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Heroes Community > Heroes 3.5 - WoG and Beyond > Thread: AntiRekvizit and Rekvizit MODS
Thread: AntiRekvizit and Rekvizit MODS

Famous Hero
ooo da :)
posted September 09, 2010 01:33 AM

AntiRekvizit and Rekvizit MODS

i know these 2 mods for quite a while but still i haven t found what they really change/add to the game.if any one can give any information - changelog,option,status of project - please post in this topic.screenshots are most wellcomed.oh i forgot to mention they're both in russian

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Adventuring Hero
posted September 09, 2010 02:35 AM

Rekvizit is illegal BUGgy mod
AntiRekvizit is a cracked Rekvizit

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Famous Hero
ooo da :)
posted September 09, 2010 02:47 AM

so anti is a newer and updated version of rekvizit?is it still in progress?or abandoned?or final version?

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Adventuring Hero
posted September 09, 2010 02:54 AM

Antirekvizit is free, but rekvizit is not
except this, they are identical

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Famous Hero
ooo da :)
posted September 09, 2010 03:02 AM
Edited by Alustor at 05:33, 09 Sep 2010.

anyone still working on them?

EDIT as i found & translated for you some infos:

Good game, according to REKVIZIT, should soctoyat of the following:

I)Equal-level formulas.
II)The complexity and confusion analysis strategy for victory.
III)Maximum associativity with the physical and social laws of real life.
IV)The immutability of these laws.
V)Beautiful atmosphere gameplay.
VI)Zest, an innovation of the current game world in conflict with rule 3.
VII)A large number of factors, subordinated to the rules 3 and 6.

1. Balance

"On the theme of balance. REMEDY »:
Let's start with the definition of "absolute balance" - is equal to the position of the two players in absolutely all respects (including the championship course).

What is a "lack of balance"? - Is when the equality of players moving away to infinity in regard to those or other factors (for example, theoretically possible to destroy a fairy plenty large number dendroids, etc.)

What this may be a factor? - It is an "open" imbalance, namely, based on inherently unbalanced constants or "incidental" imbalance - in this case alleged unbalanced constants are determined randomly. Moreover, the latter figure has a chance to be completely balanced, or have an imbalance in the difference between the oscillations randomly magnitude.

In addition to constants, of course, can be unbalanced process itself, the formula. Some formulas may have an unbalanced extremes, or the rate of growth (for example to find the sword of Armageddon sharp jump creates a balance in the treasury or large quantities of gold in the treasury may exceed the entire total income per week).

Constants - These are some starting value. Constants can linearly change throughout the game for manipulation of balance under ekstremumnye processes. Constants may also influence the function of time of any individual game element.

Thus, we have a theoretical figure "amplitude" balance. What is more, the game becomes more unpredictable, disbalansnoy, extreme. The smaller - more balanced, but less interesting.

What is a "good balance"? - This is when the amplitude takes certainly more important than an absolute balance, but at the same time much less than the "lack of balance" to the n-th number.

How much more? - Now investigate the reciprocal values of the factors "open", "accidental" imbalance. The relationship is determined by the difference in the total constant minimum and maximum values. A randomly constants - the difference between the absolute values of the percentage range. System consisting of the original constants and formulas that make this process will be called collectively as the "block".

Now, how to construct general be a balanced picture.

There are many methods of influence on the amplitude. They all boil down to editing the mutual system "blocks".

This can be achieved by correction (in some cases - removal) of existing units or creating new ones.

We implemented both approaches. In this second option, among other things, would constitute as the introduction of a new diversity and complexity of the game, and change the logical process of the game. All of this will result in the creation of global systems that are able to adjust the gameplay tougher. In short, the essence of the method of "global systems" principle is to "suppress the strong brother." We create a process that is much more powerful than existing processes and thereby minimize the influence of other processes, as too insignificant compared to the global. Created process easily controlled by other global processes. And to communicate with the other small blocks, we have introduced the game structure and minimal systems. So created a new cap of the pyramid for the game world, which, naturally, we have been well studied and, accordingly, it is much easier to balance.

In addition, the construction of balance in REKVIZIT consists of logical search of closed (or closed within the error) the most basic systems (blocks). We assume that the system of graduation level 1. Reducing this system to a constant or a formula, we draw a timetable for its progression somewhere for 20 months and look how it deviates from the progression of the amplitude - compare the maximum and minimum possible time frame. If necessary, introduce additional system to the influence of the previous one. Of the several systems of the 1 st grading system is constructed, one 2 nd, and so on.

