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Heroes Community > Heroes 7 - Falcon's Last Flight > Thread: Map Editor
Thread: Map Editor

Supreme Hero
posted September 14, 2014 06:37 PM

Map Editor

There are many discussions about HoMM7 factions, town screens and similar issues, but I think that this game has to have good (great) map editor. If I recall, editor of HoMM4 was the best (it provided all the features that were available to game designers). Map editor of HoMM5 is powerful tool, especially in Tribes of the East, but it was far from user friendly and had various bugs. Of course, editor of HoMMVI took that to another level of failure: it wasn't intuitive and it didn't have campaign editor (which is necessary IMO). Basically, quality of map editors went downhill with latest HoMM games.

Now, what I would like to see in HoMM7 editor is something like this:

1. User friendly interface - this is necessary because many people don't want to spend much time on learning how the use the editor. Good examples were HoMM3 and HoMM4 editors: you could learn to use them quite fast.
2. Campaign editor - As I mentioned, I think this is very important. I had much fun with custom campaigns in HoMM3 and HoMM4 and it will increase game's replay value.

Now, some more 'exotic' things
3. Support for modding - this is quite tricky. But I think that there could be a solution based on WorldEdit of Warcraft 3 Frozen Throne. This editor provided a way to create custom units, objects, structures, spells, abilities, etc based on existing ones. I would like to see something similar for HoMM7: for example, create 'new' Haven town where you replace Dire Wolf with Griffin, and use it in your map. Of course, it would be cool to export such creations, so you can imoprt that in another map.

4. Scripting - now this is interesting for me. I liked that HoMM5 had lua script language, but I realise that many people didn't know how to use script language, so they had to spend time learning it. Ideally, it would be good to have 'triggers' that exist in Starcraft 2 editor: they are just user-friendly frontend for scripting language that is used.For me, though, writing scripts directly wouldn't be a problem, so I would live without that frontend.

I know that some of my wishes and thoughts are unrealistic, because of money and time constraints, but they are just that: wishes and thoughts I'm curious to learn what do onther people think about Map Editor of HoMM7 .

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Undefeatable Hero
On the Other Side!
posted September 14, 2014 06:42 PM

#1 is a must for any Heroes.

#2 is planned iirc (CH Q&A). Not sure about #3 though.

#4 I don't we really need very complex scripting - but some would undoubtly help on the replay value.

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Legendary Hero
Once upon a time
posted September 15, 2014 05:27 PM

I put in my two cents already and from what I've seen I think these guys are going to prove more old school. i.e. more akin to H3's editor.

However I've not read anything on your numbers 3&4. Would be nice if they did add them. Taking care of the needs of both the beginning and skilled mapmakers would be a big plus.

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Hired Hero
posted October 02, 2014 01:19 PM

Pre-Mixed Neutral Creature Camps

I think these suggestions belong here since they are minor tweaks to an already announced feature so here I go;

Although it seems like my first post I was a contributer back in H3 and H4 days but couldn't find my old password etc etc.As a map maker for heroes 3 and 5 here are some specific things I would suggest for the map editor.

My idea of a good game for heroes is variety,balance and re playability.Because of this random creature camps and towns are what I use mostly.

Pre-Mixed Neutral Creature Camps: So I love heroes and making maps but I don't like the fact that neutral creature grinding becomes too easy and predictable for the players.Also battles are a bit boring with only one type of creature on the other side.Speaking on the fluff side of things you would expect 10 liches accompanied by 50 zombies or vice versa somebody must be raising 200 zombies even if 5 liches.

What I suggest is to use this good synergy between some creatures to include them as premixed rations in neutral camps.I don't mind killing some solo griffins but not all the time,there should be some changing aspect to it.

For example if you place random monster level 2 (Aka:Zombies) if it goes beyond lets say “Horde” number, some liches should pop up beside it to make it more “challenging” for the Human players.Same thing if the liches go beyond “Lots” number they should be accompanied by some zombies as a meat shield.

The ratios can be different like for 100 Zombies %5 should be liches.But on the other hand archer/footman could be like 30 archers to 20 Footman kind of.

Of course you can open up the “creature” editor and do these by yourself on map but than its not called as “random” and you had to see the same composition creature at the same location each time you open the map.What I archive is this;

-More fun and tactical battles;Normal basic strategies employed by neutral creatures meat shield/archer   cavalry/archer   shield/caster.  Flyer/caster etc.

-Diversity in neutral combat,more thinking and evaluating rather than steamrolling over neutrals.

-Some change in neutral stacks challenge rating beyond some numbers.Not like just the same stack 2x from the previous 2 months mentality.

Some honorable mentions are treants/elves ,Unicorns druids, golems/mages Cavaliers/footmen.

If implemented maybe we can even put our own pre-mixed stacks of monsters and ratios like a mini tab in the map editor.

Random Castle “Not like player X” option: All heroes map editor have the option to choose when you place a random map on the map editor to specify that “This castle should be same as Player Red”.

But usually if you place an expansion castle or something that is related to race (creature dwelling) you just don't want it to be like “Player A” since it would give him an very uneven advantage just early on.

So lets say Player A and Player B are competing for an area where there is a random castle.I want that castles race “NOT TO MATCH” with both of these players.It seems like a small issue but A inferno finding another inferno just at his border with Sylvan is just very bad news for the Sylvan player and it's just luck dependent.I don't like converting castles idea by the way.

In map editor there should be an negative of “same as player X” option (NOT same as player X) and please with multiple slots so we can select multiple players.What will it archive;

-More balanced games
-Diversity in the creatures that are recruited on the map.

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