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Heroes Community > Heroes 6 - The New Beginning > Thread: Making a better skill system without a revolution
Thread: Making a better skill system without a revolution

Undefeatable Hero
posted August 08, 2012 01:35 AM
Edited by xerox at 01:37, 08 Aug 2012.

Making a better skill system without a revolution

The skill system needs to change. But as much as I want them to completly remake it, that won't happen. What needs to be done is instead to make the existing system more balanced, diverse and fun. In this thread we can discuss and give suggestions on how an expanded skill system could look.

I don't think passive skills are a problem. Rather, I think we actually need more passive skills. You don't use 10 different active abilities for each battle. For that reason passive skills are already powerful but new ones must also be a lot more interesting. They can't all just be "Adds +2 Defense". A skill system cluttered with such skills wouldn't be a very interesting skill system. H5 had ton of interesting passive skills and I am sure we can come up with a lot of new faction-only skills.

Changes to existing Might skills

Diplomacy: I've used this with the Diplomacy hero bonus and it was fine. But I'm not sure what that bonus does. Does it reduce the cost of bribing creatures or does it increase the chance that creatures will join you? If it's the latter, then the skill without the bonus is pretty useless. Otherwise I can see a use for it on a map where the economy allows for it.

Mentoring: I feel that this might be overpowered. I always use it once I reach lvl 6. This makes my secondary hero lvl 5 with a single experience stone. On the secondary hero, I then have access to the very powerful Architect and Economist II skills.  
Maybe make it lv3 or reduce it to 25%?

Economist III: This feels weak. At level 15, in the late game (normal XP), you gain 1 Wood and 1 Ore per day. Thatt's half a mine. I would increase it to 2 Wood and 2 Ore and maybe add a crystal to it? Or make it a separate tier 2 skill without changing the amount of resources it gives. That would make it a good skill for passive heroes.

Scouting II and III: I think those should swap. II allows you to completly inspect the enemy hero. You can see all his abilities, all his creature numbers and artifacts etc. I feel like that's more powerful than knowing where all mines are at level 15, which is what Sccuting III provides.

Duck and Cover: This is to weak to be worth investing into. Increase it from 20% reduced ranged damage taken to 40. That way, it can be a very good alternative to Rush for when you engage shooters in the early game. Make the Siege effect a separate skill so that shooters don't become even more useless in sieges. >.>

The siege effect could be a separate tier 2 talent.

Keep Guardian: Requires Duck and Cover. Makes Duck and Cover apply in sieges and reduces the siege dealt damage by enemies by 1. It can not make enemy creatures or the catapult deal 0 siege damage.

Battle March: I feel that there are better skills to take than
+2 movement in sieges. Perhaps it could also increase creature siege damage dealt by 1.

Tactics I & II: Tactics I should not be a skill. It should be a gameplay mechanic. Make it so and turn Tactics II into the new Tactics 1.

Siege Master II: It's such an unstrategic skill. Currently, it makes castle defenders suffer unresistable damage every turn. What we need is a skill that allows manual control over the catapult. That would also work well with Siege Master III, which is completly random damage atm.

Stand Your Ground: I think these needs a huge boost in the amount of Might Defensive provided. Atm, the base ability provides 7 Defense. Compare that to Stoneskin which as a MIGHT hero, reduces Might damage taken by 32%. Now Stand Your Ground does provide extra retaliation too. But I would suggest boosting the Might defence provided to 15 for the normal version. The normal version is fine.

Taunt: Why doesn't it work on Undead? Undead can't get angry?  O.o

Warlord's Command: Very weird ability. What's the point of it when Rush pretty much does the same thing with its Iniative boostt (gives the creature the turn) AND increases speed by 50%?
A suggestion would be that it allows a creature to act twice. An ability like that would be very strategic but also need a 2-3 turn cooldown (since might abilities lack a cost mana).

Archery III: A lv15 skill that reduces ranged penalty by 25% feels weak. Atleast increase it to 50%?

Changes to existing Might skills

Coming tomorrow.

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