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Heroes Community > Heroes 5 - Modders Workshop > Thread: My many mods
Thread: My many mods

Tavern Dweller
posted August 11, 2009 11:28 AM
Edited by korog at 04:49, 12 Aug 2009.

My mods and my Random Map Template Generator

Here is the list of utilities/mods i would like to share:

[url=http://www.speedyshare.com/665121187.html]Random Map Template Generator[/url]

[url=http://www.speedyshare.com/824594791.html]Artifact Mod[/url]

My version of Heroes of Ashan Mod. I didnt add anything myself,
just removed most broken campaign ones (undead king etc.) and left
each needy faction 2-3 new heroes for random maps.

[url=http://www.speedyshare.com/213140506.html]Modded Heroes of Ashan by Korog[/url]

I am big fan of Heroes 3.

When heroes 5 first came out i was disappointed. The online review i wrote was less than kind.

But if you do not like something, change it. Thats what modding is for.
So i started customizing our playing experience with our friends.

First thing i was unhappy with were artifacts and their slots. I really missed the system of having many misc slot artifacts (having 5 misc slots in hereos 3) and more straightforward system for swords & shields.
Basicly, in heroes 3, sword gives +2, +3, +4 +5, + 5 all stats. Staightforward, one sword is clearly the others upgrade. While misc slot artifacts give more, luck, + 50% air spelldamage and other abilities like that.

In heroes 5, the other hand all artifacts seem more likely to be equal, the same snow, around +4 to stats each.

So i changed it for those who like to get something good from time to time.

I made the artifacts that were not part of any set or didnt have any abilities to fit on roles of minor artifacts. (like Sandals of the blessed now only gives +1 attack, +1 defense.) But if you get travelers boots, now it also gives +2 to all stats + road traveling speed. One is clearly upgrade of the other. No more silly switching between boots before battles and at end of turn.

Well that was general idea behind changes. I really did not like -5% initiative penalty of Ogre items either. But I could not change those negative abilities.

For some heroes players, games are about exploring and going after good and exciting things. So this mod gives a lot of more power to artifacts.

Even artifact costs are raised a bit, Artifact merhcant now is even more powerful. So i made some other mods to balance this a bit.

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Tavern Dweller
posted August 11, 2009 11:53 AM
Edited by korog at 22:21, 11 Aug 2009.

Town buildings mod

We love to play heroes 5 with no starting resources. We used RMG template editor but some cities were hard to play. Esp academy as it requires lots of different resources.

Also, it seemed to me that we just build anything to get town levels.
And with academy, we had usually only titans dwelling, gremlins and garoyles built midgame.

We played with very strong monsters and NO starting resources. Also we had abandoned mines, that gave random resource, so i once ended up with 3 mercury and 1 gold mine. To get more out of that kind of roll,
we did a big city overhaul. I changed resource requirements of every building. Now provided you have access to some resource or mine, you probably get something out of it too. Now you usually need only one resource to build a dwelling. Mage guilds now require a single resource. Meaning if you get a single resource (like mercury) a lot, you probably get either mage guild or some high lev dwelling out of it fast.

Other big change i made is that Town buildings no longer need gold to build. (it is experimental and keep in mind, that this game was ment for very strong monsters and NO starting resources. Also as town hall now costs 50 wood and capitoal 100 wood (or ore, depending on town)
you do not get gold very fast. But it still seems that we have too much gold later.  

So resources for potential, gold for power.
It contributed to different mindset, so now gold is only needed for buying heroes, army and artifacts, meaning you can spend gold freely, but you really need those ores and mercuries.

Here is the mod:

Temporarily removed till new version ready.

I made some towns following a bit different building structure, it
was done on purpose to find if it is more exciting to build it up.
Meaning those towns can be a bit stronger or weaker than the rest.

