the density (which is nearly the same as „amount“ in that case) of the treasuries for all 3 ranges.
There seem to be a possibilitiy to define what kind a stuff u can find in pandoras boxes (like: only Necro-units in treasure areas) Perhaps u have to know the exact number of the treasure value to get that like this, but i don´t know any exact numbers. It´s possible to look in the rmg.txt fiel of those templates to see what numbers are set there. Or again „test some more“...



Here u can define which zones (ID´s, areas) will be connected  to each other and how strong the guards are.

- Zone1 / Zone 2
Here you enter the ID of the areas u want to be connected.
I´m not sure about how to define One-way or Two-way-teleporters here, coz i´ve tested it not very much (but will do in nearer future)
One theory says you should set a pair of Ids 2 times the same here. then it´s possible to have a teleporter here.
Important: You can connect as many areas here as you want. No matter how many rows you have to fill.

- Value
This number defines the strength of the monsters guarding the boarder between the two areas mentioned left of it. You have to try some numbers to find out which amount means
5000 means something lots (about 30) Level 4 units for example (if i remember correct). 50.000 means lots of Level 7 units. This is a thing u have to test very much to get a clue. Easy o make with a Small map and 3 or 4 connections. If u give them all the same value, u can compare quiet well what those numbers mean.

- Wide
Also a point i´m not sure about. First i thought it means there are no guards on that boarder, but this could be set as well with putting a „zero“ in the column „value“. It could also mean the boarder is wide open and has different kind of monsters as guards. has to be tested a bit more...

- Boarder Guard
I tried this sometimes and i think this doesn´t work properly. i always had tons of key tents in all areas and many boarders placed weird in all areas. Not sure if u can handle that exact the way u wan to. Testing needed...


Same as for the restrictions for „zones“, i couldn´t find a clear description for the restrictions for „connections“.
I have set them always the same way i set the „zone“-descriptions, but not sure about their effect.

by Xarfax11
Unfortunately i havnt had much time recently, but some little test ive made concerning block values:

With settings 100% "normal strength" u can divide the amount of the creatures by the amount of the block value and ull get the costs per creature.


Block Value 50.000
27 Bone Dragons

50.000/27 = 1851

the price for a Bone Dragon is 1800.

So on reverse u can approx. the amount of creatures ull face if u know the block value. You divide the field value by the prize:

50.000/1800 = 27 or 28 Bone Dragons

So while u get the information of "Lots of Bone Dragons", which means 49 in max, u now know that the amount must be lower..u can even calculate the amount per stack (3 to 4).

I assume that on "normal strenght" the block has to be lots as minimum and horde as maximum amount of creatures in it. This has the following consequenzes:

U wont find creatures in it that will be to expensive to reach the "lots amount". Example:

19 Angels

19 x 3000 = 57.000 field value (too high)

U wont find creatures in it that will be to cheap to be less then a "horde". Example:

50.000 with Zealots, price 450

50.000/450 = 111 means more then a horde.

With the setting u normally play, which is "creatures strong" i cant say anything by now (too little time).

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Supreme Hero
The last hero standing
posted November 19, 2008 07:00 PM
Edited by Xarfax111 at 19:42, 19 Nov 2008.

Terek (Haste Special):

"Casts haste with increased effect, based on Hero Level compared to the level of the target unit (the bonus is greater if used on weaker units)."

Again the gamedescription is misleading and partly wrong. No matter what Level Terek do have the bonus he does give is always the same. The bonus is also independent on the creature speed. So the bonus is fixed per creature level:

Level 1-2 = +3 Speed
Level 3-4 = +2 Speed
Level 5-6 = +1 Speed
Level 7   = none!

So in the current situation, after Terek did the mass haste, there will be the following speed (masshaste +5 already):

Ancient Behemot = 9 +5 +0 = 14
Cyclop King     = 8 +5 +1 = 14
Thunderbird     =11 +5 +1 = 17
Ogre Magie      = 5 +5 +2 = 12
Orc Chiefs      = 5 +5 +2 = 12
Wolf Raider     = 8 +5 +3 = 16
Hob Goblins     = 7 +5 +3 = 15

Interesting effects!