Upon graduation more than 5-level analysis of such a large number of sets of graphs is possible with the help of powerful mathematical programs. This approach to the balance sheet, we believe feasible in practice.

A commonly used method that we have - "antisymmetric balance." We introduce a game artificial process, which operates in antiphase with disbalansnym process, and thus its neytraliziruem. This, of course, there would be no point if this neutralization was absolute, and we do some of the possible tolerances on the amplitude of variation, thus we can compensate for the sharp jumps 99% but less stepenivliyat to subtle changes in the process.

There is another powerful method for studying the balance - a statistical method.

Downloading so much a randomly cards, how many will identify the studied regularity. Based on the scheduling in this way the analysis of the gameplay in general. This, of course, the schedule is not all accounted for and is much harder to imagine what is happening.

However, there are certain types of conduct the same economic curves and stuff - that's based on these statistics, we will adjust the existing system, and customize them, using the actual practice.

This method gives both the right - valid - error, and absolutely correlated with the practice.

Among other things, there is an interesting turn-based strategy be a balanced salt - priority status. Given that the simultaneity of course can not be realized, we take it as immutable, but at the same time and the maximum deviation of the amplitude (set to 0). Then we will build balance deviation constants in prdelah 15-10%. (According to preliminary estimates, many systems in the FOG has Vibrations up to 60%! And many, generally have the status of "lack of balance")

2. Complexity

"On the complexity of the topic. REMEDY »:
The complexity of the game is defined as the level of screening of biological capacity of the brain player. Share these opportunities in the following categories:

1) memory - the ability that determines the success of the remaining items as the basis for the reconstruction of a complete picture of their available capacity, an objective assessment of its position, as well as contribute to the future of gameplay (especially with respect to events that are completed only after a certain time - the number of moves).

2) mathematical analysis - dry assessment of its position, based on the "language of numbers". This requires knowledge of the current formula of a process, as well as a quick count results, while examining and counting the other variations. This is a complicated process, but he always gives the correct, sober, unbiased results.

3) Creativity - ability to use unconventional solutions quotidian problems rational or efficient manner. Attempts to calculate the rank of reflection, if the game comes with a human opponent. Implement actions, not counted AI, what is it that makes it impossible for the proper reaction AI.

4) logic - the ability to link and process the results obtained from items 1-3 (mainly focusing on paragraphs 1 and 3), based on common sense, getting mentally obvious conclusion to the action. It is important to maximize the quality of building complex logical network for parallel determination of the most logical result. Logic always gives the correct result for the psychological satisfaction of the positions they are right, but not always gives a reasonable result. With all of this logic requires less effort, and sometimes it leads to a correct action when item 5 is faltering because of the impossibility of taking into account all the data.

5) mind - the exact conclusion on the basis of all the above items (especially 2). The most correct decision as far as possible every ability. Requires extremely high voltage of mind - in obvious situations, we need to use paragraph 4 (by the way, logic, and tells us that the situation is simple).

6) the speed of thought - a desirable factor, which does not directly affect the result of items 4-5, but has in itself the basis of psychological characteristics. However, some researchers just assume that the mind and is determined by the speed of thought. Since this place is still a dark spot in psychology, take the logical answer to this question - the faster the player thinks - the better.

The complexity of the game and is checking on these players' ability to determine the best.

In REKVIZIT-e, we will place greater emphasis on paragraphs 1.2 to the result of 5. The method of implementing the possible resurgence of the objective conditions and opportunities is the creation of balanced players, as described in Section 1.

To determine the quantitative measure of complexity is sufficient to take the maximum and minimum deviations in the possible outcome of the gameplay beginners and professionals. If the first chance to win a second maximum close to zero, then recreate the conditions of "high complexity". Percentage of the amplitude of a chance of winning in connection with the above skills will give the result of the intellectual level of the game. Calculating the average for a possible implementation of all necessary actions to win the player, we get this level. In REKVIZIT-e we will try to inflate. Simply put - random victory will be reduced to a minimum, and all your actions will directly affect your chances of victory.

3. Logic

"On the subject of logic. REMEDY »:
So arranged our brain that we see in the laws, processes and vocabulary - the logic that constantly gives us an explanation from the standpoint of their worldview. If these things are the same - then we say that "it is logical, and vice versa. Accordingly, our brain receives commands for the adaptation and analysis of new things. If something seems not logical - the brain just gives commands to counteract such processes and, if this is impossible - it is therefore compelled to adapt to include the new logical network elements. What more logical process - so it seems easier. This is precisely what we are going to shove in REKVIZIT.