And quick overview of towns:

wood - castle
ore - town
mercury - lev 7
crystal - upgrades
sulfur - lev 6
gem - lev 3, 4, 5

Elf preserve, Ranger
wood - castle
ore - town
mercury - mage guild
crystal - lev 6, lev 5
sulfur - upgrades
gem - lev 3, lev 4, lev 7

Necropolis - necromancer
wood - town, lev 2
ore -  castle, lev 3
mercury - castle, lev 7
crystal - mage guild, upgrades
sulfur - lev 4, lev 6
gem - lev 5, upgrades

inferno demonlord
wood - castle
ore - town
mercury lev 4, lev 6
crystal mage guild
sulfur lev 5, lev 7, lev 3
gem - upgrades

haven knight
wood - town
ore - castle
mercury - mage guild
crystal - lev 5, lev 7
sulfur - lev 4, lev 6
gem - upgrades

academy wizard
wood - town, artifact merhcant
stone - lev 1, lev 2, castle, artifact merchant
mercury - mage guild, lev 4
crystal - upgrades, lev 4
sulfur - lev 5, lev 6
gems - lev 3, lev 7

dungeon warlock
wood - lev 1, lev 2, lev 3, castle
ore - town
mercury - upgrades
crystal - lev 6, lev 5?
sulfur - lev4, lev 7
gem - mage guild, castle

fortress Runemaster
wood -town
ore - castle, lev 1
mercury - mercury lev 3, lev 6
crystal lev 5, lev 7, runic shrine
sulfur - mage guild
gem - upgrades, lev 4

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Tavern Dweller
posted August 11, 2009 12:17 PM


I was not happy to see that heroes 5 kept those monster specialities. + 1+1 for your zombies for every 2 levels? Sounds exciting? No. If those zombies die, your hero's spec is good for nothing. And it still is boring static ability. With the lack of more exciting Necros, I played Vladimir, but it was before the nerf. Why they have to nerf things to meaningless instead of boosting other specs?

I want to be excited about my hero. That is HEROES game afterall. But as us modders have really no way of making new specs or even changing all existing ones.. (there are really too few hero specialities in the game as is), i searched for mod that includes more heroes or changes their specs or such and found Heroes of Ashan Mod. That mod unlocks all campaign heroes and he made some custom ones too.

Thanks for the good work.
As they guy gave permission to change and share his files i tested the heroes, removed the broken (like some undead hero with ability of undeads joining him etc), removed some more, and left every town with 2-3 extra heroes.
  I think, to make spec interesting it should not be very powerful at start, but gather strength with right skillchoices and levels. Good Example is Vittorio's ballista ability. It gets better when he levels and even much better with triple ballista and flaming arrows.

But here is the changed heroes of ashan mod:

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Undefeatable Hero
What if Elvin was female?
posted August 11, 2009 12:31 PM


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Tavern Dweller
posted August 12, 2009 04:07 AM


Here it is, my Random Map Template Generator.


I wanted to make it poweful tool with moddable data, so the file is
MS Excel one, with Visual Basic for Applications scripting support. So it will not work in OpenOffice.

You also have to enable macros (coded buttons) in Excel, so here
is how you can do that in Office2007.

Go to that flashy button menu in Excel that lets you open, save, print etc. files.
There you will notice excel options button.
From there you go to Trust Center.
From there you go to Trust Center Settings.
From there you go to Macro Settings.
And you set Enable all Macros option.
Then you reopen the generator file.

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Tavern Dweller
posted August 12, 2009 04:11 AM
Edited by korog at 04:39, 12 Aug 2009.

I have decided to include the RMTG tutorial here on forum as well, as i can update and correct typos or correct grammar and prepare better tutorial and help for future versions. Also it contains some interesting data even if you do not want the run the excel file itself.

Basics is easy.  
My Random Map Template Generator (RMTG) makes random map templates (just like those S6-11P2-8Z8K2.4a ones that Heroes uses)
Once you have made your template, you have to copy it to data\RMG\Templates (if you dont have this directory, make it)
You can also set it up so templates are immediately put into right directory (just change the directory in red letters into right one)
You can also use them to play it with a friend over the net, but as friend has to have the same map files and mods, he has to have the same templates as well (nothing more, nothing less)
I have tested it many times with a friend and we have had a blast non-stop last couple of days.