- You can now change the first-strike-situation if you place the creatures properly. The wolf rider/ or Hobgoblin now can take the retaliaton and the Cyclop Kings can shoot before the ancient behemot attack.

- Goblins on native Ground do have speed 12 with Terek on the first day on. So together with his basic tactics the goblins can cross the battlefield completely. As soon as Terek has advanced tactics on native ground the wolves can also reach any 2-Hex Shooter (with the "A-Button-Trick"). So Terek is best if you need to breach Medusas in an early game.

The "A-Button-Trick":

If the Computer player does have tactics he can place any 2-Hex creature one step nearer to the enemy, then a human player can do. To also benefit of this too, simply press the A-Button, to let the computer place your troups one step nearer (Dont forget to press the esc-Button in time).

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Supreme Hero
The last hero standing
posted November 20, 2008 09:15 PM

from Consis personal page

The best Heroes Community story I've ever read was made by poster named, Xarfax111. Here is his story for everyone to enjoy it the way I did:

These little stories make me remember an old clan fight I had with a Russian player on SD3.

Man this player was fast and tough. He took both Utopias and the garrisons. I built 2 Fortress as a clan buddy told me that there would be enough resources around...blah...dammed was I slow! And the player kept on telling me how 'weak' I am; and what a 'crappy player' I am all the time during my turns; and during all the weeks.

He broke through my garrison, heading to my town, and now I could see why he was so fast. He sacrificed all his troups in the fights except his 7 Black Dragons. His stats were unbelievable: 3 times higher then mine!

..Geez...so I took all my troops to my main and attacked him in MY OWN TOWN. Of course he had expert artillery and of course he destroyed MY CATAPULT, my Chaos Hydras, a tent, and all gnolls with a single Chain Lightning spell. He laughed about me; and kept on telling me what a 'slow idiot' I am; and I should 'be a Footman instead of a Baron'.

Well I waited, let him tell his story, went to the refrigerator to get a nice cool beer, and opened it slowly while my comp kept on *plinking* because of all the messages he made. So I sat down......

Expert Water.......Expert Teleport on my Mighty Gorgons gathered from two towns......They jumped over the wall like little light Dragonflies. The messages stopped immediately......A little cow-attack and 6 of 7 Blackies were gone.

1 Blackie left......just enough to make a little rest.....to give him the chance to make a little comment about how bad I play.....it took some seconds.....and...drop......

......Well that beer tasted so cool.....


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Supreme Hero
Digitally signed by FoG
posted November 20, 2008 10:30 PM
Edited by dimis at 22:31, 20 Nov 2008.

And to continue the tradition I initiated recently in IMs ...

The empty set

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Supreme Hero
The last hero standing
posted November 23, 2008 07:47 PM

originally posted by dimis, with some insight infos on imp caches!!, not easy to read

On table 1 I present the probabilities each of these cases has to occur according to
some info I received from Xarfax - thanks again Xarfax for your great feedback! :

Stacks of 20 creatures 30:0 %
Stacks of 30 creatures 30:0 %
Stacks of 40 creatures 30:0 %
Stacks of 60 creatures 10:0 %
Table 1: The probability each case (according to the number of creatures per stack) has to occur.

Moreover, there is a 50% probability in each of the above cases that the lower left stack contains upgraded troops, meaning in the case of Imp Caches Familiars.

3 Variations According to Numbers and Species.

However, I think a more interesting table can arise when we classify special buildings according to the messages that can be read by the user on screen. So, in order to accomplish that, I 'll write down all possible cases and classify them that way.

Convention: On the following, whenever I write MSG: ... I mean the message you can read by not attacking the cache when prompted and instead right-clicking on it. Point out the di®erences or similarities.

1. Those guarded by a Throng of creatures.
In this case, we have the following possibilities:

(a) 5 stacks of Imps.
i. Stacks of 20 creatures.
ii. Stacks of 30 creatures.
iii. Stacks of 40 creatures.
The message is common for all the above situations:
MSG: Guarded by a throng of Imps.

(b) 4 stacks of Imps plus 1 stack of Familiars.
i. Stacks of 20 creatures.
MSG: Guarded by a horde of Imps and lots of Familiars.
ii. Stacks of 30 creatures.
iii. Stacks of 40 creatures.
The message is common for the last two situations:
MSG: Guarded by a throng of Imps and lots of Familiars.

