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Heroes Community > Age of Heroes Coliseum > Thread: ICTC 8: The Foundations
Thread: ICTC 8: The Foundations

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posted March 18, 2015 10:46 PM bonus applied by OmegaDestroyer on 09 Mar 2016.
Edited by PandaTar at 23:53, 04 Apr 2015.

ICTC 8: The Foundations

All rights go for the respective authors of each image (artist, photographer). Just gathered them here merely to illustrate an idea.


General info

    Name: the Foundations
    Capital: there’s not a capital. The whole kingdom, even having many cities, is a whole and it is treated as such. None of those places are considered the center of everything. The oldest known city is called Carma.
    Symbol: two mirrored and close-looking triskeles, up and down, representing both worlds of skies and waters, revolving, evolving and never ending.
    Races: anqa and merrow.
    Native terrain: sea bed.
    Religion: there’s no religion. Anqa and merrows are the oldest beings and they are aware of that. Given that all other races rose and fell and were washed away into the ocean by time, anqae and merrows learned better from other cultures, beliefs, religions, languages, magic. Not bound to any warring and wishes for eternity, hopes of divinity nor acknowledgement of any other superior entity, although they pretty much respect a sort of intern hierarchy, they keep their mind and soul free from any sort of guiding devotion, unless counting the world as an entity itself.
    Society: they work as a huge colony, everyone having their duties settled since birth. Those that are more skilled at certain duties are, then, acknowledged by the oldest members of society to teach or command the youngest, always improving, recycling and learning. Anqae and merrows are used to mutual cooperation.
    Main antagonist: Necropolis faction. The Foundations evolve with time. They see things birthing, blossoming, aging, dying, decaying, and disappearing. The Necromancy of Necropolis brings a break to the normal cycle of all things. Besides, being undead proves efficient for invading Foundations realms because they don’t drown and are relentless. The corruption of the natural flow of things and the threat of unstoppable invasion make the undead be seen as abominations, things that must be purged, destroyed and returned to the realms of time.
    Main ally: Sanctuary faction. Akin to rivers and swamps, the faction ruled by nagas has many affinities and a fairly diplomatic position when trading information, tidings, magic and goods amongst the merrows. Also, Sanctuary has some spiritual beings under their rule, which are forbidden to trespass the Foundation realms. This is learned as a sign of respect and trust placed on them, given that spiritual beings have no barriers in going anywhere. In return, anqae are not allowed on Sanctuary realms.

    The making gave four directions where everything should be built upon, while Time would balance things out. One would rule the depths, to which everything would go after dying. The other would rule the above, the ascending desire to reach new places. And the last two would rule the surfaces, one for each direction.
    The water, then, took the depths and from there, the first merrows arose, ancient and wise, bearing the tides of the entire world. The air was taken by anqae, bold and curious, free to go everywhere and watch over all the others. The fire was taken by efreets, fierce and strong, molding things to their desire. Earth was taken by the elves, fair and peaceful, to take care of nature.
    It was then in which fire and earth merged together that the foundations started to crumble, directives were lost, others were created, but what stayed fair and true only remained in water and in wind, which then took over the responsibility to watch over the others, herding them or destroying them when needed.


    • Anqae – similar in body with a human, they have an eagle head and giant strong wings, and their feathers range from pitch black, to silver and deep blue. They scout the vast skies above, sharing tides with the merrows and take down those who dare approach their domains. It’s said a flock of anqae can create a huge storm. Anqae are skilled in physical and wind-based abilities – they’re mostly mighty heroes.

    • Merrow – another humanoid race, half human, half fish, ruling the depths of the seas and oceans. They are scholars of all things and also the ones who cast a last look on any who suffer the aggression of the anqae up above. Many things that were lost for some, are now found and kept safe by them, in the myriad of temples of their subaquatic kingdom. As ages pass by, they are always imbuing old knowledge in their already advanced magic prowess over the weather, specially water and lightning – merrows are mostly magical heroes.


Heroes and Towns gain experience by taking actions or reacting everywhere in the game, and that experience is based on proficiency of some areas of expertise, which are mainly divided in three: RULER, EXPLORER and COMMANDER. These are considered 'tendencies' of a hero.  

As you build your town or make actions regarding governing, economics, the hero will develop proficiency towards RULER, and likely to level up random skills in that area. The same is when they are exploring the map, visiting objects on the adventure map, picking resources or creating new paths to improve movement or armies will increase proficiency on EXPLORER. COMMANDER will, then, be usually the most usual proficiency set of skills a hero will likely develop. Each Skill Grid has its own experience, so a hero can likely win 2-3-4 levels in succession, sometimes, but in different areas of proficiency. For example: it’s not expected of a very good Explorer having good development as Commander, although randomness may influence that.

Each hero has a starting set of skills nodes already activated and will develop from there. They also have a default tendency of their own, related to their bios which won't change. Although, it's mainly a bonus on experience regarding their role and won't hinder evolving if player plays differently.


1. EXPLORER GRID: experience comes from moving on the adventure map, identifying enemies, finding resources, artifacts, points of interest, adventure buildings, exploring uncharted lands, revealing fog of war, spotting enemy heroes under stealth, flagging constructions (mines, towers etc.), building logistic and movement supporting buildings such as forts, roads, garrisons, watch towers, visiting Obelisks, digging for treasures. Casting spells on adventure map to aid in those topics somehow.
    • Perception
    • Identify
    • Stealth
    • Trapcrafting
    • Pathfinding
    • Cartography
    • Caravans
    • Colonizing
    • Engineering
    • Mining
    • Charting
    • Docking

2. RULER GRID: experience comes from ruling the kingdom, developing town, using market features, flagging dwellings, civilian buildings, increasing populace, conquering other towns, using diplomatic skills and abilities, building economy, trading/owning artifacts, constructing support buildings on adventure map, learning technologies, upgrading and leveling units. Casting spells on adventure map to aid those topics.
    • States
    • Architecture
    • Treaty
    • Mediation
    • Unity
    • Negotiation
    • Gambling

3. COMMANDER GRID: experience comes from battling and everything related to that. Also learning and using spells in battle or on adventure map for battle purposes. Dueling in battle grants hero a bonus experience besides the overall experience after battle.
    • Tactics
    • Leadership
    • Offense
    • Defense
    • Archery
    • Combat
    • Will
    • Weapon mastery
    • Enlightenment
    • Spell Casting
    • Learning
    • Meditation
    • Mysticism
    • Inheritance
    • Reinforcement
    • Spoils of war
    • Siegecrafting
    • Warmongering
    • Sea warring
    • Vessel crafting
    • Survival

FACTION SKILLS: all skills related to faction itself. Some might be derivative from the three Universal grids.

