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Heroes Community > Heroes 5 - Temple of Ashan > Thread: Questions about stuff
Thread: Questions about stuff

Adventuring Hero
posted February 18, 2014 09:23 AM
Edited by devilfire at 09:26, 18 Feb 2014.

Questions about stuff

First of all I want to tell you that English is not my native language so if something is not clear I will try to explain it again.

I made a separate thread cuz its way easier for me to follow it and I have a few questions.

I`m using TotE 3.1, so any question applies for 3.1 version

1. Is Defence and Attack separate booster or they are equal to 6 defence stats (6x5%=30) and 3 attack stats (3x5%=15%)? If they are not equal and if they are separate booster what is the exact formula ? Is 30 % less damage from melee attacks counted when the attack is made (I mean if the stack have 1000 damage and it attack you it will have 700 effective damage) or when the attack is finished (if the same stack have 1000 damage it attacks you with 1000 and it is reduced by the defence stats and then is further reduced by the Defence skill) ? Same question applies for Attack skill.

2. The skills - Fiery Wrath give you 10 % fire damage. Is this fire damage the same as the fire damage from spells ? I mean the spell damage is ignoring the defence stats (right?) so is Fiery Wrath going to give you 10 % true damage ? When are these 10 % calculated ? When the attack start (if you attack with 1000 damage it will add 100 damage) or when the attack is finished (if you attack with 1000 damage and the enemy have 30 % resistance it will take 700 damage and 10 % will become 70 % bonus damage) ? Same question applies for Cold Steel. If it is adding 10 % at the start of the attack and if it ignores the resistance it can prove to be a good damage booster right ? (By the way its ironic that only Haven can have Fiery Wrath AND Cold Steel). The skills Master of Fire and Master of Ice say it clearly that only the mentioned spells do the -50 % armor and freeze but I want to be sure that Fiery Wrath and Cold Steel are not applying those effects right ? Also, are those elemental damage counted for Elemental Vision ?

3. Corrupted Soil - what is the kind of damage that it deals ? I assume its fire and its like spell damage - ignoring the defence stats ? Is it dealing damage if the target is moved by another target not by the player (for example if you attack the goblins they will run away, are they gonna take damage ? Same if you fear someone ?)

4. Ignite - is the damage over time working with Fiery Wrath, Hellfire and Corrupted Soil (if it is fire damage). How is it working if you double cast a fire spell on someone (for example with Mark of the Wizard) ? Is the damage over time going to be twise more powerful cuz you use twise more damage because of the double casts ? Is it working with Imbued ballista (it is applying 1 spell PER shot right ? and Deleb`s fireball ballista ? What about if you cast the same fire spell on the same target every turn, is the damage over time going to stack or it is just going to refresh the duration ? What if you cast diffrent fire spells on the same target, is it going to ignite for every single fire spell or the DoT is replaced by the strongest at the moment (for example you fire ball someone now but the next turn you use Armaggedon and the DoT of Fireball is replaced with the DoT of Armaggedon`s cuz the last one is stronger). Is it working with Fire Trap (I assume fire trap is doing Fire damage right)?

Enough for now.

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Undefeatable Hero
On the Other Side!
posted February 18, 2014 10:02 AM

You may consider using the Questions & Answers thread for more questions

1. I'd swear it goes this way: Creature A attacks B. A.Attack - B.Defense. If positive, apply bonus damage, if negative, reduce...

Attack skill increase the damage of your stack (if originally made 1000 of damage, 1150 with expert attack) and then apply damage increase/reduction according to the Attack - Defense  formula of above.

2. I think those passive abilities gave that % of the final, calculated damage. But I very rarely picked them so I'm not 100% sure.

3. Corrupted soil made "normal" spell damage. No chance to reduce it I think.

4. Ignite description "Fire spells casted by the hero" I think it's pretty clear, isn't it?

Can't answer the rest of the questions, too specific mate

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Legendary Hero
Look into my eyes...
posted February 18, 2014 12:08 PM

Corrupted Soil will affect enemy creatures that are feared, run away. It triggers whenever there is movement on the tiles.

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