2. Those guarded by a Swarm of creatures.
In this case, we have the following possibilities:

(a) 5 stacks of Imps with 60 creatures on each stack.
MSG: Guarded by a swarm of Imps.

(b) 4 stacks of Imps plus 1 stack of Familiars. Again each stack consists of 60 creatures.
MSG: Guarded by a throng of Imps and a horde of Familiars.

So, as a conclusion to all the above, when someone is about to face an Imp Cache with his army, he has to consider only 5 di®erent situations according to the messages available and not 8 as one might initially thought of!

As a result, with the contribution of table 1 someone expects that the above ¯ve cases have the probabilities shown on table 2.

I. Guarded by a horde of Imps and lots of Familiars. 15:0 %
II. Guarded by a throng of Imps. 45:0 %
III. Guarded by a throng of Imps and lots of Familiars. 30:0 %
IV. Guarded by a swarm of Imps. 05:0 %V. Guarded by a throng of Imps and a horde of Familiars. 05:0 %


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Supreme Hero
The last hero standing
posted November 26, 2008 04:14 PM

the original poster is named after the line!

Thats the list of all rumours (thanks to all participants):

A Black Dragon is not immune to the Efreet Sultan's fire shield, cause it reflects might not magic. (Consis)
A bright hero discovered that by pressing the space bar, you revisit your location! (Consis)
A catapult can deal 0-2 damage. All walls do have 2 hitpoints.Only Ballistics will improve the chance of doing the most damage. (Xarfax)
A hot type of moat will deal 90 points of damage, while others will deal 70. (Xarfax)
"A good tactician always remembers that pressing the ""autocombat"" key during the tactic phase will move his 2-hex monster one step further! (Xarfax)"
A knight once told me his badge of courage gave all his troops mind spell immunity. (Mike)
A lonely hero who has lost all his creatures, will disappear as soon as he gets attacked! (Angelito)
A mage informed me he always knows which creatures his area spells will affect, as they only works on blue outlined creatures. (Xarfax)
A mage tried casting spells on Thorgrim's creatures with 100% magic resistance, and dispel was the only one that worked. (Commando)
A seer will always ask you for a unique artifact. There will be no copies anywhere! (Angelito)
A Silver Pegasi placed in front of a berserked Green Dragon can confuse it so much that it does nothing. (Xarfax)
A strange dark magic causes arrow towers to do more damage to creatures, if they have armourer or airshield. (Russ)
"A wise man once said: ""The best way to shoot a wall down is to target the adjacent turret"". (Xarfax)"
According to Loynis, his specialty gives an extra +3 speed to level 1-2, +2 speed to Level 3-4, +1 speed to level 5-6, but no extra speed to level 7. (Xarfax)
"An antimagic garrison prevents spell casting, but I heard a Faerie Dragon can still cast by using the ""F"" key. (Evil_Warrior)"
An expert with the Remove Obstacle spell can use it to search for mines, then cancel it to save mana for more important things. (Xarfax)
Ancient Behemoths do crush your defense, but only during the attack itself. Keep that in mind! (Xarfax)
Angellic Alliance will allow you to cast expert prayer, even if the red orb is brought into play. (LKru33)
Antimagic is highly effective against the abilities of Zombies, Unicorns, Thunderbirds and Mummies. (Binabik)
Armor of the damned will not provide your hero with the disrupting ray, even though some authorities state so. (Angelito)
Astral told me when creatures have spell immunity from artifacts, Hypnosis cancels these immunity. (Xarfax)
Be careful cloning a creature who is completely surrounded, the original creature might disappear. (Shiva)
Be careful leaving your creatures in a moat, they will take 10% more damage when attacked. (Binabik)
Offense won't increase the damage of ballista, artillery and archery will. (Xarfax)
Dendroids are smart - they know that a harpy returns to its place, so they send the vines there to bound the harpy forever! (Greek_god)
Did you know each level of Diplomacy lets your hero enter the Library two levels earlier? (Haile73)
Did you know that adventure map spells can be cast from scrolls even without a spellbook? (Maretti)
Dig holes along the coast to prevent that a boat can land there. (Vlaad)
Disrupting Ray is a nasty spell and nothing can remove it, not even cure, dispel or antimagic. (Vlaad)
Don't bother to put powerful creature spellcasters on cursed ground - no one has ever seen a creature spell work there. (Xarfax)
Dragons and Hydras, powerful creatures, will be turned into Bone Dragons by the skeleton transformer. (LegendMaker)
During a siege, Hypnotized or sieging troups cant open the gate for you. (Xarfax)
Each Mighty Gorgon has a 10% chance to kill with it's Death Stare. But don't expect more than one kill for every ten of them. (Xarfax)
