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Heroes Community > Library of Enlightenment > Thread: Misc. questions
Thread: Misc. questions

Famous Hero
posted November 27, 2012 08:40 PM
Edited by krs at 20:48, 27 Nov 2012.

Hope this is the right location I just came back to H3...

- is Dessa good for Fortress in Balance L for Fortress? (better than Tazar? how about other good heroes for Fortress?)
- how do you take a wyvern's nest with fortress?
- in random maps is it worth it to spend 1/3 1/2 movement to get +1 attack or defense or spell power?

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Adventuring Hero
Flying High
posted November 27, 2012 10:12 PM

I don't actually like playing Logistic specialist such as Gunnar/Dessa/Kyrre, since it makes the game soo easy.
I would pick Tazar either way - choosing your main should always be a might hero - I'm not sure if you played Devil May Cry 3, but there's a good citation - might controls everything and without strength you cannot defend anything, let alone yourself. I think this goes well for Homm3 in some way If you look around in Library of Enlightenment, I believe there have been debates over might vs magic, against the AI magic wins all the time, but player vs player might is always best.

About the stat gaining to spend a large chunk of movement on it. Usually I prefer to keep my main hero on the road to get as much out of his movement as possible - more battles, more exp, more stats with level ups in less amount of days. For example if there was a +1 attack event somewhere far away from the main road in the middle of nowhere I would just not bother, if it was just aside the road then yeah ofcourse I will take it, but if I had to spend half my movement to get there, it means I would probably have to spend the other half to get back on the road. Is +1 atk really worth the trouble, perhaps might even get a few low xp battles out of it, but is it still worth it?

Tell you what, I suggest you look up maretti0 in youtube, he has uploaded some of his games in full span, shows exactly what he does etc, watch some of it and you might get a good idea how to manage your movement points -I have noticed similar things you are describing in his videos, for example he has skipped +1 atk events if it wasn't worth it.

It is all very situational, you just need to play and keep practicing, you will eventually figure out what to do in certain situations

Taking any guarded creature dwelling, creature banks, fights against neutral battles - you just need to get familiar with the behaviour of the AI, preferably 130+ % difficulty, since that is the "best" of the AI s abilities.

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Famous Hero
posted November 28, 2012 01:35 AM

Ty for ambitioning me to watch those.

I new about them but I've always abandoned because they seemed to have 0 appeal without commentary and bad quality.

But the actual experience was unexpectedly good! It really answerd my questions about what to prioritize and what not.

But he's a little too extreme imo. He overlooks a Library Of Enlightenment within 1/2 both ways trip...

One question though (kind of noobish but no-one thought me those):
1. Wasn't move/stop/move/stop considered inefficient (you lose some movement because of roundings) ?
2. Is he trying not to move diagonally with main?

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Supreme Hero
WCL owner
posted November 28, 2012 07:56 AM

movements are not rounded, so you can go/stop/go as many times as you want.
I play HoMM3 at www.heroes-

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