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Heroes Community > Bards Glade Pyre (RPG) > Thread: Imperium Galactica OoC
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Supreme Hero
posted October 16, 2011 06:27 PM

Just open the IC, Duke. Be the DM we need, not the DM we deserve! All has been forgiven...

Also, some restrictions are good... please make them, please?

But I do not know what the hell is IC or OoC... I know what is RPG at general...

However, I edited the merc's name in my post from Arin to Brent. And sorry again the situation I've caused

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Undefeatable Hero
Duke of the Glade
posted October 16, 2011 10:26 PM
Edited by gnomes2169 at 22:27, 16 Oct 2011.

The IC: Where This

New Sudeten was a peacefull and nice planet as Shara experienced after three days of staying. The planets defence was modern but somehow careless and the soldiers and warriors enjoy the seemingly neverending peacetime. This helped Shara a whole lot to seek her designated prey but her biggest surprise the people told her that she is the only medurian they have seen since a year or so.
There were not any of my kind since a standard year? thought Shara while she walked along a crowded street near the merchants' district. But Katya exactly said for me that the medurian spy is here on New Sudeten! She told me that witnesses saw the medurian snow! How could it be then? But apart from a young man who stare at her openly no answers are got. Shara started to wonder that the whole thing maybe a well made trap for someone who maybe important enough.
'Or someone have rather strong charm on people here, do not you think?' whispered someone softly right into Shara's ear. 'Do not even think to make something foolish, dear! I will kill you quicker than you could imagine!'
How could it be even happened? How could I be so careless? thought Shara almost desperately while she said only this: 'Right. What are your intentions if I may ask?'
'Come with me and I will tell you everything... maybe!'

Ten minutes passed slowly until the moment when the heavy door closed behind them and the cacophony of the merchant's district silenced. The room where they stand was small and dull the lights gave only enough light to give long shadows for everything inside. Two other doors were in the room and Shara wondered where may they open as she instinctly planned her run away. But her 'guide's' words angered her badly:'Why are you here on this planet renegade?'
'Renegade?' shout Shara furiosly 'I am the renegade you traitor snow! You cursed pawn of the hated Mindbenders!' and with a quick move Shara turned around and found herself face to face with another medurian who was way older and has strange tattoos on her face, breasts, belly and legs. The crazy patterns almost meshmerised Shara as she look upon them but something deep in her mind resist the whole thing. She felt like a drunk chick after a hard, not lonely, night...
'What do you know about me, sister? What do you know about my intentions? Nothing but you judge me already!' shaken the medurian her head slowly. 'You are to young to understand the depths of the things happening around you!'
'I do not serve those whom killed or enslaved my hive! I am not such a traitor' reply Shara quickly. 'I am here to judge you for your crimes against the Empire and against every medurian live scattered in this universe!'
'Young snow you are!' slaped the elder medurian Shara. 'Crimes against the Empire? I have a secret that may shake the Empire and I do want to share this with the imperials! And traitor of the medurians? snow! I serve those snow Mindbenders to save the survivors of my hive! How dare you judge me for this? Who are you to judge me because I want to save my queen, my sisters, my very hive?!'
And Shara have slaped again. The elder medurian walked up and down in the room for a while until she left all her anger then she turned toward Shara and said: 'stay here! I will get something edible. And do not even think about escape from here! If you touch any of the doors without my permission their electric jolt will hurt you really badly!'
Damn! thought Shara while the elder medurian fled her house. What the hell should I do now? I am in a trap and have nothing to do. I must do as she say and maybe gather some information before I get a chance to kill her!
And she smiled upon the last thoughts...

The darkness slowly disappeared and Shara felt like a supernova ravaged within her head. She looked around and haven't got even the slightest clue how the hell she ends up on an imperial vessel that carried mercenaries onboard. The whole situation was terrible odd and the bare idea tha she woke up naked in the middle of a vessel full of men bothered her more that she ever dreamed.
'R you fine, lil' chick?' asked her a mercenary suddenly who were called Brent as his uniform's title said.'Need some help mayhaps, chicka?'
'I am fine, but thank you that you asked!' told Shara while she get up and tried to make some step toward a door that leads for the passengers' cabins. But one thing still bothered her what she felt to ask:'Tell me, mercenary Brent! Where are we exactly and why?'
'Huh?' looked Brent at her like someone who think the other went nuts but finally answered:'New Sudeten's orbit where we are now and we prepare to attack a pirate hideout that discovered by some lucky scouts in the edge of this system. But if you wanna know more, chick, ask your precious noble superiors!'
'thank you your answer' replied Shara but the crude manner of the mercenary surprised her. Why do you hate nobles so badly, mercenary? And how am I end here?