Even if you kill your opponent's Arch Mage, he will still have to pay less to cast spells. (LegendMaker)
Even if you kill your opponent's Silver Pegasi, you will still have to pay more to cast spells. (LegendMaker)
Even if your Elves have run out of shots, clones of them will start with a full supply of ammo. (Evil_Warrior)
Even though it is powerful, the orb of vulnerability won't break the resistance given by Unicorns. (Xarfax)
Even though you have higher speed, attack and defense on your native terrain, your creatures wont have more morale or luck! (Xarfax)
Even with the slowest creature, ballistics will allow you to cast first spell in a siege, unless your opponent has artillery. (Russ)
Every Master Genie is a powerful wizard with spell power 5, and casts all spells on advanced level. (Xarfax)
Except for Tower's Land Mines, moat damage can not be avoided by magic spells, resistance or immunities. (Xarfax)
Faerie Dragons are a lottery - if you make them wait, they might completely change the spell they are casting! (Vlaad)
Faerie Dragons are mighty warlocks, each one casts their spell with spell power 5, on advanced level. (Angelito)
Flying allows you to avoid terrain penalties, but did you know that roads still increases flying distance? (Xarfax)
Funny thing about Mass Counterstrike, even if dispelled, it will continue to work until the end of the round. (Conanthebarbarian)
The beach at the coast is neutral terrain for every race! (Consis)
Ghost Dragons can age your creatures as though a mage has just cast a 5 level spell. (Zsa)
Hypnotized Hydras are smart enough to avoid hitting friendly creatures. (Russ)
I don't trust Psychic Elementals and their level 5 mind spells. At least they only do half damage if you have mind spell immunity. (Csarmi)
I hear if a creature in a castle moat casts a spell or gets bad morale, they will not take moat damage. (Angelito)
I heard that ballistae never run out of shots, although it should only give 24 shots. (Angelito)
I once fought Ryland, and his Dendroids had me so tied up I had to teleport away. (Xarfax)
I once saw a creature turned to stone by a Medusa and get high morale, but couldn't move the second time either. (Dimis)
I once saw two beserked Dendroids attack each other. After the spell wore off, neither one could move. (Wub)
I once saw a Harpy Hag landing next to a balistae and the Hag never moved again. (LordZXZX)
I was reading a manual on battle tactics that claimed damage is reduced by 2% for each point attack is less than defense. But it's really 2,5%. (Binabik)
If you are looking for a good deal at the Artifacts Merchant or Freelanders Guilt, try waiting until you have more markets. (Binabik)
If you visit a Naga Bank but refuse to fight, you can assume numbers of Nagas by right clicking onthe bank again. (AndiAngelslayer)
If you buy a warrior with ballistics or first aid specialty, don't expect him to have level 2 creatures. (Angelito)
If you see a pack of creatures one week, and lots the next, you know there are 20-21 of them. (Xarfax)
If your Archangels, Archdevils or Ghost Dragons die in battle, their morale and luck specialities still work. (LegendMaker)
If your hero class can't learn a certain skill by natural means, maybe a Scholar or Witch Hut can help. (LegendMaker)
In a boat, you will travel 15 tiles, no matter if you have a fast monster, or a walking dead. (Binabik)
In an Utopia, the dragons already have mixed alignment, so bringing a Ghost Dragon inside can cause them to freeze. (AndiAngelslayer)
In mines, dungeon heroes will have the advantage, because mines are treated like subterranean! (Consis)
"In the book ""Morale of 3 Heroes"", it says a creature might freeze if it has negative morale. I happen to know it has twice the chance the book says. (Csarmi)"
It's best not to carry the Grail into a fight. If you lose, it will be lost forever. (Vlaad)
Mages from all magic schools learn Magic Arrow. So any magic orb will increase its damage, and any Magic Protection spell will reduce its damage. (Xarfax)
Magogs fireballs make might not magic damage. (Supersonic)
Marksmen and Grand Elves are smart, they can shoot twice, even with one shot remaining! (Angelito)
Minotaur Kings are happy creatures. Even mixed with 7 races, they still have positive morale. They don't like the Spirit of Oppression though. (Binabik)
Monsters in external dwellings are shielded from plague. (Mike)
My dear friend Astral told me that even if you hypnotize a creature and place it next to a shooter, the shooter won't care and fire anyway. (Russ)
Tower Magic mines dont explode if you do have 100% resistance or the recanters cloak. Strangely enough they do work with red orb present (Xarfax)
My friend has just told me that an Archangel can resurrect 100 hit points! He also told me that one Pit Lord can raise 50 hit points. (Tigris)
