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Heroes Community > Tournament of Honor > Thread: Update from a game designer from BH
Thread: Update from a game designer from BH

Supreme Hero
Map Creator
posted November 30, 2011 05:16 AM
Edited by fiur at 05:21, 30 Nov 2011.

Update from a game designer from BH

Hello everyone! I’m a game designer at BH, worked with this editor a lot and I’m here to help you answering your questions. Please note that what I say here is not an official answer from Ubisoft or BH. I'm just here in my free time to help you guys to get the most out of this editor; consider me as a fan of the series with years of experience with the editor.
To clear some things up: we played a lot with previous heroes games (personally I played all, heroes 3 the most) and spent a lot of time with their editors as well. I know there are a lot of missing features, like the fixed towns that KingImp mentioned. We wanted to implement them, but there were more important issues and their priority/schedule does not depend on me. I really hope we can fix these later.

I also have to note that most of the triggers will not work properly in multiplayer, they are created for campaign and single player scenarios mainly, however some of them were tested and work in multiplayer. For example there is the multiplayer map called “A Game of Crown” that is basically a King of the Hill-type map: you need to control the central town for 2 weeks to win. Yes, it is not possible to play user-created maps in multiplayer (only in hot seat) and there are a lot of reasons for that, but I cannot discuss these with you. I hope it will be made possible later.

There will be a basic way to have custom named avatars in scenario maps with selectable portraits in 1.2. For this you will have to set the game type to custom and you will have to set the avatar in the player properties to this specific hero. Then you will be able to start the map as a Scenario (Custom Game / Scenario). To set up a hero with custom name and portrait, just place any hero on the map (no FactionHero needed) and edit its corresponding properties.

Now to the answers:
Originally posted by themarsh1369:
Hey everyone.
Got Quest objective that requires you to get 100 crossbowman. The objective shows in the quest panel, and shows how many have joined your Hero.
When it reaches 100 nothing happens. I have found the pAction 'ScenarioC_ObjectiveStatus' which can set the objective as complete, but I don't know what to use for the pCondition to verify that the hero has 100 crossbowman.
Any ideas?

I guess you have it working by now, anyway: You have to set up a NumericVariable like Molinaro explained with pictures on page 4. The “auto show objective progress” parameter in the objective can be set to 1: this means the small text panel will show up every time the variable changes. The “auto complete” parameter when set to 1 makes the objective completed automatically if the variable is higher or equal to the “progress goal value”. “ScenarioC_ObjectiveStatus” is a condition to check the status of the objective; this cannot be used as an action. You need to increase the value of the variable with other triggers as Molinaro did.

Originally posted by Fever_K:
Custom heroes in the editor

Hello guys, do you know how to put custom heroes in the editor?
I can create a dinasty hero in the game, with the name, portrait and traits that I want... but how can I use him in my custom map?
In the editor I'm only able to arrange stardard heroes' armies.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.  

[sorry for the wrong section before]

This is not really possible now, but a basic way to create custom heroes will be possible in 1.2, see above.

Originally posted by Phenomen39:
plz tell me how to make Triger, to the beginning of the game, the hero was once lvl 15, and the second 10.  

You can set the level of the heroes with the “Scenario_SetLevel” action. If you want it to happen at the beginning of the game, then the trigger should not have conditions. Also, you can set the “bNoLevelUpEffect” and “bNoLevelUpWindow” parameters to true if you want to avoid the level up effect, sound and window. I hope I understood your question

Originally posted by mikkelgro:
@molinaro, what's the name of that gate you used in your map? Is it a necro town gate? How did you set up the triggers for opening it upon completing the quest? Cheers!

The “Scenario_SetGateState” action can be used to open or close a gate. Note that the gates do not block properly under their walls, so you have to paint that with not passable brush. The two squares below the door can change to passable and not passable depending on the state of the gate.

Tip: if you select an entity and press the “Select in tree” button below the entity selector on the 4th sheet you can see where it is in the folder-tree. It is very useful if you want to find an entity that is on a map created by others. Also, you can use the “Filter” textbox, just type in anything and the entity selector will be filtered to matching entries.

Originally posted by mikkelgro:
As for the locations you were trying to figure out, first you need to create a location like you do with start locations. Rename it from the default 'mapLocation <coordinates>' to f.ex. loc_pileOfGold. I recommend making a loc about 2 in diameter and not right on top of the gold but next to it. Then use the condition _isEntityInLocation and in the location variable field (Can'r recall the name) type in the loc_pileOfGold loc name. I've used this for triggering events and that works so I'm assuming it'll do that with _isEntityInLocation too.

An alternative and better solution to check if a gold pile is picked up is to check that if the gold pile itself is in the location. It’s better because it triggers only after the pile is picked up (and not when the hero stands next to it) and because the hero who picks it up will not matter. Use “ScenarioC_IsEntityInLocation” with “bBoolean” false.

Tip: you can press F2 to rename a selected location.

Originally posted by KinsonRavenlock:
Is anyone else having their MP map not show up when they try to test it in MP ?
Yes the map is set to melee, although I have tried saving it as Custom/campaign as well.
It shows up for me as single player but trying to play with a friend who also has it and it won't show up....
I'm a little worried considering the old Homm games you picked your map after having created a room and having players join.
Hopefully its something simple or esoteric I've missed...
Anyways thanks for the help in advance.

