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Heroes Community > Heroes 7 - Falcon's Last Flight > Thread: Tactical combat
Thread: Tactical combat

Hero of Order
posted August 26, 2014 03:42 PM

Tactical combat

I was hoping to sum up what we know about the way tactical combat will work in Heroes 7, and perhaps get some input from the insiders if things are subject to change.

So here are some observations, comments and questions from what I've seen so far:
- Battlefields vary in size and layout - OK

- You can have three war "machines" (some could be creatures with the same role) - OK

- Tactical battles can have different victory conditions, for instance: Kill all enemies, protect a structure, etc. - OK

- There are more obstacles on the battlefield, but this will vary from each battlefield - OK
Will we also have objects giving buffs/de-buffs on the battlefield?

- There is a cover system, in which obstacles reduce damage from ranged attacks

- There is a flanking system, in which creatures deal more damage when attacked from the sides and the back
Although the damage bonus should not be too big

- There are fewer creature abilities, and more focus on basic tactics

- Tactical battles are turn-based
Do we still have initiative and speed as two different stats?
I hope so. Turns + Initiative is the perfect combination between the H3 and H5 system IMO, and the easiest to balance.

- In the gameplay demo the heroes act first each turn, with an option to wait (hourglass).
Does the hero also have initiative which affects his turn, or does he always act first? In case of the latter, does it depend on who is the attacker? What does wait do for a hero?

- Spells are chosen from a spellbook (with bookmarks)
More spells on each page reduce the number of clicks when you have a lot of spells.

- A lot of info and numbers are displayed above the creatures during combat
I think the only thing displayed should be the number of creatures lost, with the rest of the info and numbers given in an info-box (upper left corner in the demo).

- It's evident from the gameplay demo that there are different kinds of damage (Might damage, Fire damage, etc.).
Will H7 have Might and Magic Attack and Defence stats?
I'm guessing yes, but was hoping we would go back to just Attack and Defence. Splitting them into Might and Magic makes it unnecessarily complex without adding any depth to gameplay. It also becomes exponentially more difficult to balance the more stats you have. Giving creatures or factions specific weaknesses or resistances (to physical attacks or schools of magic ect.) should suffice.

- Your hero gains experience even if you are defeated.
I'm not sure how I feel about this...

- At the end of combat two options are displayed: Fight again and Continue. When you click Continue, experience from the combat is calculated before you are confronted with yet another two options: Fight again and Close.
I think this is just a waste of time. The more unnecessary clicks you have to make in a Heroes game, the more tedious it becomes in the long run. Just exit the combat screen when it's over and display the experience points gained in the info-screen/section on the adventure map. If a player wants to replay the match, he will just hit the keyboard shortcut for loading saved games (which I'm assuming will exist). And if a player is losing the battle and wants to retry, he will likely quit long before it's over, which brings me to the next point.

I'm hoping it will be possible to load saved games from the tactical combat screen, so you don't have to end the battle before you can load. Especially if you're playing a campaign with a condition that your hero survives...

I'm assuming cutscenes can be toggled on and off, and creature movement can be speed up (a lot).

Will there be an option to arrange/split troops in the beginning of combat as in H5? Will there be a tactics skill, and how will it work?
I'm really, really hoping we can arrange and split stacks in the combat screen, instead of having to do it before attacking, like in H3. It's a real hassle, and so easy to forget.

Will it be possible to zoom in or out in the combat screen?
In the demo the surroundings take up a large portion of the screen, and the creatures appear quite small. Being able to zoom in should be possible, and especially useful on large resolutions.

Bonus adventure map request
Bring back the small number showing the amount of turns it will take to reach a destination on the adventure map (1, 2, 3, 4, 5+). This is a really simple feature which is very useful when planning ahead.

Any other thoughts/disagreements?
I'm sure I have forgotten something, so please let me know if you have more information!

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