Necromancers also raise Skeleton Warriors if there is no room for normal skeletons, but they will only raise 2/3 as many. (LegendMaker)
Never play cards with a Halfling. No matter how bad the luck of everyone else, they always have positive luck. Unless the Hourglass is present. (Angelito)
Odd thing about the underground. It can have any type of terrain, but battles are always on subterranean. (Vlaad)
Of course native creatures have no movement penalties on their native terrain, but did you know that nomads can take you through the desert? (Consis)
On the magic plains even creatures cast their spells on expert level! The only exception is the Dragonflies' dispel. (Consis)
If you do have an ammo cart you will have unlimited shots in an Utopia, even though you cant see it. (Angelito)
Once you restore all your mana, the fuel of wizards, you can remove knowledge artifacts without loss of spell points. (LegendMaker)
One nice thing about cloning or hypnotizing creatures with special abilities, their specials still work. (LegendMaker)
Pit Lords can raise more Demons when health artifacts are used. (Destro23)
Every new, non-upgrade building increases the damage of the main tower by 2-3, half that for lower towers. (Xarfax)
Rogues are good at picking their victims. Having them in your army is like having an expert Vision spell with 1 spell power. (Zsa)
Rogues told me the prices at a trading post are as good as 5 market places! (Tigris)
Scorpicores can paralyze your creatures as though a mage has just cast a level 4 spell. (Zsa)
Solmyr is my good friend. He just told me his Chain lightning did very little additional damage to level 7 creatures! (Xarfax)
Somehow Elementals from the four schools of magic seem to get along in the same town, but on the battlefield they will do twice as much damage to the opposing school. (Csarmi)
Terek claims his specialty gives an additional +3 speed to level 1-2, +2 speed to level 3-4, +1 speed to level 5-6 and no extra speed to level 7. (Xarfax)
The abilities of Efreets, Dendroids, Ghost Dragons, Medusa, Scorpicore, Basilisk and Wyvern Monarchs are so powerful, not even Antimagic will stop them. (Bin)
The defender in a siege not only has the advantage of castle walls, but also fights on the town's native terrain. (Vlaad)
The Earthquake spell is a nice way to get inside a castle, but it will never knock down a wall with one casting. (LegendMaker)
The magic attack of a Magic Elemental is so strong, Black Dragons and other Magic Elementals are the only creatures who can reduce it by half. (Csarmi)
The Orb of Tempestuous Fire is a great artifact for Tower, because it increases the damage of the Tower Mines. (Consis)
Pikemen dont take additional damage from the Cavalier's powerful charge. (Xarfax)
Sea Captains Hat contains the spell summon boat. With advanced water you can now steal your opponents boat. (Xarfax)
The Spirit of Oppression does not negate negative moral. (Csarmi)
To have more then plus 3 morale is good, cause it can be reduced somehow. Still the maximum effect is already reached at plus 3 morale (Zsa)
The vendors at the Black Market are a little shady, but they have good prices. About the same as the Merchant in town when you own five markets. (Binabik)
Those foul creatures, Familiars, can give your hero more spell points than he normally could have! (Consis)
Tomes or spell scrolls can be used even by Heroes without any Wisdom! (Angelito)
When all your creatures are dead, your clones will disappear, but summoned elementals will keep fighting to the end. (LegendMaker)
When fighting against tower, ensure to have expert dispel. It will destroy all land mines. (LegendMaker)
Whirlpools will claim the lives of half your weakest unit. So if you place a single unit aside you will only lose that. (Consis)
Windmills dont give wood or gold. Remember that when you are in need of these resources. (Vlaad)
With Remove Obstacles you can destroy land mines, fire walls and force fields. But you can't remove Walls or obstacles that cross the field. (Xarfax)
Without a tavern, you can't see what creatures inhabit an outside garrison! (Xarfax)
Wandering creatures tend to breed a lot, I've heard it's 10% each week. (Binabik)
Wyvern Monarchs are nasty creatures. They not only poison their victims, 10% each turn, up to half their health. (Zsa)
You can't implode a catapult, but don't worry! Other damage spells should work on it. (Xarfax)
You can't put the gate up again after something has fallen dead on it. You cant open a gate if something has fallen dead under it. (Tigris)
You know if you carry two Legs of Legion, the second one does nothing. But if you give one to a another hero in the garrison, both will work. (Djive)
You only take damage when you go into, or stay in a moat. Not when you leave it. (Xarfax)
Town Portal doesnt work if you are in a boat. (Angelito)


