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Heroes Community > Bards Glade Pyre (RPG) > Thread: Wheel of Time OoC
Thread: Wheel of Time OoC

Undefeatable Hero
Duke of the Glade
posted July 18, 2011 07:38 AM

Wheel of Time OoC

For those of you that have read the wheel of time books, this RP will be based on the world before Lews Therin Telamon (Aka the Dragon) Broke the World in the madness caused by the male One Power being corrupted.

For those of you who haven't, this should be fun anyway.

The world is basically earth, if we were still in a semi-Pangaea state with the continents partially connected. There are oceans, there are ships. a few small, barely noticeable deserts are scattered around the continental areas. There are many different peoples and places, some of which would eventually be lost to history in the cataclysm of the breaking. (In other words, I'll give you the main races and give you some free license to create different peoples... but only humans or shadow-spawn.)

Throughout the middle and lower lands there are hundreds of peoples that interact and live with one another in relative peace, sometimes broken by war and sometimes separated by arguments between rulers. The north holds the blight and the valiant warriors who defend the world against the demented creatures of the Dark One's creation. The Dark One (also known as Shaitan) himself is trapped behind barriers made by the creator at the moment the world was created. The Dark One still exerts some influence on the world, as evidenced by the blight and shadowspawn. Calling on his true name invites both his attention and misfortune, so people have taken to calling him the Dark One, Sight-Blighter, Soul Stealer, etc, if they are somehow forced to talk about them. Only the prideful and the foolish dare to call him by his true name. Saying someone is "Calling on the Dark One," is the strong way of saying, "YOU IDIOT! YOU'RE GOING TO KILL US ALL!!!"

People far and wide, of all nationalities and backgrounds, are united against this monster from the dawn of time, this pervert-er of life and light, even if that believe that the creatures he has created are only myths. People who think so probably don't believe in snow and have lived their entire life in the southern continents, but hey, if a law-keeper and a thief were attacked by a Trolloc, both would turn on the monster if only because it was the only chance they had of survival. That isn't to say all humans serve the light... treacherous men and women that have abandoned the light for the Dark One's promises of power and eternal life are called darkfiends and come from every sect of life, from the lowest farmers and beggars to Kings and Lord Generals. These sleeper agents just wait for their master's fell command to unleash chaos on the world...

But fallen men are both the greatest and the least of humanity's worries. The Dark One has demented and twisted life to his own purposes in the land called the blight. The most numerous form of this evil life is the Trolloc. Trollocs are beast-men that mindlessly enjoy any kind of slaughter. They eat anything that is made of flesh, and have been known to depopulate entire villages and eat everything in them alive, slowly and with as much agony as they could possibly cause, reveling in their prey's screams and laughing in glee at any pleads for death. They are the most pleasant things to come out of the blight.

The second most common creature to leave the blight is the Myrdraal. These are the things parents talk about to scare their children into doing their chores, eating their vegetables or going to bed. Also called a Fade, Neverborn (by wolves) or a Sightless, these creatures look like men and terrify all but the strongest willed warriors, paralyzing them with fear. If you make eye contact with one, or, more accurately, if you stare in the eyeless sockets where two eyeballs should be, and you are alone, then your willpower does not matter. You will stand there, frozen in terror, while the creature gleefully rips you to shreds. They can detect those who use the one power and have the ability to use the Power to a minor degree. Their blades, forged in the heart of evil, Shyhol Guhl, do not inflict minor cuts or wounds. Every scratch made by these blades does not only have the potential to be deadly, but is mortal if left untreated by an Aise Sedei. Wind does not touch the black cloak worn by all Myrdraal, nor does light or darkness. Each Myrdraal controls a fist of Trollocs, around 20-200 in total, linking the foul creatures to themselves to assure absolute loyalty till death. If a Myrdraal is killed, its Fist dies with it. Did I just say "If a Fade is killed?" Ha! The only sure way to kill one is to remove the head, but you will likely lose yours to its inhuman reflexes before you get close, and even then a Neverborn will flail for up to a hour, refusing to die. A Myrdraal can be killed safe-ish if stabbed enough, thou it will refuse to bleed from the puncture wounds until it goes through its final death throes. They are some of the nastier Shadowspawn. But still not the most powerful or frightening.

