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Heroes Community > Age of Heroes Coliseum > Thread: ICTC 6 - HoMM Community
Thread: ICTC 6 - HoMM Community

Undefeatable Hero
What if Elvin was female?
posted February 20, 2012 10:19 PM

ICTC 6 - HoMM Community

HoMM community

AKA: The Whiners
Theme Colors: Green and Yellow
Worship: 3DO
Country/Kingdom: An assortment of Forums
Capitol: Heroes Community
Motto: "Why did it get out of BETA?"
Key Symbol: A big blue tear
Terrain: The internet


The HoMM Community, home to the Whiners, is not a country in a true sense of the word. It reminds more of the ancient Greek system with many independent cities that join forces in times of emergency. The Whiners are spread between different Forums and most of them are not even aware of the others' existence. Some major Forums are of course known to all but the most ignorant Whiners. Good examples are Celestial Heavens and Heroes Community which is considered the capital by many of the Whiners.

The HoMM Community lays dormant most of the time, but much like the demons of Sheogh, it strikes with an amazing force when the conditions are right. When that time comes all of the forums come alive producing an enormous number of Whiners of types. Few can withstand the relentless onslaught of the mob-like armies of HoMM Community.


The Sympathizers are the lowliest, most shunned dwellers of the HoMM Community. They tend to go against the natural opinion of other Whiners and look for the good in everything with unmatched optimism. Their offensive capabilities are almost non-existent, but their ability to take damage is quite high for a level unit and they have a couple of useful support skills.

Optimism (Active): The Sympathizers try to explain why they are so optimistic to the enemy, using ridiculous arguments. The foe may become confused and miss his next turn.

Enrage (Active): The Sympathizers try to convince the Whiners why things are not that bad. This only enrages the Whiners increasing their initiative and damage output.

The Breeders know everything there is to know about the creature inhabiting the world. How they look like, what is the origin of their names, what they like to do in their spare time, Breeder have studied it all. Or maybe they just saw it in a dream, nobody's sure. Unfortunately, their knowledge contradicts the facts of the world. This leads to two things - the Breeders hate everything that moves and the Breeders' defense is low because the creatures don't attack the way they should".

Exterminator (Passive): The Breeders hate the creatures of the world with a passion. The less there are of them, the better. As a result the Breeders deal higher damage to stacks with more troops.

The Mechanics are one of the smartest groups in the HoMM Community... or at least so they think. They understand how the world works and they don't agree with it in the slightest. The list of their demands of the world is far too long to present here. They range from little almost unnoticeable things like the time it takes gather resources from neighboring mills and mines to the core of the world itself like the number of resources it can produce. The Mechanics deal with an impressive array of issues which is evident from the number of their abilities.

Ranged: The Mechanics use weapons they crafted themselves in an attempt to bypass the laws of the world. As a result the fire random objects that somehow fly towards their target.

Balance (Active): The Mechanics are never satisfied with the power of the creatures. If it was up to them half of them would be much weaker and the other half much stronger. Then reverse and repeat. Although mostly bound by the world's mechanics, they found a way to nerf the combatants. Casts either a random boost spell on one allied unit or a random negative spell (not damaging) on one enemy unit.

Hero's Role (Passive): The role of the hero in combat is a long-time issue amongst the Mechanics. Whether he waits on the sidelines or charges forward in front of his army, the Mechanics will not take it well. In fact, they hate the heroes so much that they decided to sabotage them. As a result there is a chance that the enemy hero will fail to perform an action.

Resource Deficit (World): Unsatisfied with the diversity of the resources in the world, the Mechanics decided that if they can't get more types of resources they will have more of what they do have. The contents of any resource pile picked by the hero is increased by 1/3.

The Designers are all artists at heart. They know exactly how things should look and more importantly - how they shouldn't look. The Designers can always find a flaw in the world's design: be it that it is awfully three dimensional and detailed so it takes too much time to fully comprehend it or that the towns looks too simple and not detailed enough.

No retaliation (Passive): The Designers' attack is always followed by their critique of their target's outfit design. This leaves the enemy confused, embarrassed and generally unwilling to retaliate.

Re-design (Active): Some of the Designers are not satisfied with pointing out what's wrong with the world, but are also willing to make suggestions as to how it should be. However, their ideas are usually not descriptive and leave much room for interpretation. This causes a random terrain changing spell to be cast once per combat. (remove obstacle, force field, barrier, earthquake etc.)