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Supreme Hero
The last hero standing
posted December 02, 2008 01:35 PM

How does the "Defense-Bonus" work?

Rarely known info originally given by Angelito

Ok..for all of u who are interested in that formula, I just made some tests.

The formula is quite easy:

(Defense skill of the unit + defense skill of the hero) / 5 = defense bonus when unit takes defense stand.

That's the reason why there is a difference sometimes between upgraded and non-upgraded units:
An Archangel (defense 30) will gain +6, while an angel (defense 20) will gain +4 bonus.
If the hero has defense 60 in that case, the Archangel will gain +18, while the angels will gain +16 defense bonus.

I also took armorer and offense into account, but they didn't influence.
I also tried to use the "wait button" first, and then took defense stand, but also no influence.

Edit: Typo (angels defense bonus = 16 instead of 14)) fixed.


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Hired Hero
posted December 02, 2008 09:48 PM

Defense-Bonus, small addition

How does the "Defense-Bonus" work?

Quoting myself ("not in the manual" thread)

"When you put one of your creature stacks in defense mode during a battle (by pressing the shield button), you get a 20% bonus on top of your current defense value until it is the next turn of this stack.

The manual is misleading here by saying something like 'defend bonus until the end of the round'."
night on earth

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Famous Hero
posted October 10, 2010 12:06 PM
Edited by pacifist at 12:17, 11 Oct 2010.

After a long time of thinking,i decided to do my very best and translate the german post of Xarfax.


Let´s see if i can manage that on my old days. First of all, forget everything in the manual.
OK...here it goes:

The basicspeed depends on the battlespeed of the slowest creature on the day before.

Battlespeed of the slowest creature = basicspeed

3 Speed = 1500 movement points
4 Speed = 1560 movement points  
5 Speed = 1630 movement points  
6 Speed = 1700 movement points  
7 Speed = 1760 movement points  
8 Speed = 1830 movement points  
9 Speed = 1900 movement points  
10 Speed = 1960 movement points
>11 Speed = 2000 movement points

The basicspeed doesn´t raise anymore, when the battlespeed of the slowest creature is 11 or higher.
Those movement points will be reduced by every single "field value" depending on the terrain.

Field values:

Cobblestone road 50
Gravelstone road 65
Field road 75
(rivers don´t have any influence)

Dirt 125
Desert, Snow 150
Swamp 175
(cursed and holy ground don´t have any influence)

You don´t have to remind anything else. Every other kind of terrain reduces by 100 points.
For example: With a creature of speed 4, u can travel 15 times on Lava and one step on a cobblestone road (15 *100 + 50= 1550). The remaining 10 points aren´t to be used.

Just discovered something weird in one of my games. It seems the cursed ground put on a difficult terrain (snow, swamp or rough)cancels the immunity of native creatures if led by a hero without pathfinding skill. So he will travel the same with a thunderbird on rough terrain with cursed ground than with a dragonfly.

On desert, since there are no native creatures all are affected but nomads still helps them as usual (he is not affected by cursed ground).

At least this is new to me

edit : I made a special map to test this :

map test cursed ground


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