Grey-Men are once-humans, generally Darkfiends, who entered Shyhol Guhl to give themselves completely to the Dark One. There they become... ordinary. Completely and totally ordinary. So nondescript that they could walk through a war camp preparing itself for a battle, walk into the general or King's tent, assassinate said leader, and then walk out unopposed. They are the ultimate assassins, though they are the easiest of the shadow Spawn to kill. If you notice a group of exceedingly ordinary looking men walking towards you... Kill them. If you were wrong, then some problems might arise, but if you were right...

Worse than any of these three also stalks the world. The generals of the Shadowspawn are called the Death Knights. They lead the legions of the blight to war, calling upon the One Power through training from the Dark One to kill all who dare oppose them. One Death Knight can control anywhere from 12 to 100 Myrdraal, through fear if nothing else. These Darkfiends bond the Fades to them to ensure absolute loyalty from them and the Trolloc legions at their disposal.

And still worse awaits those foolish enough to enter the Blight, unknown things without names that leave death in their wake...

With this force, the Dark one seeks to conquer the world and remake it in his image, but first man must fall. But human beings do not stand alone.

There is an ancient race called the Ogier, large peaceful people that live in a place that naturally neutralizes connection to the One Power called the stedding. Steddings are a long-lived Ogier's home for hundreds of years. It is the place where master craftsmen go to train and where the impervious, ever lasting "Sung-wood" comes from. Ogier may be renowned for the stonework creations they have crafted, but their true calling is to the groves of the Great Trees that they planted beside the Great Cities that they built. Ogier are hard people to anger, being long lived makes them a gentle people, but when they have been angered, nothing can stand in their way. Not a Trolloc nor a stone wall. Ogiers are honest people who never break their word, for any reason. They have befriended many of the honest men of the world and seek unity to all that are reasonable enough to understand.

The people of this world are divided, some greatly. Wars and rebellion seem to be growing more and more frequent, despite all the Aise Sedei and Ogier do. Foolish men lead their armies against one another, while the rumors of movement in the blight increase and other whispers of the Dark One stirring in his prison are passed in hushed voices around the world. One rumor claims that his prison is weakening, and that the Dark One will walk free once more... And a different rumor spreads of a way to kill the Dark One once and for all.

The Lord Dragon, Ishmeal and Lanfear, the three greatest Aise Sedei of the age, prepair themselves for this war...

The people

Many peoples inhabit this world. Most will change or not survive by the end of the third age, but these ones at least survive, and are known about later.

The Aeil
"The people of the Dragon," Aeil literally translates to 'Devoted'. They are the people chosen by the Lord Dragon to serve him and othe Aeis Sedei directly, and they Serve Lews Telamon with true adoration. These people follow the Way of the Leaf, a path of non-violence against any living thing. They will hunt and raise cattle, but these people would not lift a hand to defend themselves against a Trolloc, believing that taking the path to violence is a weakness used by cowards and villains. They made an oath to follow this way to Lews himself, and the Lord Dragon defends them and gives them honor. His people are the most respected people in the majority of the world, because of their songs. They know songs to grow sung wood, cure madness and disease and songs to give a dieing man peace, songs to lift a man's souls and songs that make him remember what was lost. No bard is better, and no lord more respected than the Aeil. Aiel are tall with red hair and blue eyes. Their symbol is the red dragon.

The Malkieri
Proud northern borderland defenders, the Malkieri are the first and strongest line of defense against the Blight. They are the greatest and most honorable warriors in the world, and the most Warders come from this land. They come from a cold, hard land that encourages no merry making or joy from any of the natives, so they are strong allies with the Aeil. Though both race's ideologies are radically different, both are steadfast allies against the shadow. Malkieri are hard, tall-ish and generally have brown-black hair. Their symbol is the golden Crane.