My Random Map Template generator uses selected Sheet (you can make new ones and switch between them), like this working sheet example "2Player_Map_Example".

First it makes the zones, using the templates in  ZoneTemplates sheet. What templates to use, you can select. One zone can have many templates.
Lets follow the example/tutorial here and go to "2Player_Map_Example" Sheet.

First, it will build exactly 2 zones named PlayerStartzone.
As it is marked Y under playerstart, these 2 zones will made a player starting zone.
Generator will use 3 templates for building the zone  (number on the yellow column) , those templates are located under sheet "ZoneTemplates".
Template nr corresponds to template nr in "Zonetemplates".
So generator takes first template assigned to it, template nr 1 in ZoneTemplates and starts adding buildings/values to the zones.
Lets go and see how this will work in "ZoneTemplates".

Template number one is selected here with yellow background so we can easily obesrve the values.
First column is pretty important. If value here is a positive number, the exact amount of that value will be added to zone.
We want our players starting zone to have town and wood mine and ore mine for sure.
Also as i play with 0 starting resources mod, i want some free stuff lying on the ground. So I have TreasureDensity at 20 (free ores, sulfur etc on ground)..
and TreasureChestDensity at 10. (free treasure boxes on the ground) Values at 100 and more will get resource piles everywhere, but at 10-20 you will have only some piles.
Generator adds those values and increases the zonesize using values at "add to zonesize" column.
After that generator checks if any buildings are to be added randomly.
As he doesnt have any random pool points and all odds are also 0, he skips that and moves on to next template.
In next template (template 3, all those red letters) , we want both players to have some dwellings.
This time, we dont want both players to have exact same dwellings, otherwise we would have made them as positive values in first column.  
We want them to have some dwellings both, but random ones for each player.
Generator once again checks for positive numbers in first column, but as there are none, it goes to next step.
It takes a look at odds and looks at poolt points assigned by "2Player_map_Example".
Generator only includes buildings with positive odds in the following random selection.
In "2Player_Map_Example" we see, that we have assigned exactly 40 points to be used with this template.
It adds everything that does not take away more than 40 points (first time it will be all the dwellings, as only dwellings have odds and all dwellings cost less than 40 points) and then randomly adds one of them according to the odds. Then it repeats the process till the pool is empty.

Odds dont have to add up to 100 so dont worry.
For example, if you have only 2 buildings, one has odds 10, another 20, then there is 33% change for building 1 being selected, 66% chance of building 2.
If you have file output paths made correctly for your computer (on "Main" sheet),
you can go and watch how it will work and how many dwellings will each player have under "Data" Sheet. Just push the generate button there.
If lev 7 dwelling costs 22 points and lev 1 dwelling costs 10 points (others in between), zone prob gets 2-3 random dwellings.
Take an important note tho. Generator checks 2 other things as well. One is cap. Cap is powerful tool, as it prevents adding a value if the zone has already
reached the cap value. Example. I have set so that we do not want more than 2 level1 dwellings  in the zone.
So if generator sees that zone already has 2 or more level1 dwellings and current template caps at 2, then it will not add more.
The other important value generator respects is amount. Each time the odds win, it adds to zone the amount specified.
For example, if you put 3 into "amount *" column for gold_mine, each time gold mine wins the roll, 3 gold mines will be added to zone.

I will give you also quick overview what those values mean and how I have observed that heroes random map generator treats them when he reads them.
Those observations are based on contexts of RMGPresetTable.xdb and what generator has done when i have changed those values in my final template files.
Exact number of those will be added to map from template file.