Most logical for us the real world, with all its laws. We are also logical to most of the elements of the world "fantasy" (as we already have to adapt to them, and for us, for example, "magic" - is not a phenomenon that is contrary to logic). Having defined the theoretical logic of the player - we are going to cost her a logical part.

The logic of the earthly life can be divided into several key elements:

1) physical reality: Geroevsky world is subject to most laws of physics, in particular - the force of gravity is the same as on earth (and, in general, we assume the planet Geroevskogo world a copy of the world's physical characteristics), the same applies to 3 Newton's laws, the principle Galilean relativity, the foundations of optics, thermodynamics, electricity. Quantum theory is under question - as magical process is obviously based on the photoelectric effect, but at the same time, their creation, behavior and actions are contrary to physics. Fortunately - for most, as I have already pointed out, and so it seems logical;

2) social psychology: the conditions that Geroevsky world and all beings inhabiting it, have a logic of their essence, akin to the world of fantasy and mythology. Most creatures have a purely human mind and behavior style. Logic processes and their names, too, for us to understand - for example, spell "Blindness", an artifact of "boots Putnik" skill "Search Path", building "Stable", etc. - All the properties of logical names. Therefore, all the titles and texts it is desirable to devise, including the element of real psychological behavior, abstracting it from the human;

3) economic and political laws of the people: everything is clear - the system of trade, profit, market - everything must be logical - as we know - and we know only human model;

4) physical abilities of creatures: we start from the actual size and appearance of substance, and to impose stereotypes on the parameters of creatures, taken from the "fantasy and mythology. However, this point is not that important - at least, it is difficult to give a high priority, since it might conflict with the balance, for example: Well, it would seem - that may Wasps against the Dragons - but lower in strength OS just because of the illogical (not impressive of their kind), no one will - in addition, after a certain psychological adjustment, we will install artificial, stereotypical power OS - and the logic comes by itself.

The second important element of logic is familiar, but no real logic - namely - the laws of the world "fantasy" and mythology. These processes are also divided into several categories:

1) Magic - any frame missing its realism - because the logic definition of the word magic and is the process of all that for us is illogical;

2) all kinds of curvature of space (teleports, the world caves): I can not help - have to adapt to the peculiarities of the game here. Luckily they are not so many;

3) the possibility of mystical creatures - there must be guided by balance rather than the logic of mythology (especially creatures are rapidly established in memory of the practice games);

4) the rate of processes: in Heroes there is a big logical problem with time - it is too slow in line with the global processes of war and the development of the Kingdom, but all too quickly in accordance with the construction of buildings, building up armies and so on. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to correct, as it is impossible to associate with the peculiarities of the world's heroes - as the stereotype of the space-time connection is very stable for a man - it will take to the assumptions and method of implementing the game playability.

The problem of logic is relevant, as it is in constant conflict with the balance. We will try to match the logic anywhere allows the amplitude of the deviation. If this is enough time, then more and do some of the lexical processing of text prompts.

4. Common game rules

"On the subject of the Uniform Rules. REMEDY »:
We begin, as always, from afar.
What is the concept of "rule" for each person? This is some restriction, within its capabilities, or actions in accordance with the overall system in which a person is wanted. Creative thinking person in a natural way may be beyond any rules. This illusion he can find in the freedom of action. It is simply modeled - the principles of democracy. Choose what you want - are combining their desires in accordance with their own rules. But also keep in mind that any system consists of the rules - it is the law (by the way, on it and I'm talking about the illusion). So how is the illusion of freedom?

Simply - increases the entropy of the system.

And let's introduce some n-th number of rules and we will flock to "" as long as we can - that we have and will be a model of democracy. And the truth is, everything will be even more limited than under the dictatorship. We can observe, what those effects have led to, say, an example of America - mass stupor people who are easily managed by the intellectual elite, and the people do not protest, because living in a world of illusions. People can not give a lot of free rules - then they begin to intelligently decompose. But if you already take a great distance and from the standpoint of psychology and sociology.
What about the games? Generally, when we can say that in front of us this or that game?
When we know it - all the provisions and rules. For what would the game was interactive and vsedostupnoy - rules for it are common - and it is currently providing among other games. The rules have "fingerprints" the current game.
Furthermore, even in the very definition of the game just lay a strict sense of unchanging framework and principles for which it exists. Any game - a mini-world - and differ from the real, just like the real from the game. If these principles change - that a natural and logical manner creates a different - perhaps a similar game - but not this!

So make serious games.

There is a group of games, created, actually, as simulators here this psevdosvobody. A person given a choice - you can do one thing or another - but in any case, everything has a constant fundamental principle.