RACE SKILLS: skills related to races within a faction.

CLASS SKILLS: skills bound to faction and race of each class.

SPECIALIZATION SKILLS: unique skills for each hero.


KINGDOM SKILLS: skills in town commanded by a ruler, focused on holistic results of the whole kingdom.

CAPITAL SKILLS: skills of the main town, which has some effects on any new town under command and surroundings.

TOWN SKILLS: skills effecting town and surroundings only.


MIGHT – there are three starting classes for Might heroes in The Foundations and nine advanced classes. The strongest hero can also reach one final class to choose from 3 originally linked from those 3 starting classes. A hero can switch from starting classes after some training. However, after choosing a path for advanced class, there’s no way back. A final class cannot have any link to another starting class: a hero can only reach a final class if having not switched between any of the other starting classes. And a final class can also have other requirements to be unlocked, even involving other heroes’ classes under command. Anqae are mainly might heroes, but some merrow may become a might hero, although their nature is more likely for magical matters.

    • Spearhead (anqa, merrow) – Spearheads are usually fit for battles, and they are better suited using spears and lances as primary weapon, and excels at melee fighting. Most Simurghs are Spearheads, as well as a great deal of tritons.

    • Bladewing (anqa) – Bladewing is mostly trained for exploring and attacking from the afar if needed be. Nimble and deadly. Usually, Hermesi take that role in town.

    • Overseer (anqa, merrow) – Overseer is best assigned to rule and build up the kingdom. Diplomatic and strong defender.

    • Longinus (anqa, merrow) – Advanced Class only attainable if hero kept as Spearhead all the time, improves abilities related to combat and commanding. Unlocks second specialization.

    • Santelmo (anqa) – Advanced Class only attainable if hero kept as Bladewing all the time, improves scouting and ranged abilities adding magical attributes into them. Unlocks second specialization.

    • Defender (anqa, merrow) – Advanced Class only attainable if hero kept as Overseer all the time, improves abilities related to ruling, defending, city development and commanding troops. Unlocks second specialization.

    • Gungnir (anqa) – Ultimate Class only attainable if hero kept the true path of class development (Spearhead and Longinus), improves greatly commanding and dueling prowess, and melee weapon mastery. Unlocks Ultimate specialization.

    • Thunderbird (anqa) – Ultimate Class only attainable if hero kept the true path of class development (Bladewing and  Santelmo), improves greatly scouting and ranged abilities, imbuing magic and lightning into them in both offensive and defensive capabilities. Unlocks Ultimate specialization.

    • Totem (anqa) – Ultimate Class only attainable if hero kept the true path of class development (Overseer and Defender), improves greatly ruling and defensive capabilities of all ruled kingdom and works in synergy with town supportive skills and buildings. Unlocks Ultimate specialization.

    • Vanguard (merrow) – Advanced class held by Spearheads who improve themselves into exploring and scouting matters, they are akin to Bladewings only in waters, but suited for the first strike and clashing with enemy armies, rather than keeping their distance.

    • Dragooner (anqa) – Advanced class derivative from mastering Spearhead and Santelmo classes, it is a combination of melee battling skills with scouting and ranged abilities. Magic is presence in this class mastering the Wind element.

    • Skyweaver (anqa) – Advanced class derivative from Bladewing focused on spying, scouting and stealth, going in and out sight, weaving the skies, better suited for heroes with no armies, to allow more movement freedom.

    • Executioner (anqa, merrow) – Advanced class derivative from Overseer and Longinus, is combines the ruling sensus with battle skills, acting in punishment against invaders. Develops skills focused on conquering and reconquering lands through battles.

    • Monarch (anqa, merrow) – Advanced class derivative from Defender, a monarch improves ruling, mediation, economy and colonizing skills beyond reckoning, optimizing and solidifying a kingdom's map-wide position. Also a very good diplomat and recruiter.

    • Seraph (anqa) – Advanced class derivative from Monarch and Dragooner, excels in battle and ruling, increasing very much morale and improving the kingdom's overall quality. In battle, master Wind elemental magic with physical abilities in deadly ways, whilst in diplomacy issues, has high approval from locals and has bonuses to fortify all domains.

MAGIC – there are two starting classes for Magic heroes in the Foundations and eight advanced classes. The strongest hero can also reach one final class to choose from 2 originally linked from those 2 starting classes. Anqae, although not very akin to magic skills, can also become magic heroes, with some limitations and differences.

    • Dagon (merrow, anqa) – Dagons are magic users suited for battle, whether more inclined in using air and lightning (anqa) or water and lightning (merrow), whichever better affinity they might have.

    • Dreamcatcher (merrow, anqa) – Dreamcatchers are magicians skilled in illusions and map foretelling, subtle spiritual and mind spell casting.

    • Hecatonchir (merrow, anqa) – Advanced Class only attainable if hero kept as Dagon all the time, improves greatly the destructive powers of spells and imbues magic defensively or to boost own physical properties represented as auras. Unlocks second specialization.

    • Oracle (merrow) – Advanced Class only attainable if hero kept as Dreamcatcher all the time, improves illusion powers, spirit flux and mind control by adding the fluid power of the water. Gains more awareness of the surroundings by improved meditation. Unlocks second specialization.

    • Tiamat (merrow) – Ultimate Class only attainable if hero kept the true path of class development (Dagon and Hecatonchir), improves magical binding of all three elements and their destructive capabilities, upholding master control of magic bindings for both offense and defense. Unlocks Ultimate specialization.

    • Purana (merrow) – Ultimate Class only attainable if hero kept the true path of class development (Dreamcatcher and Oracle), improves greatly the shapes of spiritual and mind realms of magic, in addition to mastering properties of water for illusions and cloning powers, mirroring effects of hostile spell casting as well, all in balance with meditation mastery practiced in the very depths of the seas. Unlocks Ultimate specialization.

    • Undine (merrow) – Advanced class derivative from mastering Dagon class, one revokes all other forms of spells in order to increase and master all abilities related to water element and its magical properties.

    • Prophet (merrow, anqa) – Advanced class derivative from Dagon and Dreamcatcher, evolves destructive elemental magic with sensitive and spiritual powers, developing a knowledge of counter spell casting.

