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Heroes Community > Other Games Exist Too > Thread: The Worst Video games in the world
Thread: The Worst Video games in the world This thread is 8 pages long: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 · «PREV

Famous Hero
posted November 15, 2010 08:01 PM
Edited by Lord_Immortal at 20:05, 15 Nov 2010.

Here's my ranking from 10(bad) to 1(worst)
10-Every childish game(I mean no fighting)-never played one
9-Every game that is completed within 2-3 days(short games)-James Cameron's Avatar ex.
8-Every Online game with monthly fee(WoW and similiars,It's ok with online games that are pushcreased and without fees)
7-Every game with DLC that you need do buy(As for free DLC,that's good)-NWN 1,but it's an exeption as It has a very good story.
6-Every game without a decent story.-NWN 2,unlike its predecessor,has a weak plot
5-Every game with weak engine and poor mechanics-It is Mount and Blade/Warband-Its engine does not allows many modding options,but it's ok on other sides.
4-Every game with too much Hack and Slash.- Similiar to Dynasty Warriors,but with much more Hack and Slash.
3-Every game without easy modding possibilities-The only defect of Heroes of Might and Magic III I think.
2-Every game with a very harsh strategy(though almost anytime it becomes funny in the beggining,I get bored after never winning for many and many times)-Romance of the Three Kingdoms XI got me very nervous.
1-The worst of course,is WoW,at every point of view.If every game mentioned up there(every one,exept NWN 2) is a good game but with a single defect,of course WoW has all of the defects together:
1-It's childish in graphics and sometimes during conversations between NPCs.
2-You must pay a monthly fee.
3-Expansions come very often and there are many heavy DLCs.
4-Very poor story.
5-Weak engine and Combat System,such as lack of ability fighting mounted and the hero attacks on his own.
6-DLCs don't include features that community wants(NO NAGA!)
Seriously WC 3 + Expansion was good,but WoW,can make totally better!
EDIT-I fixed my problem with MM8,but if you can help me for BM:SOD 2...

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Supreme Hero
Knowledge Reaper
posted November 15, 2010 11:38 PM
Edited by Seraphim at 23:53, 15 Nov 2010.

Worst games ever.They are a blasphemy for the great names they bear,at least some of them bear great names...

C&C4 twilight-if you have played classic C&C before,you will know why this sucks.Also,note the word twilight...just like the movie...
SupCom2-same as above.
Fallout3-this game has more bugs than features.
CHeck this bug"
Birth scene: Right after Doctor Li leaves and your Mother says "We did it", the game becomes idle; only the E button works making the baby cry. "
MW2-partly,the mp sucks though.,short campaign.

Nexus the jupiter incident-very sucky,it takes ages to damage ships.
Rainbow six vegas2-imbalanced,ubihole fail server supplied,non moddable dumb game.The concept was good,ubi fail ruined it .
Sniper ghost warrior-this game is lol,you get killed by "x ray sight venezuelan nanobot soldiers" while moving in cover.
Legendary-the aiming,the story,the creatures and everything else sucks here.
Rouge warrior-LOOOL.
Just check this vid for rouge warrior
jsut skip to 3.00.LoL
or this one skip to 0.30

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