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Heroes Community > Heroes 5 - Modders Workshop > Thread: skyrim based castle (request)
Thread: skyrim based castle (request)

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posted June 17, 2012 11:25 PM
Edited by fersch at 23:50, 17 Jun 2012.

skyrim based castle (request)

it would be so cool having  a skyrim based castle so these are the creatures pls make this happen insted of stronghold
T1-falmer gray goblin - upg falmer shadowmaster gray goblin with blue purple kinda sword  other upg falmer warrior thinner sword than goblin but it should be in the shape ar a warmonger with a brown kinda leather looking shield and a smaller sword and of course gray skin
T-2 draugr perhaps it should be in the same shape as a squire but all gray and a kinda black sword with no shield upg draugr defender the same as draugr but with a silver sword and a old and black (ebony) shield other upg draugr swordmaster a squire with a gold and black ebony sword  that has fus ro da (banshee scream death whale but blue)
T-3  bear wolf shape but fatter upg brown bear other upg mountain bear (white bear)
T-4 Necromancer base should be monk in black affects should be summon skeleton 1 necromancer = 5 skeleton upg necromancer adept base zeolot summon skeleton warrior 1 = 5 other upg necromancer Lord base inqusitor and should be long range but no summoning they should all be in black clothes with normal skin coulor
T-5 werewolf very low heath but pack hunter and sholud be a footman satnce but covered in hair and no sword or shield and blue eyes with brown fur upg white werewolf a white werewolf with a red stripe and red eyes other upg plague werewolf a black werewolf with some green stuff around him with green eyes
T-6 baby frost dragon a small green dragon shape with blue skin and blue breath  upg baby fire dragon emerald dragon base with red skin and normal fire breath other upg baby undead dragon should be a small skeloten dragon with rebirth 10% of growth when rebirthed most possible rebirthed 5 least possible 1
T-7 giant cyclops base with a thinner club and small stone piece at the end try to do 2 eyes and gray skin with thinner base upg berserker giant smaller than the other with really dark red skin and really thin club with small stone piece other upg fire giant a light red skin with more like leather armor then giant and slitly bigger

thats my request for skyrim castle pls make a link below thanks shouldnt be too hard

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