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Heroes Community > Age of Heroes Coliseum > Thread: ICTC 8 - The Guild
Thread: ICTC 8 - The Guild

Undefeatable Hero
No gods or kings
posted January 02, 2015 04:22 AM
Edited by DagothGares at 06:24, 08 Jan 2015.

ICTC 8 - The Guild

Still work in progress: working on elite and champion creatures, Grail hero and images with the stats (rough guesstimations) on them.

The Guild is a powerful organisation that seizes control over every city that welcomes it with open arms. Guild cities are prosperous and thrive on the trade and great employment opportunities that the Guild brings. The Guild's main base of operations is the fabled city of Perimedeia. A great walled city that has access to both sea and big land routes connecting it with other big cities. A Guild city is quite mercenary and only has allegiance to itself and anyone willing to pay enough Guild taxes to stay on their good side. Guild products are of high quality and so are Guild troops, lead by master fencers from Perimedeia, secretive mages and sometimes even a Trade Prince personally intervenes to make sure all his assets are safely in place.

Guild troops consist primarily of mercenaries, magical constructs devised by the Guild of mages and specialists, like perimedeian fencers, assassins from the Brotherhood of the Raven and Tower mages. Guild cities thrive by constructing trade routes and giving the Guild access to all their facilities. This massive surge of coin allows them to hire troops of great quality that don't particularly mind serving masters of different race or persuasion.

Merchant (Upgrade to Merchant Guard):
- Living
- Cowardice: when an adjacent stack outnumbers the concerned merchants, then the concerned merchants must spend their action fleeing from the stack.
- Pretty Penny: Despite them not being rich enough to buy off conscription they still have business and other property being run by their families. Every concerned merchant makes 4 gold per turn, which you elegantly confiscate and promise to return to them when their service has "ended."
- Wait, they send their rich guys to fight?: Adjacent enemy stacks have a 50% chance to attack the nearby Merchant stack rather than their intended target.

Description: The Guild conscripts citizens in times of war. These citizens usually send mercenaries in their stead or are professional soldiers themselves. Some merchants though, claim this goes against the spirit of the law or happen to be in debt or choose to pay off a fine through service. Either way, there's always a sizable portion of merchants in Guild armies. The more militarily minded generals, usually insist on taking creatures from the tower and armed soldiers, but sometime syou take what you have.

Trained in: Town hall.

Merchant Guard (upgrade from concerned Merchant):
Abilities: Living
- Great Shield: Guardsmen take half damage from ranged attacks due to their large shield and simple training.
- Mercenary: Guardsmen suffer no morale boost or penalty from fighting with troops of the same or a different faction. They are only here for the coin of their masters.

Description: Whether pressured by smart commanders or whether the merchants have wisened up to the fact that going to war is a very risky endeavour, all conscripts in a growing Guild army will eventually be replaced by guardsmen. They are strong reliable infantry, but not much else.

Trained in: Marketplace

Crow (upgrade to Shadow):
Description: While technically slavery is banned in The Guild, there are many ways one can claim ownership of a person, like through extended debt, indentured service and to adopt them. Crows are children that are adopted in the Brotherhood of the Raven, an organisation that provides several services, among them transportation and body guards and, purportedly more underhanded services, but no one would say anything, since, for some reason the current Trade Prince also grew up in the Brotherhood or is the bestest of friends with the more public members. These children grow up to be young men that don't look too different from ordinary street beggars or highway robbers. However, on the battlefield they always prove to be unfindable and they are most dreaded, since they have the knack of appearing right in some poor company's flank or rear with blades coated in poison.

Stealthy: These units are invisible to the player unless they're within 3 units distance to one of their stacks.
Poison blades: Any stack attacked by a stack of Crows are poisoned by them.
Sinister strike: If a stack of crows was not spotted before they attacked, their attack ignores 50% of the enemy stack's defense rating.

Trained in: Shady Orphanage

Shadow (upgrade from Crow):
Decription: Crows are handy rank-and-file grunts, but sometimes a job requires more finesse and by this point, money willing, the Brotherhood sends their veterans well-equipped assassins. These men and women are called Shadows and are the best assassins money can buy.

Abilities: Stealthy, Poison blades, Sinister strike, Mercenary
((they'll have a higher movement speed than the crows, so the abilities of the Shadow will be a lot easier to use))
Trained in: Brotherhood of the Raven

The Guild's Mage Tower is a closed association that does not like squishy easy combustible blood bags ambulating around their corridors and entering their experimentation rooms. They much rather prefer small creatures that follow ordersand are of their own creation. Enter the homunculi. Homunculi are creatures molded out of earth ad water and look like deformed winged babies. Their vocabulary is limited, their free will non existent, their creation cheap and their expendability amazing. Homunculi are fast physically weak creatures which can be loaded down with chemicals and other explosives.