    • Siren (anqa) – Advanced class derivative from mastering Dagon class, an anqa revokes other forms of spell casting to master water element powers, still combined with wind element advantages, although the water element powers are not fully developed as those of an Undine.

    • Illusionist (merrow) – Advanced class derivative from Prophet and Oracle, combines meditating, mind and spiritual powers with magic enhancement of surrounding elements, finding and learning enemies weaknesses while casting illusions to confuse foes in many different ways, and for that, mastering and being akin to water element is crucial.

    • Mindflayer (merrow, anqa) – Advanced class derivative from Dreamcatcher, it excels mind and spiritual prowess and meditation in an offensive way. Abilities of a mindflayer can render an enemy useless or completely uncontrollable depending on how one's mind is attacked.

    • Sealer (merrow) –Advanced class derivative from Mindflayer and Hecatonchir, combines the mastering of destructive spell casting, defensive auras and mind crippling abilities. From this combination, a Sealer can completely seal off abilities binding magically the mind, spirit and body of an enemy.


Song theme
Faction: The Foundations
Race: Anqa Half-Djinn
Starting class: Dagon
Bios: Roskarth was, originally, a whiteshadow, an anqa who scouted the vast skies of the southern borders of Kasamed, the nearest domains before reaching the Land of Whispers, known by anqae folk as being where very powerful and old magic was alive. That magic echoed in a hum, going miles and miles into the ocean and into the very hearts and minds of merrows and anqae alike, luring them. Some were driven into searching for that source, but never returned. It was a silent and sad threat - neverending.
    Tired of the wary behavior of Kasamed ancients, who didn't want to meddle on matters beyond their borders or of their knowledge, the triton councilor Demjura, in secrecy, sent Roskarth in a quest to discover anything of importance from those lands and bring back evidence enough to make the ancients give that matter the attention it deserved.
    However, dozens of years after his departure, Roskarth was never seen again or heard off. Demjura was never found out guilty of sending one of their best whiteshadow to his doom.
    One day, though, Demjura felt ill, very, very ill. It was said it was a very old curse which could strike tritons anytime in their lives, sometimes claiming their lives. After despairing due the lack of helpfulness offerred by his own berth, he abode to his fate. As his life seemed to be sapped away, Demjura left Kasamed to find solace and die alone, as it was the way of the tritons. The ocean would take care of the rest.
    Sometime between the border of life and death, Demjura saw a shadow coming upon him. He thought strange seeing something flying underwater, but that was an anqa alright. Almost unable to focus on the stranger, he could only stare in increasing disbelief when learning who was the visitor as the latter grew closer. Still resembling who he once was, Roskarth was, now, something else. And he came upon the dying triton: "One must wane, for another must change". Those were the only words Roskarth devoted to Demjura, spoken in very old merrowish. The dying triton, too late, realized he was being sacrificed for whatever reason a new life was now taking the shape of Roskarth. He could only, in his last thoughts, accept that overpowering judgment.
    Returning to Kasamed, Roskarth named himself Amarok, showing no signs of his past life and don't revealing what happened, specially because he now presented an impressive magical prowess, which is not commonly seen amongst anqae. Apparently, local folk took Amarok as a long lost one without further ado, rather glad that he could use some special magic skills to turn himself into a giant spiritual wolf and explore lands at will, becoming, very fast, a reliable and important asset, although a very silent and mysterious one.
    One of the oldest ancients, though, named Giagreton, saw past Amarok's layers. Still, not revealing his conclusions to anyone, Giagreton spoke direcly and alone to Amarok, who confirmed his suspicion: he was now a Djinn, pure magic bound over a still living anqa by a powerful spell, different from a djinn-deva which is created from the a dead body of an anqa. However, Amarok was not bound to anyone's Will, as it happens to every created djinn. Or so he told Giagreton...the latter decided to keep an eye on Amarok, although not keen to reveal his nature now that he was so important to Kasamed.

Tendency: Explorer (+25% bonus proficiency experience gained over Exploring Skill Grid levels)
Specializations (one for each class: <innate> Dagon, Hecatonchir, Tiamat)
    1. Wolf form – this ability allows him to go into a spiritual projection of himself, making him resistant to physical attacks. His speed and movement are increased but his physical damage is a bit decreased. Due the liberation of his magical prowess, any damaging spells he cast has a chance to cause a critical strike and they also consumes less mana. On adventure map, he won't suffer land terrain penalties and has increased movement points even carrying an army. This form consumes a lot of mana daily to be maintained.
    2. Mana echoes – an aura of magic surrounds Amarok while in his normal form, granting random multiple spell casting, costing no mana with effects varying from 25% to 200% the normal effect. The more powerful Amarok is, the higher the odds and times the spell might be cast.
    3. Ultimate: Overwhelming Will – boosts all Amarok's status and keeps his wolf form for a while with additional bonuses. It also spreads a magical aura around Amarok that streches for a large AoE on the Adventure Map, affecting all allied Djinns and Djinn-devas on range (even of another allied hero's army), boosting attributes and giving them some resistance against hostile spell casting. The stronger is Amarok, the long this ability will remain active. After the effect ends, Amarok will be unable to use his wolf form for some days and will be weakened severely in the meantime: he can ignore some of his own turns if he happens to join in a battle while weakened, and might perform some random actions as well.

Song theme.
Faction: The Foundations
Race: Anqa Garuda
Starting class: Overseer
Bios: Krut-Suparna is a very old and respected garuda. He was born on the highest cliffs of the chasms located at the Sea of Quartz, berth of the city of Suparna. When he was still several days old, a huge hurricane stuck the cliffs and Krut fell into the revolving and violent ocean. Although the anqae were rather used to diving and living both in air and on the surfaces of water, a raging storm was, still, a threat.
The cliffs where he was collapsed and many anqae went with it, unable to fly due the squall and lightning. Merrows rescued those who weren’t killed by the falling debris, but many had drown because they weren’t found in time. Besides, the storm raged for nearly a week.
As soon as it finished and the anqae mourned their losses, they were summoned down by one of the merrow ancients named Quasar. He was holding Krut, who seemed quite at ease at the whole situation. Quasar told he found Krut resting about a reef, encased by his own wings. He looked like a feathery egg and apparently laid dormant for all that time.
The reasons why he survived were never clear. Quasar simply stated that Krut was then blessed by the ocean in exchange of all the deaths. Since that day, Krut could stay underwater as long as he wished and always showed strong will and a cooperative behavior which forged a very strong link between anqae and merrow, and not only at Suparna. He was named Krut-Suparna to eternalize his beginning, and he was soon known as so.
Due his indomitable will to unite and strengthen even more the bonds from both races, he was very much acknowledged as a good mediator and leader, even if he was also a good warrior whenever he needed to fight. He always chose diplomacy over violence, if possible.
Such is the loyalty of his people, he can easily group helpers or armies wherever he goes. And the Blessing of the Ocean never failed him.

