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Heroes Community > Library of Enlightenment > Thread: Multiplayer help for HOMM2GOLD GOG version.
Thread: Multiplayer help for HOMM2GOLD GOG version.

Tavern Dweller
posted July 26, 2014 02:02 AM

Multiplayer help for HOMM2GOLD GOG version.

Hello HC,

I am looking for help on how to successfully play multiplayer with my brother and our friend on HOMM2GOLD.

We are using the GOG version of HOMM2GOLD and in terms of connectivity we have gotten as far as the 3 of us joining each other via TCP/IP and getting to the Team(color) selection and map choice etc. As we start the game I get the "ERROR SENDING DATA, would you like to try again?" and no matter how many times we retry the game won't load up. I was able to join because the friend hosted and I was given the External IP...

My brother usually spends his days at our friend's house. They were able to play with each other on the same router.(no hotseat, actual connection and not being able to see each other's turns/plays while in same game) And I play on our home router (2 different routers: his friend's and mine at home)

Are there any ports we need to forward? (can't find any information anywhere)
Is there a certain Compatibility mode we need it to run under as? (using XP Service Pack 2)
Is DMZ an option, and if so how do we utilize it?

Please post here or PM me if you know of any fixes that could allow us to play together and ACTUALLY get into the game...

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Supreme Hero
posted July 26, 2014 06:28 PM

Did you actually try GameRanger, Tunngle or Hamachi? Or any other LAN imitation networks I don't know about?

I'd recommend to start with GameRanger.

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Tavern Dweller
posted November 08, 2014 12:11 AM
Edited by ryu at 00:17, 08 Nov 2014.

I supposed that GOG uses DOS version of H2, using DOSBOX.

HoMM 2 has problems on TCP multiplayer on modern systems and even if you are able to connect game may crash during the game or before you start the game. I have experienced this problem many times.

I suggest you to try using Gameranger or OpenVPN on a Virtualbox, Win 95, Win 98 or XP as guest OS.

If you can make it work, IPX instead of TCP should be preferred according to game readme file.

I remember that I knew the ports H2 needs, I'll look for it if I can find, I'll add here.

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Tavern Dweller
posted November 20, 2014 03:08 AM


Hey I tried GameRanger, but it wouldn't recognize the exe... I think because the gog version uses dosbox

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Tavern Dweller
posted December 01, 2014 01:49 PM

GOG has an alternative "windows install" download (or something similar to that name) in the download section for homm2. I downloaded that one and use Evolve instead of hamachi or gamranger, works with no problems over internet

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