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Heroes Community > Heroes 5 - Modders Workshop > Thread: [MOD TotE 3.1] No stack numbers minimod
Thread: [MOD TotE 3.1] No stack numbers minimod

Famous Hero
posted May 26, 2009 02:18 PM
Edited by VokialBG at 23:21, 21 Jun 2009.

[MOD TotE 3.1] No stack numbers minimod

While Oblivion is close to it's release, I will give you a small Mod that removes creature stack numbers under the creature (in battlefield). You can see stack numbers at the ATB-bar.

Someone request this mod some time ago and I made it for him. It was for 1.x, so I now converted it to TotE 3.1.


(Size: ~4 kb, VERY small)


+ Creatures look better without stack bars under their feet.


- If stack grows < 1000, you cannot see the exact number of creatures anymore,

When creature gets either bless or hex, a black box is displayed. I may update this Mod to remove it later.

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Supreme Hero
Generation N
posted May 26, 2009 02:39 PM

Hmm this looks nice, very nice

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posted June 23, 2009 08:03 AM
Edited by MeVII at 03:36, 06 Jul 2009.


I give up, this is to unorganized, and dosent make any sense to me.

I think one way to had done this would have been to add options to the grafix menu, to show or hide any and every thing you want on the combat screen.(or adventure screen for that matter. Most games have a hide HUD option, for shortcut key only play) Second best would have been a keystroke to show/hide on pressing it, the best way would have been instantly showing when hovering over creatures. Example being when targeting a creature to attack it instantly tells you how many you would destroy and if they would retaliate. If it said Kills: 10 out of 30, or 10/30 that would have been a stroke of brilliance on the part of someone.
After Kanic had it modded to remove the clunky uneditable quantity boxes, I figured Id see about moving the quantity counts to someplace more sensible.
In my efforts to move the creature quantity information to the right click dialog box for combat, I have located every instance of creature quantity display locations. I have also located their txt file counterparts.
How hard could it be?

The CreatureName.(WindowTextView).xdb file states : <TextFileRef href="creature_name.txt"/>
The creature_name.txt file states : <tooltip_title><center><value=name>

The Quantity.(WindowTextView).xdb file states : <TextFileRef href="Quantity.txt"/>
The Quantity.txt file states : <key_value_name>Quantity: <key_value_value><value=value>

Easy, all done. Just edit the creature_name.txt file to <tooltip_title><center><value=name> <key_value_name>Quantity: <key_value_value><value=value>
and it will very pretty like list the quantity after the name of the creature. All done.

No. That would make sense for the data to be universally accessible.

<value=NumberOfCreatures> from CreatureIconText.txt?
<creatures_count><center> from StackInfoFormat.txt?
Make any of them a child of the parent window?
Rename the file? Replace the name with the quantity entirely?
Switch the <TextFileRef href=?

All no.

Apparently every data string is set and called for separate for each and every window and each window, along with each txt field format is so isolated that it cant find any data unless its explicitly told where it is.

If any one else wants to bother with trying to figure this out, or if anyone actually knows, below is a link to my collection of information, in its original unchanged format/settings.
It includes CombatArena - CombatArena-Heavy Common and CreatureInfo xdbs and txt files for quantity listings and tooltips for creature name settings.

UI.zip   (11kb)

I am done ever trying to make a mod that moves creature quantities to the popup dialog box.

Anyone who figures this out is either trained, lucky, stubborn beyond measure, or a genius.

Good Luck.

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Famous Hero
posted June 29, 2009 05:54 PM

Yeah, modding HoMMV can be quite a mess at times. I believe that developers had made some easy-to-understand tools to edit everything since it's kinda painful to do it "manually" (notepad or something). I have encountered so many WTF/illogical things here that it's a total surprise I have managed to fight my way to the Oblivion Mod, as it is now.

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posted June 30, 2009 12:09 AM
Edited by MeVII at 03:48, 30 Jun 2009.

This is off topic (the mod this thread was made for) but its on point.

I was roaming around to do some recolors now that I got used to GIMP.
And as IF, on cue, to your reply.
What is in all the ... world, is the textures for the high druid, the one that is actually accessed by the game, DOING IN

And then so, what the heck is /_(model)/creatures/preserve/DruidElder_LOD-HighDruid_add_LOD.(Texture).dds even for?

Im a pretty stubborn and persistent individual ... but this stuff is OUTRAGEOUS!

Theres alot I would mod for the community. Im excessively creative and love making things. But I cant stomach this stuff.

My interest for recoloring just bout died, I wont spend and hr for every creature trying to find where its 3-5 different files are located, filtering out all the red herrings, to spend another 20min to do a good recolor.

I again praise and compliment all you modders that HAVE waded through this jungle swamp and manage to get ANYthing actually accomplished.

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Famous Hero
posted June 30, 2009 12:58 PM

I know... it seems that there are older versions and updated versions and versions that isn't in the game, only tested and slightly different versions and... you name it. This game could use some serious "normalizing". What really drove me nuts was modding town buildings... there were "global lights", effects and "local lights" and I had to find out which overlaps what and in which case. It was a huge maze.

It's so frustrating when there are like 6 different paths (folders) for one creature and all of them must be linked correctly. ToTE and updates helped a little; many files needed can be found under same folder... but I can't deny, it's still a mess.

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posted July 13, 2009 05:57 PM

Tried Again

I know I said I wouldn't ... but I tried to figure this out again.

Someone Somewhere in this Forum Must Understand this Better than I do.

This is the string in the PredictionKills.txt for the combat prediction text...

<value=action_sort>: <value=action_name>. Damage: <value=damage> (Kills: <value=kills>. <value=retaliate>

This is the string in the StackInforFormat.txt file...


This is the string in the number.txt file...


Creature Quantity appears in the Monster Info box, the ATB, and on the Battle Grid in the little boxes.

If you add a text string to any location, for example ...

<value=action_sort>: <value=action_name>. Damage: <value=damage> (Kills: <value=kills>/<value=number>. <value=retaliate>


<value=action_sort>: <value=action_name>. Damage: <value=damage> (Kills: <value=kills>/<creatures_count>. <value=retaliate>

or anything else so that in game it should look like ...

Attack. Damage:100 (Kills: 10/20. Will Retaliate

It just ignores any and all edits, so it looks like...

Attack. Damage:100 (Kills: 10/. Will Retaliate

Why? Where is it getting the values from? Where does it store the values? Why is it being ignored? How can you call for a value in a non native text string? How do you add values/data to a text box?

Does anyone know how this works? And why its not as simple as any of the above "solutions"?

Ive been working on this for weeks, its driving me nutz ...

Anyone? Anything? Anyone know who MIGHT know? Ill Im them.

There has got to be a way to do this.

Someone have mercy and tell me the secret I dont know.

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