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Heroes Community > Heroes 7+ Altar of Wishes > Thread: The Magic of H7
Thread: The Magic of H7

Undefeatable Hero
posted May 25, 2012 09:41 PM
Edited by xerox at 21:58, 25 May 2012.

The Magic of H7

In this thread we can discuss how the magic system in H7 should like. Here's my proposal and the complete Life magic tree.

The Magic of Xerox's H7

I am pretty sure that many are very unsatisfied with the way that magic looks like and functions in H7. The magic and skill system in H6 is a great example of when you get to much choice.
Because you can pick just about everything in one click, choosing spells and skills just doesn't feel meaningful anymore. Another problem here is that right now  you kinda just pick the good spells in all of the different spell schools. Being a Dark Necromancer in H6 is much less meaningful than being one in H5. Therefor, the H7 magic system should return to be more like the earlier HoMM games where they are learned from Magic Guilds and enhanced in a level-up skill system with meaningful choices. The system with fewer but much more distinct spell schools should also return.

Magic Guilds

Magic Guilds should return but not offer random spells. That's just annoying. At the same time, we don't just want the H6 pick-and-choose spell system in a Magic Guild format. Therefore, there should be researchable spells. As you can read below, I propose having no more than three levels of spells. Because of that, the Magic Guild would have three levels. For each Mage Guild improvement, you'd be able to research the next tier of spells. Researching spells would cost resources and take up to three turns to research depending on the level of the spell. All factions would have slightly favored spell school, reducing the research cost and perhaps research time a bit.

Basic Spells takes 1 turn to research.

Advanced Spells takes 2 turns to research and also cost a few rare resources.

Expert Spells takes 3 turns to research and also cost numerous rare resources.

I would suggest returning to the H4-H5 system of Magic. With some improvements of course. The boring Adventure Magic school is removed and instead, all schools get some spells that can be used on the adventure map. Every spell school is divided into three branches, a system inspired by the H5 spells perks. Each spell school could also have three tiers, as five always felt very excessive to me. Three spell levels would also integrate into the Core - Elite - Champion system.

- Note that adventure magic isn't in at all yet. -


Chaos is based on Fire in the classic games, Chaos in H4, Destruction in H5 and Fire in H6. It focuses not only on powerful destructive spells, but also on other spells such as Frenzy and short-duration enhancements such as a revised Bloodlust spell.


TBD. Direct damage - Support - Anti-Support?


Life is a combination of Earth, Water and Air from the classic games, Life from H4 and Light Magic from H5 and H6.  It does not solely focus on beneficial spells, but also on fun support spells such as Martyr, anti-support spells such as Blind and damage prevention spells such as Barriers.


Hand of Restoration (Damage prevention and healing)
Guardian Shield, Well of Infinity, Spirit Bond...

Hand of Blessings (Beneficial enhancements and support)
Radiance, Celestial Armor, Speed of Light...

Hand of Retribution (Anti-support and damage)
Smite, Searing Star, Judgement...

(Final names TBD)


Nature is primarily based on Nature in H4 and Summoning in H5. Other than summoning spells, it is a bit of a jack of all trades and has more adventure map spells than in other schools of magic.  


TBD. Summoning - Support/Anti-support - Damage/damage prevention?


Death is a combination of mainly Earth in the classic games, Death in H4 and Dark in H5 and H6. Death is much more than casting debuffs and curses. It also contains many support and anti-support spells such as Vampirism, Sacrifice and Puppet Master. In addition to that, more spells such as the new Splatter and Plague Mushroom are focused on causing situational damage, using objects such as corpses.


Hand of Black Magic (Support and anti-support)
Soul Drain, Shadow of Death, Puppet Master...

Hand of Curses (Debuffs and anti-support)
Fatigue, Outbreak, Plague Mushroom...

Hand of Reaping (Damage and support)
Siphon Corpse, Festival of Life, Vampirism...

(Final names TBD)


Order is primarily a combination of Order in H4 and H6 and mixed schools from the other games. It is focused on situational support and anti-support spells aswell as crowd control and teleportation.  


TBD. Debuffs/Beneficial enhancements - Anti-support/damage - Support/damage prevention?

Life Magic

Now here is my proposal for the Life Magic school. Life Magic is divided into three branches. Restoration, Blessings and Retribution. These branches can be enhanced through the core Life magic perks in the skill system.  

Hand of Restoration: Improves Restoration spells. Adds Mass Cure, Guardian Shield and Regeneration. Cure dispells an additional negative effect and shielding spells add 25% Magic resistance.

Hand of Blessings Improves Blessing spells. Adds Mass Bless, Endurance , Mirth, Celestial Armor and Righteous Strength.

Hand of Retribution: Improves Retribution spells. Enhances the effect of several Retribution spells. Blind completly removes retaliation, the Martyred creature takes 25% reduced damage, spirits from Vengenace can be controlled and Judgement can not be dispelled.

Advanced Perks

Favored by the Gods: Excess Healing protects the creature with a shield, equal to 100% of the excess healing.

Legacy of Elrath: Doubles the duration of all temporary effects.

Inqusition: Increases the amount of effects cleansed and purged by Cure, Well of Infinity and Exorcism by 2.

In addition, there would also be a few Expert perks that can only be gained through specializing in other skills.


Restoration: Cure. Guardian Shield. Divine Intervention.
Blessings: Bless. Endurance. Radiance.
Retribution: Smite. Blind. Exorcism.

Cure: Removes a negative effect.
Guardian Shield: Shields a creature for X damage. Lasts Y turns.
Divine Intervention: Makes a creature completly immune to damage for a short duration.  

Bless: Increases Attack and Energy (Magic Power) by X for Y turns.
Endurance: Increases Defense and Wards (Magic Defense) by X for Y turns.  
Radiance: Turns a creature into pure Light, allowing it to teleport for Y turns.

Smite: Deals Energy damage. Damage increases depending on how many creatures the enemy target has killed.
Blind: Blinds an enemy for X turns. Blinded enemies strike with 50% retaliation and can move but not engage in combat for the duration of the effect.
Exorcism: Purges a positive enhancement. Deals damage if the purge is successfull.


Restoration: Regeneration. Soul Link. Well of Infinity.
Blessings: Celestial Armor. Righteous Strength. Mirth.
Retribution: Martyr. Vengenace. Searing Star.

Regeneration: Heals a creature by X every turn for Y turns.
Spirit Bond: Links two creatures. When one of the creatures takes damage, X% of the damage taken is transfered into healing for the other end of the bond. Lasts Y turns.
Well of Infinity: Conjures a Well of Infinity. Creatures drinking from the Well are cured and healed. Lasts X turns or untill destroyed by the enemy.

Celestial Armor: Reduces all damage taken by X% for Y turns.
Righteous Strength: Increases all damage dealt by X% for Y turns.
Mirth: Increases Morale by X and prevents it from being reduced for Y turns.

Martyr: Links a creature with another. The Martyred creature absorbs the other creature's damage for X turns.
Vengeance: If the target dies during the turn, it will return as an AI-controlled spirit for X turns.
Searing Star: Deals damage in all directions and reduces the iniative of hit targets by X for Y turns.

Restoration: Ressurection.
Blessings: Speed of Light.
Retribution: Judgement.

Ressurection: Ressurects a living creature and temporarily boosts its Iniative and Morale by X for Y turns.

Speed of Light Increases the initiative and speed of all creatures by X for Y turns.

Judgement: When the selected enemy creature deals damage, X% of the damage dealt is also dealt to the creature itself. Lasts X turns.

Coming soon, Death Magic...
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