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Heroes Community > Heroes 7+ Altar of Wishes > Thread: Heroes 6 skill system changes
Thread: Heroes 6 skill system changes

Known Hero
death walks with me
posted July 07, 2011 01:13 PM

Heroes 6 skill system changes

I propose this thread to be used for all skill proposals we have at this stage.

I will start with some:
Arhitect I - now - +1 creature per week
proposal - +1 core creature every week, + 1 elite creautre every other week (2 times per month), + 1 champion creature every three weeks (1 or 1,5 times per month)

Scouting - in addition it could apply + 1 range for shooters with half range, like Scouting II +1 range, Scouting III +2 range)

Lets make some skill dependable on other skills, even from other schools. Life Drain is a good skill and lets not nerf it so much, but add few other skill in order for it to be taken, same for Bloodlust.

There are no skills for mana regeneration during the battles, there should be skills for +1, +2, +3 mana each turn, or other skill +2, +4, +6 mana for every stack killed on the battlefield. At the moment the spellcasters are in worse position than the might heroes using the warcries - both of them have cooldown time but warcries dont use mana or any other energy source and could be used in every battle, spellcasters have to wait several days in order again to use at least one spell.

Some hero skills could boost some creatures skills, like healing II could boost (like +1 charge) priestess healing skill or life drain II could boost ghost healing skill (I now that many think their skills are already OP but actually it is not so - priestess actually can heal one damage row done to other creature if the enemy is more on less with the same power - but they lose the opportunity to deal damage, so it is OK, the battles should not be only thought as a blood bath. The same goes for ghosts).

I personaly like much more the basic-advanced-expert system than I, II, III - this was in heroes MM and Might and Magic games from the beggining. In the previous heroes games one hero could introduce himself as "I am an Expert Healer" and now he has to say "I am a Healer III" - just a funny situation to understand what I mean.

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