Mantheren, ancient and powerful. the blood of a powerful and noble people beets in the hearts of all who live here, down to the last farmer. They are the other first line of defense against the shadow, and are powerful for all of that. They are ruled by a female or male Aeis Sedei who is married to his/ her warder for life. The people are absolutely devoted to their rulers, and though most are simple folk, the Mantheren are fierce defenders of the crown. Located in the King's field are a people more stubborn that the most powerful heartstone (an unbreakable stone) and more compassionate than any other. The people of Mantheren have brown eyes, blond-brown hair and range from small to large. Their symbol is the crown.

A new organization lead by the Lord General Commander. Whitecloaks rose to hunt the Darkfiends and enemies of the light in all countries and all peoples. Some accuse them of over-zealousness and pride. They come from every race. Their symbol is the golden-rising sun. Every Whitecloak wears... a brilliant white cloak and armor.

A small nation ruled by a queen. Andor stands out because its Queen is Aeis Sedei, and its people are always cared for, no matter what the cost. If this nation survives, it will grow and thrive as a good country, with the people protected and cared for. (Hint, no country mentioned falls )

Tear is an un-assaultable fortress city. They have a powerful navy and army, and an Aeis Sedei structure called the "Stone of Tear", an unbroken fortress made by the One Power. The people of tear follow the law with absolute strictness. People from Tear have drab clothing and coloring and their people wear an air of... defeat at all times. Tear is enemies with Illian, and this will never change.

Ruled by a council of nine elected councilors, Illian has strange fashions and is located in a swampy-boggy area. The powerful Aeis Sedei Sammael holds a bit of sway here. Illianers, though a bit gruff and rowdy at times, always grudgingly keep their word. They believe in many ancient legends and believe that the final battle is coming, so the ancient Horn of Vallier must be found. The people are bustling and colorful, generally shorter than most others. The first great Hunt of the Horn is about to begin! Illian is foes with Tear.


Farmer, blacksmith, Noble, etc.

Thief-catcher/ Taker
Man and women who hunt down dangerous fugitives and bring the local authorities to their quarry's doorstep, or enacts justice personally. Generally, a Thief-catcher is available for hire anywhere, though more common in Tear.

An enlisted man in one country's army, generally loyal to a fault. Usually specialized in one area of combat and weapons use.

Blades-masters, assassins, body-guards, supporters and sometimes lovers of Aeis Sedei. A Warder is bound to his or her Aeis Sedei through the One Power and swaers to protect their ward at all costs to themselves. They are given blades forged from the One Power to fight the Shadowspawn, cloaks that shift and bend light to make the Warder drawing them about themselves invisible to all but the trained eye and the ability to detect shadow-corrupted creatures and men near them.

Aeis Sedei
Male or Female users of the One Power, a force of magic that has two halves that allows an individual to influence the pattern of the world. An Aeis Sedei generally specializes in one or two of the five sections of the One Power, spirit fire earth and water. Fire and earth are usually stronger in the male half, while water and air are stronger in the female. Only three Aeis Sedei exist who can channel all five forces with equal, overwhelming strength. They are Lews, Lanfear and Ishmeal. Aeise Sedei are councilors and rulers of countries, as well as powerful guardians against the shadow. They have taken oaths to fight the shadowspawn until the end of their lives. There are rumors of those who have forsaken those bonds...

Important People

Second Most powerful male Aeis Sedei, only after Lews Therin Telaman himself. Lew's best friend. They have had a friendly rivalry going for as long as any can remember, though Ishmeal always is striving to get the upper hand. Sometimes called Ba'alzamon.

Lew's lover and love of his life, Lanfear was originally drawn to the Dragon's power, but slowly grew attacked to the man himself. She is ambitious and pushes Lews towards acts that will bring him glory and more power.

Lews Therin Telamon
The most famous Aeis Sedei to have lived in this age, the Dragon is the man who single-handedly drove back a legion of shadowspawn and saved the Malkieri nation. He has the most power on Aeis Sedei has ever had in the history of creation's existence. He is a kind leader and head of the Aeis Sedei order.
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Known Hero
posted July 18, 2011 09:14 AM

You're making an Rp out of Robert Jordan's novels!? I'm impressed by your entusiasm for the series. Let me read through and then make up my mind if i should join or not

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