Tendency: Ruler (+25% bonus proficiency experience gained over Ruling Skill Grid levels)
Specializations (one for each class: <innate> Overseer, Defender, Totem)
    1. Uniting the flock – under his rule, a town can provide both Hermes and Garudas for hiring at the same time. Each anqa stack on battlefield boosts morale of all other anqa units, increases att and def and critical odds. Bonuses increases as Krut-Suparna gets stronger. Also, due his mediation skills, even when mixing troops from other factions, no unit have moral penalties, and Foundations units never get negative morale normally (only if afflicted by spell casting).
    2. Sacred guardian – he can position himself on an altar in Foundation towns (behaving as if being an artifact) or settle himself on the adventure map affect an area around him. On the adventure map, his spirit will coat an allied hero who is in the area of effect when engaging battle with a protective aura based on Kruts attributes. The aura is, somehow, sentient and can perform additional attacks or retaliations randomly. While active on adventure map, Krut is completely vulnerable and can be killed easily and can only perform this ability when not carrying troops. On town, that coating is transferred over all defending units, proportionally dividing the effectiveness amongst units, and Krut won't take the place of the defending hero either (garrisoned hero). If town is conquered, Krut will automatically be killed.
    3. Ultimate: Absolute Command – In battle, units will attack grouped together for each of their turn, granting multiple strikes on a single target from different sources. They become immune to mind affecting spells to and they get maximum morale. If cast on Adventure Map, he will provide instant reinforcements of any of his units in his army to any allied army under attack nearby. After the effect ends, Krut-Suparna will temporarily lose his voice and won't be able to command troops, which will take random actions in battle. He won't be able to cast any spell either nor use any action of his Ruling skills in town.


Towns have their screens showing in different ways depending on the hero, race and usual whereabouts. The Foundation town has both buildings inside water and outside water, thus, whenever visiting it with the anqae, a vision of the town over the surface is given. Whenever visiting with the merrows, the underwater vision is given.

This is the Foundation town townscreen when you are visiting it by using a Anqa hero.

This is the Foundation town townscreen when you are visiting it by using a Merrow hero.

         • TRITON – Halls of the Ancients
         • NEREID – Arch Pavillion
         • SIMURGH – Rock Nests
         • HIPPOCAMPUS – Algae Forest
         • DJINN – Cloister of Wishes
         • GARUDA – Temple of the Winged Guard
         • HERMES – Palace of Singing Winds
         • LEVIATHAN – Doors to Oblivion
         • WHITESHADOW – Watch Tower
         • KRAKEN – The Abyss
         • EELS – Coral Tunnels
         • SIEGE OCTOPUS – Coral Cave
Adventure map dwellings (Neutrals)
         • MARILITH – Emerald Marshes
         • SYLPHS – Dust Devil
         • ROCS – Cliff Nest
         • KIRINS – The Lone Fall
         • DAWONS – Underwater Galleries
         • CARAVELS – Random apparition in places with open and clean areas
Obs.: Djinn-deva and Kelpie have no dwellings in town, they are available due the combination of hired units and support buildings – they also don't have external buildings: exclusively town-units. Barong is a summoning adventure map unit and only exists as such.


Although units have their tiers, they also have training upgrades, which may slowly develop them being compared to even stronger tiers. All depending on map strategy, also, which units are unlocked for hiring.

    1. Light infantry – triton Lv1: long weapon, windmill, ocean dweller.
    Although their origins are unknown, tritons are the oldest of the merrows, best skilled in defending and taming the depths of the oceans. Most experienced tritons can really put up a fight with greater and stronger foes and they are extremely versatile fighters, which can fight outside water as well. Some land legends believe they were created when the first waves started crashing on the shores, their making, when life was still flourishing and the world was starting to be given motion; when life was blossoming from the depths to the surface. Proteus is one of the most powerful and respected leaders of the tritons, who is said to be able to take down entire ranks by himself. Proteus is also very reclusive regarding land folk, which he prefers not to make contact with.

    2. Infantry spellcaster – nereid Lv2: allure, provoke, ocean dweller.
    Mistresses of the seas, they are guides of the living, usually tending the borders of their kingdoms, helping those astray or laying hopeless on derelict vessels. Although, whenever facing potential foes, they can lure them to false hopes of grandeur and richness to the hands of tritons, joining their ranks to put down the threat. Given their nature, they are often seen by land dwellers, which usually attributes to them values of secrecy, beauty and richness - beyond reach. Apparently, they came into being at the same time as tritons. Aphrodite is the most known of the Nereids, the most pristine in beauty and shrewdness of all, and the only one who speaks all languages of the land realms.

    3. Flyer – simurgh Lv3: dash and slash, ocean warden.
    Primarily an anqa, ruler of the skies, a simurgh is one who descended as to make the balance between skies and oceans, and is usually that who makes treaties and share tidings between both races. Simurghs are nimble and fast anqae, they can dive into waters just as easy as they dive in the air and due that, they can slash open enemies before they are seen, sometimes from the sky, sometimes from the water; their attacks are constantly related to bad omens and black sorcery, sometimes inexplicably to those who survive their charge. They are usually present where tritons are not able to reach or can't react in time. The most known simurgh is Huginn, who often leads scores of their people into battles or bring tidings of events to both anqae and merrow folk. Huginn had a twin, Muninn, who was lost in a ferocious battle on a stormy sea, ages ago.

    4. Heavy infantry – hippocampus Lv4: large, ocean dweller, sea mount.
    Land legends describe hippocampi as being 'wild tritons', who declined the benefits of intellect in favor to instincts and freedom. Larger than tritons, they are often seen as mount of those, because they are much faster, notably the fastest water creature known, and due their related origins, they are extremely friendly to the merrow folk. Although rare, hippocampi can be friendly to land folk, making some believe they were initially horses which were bewitched by some ancient water magic. There's a greater lineage of hippocampi that are even bigger than usual, and much stronger; so they usually used as mount of leaders of great armies, and they can endure living outside water for a long while. The greatest Hippocampus is known as Poseidon.

