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Heroes Community > Library of Enlightenment > Thread: HoMM 2 scenario Grim Reaper.
Thread: HoMM 2 scenario Grim Reaper.

Known Hero
posted November 20, 2013 07:02 PM
Edited by Aron at 19:12, 20 Nov 2013.

HoMM 2 scenario Grim Reaper.

Been revisiting some HoMM recently and so I am revisiting this place too! One of the nicest communities out there i must say, even tho I don't post alot

So I need your help.
I'm running this map on Hard which usually is a cakewalk in HoMM 3 for me. But I can't beat it!

I'm playing as a knight since I like those guys for some reason even though they have a crappy elite unit (not too shabby though if used well). I've tried slowrolling them, I've tried streamrolling them. Well it's really just one team of necromancers vs all of us but still.

The problem is the east castle can't be steamrolled, it has to many defenders. I manage to take the west town one but it can't be upgraded and you only get one titan a week. I've even take a fully upgraded north east dungeon just as blue finally got me the Black Dragons. But it doesn't matter!

Those damn necros start with 99 bone dragons in one hero and huge armies in others. 3 central towns and a bunch of nice stuff around them. I died last, at one point holding 4 cities with 2 allies left. But since all cities are different stacking units becomes impossible.

What to do?!

I just realised my signature doesn't apply anymore

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Known Hero
posted November 20, 2013 11:02 PM

Heh! Actually trying it again with sorceres. Getting those dungeon towns around her sure helps! Got 3 castles now and 1 town. Only 1 ally left. !

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Known Hero
posted November 21, 2013 12:56 AM
Edited by Aron at 10:42, 21 Nov 2013.

1 week until I lose on time. Thieves guild says blue and yellow are equal but using the mapcheat I can see that yellow just lost his last town.

Ah well, at least I didn't get mauled like with the knights. But I contest that this is the hardest official map ever made! Even harder than the pyramid.

Ah nevermind! It's not a time based mission, I mixed it up with an other Necro mission!

There is still hope! But I am overwhelmed. Basically what I am doing is picking off weaker heroes with my 17 BD, 14 Phoenix hero (he's got some 400 sprites and 100 gargs too) but I can't face the main enemy at all. I do control the 3 necro cities but he controls all my old towns and all "allied" towns except a few.

~ Update ~

Yay I won! Well basically, he has 3 castles left and I can't bother chasing him down! Wow what a hard map I thought I was gonna lose, not only due to an imagined time constraint but because i just raided his central three cities as a desperate last ditch attempt to carry his attention elsewhere. But it got me enough gold and enough new troops on a new hero to win

Well this was a nice monolouge!

Pitty there's not nearly as much activity as before. All people moving to open non-anonymous short message systems like Facebook and Twitter I guess. The whole internet is dying a lil bit.


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Famous Hero
Dragon of justice
posted December 01, 2013 08:48 PM

I like a chat, but i never ever played that map and do not even have HOMM 2 on my laptop, so i couldnt give my 2 cents

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