Time Travelers
Time Travelers have seen it all: what has happened, what will happen and what is happening today. And they are extremely displeased with the latter one. Whether it is because things are not exactly how they used to be or because they remind too much of how things were, Time Travelers will never accept the way things are now.

Teleport: Masters of time and space the Time Travelers ignore any obstacles on the battlefield.

Nostalgia (Active): Time Travelers are obsessed with the past in one way or another. They are in fact so obsessed with it that they want to show it to the rest of the world's inhabitants. Time Travelers can pick an adjacent enemy unit with equal or lower power rating and disappear along with it from the battlefield for the duration of 2 turns.

Lore Masters
The Lore Masters are among the most respected residents of the HoMM Community. They hold knowledge of all the history of the world, including the history of parallel universes and sometimes even their future. The Lore Masters' contribution to the Whiners' cause revolves around the events going on all over the world. Usually they think that everything that's happening is not as interesting and well performed as what they already know and is therefore beneath them.

Ranged: Lore Masters have more knowledge than anyone else in the world. However, for a long time they could not put it to use in combat. That is until the Mechanics found a way to tweak the world's laws a bit to manifest the old saying that knowledge is power. Now the Lore Masters only need to concentrate on their target to cause irreversible damage and even death.

No Range/Obstacle Penalty: In fact, the Lore Masters don't even need a clear sight of their targets. They just need to be aware that the target is there somewhere, their mind will do the rest.

Caster: Knowing everything that has ever happened, the Lore Masters are aware of quite a number of magical spells. Some of them they encountered so many time that they have even learned to cast them. Can cast Bless, Curse, Lightning Bolt and Dispel Magic.

Bug Catchers
The most vocal of the Whiners are the Bug Catchers. In some way they are akin to the Mechanics, for they too search for what is wrong with the world. But rather than looking for something that can be done better, the Bug Catchers hunt for anything that just doesn't make sense. The Bug Catchers are unique amongst the other residents of the HoMM Community in that they are the only ones who always get full support from all the other groups. Even the Sympathizers can't argue against the Bug Catchers' claims and come only hope for things to get better. Enjoying such wide support, the Bug Catchers are the main force driving the HoMM Community assaults.

Spearhead (Passive): The Bug Catchers are the spearhead of any HoMM Community assault they're in. As a result they get a boost to their attack and defense parameters for every adjacent allied unit.

Common Cause (Passive): Absolutely everyone agrees with what the Bug Catchers have to say. That's why the Whiners believe that with them on their side victory is guaranteed. The morale of all HoMM Community units is raised significantly.

Assimilate (Active): The Bug Catchers can find supporters in everyone. If they feel they need to replenish their ranks they can just convince the other to join them. Can resurrect fallen warrior and replenish health by sacrificing a neighboring allied unit.


Might: Moderator
The Moderators are the peace keeping force of the Forums. They are chosen by Admins - the rulers of the Forums, after proving their dedication to the HoMM Community. The Moderators command both fear and respect in the eyes of the Whiners and are more than capable of leading them to battle.

Magic: Insider
The Insiders prefer a less direct approach than the Moderators. Instead of spending most of their time amongst the resident of the Whiners, they infiltrate the enemy bases and attempt to learn all their secrets. The Insiders are not able to disclose all their findings to the HoMM Community so as not to blow their cover. Yet they still enjoy from the respect of the HoMM Community for their efforts and what little information they can share. When they lead their armies into battle they rely on their knowledge of the enemy and prefer to outsmart them rather than overpower.

Racial Ability: Angry Mob
All the Whiners perform much better in big groups. Their power lies in numbers and they know it. For each level of Angry Mob all the Whiners on the battlefield get a higher bonus to their attack and defense ratings for total number of HoMM Community creature's in hero's army.

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Legendary Hero
Scourge of God
posted February 20, 2012 10:36 PM
Edited by Tsar-Ivor at 22:38, 20 Feb 2012.

Might want to rename 'bug catchers' to something a little more ruthless yet still related. Apart from that it seems spotless.

Racial Ability: Angry Mob

This made me lol more than the rest
"No laughs were had. There is only shame and sadness." Jenny

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Supreme Hero
Nuttier than squirrel poo
posted February 20, 2012 11:15 PM

Perfect. You should get a double-QP for this.

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Undefeatable Hero
Duke of the Glade
posted March 25, 2012 08:49 PM

I want to judge this faction in the ICTC. Can I?
Yeah in the 18th century, two inventions suggested a method of measurement. One won and the other stayed in America.
-Ghost destroying Fred

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