    5. Archery spellcaster – djinn Lv5: ocean dweller, spiritual, counterspell, willbound.
    Ageless and completely born from ancient magic, djinns are the result of wind and water magic given life. However, they are mostly bound to one's will, so their mind won't ever fall under control of the enemy. They will, in fact, absorb any changes in will and mind strength of their commander, becoming deadlier or more resilient accordingly. As they need both air and water to keep their powers at their prime, they can resist a while on land, but they soon lose their powers and vanish. That's why they are not very known amongst land folk, although pirates know them pretty well, sometimes accusing them of great sea storms. Some of the oldest djinns are so powerful, they imbued their creator's will into themselves, so they are completely sentient. The most notable djinn is Amarok, who turns himself into a giant wind wolf whenever going onto land.

    6. Heavy flyer – garuda Lv 6: large, ocean warden, pristine lance, pristine wings.
    Those are the strongest of the anqae, fit for intermittent battles on land or on sea, restless and fearless. They are much larger than other anqae and their wingspan cover a great area. Due their power, they plate the tips of their wings with a special magical imbued stone given by the merrows, as well as they use it to make the tip of their lances. That way, they can pierce easily through enemy ranks, while still defending the following troops by drawing most of the attacks on them. Before one falls, it's likely allied troops can take down all remaining forces. Krut-Suparna is the most known Garuda, symbol of strength and knowledge, respected and acknowledged as a good leader by both anqa and merrow folk as well.

    7. Archery flyer – hermes Lv 7: ocean warden, windspeed, eagle eye, magic arrow.
    Not as big as garudas, the anqas entitled hermesess are the fastest and very well skilled in archery, granted even more accuracy due their excellent vision and prowess in understanding weather patterns always in their advantage. That's why they are considered high in their ranks, given they can target about anything in their sight, even under heavy protection or underwater, also being very helpful defending the merrow folk against other sea monsters. And due their speed, whenever an enemy closes in the distance between them, they can still evade slower attacks. Zephyr may be the most known hermes. He usually carries two long blades, because he is so fast, he can attack his enemies as fast as his own arrows, sweeping over them.

    8. Heavy infantry – leviathan Lv 8: ocean dweller, giant, devour, shockwave howl.
    From the deepest abysses of the oceans, everything revolves and take form of a Leviathan, the will of the foundation itself. Very rarely seem even amongst merrows or anqae, they can be formidable enemies to anyone who dares invading their domains. For any unbeknownst reason, they are likely to collaborate with merrows and anqae during battles. Legends, even between those races, confabulate the origins of Leviathans to fallen merrow and anqae being dragged down to the depths when dying, and as their bodies were being taken by time, their will and souls remained there, too far from those of their kind. When many souls gather, a Leviathan is born, somehow still tied to those two races in a mystical level of perception. Even on the surface, a Leviathan approach can be heard. A deep howl that pulses in waves announcing the upcoming tragedy, affecting both physically and mentally all foes in its premises.

    • Special unit infantry – kelpie (Lv7): unlockable by having hippocampi and djinns completely evolved, all related supporting buildings to those units built and a Lv7 magic guild. Costs: 1 hippocampus + 1 djinn + resources. Abilities: large, ocean dweller, spiritual, magic mirror, shapeshifting.
    When a hippocampus is coated in the making of a djinn, a kelpie is born, granting the abilities of a hippocampus with many magical properties, with very offensive capabilities: kelpies are meant for battle against any foe on land, so they can basically adapt themselves for almost any situation. Still, their roots in the seas make them vulnerable as they linger overlong on land.

    • Special unit flyer – djinn-deva (Lv 6):  unlockable by having built dwellings for simurgh and djinn and Lv7 magic guild. Abilities: ocean being, treasure sensor, armor piercing, deep wound.
    As a simurgh dies, the most skilled of marrow magicians take that body and imbue it with magical properties, similar to those they use to create a djinn. The result is the djinn-deva, a ray-looking entity, which seems like flying in the water. Having still the soul of the late simurgh controlling the body, a djinn-deva is completely freed from the will of the creator, still retaining some of his old features, like excellent sight - so they can easily spot things in the ocean. Now equipped with a long spear-like tail, they can combine their speed and strength to pierce an enemy, puncturing in a way that the wound will take time to heal.

Adventure map units

    • Whiteshadow – an anqae flying unit that can fly over mountains, although must find lower terrains to stay stationary. Very hard to detect, they provide a 5 radius of vision around them. They have the same power of a simurgh. If the enemy engages battle and the overall strength is above 1 simurgh, it’ll be destroyed. Otherwise, it won’t get killed, but it'll return to the nearest town. For each level of populace in the main town, 1 whiteshadow can be trained.

    • Kraken – a water-terrain only unit, it has an action radius of 6 around its position. If allied troops engage battle within that perimeter, Kraken will sporadically launch attacks against the enemy troops. Kraken can only be killed on the adventure map, such as a whiteshadow. Their comparative power is of a leviathan. The Kraken, however, won't return to the nearest town if not killed. It'll remain in the same place. There can only be 1 kraken per player.

War machines

    • Eels – a movable defensive war machine (movable war machines can only move around the edges of the battle map). They’ll electrocute enemy units that get near their area of effect, a radius area of 8 hexes. Damage increases as target is closer, their attack cannot be resisted and has a chance to stun the foe (also higher chance if closer), completely cancelling the action taken. Eels must focus their power on a single target. So, if there are many enemy units in range, they can always only target one per time in a defensive mechanism: target is chosen and will be only electrocuted when taking an action, even waiting.

    • Siege octopus – an armored octopus trained to ram down walls, gates and wreak havoc during sieges. It has distinct abilities while attacking or while defending a tower under siege. Offensive abilities: Ram (attack the wall or gate by using its body), Throw (throw boulders against wall or gate – weaker than ram, but away from harm), Hold (will immobilize an enemy unit within range – Throw will be still available. Ram won’t). Defensive abilities: Ink (will cast a shroud of black mist over all the walls, making ranged attacks have great penalty, and making spells have a small chance to miss) and Hold (will immobilize an enemy unit within range).

