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Heroes Community > Heroes 6 - The New Beginning > Thread: Questions..
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Undefeatable Hero
On the Other Side!
posted March 24, 2013 02:44 PM

So no chance of ever seeing Academy in Heroes 6 eh?
And I thought the skills were reworked/reshuffled in the X-pack?

That was clear since the AoH Q&A

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Famous Hero
posted March 24, 2013 04:45 PM

H4 was a big screw up in my eyes too

Yes H4 was a failure (even though it still has a lot of fans and active leagues), but we all know why it was a failure. With 3DO going bankrupt, they had to release it and scrap money, but Ubisoft doesn't really have that excuse ...

Offtopic: Not for me...It was good exept the fact it was slow,and the bad diagonal positioning of the battlefield. A Random Map Generator would also improve it.
It was something like Age of Wonders but with fewer re-playability.

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Known Hero
posted March 25, 2013 05:16 PM

I have played Heroes 3 so much that now it seems quite boring for me I mean, I started to play it when I was kid so it was about 10 years ago Now I'm considering should I get Heroes 6 and play it...

I think it is not good idea to try HoMM4 or HoMM5 because HoMM6 is available so maybe the best strategy is going to straight the newest one? I'm just wondering that will I enjoy the game if I have only experience with HoMM3... I would like to know is the AI in Heroes6 dumb or does it have any challenge in comparison with HoMM3? How about multiplayer? I haven't played HoMM3 multiplayer at all so I don't have much for the quality of multiplayer games... Does the multiplayer in Homm6 work properly or does it have a lot of problems with connections etc...? And is it free ?

I can see that they have slightly changed the name which is bit disappointing in my opinion Is HoMM-series going to be dead recently? What do you guys thing?

I have also thought about leaving HoMM-series for a while and going for Civilization.. Is that good idea at all ?

Well it was a little messy message but I hope it will start a good conversation

I think you should play H5 tote and when you will be bored by the game after 100-200 hours you should try H6.
These 2 games are good, the best for you is to try them and to make your own opininon.
Personally i have played H3 to H6 and for me there were no bad games just differents experiences.... be open!

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