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Heroes Community > Heroes 5 - Modders Workshop > Thread: Quantomas AI (older version!) for NCF
Thread: Quantomas AI (older version!) for NCF This thread is 2 pages long: 1 2 · «PREV

Tavern Dweller
posted January 13, 2022 06:46 PM
Edited by Loran at 18:47, 13 Jan 2022.

Alyx182008 said:
Loran said:

Is there anyway to only take the ai from the mod heroes 5.5? as I dislike some of the changes in 5.5 but love the ai.

maybe mod the vanilla ai to also make up for the losses in combat or something along that way.

Best thing you could try is ask developer of H5.5 about what changes he made through scripts to everything AI related and then ask for help how to accomplish something similar.

As for why Quantomas AI didn't have many creatures, it's possible that it's not yet as capable in managing resources as the player, so starting up with 0 resources might actually hurt it much more than it hurts you.

thank you, I will try and contact the devs for more info.

yeah I figuered that, I thought that when I started with 0 the ai would start with 10 000 or something but I forgot about the non cheating part.

Do you recommend anything I can do regarding the ai? like whats the best settings for quantamas ai or the vanilla to make it the most difficult and challenging ai?
and if I may ask, if you play heroes 5, what ai do you use?

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