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Heroes Community > Heroes 7+ Altar of Wishes > Thread: Vindicator's Rampart
Thread: Vindicator's Rampart

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posted December 23, 2011 08:36 PM
Edited by Vindicator at 23:11, 04 Jan 2012.

Vindicator's Rampart

Posting this here in hopes of more feedback I'll probably update more often in the coliseum as opposed to here, so if you like it be sure to go there. If you don't like any (or all) of my proposal, please post here, just don't flame me for it. Thanks guys!


The hunt is on. Chest heaving, lungs ready to give out; he did not stop. The hunt is on. A snarl of a satyr behind him, the bray of a unicorn; he did not stop; he could not stop. A shadow overhead; a bestial roar, and vines leap up to grab him, but he ran through, deftly slicing through them. Heart pounding; legs aching; they were closer. He could feel it. The hunt was on. -Fable often told in the Falcon empire, about a dark elf fleeing the hunt.

In A Nutshell: The wilder side of the Sylvan elves; those who called for Tuidhana's kin to burn; those who were at the forefront of the elven armies. Devote their life to a sacred belief known as "The Hunt", the more you hunt, the farther up you rise in the ranks.

Associated Colors: Dark Red, Dark Green
Also Known As: Hunters, Predators
Symbols: A hunting horn
Core Philosophy: "The Predator Shall Not Be The Prey"
Country/Kingdom: The wilder parts of Irollan
Capital City: Derva
Architecture: Primary building material is wood, use stones as well though. Prefer sleeping with the sky over their heads, so tend to build wide open places with high walls but no roofs. Normally hate harming trees for their buildings, but believe that they protect the forest enough to repay for that.
Worship: Wilder aspect of Syllana
Campaign: Starts with H6, goes through war of fire and ashes and the formation of rampart, plus ensuing consequences and wars.
Town Music
Battle Music
Adventure Map Music

Rampart Strategy: "Rip and Tear:" Fast, deadly, the Rampart troops rip through the enemy lines like paper; with a high damage output in addition to speed, they are able to break through the staunchest defenders.

Strengths: Fast, high attack
Weaknesses: Low defense, few archers
Racial Ability: Hunt
      -Rampart creatures and heroes get bonuses based on the amount of creatures they killed/ fought.



1) Herder--> Elk Warrior
Elk Warrior

The first line of defense, or, more accurately, attack, the Elk Warriors are the basic infantry forces. Dozens at once storm fortified positions, working together to overwhelm larger opponents. Despite this, they are fearsome fighters one-on-one as well, as many Praetorians regretfully recall. Few things are more fearsome in the forest mist than rows of grim men with shadows of elk horns above their heads. Some say they hunt the elk down and kill them, others say they loot them from the dead bodies, but either way, the horns of the Elk warrior are every bit of a weapon as their spears are.

Attack Animation 1: Stabs down with spear
Attack Animation 2: Smashes with shield and stabs forward with spear

Smash(Basic and Upgrade): "Stand your ground! Hold the line!" A ripple went through the human lines; rows and rows of shields  locked into place; spears poked through gaps between them. For a long moment, the scene was silent; nothing stirred in the misty forest. Then, hundreds of pounding feet were heard; and the Elk Warriors trampled through the forest; roaring bestial war cries. They smashed into the Sentinels; and the humans were sent flying, as if their shields weren't even there.
(Chance of lowering enemy defense by 20% and knocks them back a tile)

Cooperation (Basic and Upgrade): "A slash there, a wound there; troops fell like ninepins; not even the savagery of the Rampart warriors could stop a Kensei charge; few things could. And yet I watched in disbelief as a group of Elk Warriors swarmed a Kensei, bringing it down seconds; I whirled around, and this was happening all across our lines!" -A Naga general from one of the first battles with Rampart forces
(Elk Warriors get +1 Morale and 20% attack when fighting Elite and Champion creatures)

Rage of the Elves (Upgrade): "After their general was killed, a fury came over them that would rival the rage of the orcs; their spears were blurs as they charged at our lines, their faces split by a mask of anger. Their blows split apart armor as they came upon us, and for a moment, it seemed like nothing could stop them."
-Demon Prince
(Can activate this once per battle to take 1/2 of their defense and add it to their attack; also increases initiative)

Statistics: Medium attack, high defense, medium speed, medium (closer to high) HP
When Upgrade: Slightly higher attack, same defense, same speed, slightly higher HP
Strategy: Only true tank units in the faction; lower defense than most tank creatures, but enough to protect them. Rage of the Elves is a pretty useful ability to have, it becomes that much easier to troll elite creatures, seeing as how they also have cooperation. Also a useful ability in creeping to quickly get to your opponents. No reason really not to upgrade, as they only gain from it, unless of course you with to conserve resources.

2) Hypogriff-Savage Hypogriff

In the craggy mountains overlooking the south side of the forest, scouts found Hypogriffs; a close relative of the griffins, no doubt, these creatures are more savage and wild than griffins; more suited to the Rampart's way of combat. With savage, keening cries, Hypogriffs dive at their prey, and then wheel away, giving the enemy no time to retaliate; not only that; they lose morale and nerve. Some say the wizards were so inspired by this ability that they tried to recreate it in their Harpies, but with limited success, for the bird women were no match for the fierce hypogriffs. Their claws and beak are razor-sharp, easily enough to rip through armor. Much admired among the Rampart as deadly predators, these savage beasts are both feared and hated by their enemies.