And finally, the worst possible response from all positions - these are games in which the opportunity to choose their own principles. Ironically they can baptize designers LEGO.

At this point, it is desirable to read again the above - that will explain why this is the worst category, and this may be added. The main negatives of this system are as follows:

1) inability to determine the level of skill against the AI, and multiplayer.

Each player has his own game and adjusted by the same player at their earliest opportunity, according to the principle of "like - not like" - and that is a closed system of self-destruction, as it was in these words lies the simulation for a winning position in the game. That is why no one in Vogue, for example, can not boast of their skill objectively. Go - "Well, and what options it?" - I am not talking about the lack of balance - even with the uniform rules - but it is already looking item "about balance."

2) is not calculated all the possible combinations of rules - for this not uncommon situation is when the combination of those or other options, in principle, lead to delusional game. And this is understandable - after all combinations of options depends on the number of FOG to the formula 2 ^ n - that is, already, with 10 rules, we have 1024 different games. Serious cardinal rules in the FOG can count about a hundred - and this is 10 ^ 30 (ten to the 30th degree!). Given that each rule affects at least 10 games and global factors to take into account all combinations of structures, systems and general systems - the complexity of the system tends to infinity. Who will balance out - that the Nobel Prize immediately without talking to hand.

3) chaos for the beginner in Heroes. If someone played the first dozen times in the Heroes of Vogue and decides to put option at its discretion - it is natural for the lack of experience, he will choose them so that they can be considered actually to random. Given the stereotyping of the human mind, of course, these options would settle for him in memory as faithful, and then people will keep them nostalgichno tied and not able to evaluate them as a possible error of balance. That is, we see a negative factor randomly self-deception.

4) establishment of muddy and unattractive atmosphere of the game. Ability to choose a game recreates the man in a very definite negative feeling to the style of play. For a man seems to be rather blurred picture even on the basis of the principle of "designer LEGO». In addition, there is psychological repression, oppression from the need to adjust properly for a game, and properly play it. By definition, a game developer is building - and the player plays.

5) the fact that the developers were unable to find the application of their game. They do not understand exactly how it should function better - there are plenty of options. This fact has been wary of an experienced player.

The usefulness of a set of rules is actually one - you can accidentally stumble on a very funny, twisted, but interesting game situation.

Knowing this, we will try in future versions of the project to create a menu to select a few, the best "perverted types" of games. But, again, made on the basis of special balancing based on the type of perversion.

The unity of the Rules, of course, all these negatives casts.

Master - will always be the master, because he will be confident in the fundamental basis of the game. The balance, logic, complexity, and other developers will be calculated - to concentrate on that player will not be only focused on the game - as they say, the game play. If it's not like it, and you can prove it to us with strict logic or mathematics, and if we took responsibility for the balance of a system - we, of course, is correct. User will no longer be puzzled over the entire load and concentrate on the gameplay - which would be rather difficult to master - that's a double benefit.

Any intelligent person, if he puzzle itself deep thoughts, no doubt understand the profound meaning of the Rules of Unity.

5. Modern Graphics

"On the subject of modern graphics. REMEDY »:
Question of the schedule is very thin. Everybody has their own tastes, their views on art - and it's natural. But in place so there are some generally accepted rules of style, design and quality of graphics:
1) the existence edinaoy game atmosphere (and here is a single style)
2) reasonable abstraction of graphics
3) The harmony of colors and clarity of the basic elements
4) a picture of consistency
5) the originality and individuality of each figure, subject to paragraph 1
6) psychological adaptability image of the current contingent of players
7) the color and richness of the animation
8) A balanced detail and antidetalizatsiya elements to recreate a more receptive atmosphere design

This is the criteria for the ideal schedule for us.

Of course, fully comply with all the items will not be, because we have a lot of artists, and each has its own style - but to coordinate the actions is still possible. In any case, paragraph 5 will be executed. We will pay particular attention to "potential" graphics, but the quality will certainly worthy. We do not exclude the use of graphics from other games - of course, qualitatively edited, which would fit into the framework of the style of Heroes.

6. The new principles, new ideology

"On the subject of new principles, new ideology. REMEDY »:
The world has changed. It affected a wide range of processes in the game. The most tangible impact on the game had a global system, including geopolitics, economics, Faith, Life Support, the magnitude of the Army and Social Policy.

The systems we have changed the logic of the game and created a new atmosphere.

As mentioned in paragraph 1, all systems are connected, and not only for reasons of balance, but also for logic and realism of the whole system.

Then change not only the principle of development, but also priorities. For example, if before the entire slope was placed on the army and magic, now it should start a separate Hero economist.