Description of unit abilities

    1. Ocean dweller – has granted bonuses on sea battles, and penalties over land battles. Takes halved damage from water-based attacks and spells.
    2. Ocean warden – has no penalties on sea battles.
    3. Large – this unit has 2 levels of height and occupies 7 battle-hex modules.
    4. Giant – this unit has 3 levels of height and occupies 7 battle-hex modules. This unit can target town gates, can’t be pushed away or bound in place. It also has a permanent 33% chance to inflict critical damage against units that are neither giant nor large.
    5. Long weapon – melee attack with 2-hex-long reach. It also counts height differences.
    6. Windmill – has a chance to parry physical projectiles.
    7. Allure – has a chance to charm a foe which is targeting this unit cancelling the upcoming attack. It has halved effect on ranged attackers.
    8. Provoke – enchants a random adjacent enemy forcing that enemy to attack next turn.
    9. Dash and slash – when moving, any enemy that’s adjacent to this unit’s movement path will be damaged and also be unable to retaliate. Damage is half of the normal melee attack damage. If this unit moves to attack, targeted unit will be damaged by this ability – while moving – and also be damaged by the upcoming melee attack.
    10. Sea mount – having this unit in an army increases movement over water terrain on adventure map by 25%.
    11. Spiritual – this unit has no physical body, granting halved damage taken from physical attacks. It also cannot be bound to place nor suffer effects from body-related ailments, such as poison, petrifying, freezing, devouring, exhaustion.
    12. Counterspell – a passive ability. Whenever this unit is defending or waiting and a nearby ally is affected by any ailment, it has a chance of triggering a counterspell completely opposed to the inflicted ailment, e.g., slow -> haste, poison -> regen, weakness -> bloodlust. Some ailments have no counterpart, thus not triggering counterspell.
    13. Willbound – this unit is not affected by morale effects or any mind controlling offensive spells, however can get mind-boosting bonuses regarding the will of their commanding hero. If the commanding hero is defeated, this unit might skip turns idly.
    14. Pristine lance – this unit’s attack completely ignores target’s defense and any defensive spell effect which can reduce damage input.
    15. Pristine wings – when defending, this unit’s will protect allied stacks directly positioned behind it, absorbing any upcoming ranged attack or spells that cause direct damage.
    16. Windspeed – grants three bonuses: can’t be slowed down, ranged attacks can’t be dodged or deflected, has a chance to dodge any upcoming attack of slower enemies.
    17. Magic arrow – toggle ability, can change the property of the ranged attack from physical to magical; non elemental damage.
    18. Eagle eye – this unit never misses the target and doesn't have ranged limit to attack.
    19. Devour – devours enemy units (which cannot be resurrected, reanimated, repaired) boosting, temporarily, attack and defense at the cost of speed and movement points.
    20. Shockwave howl – causes disturbances over enemy units, and can cancel their turn entirely. The closer units are, greater are the odds of making them lose their turn. It affects all enemy units in sea battles, but only affects units up to 3-hex-away in land battles. Shockwave echoes have a 5-turn cooldown.
    21. Magic mirror – passive ability that has a chance to bounce back any upcoming enemy spell against a random enemy target. It doesn’t reflect mass effect spells.
    22. Shapeshifting – this unit adapts itself based on the last interaction about it. If Attacking, it’ll increase its own base damage slightly. If Defending, its base HP will increase. If Waiting, its speed. If Moving, its movement points.
    23. Treasure sensor – gives a small bonus over all treasures and resources found. Also, gives a random small quantity of gold per unit as spoils of war after each victory.
    24. Armor piercing – attacks can cut through armor. Decreases enemy defense by 2 each attack. Minimum of 0.
    25. Deep wound – for 3 turns, affected unit will have a penalty of a third of movement points, speed, attack and defense and will lose additional HP whenever hit by any other attack of any source.


Some creatures are more friendly towards the Foundations faction, so they are considered Foundations neutrals:

    Heavy infantry Marilith (lv6): ocean warden, parry, blade rain.
    Originally servants from the Sanctuary, Mariliths have become reclusive after the taking of the new deity on their former realm, which ordered them to the borders of their domains. Used to be in the capitals and prone to be akin to treasures, they took is as an offence. Starting a bounding relation with the Nereids, they hope to get a position of status in the Foundations when the time comes. Until then, they'll land all their hands to bring down any threat.

    Archery spellcaster Sylph (lv1): ocean warden, spiritual, wind elemental, air shield.
    Sylphs are spirits originated from the wind element. They are responsible to bring whispers and the voices of all land folk to the Foundations. They are light, travel fast and are almost harmless, although numerous. They can also conjure small gusts of wind to shield allies in battle against projectiles, while attacking enemies with concentrated hot air bursts.

    Heavy flyer Roc (lv7): giant, ocean warden, mount, carrier, heavenly dive.
    Rocs are bestial anqae, which grew to gigantic proportions into the wild, although their are natured to be tamed and can aid anqae moving great chuncks of rocks, lately used to build settlements. They can also carry the wounded back to their castles, only to return to battle swooping down enemies ranks wreaking havoc and destryoing everything in its path.

    Heavy spellcaster Kirin (lv9): giant, ocean dweller, ocean warden, prime sealer, torrent.
    Kirins are old river spirits deeply bound to the Foundations origins, although they are usually reclusive and are seldom seen. Kirins are often referred as river judges, because they often seal down foes that are causing havok on their surroundings. Kirin seals are feared because they don't break. Sealers have learned from Kirins the ability to seal down foes skills, although Sealers can seal down abilities just for a while. Kirins are also almost omnipresent. They can travel to and fro rivers in a blink, taking the form of a violent and fast torrent, which is often how it takes down foes, washing them to the depths of rivers or the ocean.

    Light infantry Dawon (lv7): ocean warden, leap, blood lotus.
    Dawon are feline guardians which usually dwells underwater caves, in air chambers. They have long been in contact with merrows and developed a friendly mutual coexistence on the shores. In their agreement, merrows provided food and weapons to dawons while dawons provided security on the borders, also protecting nereids from hostile encounters. Dawons are nimble and viciously strong, even not being very large. They can leap on preys and attack with their claws and weapons twisting their bodies so fast, that they slice all foes surrounding them in a rain of blood, which gave their attack the name of blood lotus.

    • Barong – is a summoned adventure map unit, conjured by spell casting. It's spiritual, thus it can get through impassable terrain where a hero cannot go. It can pick up resources, but cannot flag buildings. Two are summoned at once, have 3 scouting radius and they cannot move out of hero's range of sight, or they disappear. They have a daily mana cost to sustain their presence. If a Barong engages battle, it's explode into mist and will linger around the enemy army until the next day. If hero engages battle against that affected army, it'll start the battle with a protective mist which decreases 10% of ranged damage from enemy attacks and all their movement by 1. This mist lasts three turns.

