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Heroes Community > Other Games Exist Too > Thread: (Working) Expanisve Deep Complex Turn Based Strategy Game
Thread: (Working) Expanisve Deep Complex Turn Based Strategy Game

Tavern Dweller
posted September 11, 2014 04:11 AM

(Working) Expanisve Deep Complex Turn Based Strategy Game


I have played Heroes of Might and Magic for a while, and it has been a large influence alongside Civilization. I have designed a very expansive chess-like strategy game with many challenging elements for players to master. It is currently being produced solely in written form ( as I am no computer wizard).

The elements that are involved are the interactions between 16 colors, 6 terrain heights, 64 resource types, 5 map layers, many spell and ability effects, and countless items, units, and buildings.

The play-style is reminiscent of an RTS game, where each building takes up its own space on the map, as opposed to the buildings existing within a city tile in civ. Creatures, items, units and buildings consist of any combination of the 64 resources.

The depth comes where every unit created is treated like a main character in an RPG, where stats and the specifics of the unit come into play and greatly impact the role and success of the unit.

It is a 4X game, and the Board is massive. The length of the map is 2,752,512 units in either direction from the corner of the map. A unit takes up the space of one unit2.  This game is an attempt at a full scale model of chess where one commands an actual Army the size of a real army, in place of chess pieces.

If any one is interested in reading more about it, it is currently in its 5th revision and can be found here.


I have no idea whether or not a computer can handle this much data, however the concept runs as fast as lightning in my mind.

The game is free to download, it is a few text files and pictures atm


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Known Hero
لىخ ضل
posted October 07, 2014 12:09 AM

I see no one interested in your game and the blog you wrote seems way to complicated to be understood, there is no way to play it on paper as it would take over a full day to finish a game maybe from being that complex as it seems, and how would you make it on pc?, 99% impossible alone. Best thing to do is find and work in a gaming team as you can invent so much data all by yourself. The reason i understand you it's because i too once made a game.

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Omnipresent Hero
Wog refugee
posted October 07, 2014 06:48 PM
Edited by Salamandre at 18:52, 07 Oct 2014.

So long as Resources = (1) [((1)(1)(1Ω)(1))] = (V) [((W)(X)(YΩ)(Z))] per creature, the amount of represent resources was true as the stats lay as seen, each sub stat mirroring the larger stat in terms of attack abilities against special defense would be Represented as 1Xlv= [(W(Z ))] with the bolded aspect representing the major stat, and the plain styled representing the lower investment.

Your game manual makes me feel retarded. I don't like games doing that.
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