Quite a different meaning acquired extension of the kingdom: the greater the occupied territories - the more income.

Most actions in the game become ambiguous - that is, the action could lead to both the negative and positive consequences, and the player decides which parameter is more relevant at the moment.

Very delicate was the balance of the frontal force and intellectual activities. Than a professional player is playing (this is written in paragraph 2) the smaller the negative consequences will result.

New principles, as any - have their own specifics, which should be adapted. In general, we did not go beyond the logic of similar principles in the real world - where to monitor each and all control is not feasible - we must be able to choose the most important, to generalize, to think big portions.

The idea - all the basics. She became a cause and the world wars and world achievements.

By creating your own world, we could not ignore the ideological moment. We need to be created in addition to everything else and your own style in everything. Such a specific point value attached to only a very solid game developers - but at least we are not such, but thought it was an important part of our team spirit and success in general. This item includes all the others - this is our idea, and although here I am presenting my own thoughts, they were written under the influence of general team opinion. This is something that expresses our common, unifying idea.

Combining all the provisions together, creating an aura of our world - this game, and the internal balance, appearance, new principles and rules of the game itself and its construction.


1. First of all - is balance.

Much time and effort has been put into this aspect of the game. Thanks to successful mathematical models able to bring in something worthwhile almost opposite things which were abundant in "Vogue" and even "Breath of Death.

2. New schedule:

1) brave new game interface;
2) a set of objects on the map;
3) new colorful dialogue and tips;
4) new monsters;
5) new portraits;
... And many many new graphics

3. New World - Combine the best of the strategic universe of games.

1) The game is a real working model of an economy with ongoing costs, inflation, etc.
2) seizure of territories, the expansion of the kingdom, the influence of owners of land on what is happening, etc.
3) the influence of religion on Heroes, units, growth rates, etc.
4) life support armies
5) Social Policy
6) new hero development system, with their unique skills, experience their own system


__ ___ | __, O __ o _ | _
| '(__/_ | \ (__ | | (__ | | _, 2004-2009
>>> History:>>>

REKVIZIT "Death of War" 3.70 beta 1.0
The first public version of the game

_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_- _-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-

REKVIZIT "Death of War" 3.70 beta 1.1
Version contains the following update:
1) remove unneeded messages in the game
2) automated system installation
3) Fixed bug in h3rek370.exe with an error at the end of the installation
4) added dialogue-tip on geopolitics
5) established a gradation of the local parameters of social stress on the human capacity
6) minor bugs + some txt

_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_- _-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-

REKVIZIT "Death of War" 3.70 beta 1.2
Version contains the following update:
1) greatly simplified installation Addon
2) several improved spelling
3) Fixed bug in h3rek370.exe with an error during installation
4) added Dialog hint of social tension
5) is drawn deserted sawmill
6) added some scripts to improve the convenience TE disconnection of slots, etc.
7) AI has learned to explore the territory (the system of Geopolitics)
8) Fixed bug with "experience loser Hero"
9) system has been improved flow Relf on Heroes in their classes (see section on Relf)
10) Fixed some bugs with the internal variables
11) removed test tooltip when you click on the mini map
Now with the left click on the mini map you can see the kingdom
12) removed a hint about division of troops
13) Heroes cemetery operates on the basis of a new dialogue rzt
14) improved dialogue Faith
15) introduced a new distribution function of the Hero of faith by its nature
in effect on the parameters of the royal society of education
16) campaign tactics cards increased to 5 cards - conceived plot, fixes bugs
17) The adjusted schedule interface selection menu cards
18) corrected Bagi Editor cards
19) put flags on some message appears when the game AI
20) Fixed bug with an increase in the castles of Faith
21) correct the absorption of BE from Necromancer
22) Fixed Border dialogue "Cemetery of Heroes"

_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_- _-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-

REKVIZIT "Death of War" 3.70 beta 1.3 (Updated as of 5/6/2006 - version Beta 1.3)
Version contains the following update:
1) fixed some minor bugs in the boot program
2) several improved spelling
3) Global adjustment of economic processes in the game!
4) load data every day takes place at 0,8 c faster
by optimizing the code skripte01 and other
5) new properties specializations Heroes on gold
6) added a new specialization in silver
7) altered portraits of many heroes
8) Fixed a bug with the capture of Relf and silver near the Monsters
proigrasha after a battle with security guards
9) Fixed bug with artifact Symbol of Knowledge
10) New properties of skill Estate
11) corrected an error in pay in gold for the magnitude of the Army
12) diplomacy is finally replaced by a secondary skill - Faith
13) analyzed and disposed of several options Vogue
14) Fixed bug with cross-lands
15) added dialogue "divide and conquer" - taxes
16) Errors in Faith
17) changed the dialogue of Geopolitics - now Relf for territory
18) changed the dialogue of Economy - now believe all
19) Fixed bug with "Always sawmill improvements on some lands
20) drawn updated download button, save, etc.
21) added a new button on the world map for dialogue "divide and conquer"
22) Fixed bugs with some pictures
23) added option to view the entire screen hero when you click in the list of portraits on the world map
24) drawn 4 new buttons in the menu on the world map!
25) in the package update map "Fate Creola"