    • Caravel – is town-only war machine. It can be stacked. During a siege they move randomly on the map inflicting minor magical damage on enemy targets, whilst healing allied forces, also randomly. The greater their numbers the more frequent are the odd of damaging/healing and the amount of damage/healing. They can be targeted and destroyed. Due that, they can block ranged attacks heading towards allied units directly behind them. They are immune to magic.

Description of unit abilities

    1. Parry – this unit can completely block an upcoming physical attack. Odds are greater when number of both defending and attacking stacks are similar or defending stack is higher.
    2. Blade rain – this unit attack rains down on a single foe on two waves. First wave has a chance to stun target, cancelling its retaliation. If stunned, second wave will deal increased damage. If not, it'll deal less damage after a retaliation.
    3. Wind elemental – grants immunity to air-based spells and -50% damage against air and lightning-based attacks. Takes doubled damage from fire and earth-based spells and attacks.
    4. Air shield – cast on an allied target, renders +50% resistance against air-based spells and attacks and -25% damage taken from ranged attacks
    5. Prime sealer – it can cast once on each enemy target only. It seals a target's ability until the end of the battle. The ability is randomly chosen.
    6. Torrent – unit takes form of a torrent and rushes past foes, damaging all in its path. This is a passive ability that triggers when this unit moves. It inflicts water-based damage.
    7. Carrier – this unit can carry allied units with it when moving. It can carry only one allied stack per time. Giant units cannot be carried. Carried large units decrease 25% of movement points.
    8. Heavenly dive – strikes all targets (friend and foes alike) directly in front of it for the length of the battlefield. It won't hit units that are on +2 height terrain in comparison to starting point. This ability cannot pass through obstacles.
    9. Leap – this unit can jump from a place to another, not suffering terrain penalties. It cannot jump over obstacles, but can jump to higher ground, a third in height compared to their movement points.
    10. Blood lotus – attacks all foes on adjacent hexes, having a high chance to deal critical damage and cause deep wounds. It's a 3-turn cooldown ability.

SOME UNIQUE SKILLS (will be added to the skill wheel)

    • Sea-skin – Racial unique ability upheld by all Foundation heroes. At the beginning of any battle this ability grants foundation units on battlefield a temporary protection against hostile environment, nulling any penalty. The stronger he hero is, the more this protection holds. If the hero is defeated in battle, the protection will fall, and units will suffer penalties of that hostile environment. This ability also grants heroes free and safe travels through maelstroms. Merrow heroes have this ability cast on themselves too, which will also play a hole whenever they duel during an army clash.
    • Water-walk – Racial unique ability upheld by all Foundation heroes. On adventure map, foundation heroes may walk and stop on any point over water or sea. Also they don’t need ships to move about.
    • Maelstrom rage – Town unique ability, cumulative for each Foundation town under control. Increases the damage over armies that venture trespassing the powers of maelstroms to get further in their quest by 10% over the result of the previous number. Each town will add 1% chance for a trespassing enemy army get fully swallowed and destroyed by a maelstrom regardless the size of that army – max of 10%.
    • Pillars of foundation – Faction unique ability. As long as having one Foundation town under control to link heroes to their roots, all battles on water terrain will grant random and multiple bonuses to all foundation units and heroes. Bonuses vary accordingly to Foundation town buildings built. The more towns under control, stronger will be those bonuses. Some bonuses also depend on hero levels in accordance to all other bonus calculations.
    • Oblivion – Town unique ability. A town can have its foundations destroyed, so as not to be corrupted by enemy’s hand. When this ability is used, it’ll take three days for a Foundation town to be lost forever. The ability can be undone by sacrificing a hero to seal the ability. Once sealed, Oblivion cannot be used on that town anymore. Sacrificed hero cannot be resurrected either.


When the Grail Structure is built, it grants an avatar, a deity that will watch over allied heroes and troops, providing additional support in battle when it’s summoned forth. It can be summoned only once per week (in battle) or once per month (in town). Some benefits are also granted over the town, whenever the avatar is summoned on a given Foundation town – which might be any of the same faction, although effect is greater on the town housing the grail structure. The Foundation grail avatar: Quetzalcoatl.

MAGIC SCHOOL – AGELESS DOCTRINE – Water, Wind and Lightning

This spell school is based on all knowledge lost through the ages by uncountable civilizations, in balance with the powers of the ocean, always present, unchangeable while the lands move and crumble about it. Some spells of this school are presented below:

Battle spells

    1. Water blade – a thin sheet of high pressurized water that cuts everything in its path, ignoring obstacles at it goes.
    2. Torrent – a strong water and air based spell which damages and pushes the target away.
    3. Coral Cage – summons a sphere of water encased by corals around a single unit, immobilizing it. If unit is not immune to water terrain penalties, it’ll also take damage each turn it’s underwater.
    4. Static coat – hero can cast on himself a lightning coating. It damages the enemy hero during a duel when the enemy attacks, decreasing damage of that attack. On the battlefield, nearby enemies from the current hero position can suffer random lightning damage from sudden bolts which can escape from the coat. The bolts are likely to target bigger foes as a priority. As the hero is attacked, the coating gets weaker, so it does when it attacks nearby units. As the hero gets stronger magical powers, the coat will last longer and inflict more damage.
    5. Geyser – set on an area of the battlefield, geyser will damage and cripple movement of any unit that passes over it (either walking or flying).
    6. Dancing spirals – cast randomly over battle, these 1-hex sized spiraling water currents can interfere with the direction taken of ranged attacks that happen to go through them – friend or foe. The direction taken is random, so the enemy attack can even land on its own allies. However, the higher the stack and strength of the attacker, the higher the chances of the attack go through the spirals unaltered.
    7. Elemental Storm – a water, lightning and air based spell that will swipe away all targets on a great area on the battlefield. Targets within range will be damaged every turn, slowed down and have attack and defense decreased. The Elemental Storm requires mana maintenance to keep steady (hero cannot perform another action while focused casting the storm) and grows in power as it lingers overlong on battlefield.
    8. Absolute reflection – it will cast a mirror in the middle of the battlefield, making the enemy see their own units reflected instead, hiding enemy troops completely. Enemies can move about freely without breaking the effect as long as they don’t break the mirror. The first enemy who breaks the mirror will get a clone of its own resulted from the spell casting with the same power. Clone attacks the nearest foe. Clone dies if hit three times by any damaging force. Each hit decreases the clone power by a third.

