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Heroes Community > Dimension Gates > Thread: Might and Magic 8 issue?
Thread: Might and Magic 8 issue?

Famous Hero
posted April 13, 2012 09:04 PM

Might and Magic 8 issue?

When I first installed M&M 8,monsters varied on palettes.I.E.At the lizard temple there were yellowish winged snakes,purple winged snakes etc.The dragon hunters varied with green-blue-red colors as traditional to M&M.

Second time I installed M&M 8 all snakes were purple and all dragon-hunters were blue.Thus,to distinct monsters I need to apply this form of viewing:

Now,I don't remember well,but I think it has to do with "Install Extra Graphics" option at the beggining of the installing.Should I install or not "Extra graphics"?

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Supreme Hero
Embracing light and darkness
posted April 13, 2012 09:27 PM

It's issue with 3D acceleration. If you turn it off, monsters should have different colours for diffrent creature types.
When 3D acceleration is on, sprites have only one colour forall three types.

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