_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_- _-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-

REKVIZIT "Death of War" 3.70 beta 1.4 (Updated as of 3/7/2007 - version Beta 1.4)
Version contains the following update:
1) fixed some minor bugs in the boot program
2) several improved spelling
3) analyze, correct, or disposed
a few more options Vogue
!! 4) in the resource string is encased silver
5) Now the game works with a hero without a lock
6) Fixed a bug in the capture of artifact instead Relf
7) Added a new button "earth-cave"
8) will prompt when you click on the minimap on the current status
9) script first money now with silver
! 10) added a new unit "Slug"
4 Potential new unit, a unique ability to
11) Fixed bugs ONIX-a
12) improved installation system Addon
13) improved protection Addon
! 14) dialogue-Tip "The military content"
15) prompts when clicking on things on the world map
16) Errors in Faith
17) optimized code scripting 00.01
18) RZT new team and new opportunities
19) laid the groundwork for future reconstruction battle
! 20) podskript "Final Battle"
21) improvement of the mini-manual in the boot module
! 22) the new capital Inferno
23) 2 level improved external housing (2 objects)
! 24) scrolling secondary skills of the Hero!
25) 4 Faith skill for each level of education
26) A new super splash screen which changes each time
27) Fixed bug "All Players!"
! 28) Vera units now works (the basis for the future of the monastery).
29) Button "Earth \ Dungeon becomes inactive if no Dungeon
30) Fixed bug with incorrect level of the Hero
(In the tavern, and when loading a map)
31) Fixed bug with mines,
now also profit from the mine depends on social pressure
32) and many small shtrishkov which I forgot to mention here

_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_- _-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-

REKVIZIT "Death of War" 3.70 beta 1.4f (Update from 21.05.2007 - Version Beta 1.4f)
Version contains the following update:
1) optional "Obschekorolevskie message"
Right-click on the button with the image of PC chassis
2) several improved spelling
3) if the value = 0, do not give a message to the dumping
4) The bug on the fly to box Resurrection of the Hero
5) Fixed bug - more than 100% of Faith can not be
6) Fixed bug - text "ANTIPROSVESCHENIE" in castles
7) Fixed bug - tooltip in the skills of Faith
8) Fixed bug - tooltip on the Growth of units in the Castle
9) when the capture neutral lock
if any debt payments for the aging buildings - a message is
10) Fixed bug - resetting the Hero of the Faith
11) Fixed bug - accounting skill Faith "Gold Reserve",
in the statistics when they click on the figures of income in the Castle
12) Fixed bug - the number of buildings in the matrix
13) fix the bug graphics Capitals Inferno
14) Correction of External dwellings account of the specific housing
15) no pattern in grejd mines in the dialogue
16) Fixed a bug in the script Artifacts
17) 2 new sites improve Outer Residence:
Wolf's pen and Parapet
18) Fixed bug - in the capture of the resource, if before kill several monster
19) to change the value of magic (mana level school):
"Slowdown" (6/4/6/10)
"City portal" (16/12/16/12)
"Door of measurements (25/20/30/20)
20) Expert "Door measurements" gives 3 teleportation, but not 4
21) "city portal" has been moved to the school fire
22) Units indeed die in a lack of Relf -100%
23) Tip of units, what type of feed Relf
24) in the beginning of the game 2500 Silver
25) removed a couple of levels of protection from saves
and now they are working on other computers on the same version REKVIZIT
26) when a player is destroyed - all mine now correctly transferred to the neutral state
27) Fixed bug - at the Battle Hero & Hero percentage of Relf for Health Units is calculated correctly
28) Now the monastery is only activated when we choose this skill
29) the possibility of lifting RZTfikatsii (replacement by other objects on the map)
30) in the tooltip window mini-map when you click on Geopolitics
31) now have a hint when you click on the icon in the row of silver resources on the world map and in the window of the castle
32) optimization of the reaction when clicks
33) value Soc. voltage no longer falls below a -10000, which automatically corrected bug on diaktivizatsii mills
34) A new picture of the secondary skill of Faith "bonus of Faith"
35) in the dialogue of "divide and conquer" -
have the opportunity to repay the kingdom
36) hint at the artifacts in the window of the Hero
37) Now when the computer is not visible during its combinations with silver
38) Fixed thumbnail Faith
39) unexpectedly, even for me,
was made the new dialogue-tip on Faith
(In the future it will be slightly redesigned - Watch the main concept)
40) for payments Silversmithing in the castle, it is updated in the status bar
41) Accelerated downloading some tips
42) fixed bug "big picture" secondary skills in some of the windows, as, for example, the exchange of artifacts between heroes
44) removed the most cruel tax level 4