After she found an empty cabin for herself she sit down on a chair and looked through the window into the darkness of space. She known that the planet she was on before she left her consiousness is under her or more accurately under the vessel she were on. But what happened? She did not know.
The last thing I remember that that old traitor snow said she bring something edible... And then darkness and no clues! Maybe she poisoned me? But why did not killed me? She told such strange things and I am not sure that she lied actually. Somehow her words were true even if she were really a spy of the Mindbenders... Strange...
And as Shara's thoughts intercept each other quickly she slowly sleept.

and this:

The Mendurian randomly warping into his mess hall had been a small shock to Arin, but he had learned over the years to roll with the punches. Besides, this wasn't the first time this had... well, actually, this was the first time something like this had happened. Best to make a good impression on the time-space traveler in any case, never knew when they might come in handy. Straightening his collar, Arin walked over to her.

"Hello there, little sister (always good to use proper manners, wasn't it...?), and welcome aboard my ship. Could you mind explaining how you arrived here?" He fingered the tazer port on his armor, "You aren't a pirate, are you?"

would be posted. It is your "In Character" (IC) interactions, and where the Role playing element comes in to play.

The OOC is the general info on the game and where people discuss the RP in general.

For other references (and DM tips) glance over a few suggestions in this and this thread. Also, having input on your first RP is always helpful, so feel free to shoot a few HCM's at me if you have any questions.
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Supreme Hero
posted October 17, 2011 11:24 AM

Chars and their description, stats, whateva will remain in the OoC thread?

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Undefeatable Hero
What if Elvin was female?
posted October 17, 2011 11:56 AM

Yes. The OOC is for everything that happens "behind the scenes" - character description, stats, player discussions. The IC is where the actual story takes place.

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Supreme Hero
posted October 21, 2011 03:04 PM
Edited by Duke_Falcon at 17:28, 31 Oct 2011.

I do not know if you need some general plot for the IC or not but at the meantime I have no such a general plot idea so far...
But if you need and want one I will try to make one!


Name: Brent Coleman
Race: Homo sapiens (Human)
Gender: Male
Birth date: Not important
Age: 42
Class: Mercenary
Rank: NPC (hireable!)
Hit points: Not important
Armour: 5
Alignment: Neutral good
Main weapon: Xzur-ak laser-blaster (captured item)
Offhand weapon 1: Multi-purpose military knife
Offhand weapon 2: N\A
Armour: Standard bulletproof armour (+5 armour)
Shield: N\A
Special: N\A
**** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** ****
Brent was an exceeding cadet who had a great chance to became a pilot. But Brent failed his final test and he forced to leave the Academy. Brent known that he could get a second chance if he borned as a member of a Lower or Greater House and that induced a certain degree of hatred and mistrust towards any Noble.
       He borned on the Laurentis III so he understand and accept the Nobles mistrust toward any human being. This helped him to leave the military behind and start his career as a mercenary and since he serve the Nobles loyally. Brent often questioned by other mercenaries because his loyalty toward the Nobles but he know enough to know that humans, alone or together, could rebel and defeat the Nobles. And there worse creatures in the galaxy to take care of than rioting and rebelling against a destined race...


Name: Heru'ur (Horus)
Race: Solarian
Gender: Male
Birth date: No data available
Age: ~ 750.000
Class: Warrior (Elite guard and former 'God')
Rank: NPC
Hit points: Not important
Armour: 25
Alignment: Chaotic good
Main weapon: Solarian energy-lance (+10 ranged damage, +10 armour piercing, +10 against shields)
Offhand weapon 1: Solarian scimitar (+25 damage)
Offhand weapon 2: Solarian talon-glove (+10 damage)
Armour: Solarian psicho-active techno-armour (+25 defend against ranged damages, +25 against melee damages)
Shield: N\A
Special: Falcon-shaped psicho-active helmet
**** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** ****
Heru'ur is an old member of the active armed forces of the Solarian Empire who seen and experienced many things during his career. He fought in the Solarian-Ramiryon war and on the surface of Earth, fought against the Decepticons and later against the Mindbenders. He was the one who asked the Nobles to freed the Humans and he is one of the founding members of the Galactic Council. And despite his long list of battles he never forgot to enjoy life and protect those whom need it. Heru'ur was the one who defeated and cast out the fallen Dark Templar Sethek (Seth).

Here's a timeline just for dunno...