Attack Animation 1: Strikes out with both its claws
Attack Animation 2: Dives down at enemy, slashing

Hit and Run (Basic and Upgrade): Hundreds of fierce shrieks split the air, and suddenly, dozens of troops fell down, screaming, with huge shreds of skin and flesh clawed off their body. The battalions of archers whirled around, but all they had time to see  was the hypogriffs wheeling away, gaining speed for yet another attack.
(Hypogriff attacks unit and goes back to original spot without retaliation)

Demoralize (Basic and Upgrade): "I tell you, while an Angel can calmly twirl its sword in a face of one of those goddamn birds, us Crossbowmen have no chance! It's nigh impossible to hit one of those things, and their claws slice straight through the shields of our Sentinels! After a few weeks of fighting those things, even the most devout warrior would leave!" -A former crossbowman, deserter
(Lowers the morale of all enemy Core creatures by 1)

Shriek (Upgrade): A shriek split my ears, and our whole squadron collapsed, clawing at our ears, trying to get away from the horrible, agonizing noise. It seemed to split the very air in two, much like a Pit Lord's sword, but not even a Tormentor could inflict this much agony without laying their hands on us. Truly the hypogriffs were a fierce opponent. -A minotaur's memoirs
(Lowers the morale of all creatures attacked by the Hypogriffs by 1, and lowers their speed by 10%)

Statistics: High attack, low defense, high speed, medium HP
When Upgrade: Same attack, much higher defense, lower speed, same HP
Strategy: This unit is rather simple; hurt as many different stacks as you can, and then, when you have only a few Hypogriffs left, activate Shriek as a parting message. The most useful Core unit you have for creeping, they can cover almost the entire field in one move, enabling them to reach their opponents extraordinary quickly.It might be useful to keep them unupgraded, as they lose a lot of their speed; on the other hand, they become much more tanky, and can activate shriek.

3) Goatman-Satyr

Some say; if you are looking for a fight, all you have to do is find a goatman. Powerful and fierce, goatmen need few reasons to fight other than simply for the hell of it. The last thing many soldiers have seen was a satyr running at them, teeth locked in a feral grin, as its savage axe effortlessly cut through their armor. Found deep in the heart of the forest, goatmen have stood as guardians of Irollan for as long as any elves could remember. Few choose to venture that far, however, so for a long time, few knew about satyrs. But when a band of dark elves was chased into the depths of the forest and brutally massacred, they again became widely known, and soon bands of them were enlisted in elven armies everywhere. After the war, they retreated back into their glades and meadows, but word has already gotten out about their existence, and before long, they were forced to join with the elves again for nothing else if survival. Soon  even the elves, were horrified by their viscous tactics in battle; that is, the elves that were not the Hunters.

Attack Animation 1: Slices with both swords
Attack Animation 2: Throws one sword and stabs with the other

Trample:(Basic and Upgrade) "When a satyr charges, you're going to get out of it's way, or be squashed like a pancake." One of the first things taught to sentinels; if you're alone, don't try to stop a satyr, it won't work. Oftentimes, if you don't move quickly enough, they'll trample you, and then you definitely won't be able to get back up. Goatmen don't really care what's in the way; they'll run right over it.
(Runs over all units in line of path, knocking them one square to either side, and dealing 20% of the satyr's damage)  

Guardians of the Forest:(Upgrade) "Although satyrs are hellishly quick and devastating attackers, they are the guardians of the forest, and if they choose to, they can protect something as well as any Shieldguards can." If satyrs get it in their mind to keep something or someone safe, they will most certainly do so, and nothing is going to get through their ranks.
(At any point during the battle, the Satyrs can elect to protect a creature; they give 20% of their HP to the target stack, and when the target stack is attack, 30% of the damage goes to the satyrs. Additionally, any spell directed at the target stack instead hits the satyrs. This bond lasts for the entire battle.)

Statistics: High attack, medium defense, medium speed, lower HP
When Upgrade: Same attack, same defense, slightly lower speed, slightly higher HP
Strategy: Very annoying attackers due to their decent defense and high attack, as well as trample. You probably won't find yourself using guardians of the forest too much, as this creature is more of an attacker, but if you want to boost one of your elites and support the attack with your Elk Warriors instead, you can leave your satyrs on the back ranks.

Strategy For Core: Your most important creatures are definitely your hypogriffs, due to their extremely high speed. Leave them unupgraded for now, as shriek is not worth losing your mobility in the early game. If you want to support your hypogriffs, you can upgrade the goatmen to satyrs and protect your birdies. Another strategy is to get Elk warriors and Satyrs, and have them both activate their abilities, but the first one works better. The lack of archers at this point isn't too concerning, due to the speed of your units, but watch out for an early rush with archers protected on all sides; you have nothing to counter them with.  


1) Beastmaster-Enchantress

Found in the wilder parts of Irollan, legend has it that when expeditions found a layer of a Beastmaster, they were chased out by hordes of wolves, all of which were immune to spells of any kind and obeyed only their mistress. With gnashing teeth and sharp claws, they tore through flesh and armor with ease. Some of the more intelligent individuals began trying to kill the beastmaster, but they were faced with a surprise; enchanting and beguiling, they seemed like harmless, if beautiful women. Entranced by her visage, few noticed her spear before it punctured them through the ribs. Soon, they began spreading through Irollan, until they lived only two or three miles away from a city. The elves were impressed by their prowess and offered them a spot in their armies, but they too were chased out by packs of wolves. Growing bolder, the beastmasters decided to start attacking villages on the outskirts of the griffin empires, before, at last, the humans called for a crusade against them. Slaughtered by the hundreds, the beastmasters tried to hide in the elven cities, but they were denied entry. All of them would have been brutally wiped out had the Rampart not offered them a spot in their army.  



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