_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_- _-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-

REKVIZIT "Death of War" 3.70 beta 1.44 (update from 16.09.2007 - Version Beta 1.44)
Version 1.44 includes the following update:

1) Input dialogue Hero of knowledge! The foundations of a new system of skills that will evolve in future versions as needed.
2) Dialogue - University. Specially created within the framework of the Hero of knowledge.
3) change the key and somewhat improved protection principles.
4) improve the loading program.
5) Online check for updates to the game (if the computer is online)
6) Online news from the project (if your computer is online)
7) the correct treatment in the memory of dialogues!
8) Hero of Knowledge skill system: Ekzogilizm (in turn Ekzogilizm consists of 4 majors in 3 levels Gereida each)
9) introduced in the famous battle of the sounds from the map DoTa AllStars for WarCraft 3.
10) Fixed bug tips for Unita
11) Fixed bug script "Neutral Hero"
12) to change the principles of value capture cells Geopolitics (communication with the system tsentraliteta and gradient on the number of occupied territory)
13) a new image-tip on cell Geopolitics
14) correct the absorption of black energy (linked to the Heroes of Knowledge)
15) removed the script Gereida Capitol for 7000 gold
16) Fixed bug with "endless" knots Relf
17) Fixed bug when loading departure conservation
18) heroes in tavern now appear with the correct settings.
19) AI now not so much dying of hunger and not so much zhirneyut (approximately 3 times) (due to changes in the balance of the magnitude of the Army)
20) Fixed bug «All Player»
21) Hero Grindal is 25% more silver in heaps on the map
22) added new Battlefields (special thanks Morn)
23) the impact on the territory of Faith Hero.
24) correction many bugs of "Faith of the kingdom.
25) Stone experience (correction), stone visitor (correction)
26) Stone of Science (new), Hero System of Knowledge.
27) Fixed bug shift buttons for different extensions dpi (ATP IRH)
28) Fixed a bug with self-liquidation Lizard (ironically, the ATP Lizard)
29) correction of many FOG scripts (over 10). Some scripts to correct for version Wog 3.59 (kindly provided by their authors)

Beta 1.5 (2009.03.17)

In honor of 5-Ilet project team REKVIZIT produced a commemorative version - beta 1.5.
For the first time takes into account features of modern computer configuration.Adjusted game balance.Fixed some rare bugs.Made several interesting features.The functioning of global systems are well honed in different game situations.

!!! ! The legend not die !!! The legend not die!!!

Version Beta 1.5 contains the following updates:

Technical improvements:
- Implementation of the mode for 2, 4-core processors
- Fixed game freezing on some configurations when viewing the RZT-dialogue prompts.
- Correct work with DirectX10
- Fix for configurations of large hard drives and more RAM 3GB

- Updated some graphics
- New saver when you start the game specifically for Beta1.5
- 4 new improved home: "Hall of Sinners", "Harpy Nest", "Cemetery", "Cottage Dwarfs" - Now all units of level 2 has neul. ? ??. and st. ??????. dwellings.


New monster Level 6 "Screaming Lord"
On the battlefield: if you move the cursor on the enemy unit in skrolbare displayed hint as units in the slot can kill for the current attack.
The possibility of construction of buildings for the new monsters in the capital for Silver. The growth of monsters is as follows: Slug - 10 Onyx - 5 and Lord - 2 per week regardless of the other buildings
Buy new monsters implemented standard Geroevskim Dialogue
New fields of battle
Hint consumption Relf hero when you click on the tip of the Hero of the Faith
Now, four skill Faith Hero, except lowering of faith on someone else's territory or resistance to, and even increases or decreases, respectively, Hero moves on their own or someone else's territory.