~ BC: Rise of the first Solarian civilisation
~ BC: First Solarian space-flight
~987.000.000 BC: The First Time War
~986.027.000 BC: End of the Time War
~129.700.000 BC: A great war on the Solarian homeworld revert the Solarian civilisation back to Stone-age level
~120.000.000 BC: The again-first Solarian space-flight
~97.000.000 BC: First contact between the Daemons, Ethereals and Solarians
~50.000.000 BC: Creation of the Silents
~24.000.000 BC: The first hyper-speed Solarian starships left the Solarian homeworld
~120.000 BC: Diaspora of the Medurian Hives
~64.500 BC: First contact between the Solarians and the Ramiryon
~37.000 BC: First contact between the Solarians and the Silents
~25.900 BC: Solarians and Ramiryons became friends and allies
~15.700 BC: Tensions between the Solarians and the Ramiryon risen
~12.900 BC: Beginning of the Solarian-Ramiryon war
12.370 BC: The Solarians arrive to Earth and start to teach the early humans
12.362 BC: Siege of Ramira and end of the Solarian-Ramiryon war
12.300-11850 BC: Golden Age of Earth
11.885 BC: Birth of Aedra de Draconne
11.850 BC: War on Earth begun
11.847 BC: Aedra and his followers betray the Gods (solarians) and their way and became 'Dark Warriors'
11.844 BC: Solarians help to defeat the rebelling humans and retrieve every technology they gave that renders humanity tribes of barbarians
~11.840 BC: Descendant of the 'Dark Warriors' became the founders of the Great Houses
10.705 BC: Solarians and Ethereals destroy a Decepticon battle-world, the 'God-stone'
~4000 BC: The rise of the first human civilizations, the Nobles lurking in the background
~900 BC-0 SD: The Nobles flourish and start to struggle with each others
-4 or 0 SD: Birth of Jesus Christ, beginning of a new era
200-1700 SD: The Nobles power increase but their number is way to low to became ruling power on Earth, many human-originated House mix their bloodlines
1936-1945 SD: 2.World War rages and many Noble House suffer losses
1945-1980 SD: The forced socialism spread the Houses which led a population boom of the Nobles
~2030 SD: The Ramiryons disappear after they told something to the Solarians
2054 SD: Beginning of the 'Storm'
2069 SD: The Nobles win, the 'Storm' ends but 90% of the humans extinct
2070 SD: Humans became less than slaves, just animals in the nobles' eyes
2096 SD: Beginning of the Noble Space Crusade
2097 SD: The conquer of Sel'bah, the Sel'oth homeworld
~2098 SD: Erruption of the Noble Civil War
2100 (2102) SD or 0 AD: Death of the 'Peacebringer' and the beginning of the Empire's reformation
~2300 AD: The Empire became a major power of the galaxy
2312 AD: Solarians force the Nobles to free the humans from slavery and let them arise to the ranks of Lower Houses
2313 AD: Foundation of the Galactic Council
2348 AD: First contact with the Quas'rath race, a human vessel-commander demoralised by their appearence and open fire inducing a war, after that no humans have ever let to rise high in naval ranks and their presence in military greatly restricted
2369 AD: The Imperial-Quas'rath war ended with a treaty
2380 AD: The Empire and the Quas'rath became allies
4107 AD: House Velari found Lyra Vlooz'reess in a stasis pod
4112 AD: House Vlooz'reess reborn
4207 AD: Adern de Geer found the Mind Warrior homeworld
4210-4320 AD: First contact with the Xzur-ak, Dr'gekh, Mycos and Ethereal races
4346-4382 AD: Imperial-Mindbender war, the Mindbenders lost and became forced members of the Galactic Council
4421 AD: Humans discover the hidden secret of the pseudo-atomic reaction of the shields and a riot started on Laurentin (or Laurentis)
4422 AD: Nobles field-test the new vibro-shields and break down the Rebellion of Laurentis, 179.500 humans died
~4470 AD: The first Medurians join the Imperial Army
4593 AD: First contact with the Ssh'Llk race
4742 AD: Birth of Ayden Vlooz'reess
4755 AD: Birth of Catherine Lindsay Howell
4780 AD: Death of Ayden Vlooz'reess and the extinction of House Vlooz'reess
4782 AD: Erruption of a possible Time War

An NPC(pickable PC):

Name: Tsy'huach-daxa'krynd (Ressurrectra)
Race: Daemon (Daemonette or Daemoness)
Gender: Female
Birth date: Unknown
Age: ~ 29500
Class: Warp caller
Rank: Countess (rough translate from daemonic language)
Strenght: 12
Dexterity: 8
Constitution: 16
Intelligence: 12
Wisdom: 14
Charisma: 10
Hit points:
Alignment: Chaotic neutral
Unarmed style: 10 + 0 bonus
Main weapon: Daemon claws
Offhand weapon 1: <Pickable>
Offhand weapon 2: <Pickable>
Armour: <Pickable>
Shield: <Pickable>
Special: <Pickable>
**** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** ****
Ressurrectra is a very young daemon who has a rather high rank within the daemonic society and thus she has power that could be compared with the leaders of the Greater Houses. She usually serves as a diplomat, an envoy.
Ressurrectra is known to be a chaotic female who likes to use her daemonic charm to play with others as she see fit and thus she deemed rather untrustworthy despite her efforts toward the Council members to keep up the balance and peace through the stars.
Even though she is a greater daemon herself she is a trained and powerfull warp caller by her own choice and she is famous for her quality profession in the arts of energy bending.



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Supreme Hero
posted October 25, 2011 06:42 PM
Edited by Duke_Falcon at 14:23, 27 Nov 2011.













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Known Hero
posted December 18, 2011 08:19 PM


You made this in a net-form?
Very cool!

I wonder I could post my test character?
Very good rpg, friend!

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Undefeatable Hero
Stand and fight!
posted December 18, 2011 08:46 PM




I'm just...

...my eyes... melting in their sockets.

I mean it's a good drawing, you're talented man but... WHY...?!

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Omnipresent Hero
What if Elvin was female?
posted December 12, 2018 11:21 AM

Well met dear necromancer bot, do you have a moment to discuss your imminent ban?
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