Unfortunately it is not possible now to play user created maps in multiplayer other than hot seat. I hope it will be made possible later.

Originally posted by NomadHM:
So we are unable to make a bridge under which it is possible to pass?

Currently it is not possible to create these kinds of bridges. As far as I know all the bridges in the campaign and multiplayer maps are created in the same way as others explained in this topic.

Originally posted by holocaustovich:
I have a very good understanding of the map editor. I have used it for over 50 hrs now just on a gigantic map. Very Very time consuming and addictive but yet little too complex for the average schmo. Ive made a bridge and also opened the game maps with orczip along with other sorta detailed things but Im having a problem. Im using the quick start guide to set up a dialogue and Ive tried it several times without success. Closest I got was when I started the map the box popped up and I could only click on it over and over. Had to end task the game in order to exit. Could anyone that successfully made a dialogue upon a random hero meeting an entity send me a screen shot of the dialogue strings and trigger strings? Please!

Could you solve this problem? If not, please post a screenshot of the dialogue parameters so I can check what’s wrong. A usual problem is that there are no “option buttons” set up when the “Dialogue windows” parameter is “Both” or “OptionsOnly”.

Originally posted by damianjcoles:
Hey everyone! I havent been using editor for long but I have a few questions about it and wasnt sure if it was best to post them here or start a new thread. Anyways here goes:

1. If I'm playing a map I made myself, can achievements be unlocked?

2. I'm unable to unlock Azkaal on my Bestiary page. Is it possible to place Azkaal on an edited map (perhaps even one from a campaign), defeat him, and unlock him on the bestiary page?

3. Can you set up say 4 maps into a campaign that continue on from each other? (As in, if I complete a map with a lvl 10 hero, he'll be the same hero in the next map)

Thankyou all for any help!!!

No achievements, dynasty/weapon xp, bestiary unlock can be gained on user-made maps, because it would enable the possibility of cheating. These bonuses can be gained only on official maps, except in hot seat mode.

Azkaal can be unlocked in 1.2, this was unfortunately a bug.

I really hope there will be a campaign editor later, but right now linking more maps together is not possible.

Originally posted by Nowgdaow:
Hello guys, a quick pair of questions :

1. It seems to me like rewards in things like Pyramids or Ruins do not work properly. On my map, I gave each starting player a Pyramid with a properly working neutral army to defeat but the rewards don't work. I set resources as reward n°1, which seems to function, but the artifact as reward n°2, even with a 100% chance, never is earned. Any idea as to why is that?

2. I often have a major bug while playing my map, which is quite frankly upsetting and worrying : every now and then, a computer player will try to move the player (i.e. me)'s hero, will make troops of his faction appear in the player's army, and most of the time this will result in him never finishing his turn and the game stuck, forcing the game to be reloaded, restarted or whatever. Other times the game goes on and you have foreign troops in your army, which took me some time at first to figure how the hell they had gotten there. Any idea as to what could be causing this? It's a damn annoying bug

Thanks a lot for your help, mapmakers!

The “Chance” parameter is actually a ratio inside rewards. Only one reward will be chosen based on the ratios. If there are two rewards set up with 100-100 ratios, then their chance should be 50%-50%.
The second problem might be a serious bug. I hope it’s fixed in 1.2, but please report it in the appropriate topic.
As you all can see he just HOPE we will be able to play usermade maps in the future....
OMG if not....

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Hired Hero
posted November 30, 2011 08:45 AM

It sound that the fix to be able to play user made maps will not be included in patch 1.2 (When i comes). Thats bad news!
I really hope I'm wrong

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Famous Hero
posted November 30, 2011 06:40 PM

It sound that the fix to be able to play user made maps will not be included in patch 1.2 (When i comes). Thats bad news!
I really hope I'm wrong

I have managed to stay positive this far - but if we cannot play usermade maps as multiplayer then we might aswell forget about the whole thing. Go and find my H5 cds or start playing online poker agains or whatever. BUT I CAN NOT UNDERSTAND OR BELIEVE that they wont add this so i will live in hope, positive still.

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Legendary Hero
fallen artist
posted November 30, 2011 07:31 PM
Edited by Warmonger at 19:34, 30 Nov 2011.

My mom claims she can't play H6 in offline mode. Which hurts, as the only internet cable is in my room.

What I meat is that developers failed at many points and not certainly aim at community-friendly design. Lack of sim turns prove that the design is quite bad and takes a lot of time to fix, which reduces the chance for finally fixing all of issues.
The future of Heroes 3 is here!

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Omnipresent Hero
Endless Revival
posted November 30, 2011 07:43 PM

You have to login the game once before offline mode is unlocked. If you unlocked it on your pc it should be unlocked for her too Otherwise it should be possible to bypass the issue by contacting customer support.

As for the custom map thing.. no comment. I just made a rant on ubi.
H5 is still alive and kicking, join us in the Duel Map discord server!
Map also hosted on Moddb

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Tavern Dweller
posted December 05, 2022 12:32 PM

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