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Heroes Community > Heroes 5 - Temple of Ashan > Thread: Marksman VS Crossbowman
Thread: Marksman VS Crossbowman

Adventuring Hero
posted November 04, 2011 02:34 AM

Poll Question:
Marksman VS Crossbowman

Which one is better ? I'm a little bit confused because Crossbowman looks better than Marksman (in my opinion)
Marksman deals more damage when the enemy is close less than 3 tiles but
If the enemy is near, we can't shot
If the enemy is on the second tile, we can use this ability but it says "less than 3 tiles" third tile is includes or excludes ?

And what's doing Precise Shot exactly

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Undefeatable Hero
posted November 04, 2011 07:43 AM
Edited by Fauch at 07:45, 04 Nov 2011.

huge damage.

more exactly if you have 10 marksman with bless expert and your hero has 0 attack, their attack will deal 10 x 8 x 1.2 = 96 damage, whatever the creature you are shooting.

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Famous Hero
posted November 04, 2011 07:24 PM

Xbows are better. The reason is that marksman can use their precise shot ability only at very close range and there are almost no factions that charge Haven. ( You need to be charged by your opponents lvl 5,6 7 units in order to make use of precise shot)

So consider marksman vs Orcs only ( if u have dark and you can make your opponent charge you), sometimes against sylvan ( still, i feel xbows are better there most of the time) and sometimes against inferno ( but thats very very situational)

Anyways with Elven bow ( artie that gives no range penalty) marksmans are better than xbows.

If i find some replays from Hrta maps, ill post here.

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Hero of Order
The Abyss Staring Back at You
posted November 04, 2011 08:04 PM


Not a great idea to post your email address in your signature.  That's inviting an onslaught of spam.

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