"UpgBuildingsDensity" - buildings that add to heroes stats, like mercenary camps and libraries.
Using the same kind of pool system (just not as advanced) it adds some of the following buildings:
Learning_Stone - 3 points, Mercenary_Camp - 10 points, Marletto Tower - 10 points, Garden_Of_Revelation - 10 points
Star_Axis - 10 points,  Witch_Hut - 10 points, Shcool of Magic - 12 points, WarAcademy - 12 points
Arena -20 points, LibraryOfEnlightenment -20 points, SpellMentor - 20 points, SacrificeAltar - 10 points

Example, setting UpgBuildingdsDensity to 20, might give you one Marletto Tower and Star Axis in the zone.
Note, that these buildings are always guarded.

TreasureDensity - ore, wood, sulfur, crystal on the ground. 0 here will not put any free resource on the ground. Value of 100+ gives you very high density
TreasureChestDensity - experince/gold chests freely on the ground. The same system as TreasureDensity had.

ShopPoints using the same system as UpgBuildingsDensity but unfortunately not guarded.
Trading_Post - 10 points, ElementalConflux - 10 points, RefugeeCamp - 10 points, War-Machine Factory 10 points, Black Market - 20 points,
SpellShop - 20 points. Hill_Fort - 30 points. (Ouch, unguarded.) Rmgpresetable.xdb has guard strength assigned to those buildings but generator ignores those.

Shrine_Of_Magic_1  - 6 pts, Shrine_Of_Magic_2  - 10 pts, Shrine_Of_Magic_3 12- pts

All those Fountain_Of_Fortune types (start around 5 pts) and end with (House of Astrologer - 12 pts.. That should be shop imho)
As map generator adds many of those anyway, even you have 0 pts in it, i think it is a bug or just bad feature.

has only 2 buildings -- Mystical_Garden 5 pts, Windmill 5 pts. I do not like that kind of tedious and free half- mines, so i turn them off (0 points) in my templates

lots of buildings here, including all those vaults.  Starting with Crypt (5 pts) and Dwarven Treasury (5 pts) and GargoyleStonevault (5 pts)
WitchBank and Elemental Stockpile at 8, TreantThicket at 10, Dragon Utopia at 40
it also includes pick-up chance artifact hiding places as Skeletons (2pts), Wagons (2pts) and Tomb of the Warrior (4 pts)

Buffbuidlings are
Stables - 10 pts, Magic Spring 10 - pts

Ok, back to connections. Once Zones are made, generator makes those connections you want
(in this example here, i know that playerzones are indexed 1 and 2, as they are first zones created.
Also very important note. Try to put the smaller zone index number first. Like connectio to be made from zone 1 to zone 5. (not zone 5 to 1). Otherwise
it will not be compatible with random_connection_maker, that will check that all the zones will be eventually reachable and no branch will be separated from the rest.
ofcourse, if you do not want that then you can remove connect other randomly tries line from template.
Also you dont have to make any manual connections if u dont want to. You can see how its done in Another_Example_Map. The number
after "connect others randomly tries" -- the bigger the number, the more zone connections generator will make. For example 3 would mean generator tries
to make each zone to have to up to 3 (1-3) connections to other zones.
But  after it makes random connections to all the zones, he checks every zone and if some zone or zone group has no connections, it connects them to the rest randomly-
So best to keep the number after "connect others randomly tries" low, but up to you.

Ah yes, forgot to mention. When connections are made randomly,
generator takes "Borderguard" value from both zone classes and adds it
together for total borderguard strength.

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Tavern Dweller
posted August 12, 2009 04:57 AM
Edited by korog at 05:02, 12 Aug 2009.

my next project

I could  make an Excel utility that creates randomizes town buildings / creatures whatever. It will change all the towns randomly according to options and will create files needed and and pack it together into new_towns.h5u. Do it many times and play each time you want with different Haven or Necropolis or whatever.  

It will include other optional aspects as well, like changing spells randomly.
Each time you play, you dont know wich spells are more effective this time.

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Tavern Dweller
posted January 19, 2010 06:43 PM
Edited by Heke at 18:57, 19 Jan 2010.

sorry, my mistake with topics

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