Adventure map spells

    1. Turmoil of fate – when a foundation hero cast this spell while standing on water, all enemy movement over water by using vessels on a given radius will cost thrice the normal. If the hero reaches grandmastery as a magic hero, the spell will have global effect.
    2. Seagod curtain – cast a dense fog over land. The closer the spellcaster is from the shore, the stronger is the fog (more it will hide). It renders enemies unable to see interactive elements on the adventure map, such as wandering foes, pickable resources, artifacts and enemy heroes.
    3. Storm trap – cast on a small area on      the adventure map, it’ll trigger lightning to explode below an enemy hero, affecting movement for the next three turns. The cripple effect can be dispelled. The stronger is the spell, the longer it will last, while its effect ranges randomly from 10-30% of total movement points.
    4. Eyes of the deep – when cast, a hero can find lost treasures, artifacts and buildings otherwise hidden in deep water terrain. However, every once in a while, some guards can be also found protecting what’s been lost.


Artifacts are classified this way:
    1. Ordinary
    2. Minor
    3. Major
    4. Rare
    5. Unique
    6. Relic
    7. Primordial

    Type: Hero Mount – Unique
    Effect on adventure map: 50% more movement on water and 25% on land for the army.
    Effect on hero: increases hero's movement, speed, ATT, DEF and 5% to base magic resistance.

    Type: Two-Handed Weapon – Relic
    Effect on hero: Boosts 1 level of mastery OR 10 points if cap was reached of the Scouting Skill Set. Hero is always under Haste spell. Adds another strike to normal attacks and gives a base 20% chance of completely evading an enemy hero’s physical attack if the latter is slower.
    Effect on army: Grants double coverage for upcoming reinforcements (2 days range). All foundation flying units have increased speed, movement and can’t be slowed down.

Ray Sting
    Type: Fin Item | Weapon (marrow-only) – Major
    Effect on hero: Increases physical damage by 50%. Decreases speed and movement.

Orb of Driving Tide
    Type: Town Artifact – Unique
    Effect on defenses: Increases all defensive capabilities by 50%.
    Effect on defending units: Increases movement and speed of all ocean dweller units. Halves damage taken from water-based spells and attacks against all allied units.


    - Neutral conditions | Foundations units won't suffer any penalties on the following terrains: swamp, riversides, shores, nature-aligned terrains when raining.
    - Bonus conditions | Foundations units have bonuses when fighting on any water terrain, underwater terrain, deep-sea terrain (anqae don't have bonuses in these terrains). Bonuses of higher speed, movement, and more efficient healing effects from any source. Enemy units which fight in these terrains without boats or any protection will drown every turn/day. 5%-10% of total troops will randomly die each turn, they also have halved statuses, attack, defense, damage, movement, speed.
    - Penalty conditions | Foundations units have penalties on dried lands or any terrain with no direct source or water. They 5-10% of their numbers die each turn/day, and they have halved statuses, attack, defense, damage, movement, speed.


The song I envisioned playing while visiting a Foundation town would be in the lines of THIS ONE.  

For water/sea/ocean terrain, it would play THIS.

For battle themes, THIS SHALL DO, THIS.

For a decisive battle theme, THIS.
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Famous Hero
posted March 26, 2015 06:20 PM
Edited by Minastir at 18:20, 26 Mar 2015.

Ok, I have a question because I'm intrigued by this townscreen situation

"whenever visiting it with the anqae, a vision of the town over the surface is given. Whenever visiting with the merrows, the underwater vision is given."
What kind of City are we seeing on the adventure map, especially when I have multiple heroes, Anqae and Merrow at the same time ?  How can you make under the sea city on the aventure map ?

"The Foundation town has both buildings inside water and outside water."
Ok, so in under water TS are also buildings where i can recruit flying creatures like simurgh and garuda ?

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Legendary Hero
Celestial Heavens Mascot
posted March 26, 2015 06:42 PM

The city has a part inside water and another part on the surface. Dwelling of the anqae are built on the surface (represented on the first townscreen), whilst the merrow and aquatic dwellings are better visually represented on the second townscreen (I didn't make any modification on that image, so it's a bit off - only to present the general idea, but imagine that the underwater townscreen shows somewhere behind that big main building of the surface townscreen). Whilst in the surface layout you would see better some constructions, when building underwater constructions, you would barely see any changing on the surface; then you could toggle to the other view to see it.

On the Adventure Map, it would have a lake surrounding if ever placed on land and on the water, it would have the look of the first townscreen.

The water terrain, for this particular faction and any other that was keen to water, is just like any other terrain. The Sea would have floor, adventure buildings and all that which has on surface. However, when land troops go to water, they only visit the surface, so they cannot interact with underwater elements – with some exceptions, of course.

As sea beings are not keen of the surface, foundation heroes would have little means to go on land, have little movement, lose troops as if visiting whirlpools, this is the general idea.

The idea of two different townscreens stretches to all other factions, actually. It's merely to have more options to show the town. And in this particular case, it's only logical that merrows would visit it underwater, while anqae visit it above water, but buildings stay as they are, some outside water, some inside water. And, of course, player could choose seeing the other townscreen if one wished, toggling between them. Only the default townscreen shown would follow that pattern.

Is that clear? ^^
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Famous Hero
posted March 26, 2015 07:05 PM

Ok, now it's clear

Also some time ago I was thinking about underwater townscreen for Sanctuary I thought that it would be impractical because of adventure map, so I thought about partially underwater town, half of the screen would be above water and half under, that's how you could also make your TS, just an idea

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Legendary Hero
Celestial Heavens Mascot
posted March 26, 2015 07:11 PM

Yes, I remember we discussed that before and the picture was in my mind, half in, half out .

I thought, however, that given that I would personally like the idea of having 2-3 different townscreens per faction (not 3D, but animated 2D showing different angles of the kingdom), I would try it in this proposal, showing two logical POVs accordingly to the races ruling that town. I thought that trying to show the whole thing on a single screen could make it difficult or too cluttered to be represented, you see. It gives more freedom to plan buildings behind others without having the duty to show them all the time, which leads to some disasters as we see in H7 TSs. But it all depends on the number of buildings, and my proposition has a very good lot of'em.
"Okay. Look. We both said a lot of things that you're going to regret. But I think we can put our differences behind us. For science. You monster."
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