Balance correction:

Increased consumption of movement points when passing through the 1-and 2-sided monolith with about 20 to 50.
Reduce the amount of mana for 1-on-party monolith from 20 to 15.
The growth of the value of passing the monolith now with inflation of the kingdom
Reduce the frequency of occurrence of such monsters, like a nightmare, fire, fairy, dragon, from 8% to 6%.
Reduce the cost of Onyx from 1200 to 600
Reduce the cost of slugs from 250 to 200
A new "natural" monsters: Slug (Bastion), Onyx (Elementals) and Lord (Necropolis)
AI captures the territory is much slower, while saving resources for other purposes
Solmir no longer randomly casting Magic Arrow
Study of advanced secondary skills in the cabin of Witches "is now" 800 "silver, instead of 3000 gold


The object of the Black Manna Editor cards
Deleted messages with Ctrl + left click in the castle
Rekvizit Fixed bug when you reload the game from the boot program Rekvizit
Failed to re-visit the Observatory AI (as standard object)
Updates line resources of silver, with payment to the Observatory
Fixed the lack of statistical bonuses from the specializations of Heroes for gold and silver for the players not red.
The game does not crash when hit chain lightning Props monsters, now they have immunity to this magic.
Fix a small bug when visiting the homes of the first level
Transmission silver with mithril another player in the Bank and its updated line of resources in many other scripts.
height images for some of the locks at the tip of consumption Relf down units


- Fixed a bug with the construction of all buildings in the city (if it was not MBT or Inferno, the game crashes).
- Fix a bug where when casting Cure monsters, which specializes Hero, added by the bonus life.

- Now, "The Witches Hut" can not be turned off in Vogue options
- On some assemblies 3.58f was not possible to create a randomly Cards
- Russianize scripts: "Witches Hut", "Bank"
- Added tips when the cursor in the window of the castle on a variety of REKVIZIT-capacity, taking into account the capital and other factors.

The sequence of releases:

Beta1.0 (2004.12.10)
Beta1.1 (2005.06.17)
Beta1.2 (2005.08.25)
Beta1.3 (2006.05.6)
Beta1.4 (2007.03.7)
Beta1.4f (2007.05.21)
Beta1.44 (2007.09.16)
Beta1.5 (2009.03.17)

and some gameplay videos here and here
from here you can download the latest version - the antirekvizit free one of course - a new 1.6 version is(was?)planned but i don t have any infos about that
This rekvizit sound promising and looks prety cool,too bad it s in russain .and now u know the following line(mostly to russian users):could some1 pls try to translate bla bla bla (if it worth of course)

that s all that i found abot rekvizit/antirekvizit.hope that i cleared some question you guys had about these mods(actually it s just one )[i know i cleared some that i had ]if you have more infos or anything related to this project,please post here

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Famous Hero
ooo da :)
posted September 13, 2010 03:27 AM

i see that it had a few downloads from the media fire link,any feed back?

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Tavern Dweller
posted September 27, 2010 03:20 PM

Wow, it looks messy. I'm pretty sure its more glitchy than WoG.

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Famous Hero
feanor on DF2.ru
posted September 27, 2010 04:10 PM

Yes, it is.

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Adventuring Hero
posted October 04, 2011 04:12 PM

I've just downloaded it- and I'm gonna install it of course. But on Polish forum I've seen infos about problems with Polish/English versions of H3WoG with Rekvizit- also- what can You tell me about this mod? Some images, what are Yours impressions and so on... I know that's an old topic, but mod itself looks really interesting...

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Famous Hero
ooo da :)
posted October 04, 2011 06:40 PM

well just watch the youtube videos that i linked and see for yourself

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Adventuring Hero
posted October 04, 2011 06:48 PM

Yes, I've seen them but they're russian, and quite low quality (at least one...) and there aren't any of those mentioned bugs...

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Supreme Hero
posted October 04, 2011 07:38 PM

What are you expect to hear? Just install and try. Mod is only in russian, so if you know this language - read the f**ing manual, if you don't - it's pointless.

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Adventuring Hero
posted October 04, 2011 08:20 PM
Edited by Mixxer5 at 20:56, 04 Oct 2011.

I don't but still- I'm gonna try it. The only reason I didn't yet is I'm not entirely sure where my H3 cd is...

(Anti)Rekvizit installed... Every time I try to start a game I get message: "GetText couldn't find the "text" resource "campbttn.txt", and later "unexpected termination". Anyone knows what should I do now...?

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Known Hero
posted October 04, 2011 09:30 PM

Anyone knows what should I do now...?
Delete it and forget it. Wait for Phoenix translation and MoP-mod. Or play HoL-mod, Grove-town, Modern Forge etc.
Hundreds of DEFs

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