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Heroes Community > Heroes 4 - Lands of Axeoth > Thread: Lord Landrew, Dead on Arrival
Thread: Lord Landrew, Dead on Arrival

Tavern Dweller
posted June 17, 2009 07:36 PM
Edited by Elmstreet007 at 19:07, 22 Jun 2009.

Lord Landrew, Dead on Arrival

I was playing the scenerio where Emeilia and Thraj had to take over Lord Landrew.  It is a large map with several towns, including one underground town where the Teal colored player comes crashing up near your towns wrecking havoc.

Well I played this map until I had conquered everything and still no victory.  I had like 8 million gold and all the towns under my belt Then I realized that the victory condition was to beat Lord Landrew.  Well I looked and he had a tombstone marker next to a pile of genies I had dispatched.  Apparently he was a victim to the genies and had been killed before I even got there.

EDIT:  I played the game over again and went through everything much faster.  Lord Landrew was still very much alive and I was able to dispatch him and win the scenerio.  Be aware of scenerios and campaign missions where they ask you to kill a certain hero.  Perhaps this was fixed with patches, but I've been unable to get the patches to work.

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