- Flyer
- Detonate concoctions: Homunculi can be loaded down with explosives and sent forth to detonate on impact. When this ability is activated 30-50% of the homunculi die, but they deal 3x damage to all adjacent stacks.
- Mechanical: Can be repaired.
- Living: Can be resurrected by raise dead.
((the numbers of detonate concoction are some rough guesstimation. The point is that you can sacrifice your stack for a big part to deal a lot of damage, but a mage can bring these minions back to do it again with raise dead or a repair spell. That's what's important, the numbers not so much))

Trained in: Tower Workshop

Golem Assistant:
Golem assistants are sturdier homunculi. They are mechanically assembled at a good workshop.
Abilities: Flyer, Detonate Concoctions, mechanical
((this upgrade mostly gives better stats, but the no longer alive, so it can't be raised))
Trained in: Tower Workship + blacksmith


Warlock/ Licensed mage
mercenary/ Gilded Company
Stalking Nightmare/ Shivering Aberration


Iron juggernaut/ Arcane Juggernaut

Fencing lord
Description: The most revered and adored profession in Perimedeia is the one of the fencing attorneys who settle disputes in the courts that will not get settled peaceably. The Guild employs these men and takes care of them in their old age by appointing them as judges or senior partners. Some fencers do not seem to die and hate the thought of becoming a judge or working. These men get hired to become commanders of the Guild's armed forces. They are strong men (and occasionally women) with military experience and plenty of education. They are smart enough to know how to deal with the licensed wizards, strong and experienced enough to command respect from the mercenary forces and instill fear in the lower rungs of the armies. The title of Fencing Lord is a most prestigious one indeed and a most fearsome type of foe.

Heroic ability:
Lord of War:
A Fencing Lord raises his troop morale by 1/2/3 and lowers his enemy's morale by 0/0/1.

Guild Mage
The Tower is a nebulous organisation that operates from great towers in every Guild city. In these towers they have room for experiments, studying magic and whatever else you can think. Since the mages don't even have human servants and don't allow in unlicensed mages, nobody has any clue what goes in there. The Tower produces battlefield monstrosities and nightmarish creatures, along with masked wizards that can control them or call them forth at their leisure. Their power is great, but they pay for it with the blood of lesser men. The Guild itself has no open stance on the Tower. They do not seem to mind hiring licensed mages for causing immense battlefield destruction and they're even occasionally hired as generals. Licensed mages that act as general are as greatly feared by their own men as by the enemy. They have no concern for the safety of their own men, as all they need is time to wreak total annihilition on their foe.

Spell Surge:
At the cost of 50% extra mana, a licensed mage can deal 30%/60%/90% extra damage with their spells.
If you have any more questions, go to Dagoth Cares.

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Undefeatable Hero
Altar Dweller
posted January 08, 2015 11:26 AM

This looks quite interesting so far. Looking forawrd to more.

The stealth ability of the crows works on battlefield, yes?

Also, I love these merchants

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Undefeatable Hero
No gods or kings
posted January 08, 2015 12:25 PM
Edited by DagothGares at 12:42, 08 Jan 2015.

It is a battlefield ability. I would probably have to nerf it with a time duration or something or it'd be too strong. The crows being invisible for so long would compensate for The Guild lacking ranged core units. Another way one could nerf the crows is having ranged units be scripted to split up in 3-7 stacks whenever the enemy has crows in his army, so that they could split and search for the crows.

I really like the Concerned merchants, because they're good cannon fodder, if your main would be a Guild Mage (maybe you could even split up the concerned merchant in several stacks so you have a higher chance to proc the taunt ability). But if you don't want cannon fodder minions (if you're playing a Might Hero like the Fencing Lord then you just wnt strong minions) then you can upgrade them.

EDIT: In general I would like to give the unupgraded versions of units some utility that would make it interesting not to upgrade them, despite them having worse stats. I'd also like to promote two different play styles: One is as a crazy mage where you sacrifice your own minions to buy more time so you can blow up your enemies. The other play style would be of the careful fencing lord that just has strong minions and plays them tactically and buffs them and tries to pull through victory with them.
If you have any more questions, go to Dagoth Cares.

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Undefeatable Hero
Altar Dweller
posted February 02, 2015 03:46 PM

That is an interesting idea, certainly, though I think the difficulty is growth here. To make that more effective, it would be good to have the growth higher for the unupgraded onesas well but to balance that should be not easy.

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