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Heroes Community > Bards Glade Pyre (RPG) > Thread: Empire's End: A New Dawn (OoC)
Thread: Empire's End: A New Dawn (OoC)

Undefeatable Hero
Elvin's Darkside
posted January 23, 2016 10:02 PM
Edited by kipshasz at 21:12, 09 Feb 2016.

Empire's End: A New Dawn (OoC)

It has been five long years since the disaster at the imperial penal planet of Marasus. The rebellion had been betrayed from within, by one of the supposed biggest supporters. During this period the foundations of the empire had been shaken to the core. The mighty imperial star fleet managed to destroy one of the extragalactic invaders, but the cost was too high. The fleet was devastated, along with the Empire’s Legions of supersoldiers and is only a shadow of it’s former strenght. At this opportunity, the rebellion against the Empress Engelhaart the Kind moved from diversions and tech stealing into an open conflict. There been several decisive victories won already, and a lot of the Empire had fallen under the government of the newly formed Grand Republic. But the war is not over yet. The remaining extragalactic race, employing bioengineered shocktroops,as well as the cyborg race Hephaisti still loom in the galaxy, along with the imperial remnant,  who still holds the human and malari home systems,as well as a large portion of the galaxy.
The Grand Republic employs a number of agents, men and women of skill and character to act as commanders of their armies, as well as covert operation agents. Several of these had been sent to the Outlaw haven Migla, a planet of high calibre scum and villainy in general, to seek out one of the rebel commandos, former imperial hunter Dorian Hawken, to recover the truth of what happened that day on the planet of Marasus, as well as to find one of the daughters Senator Virrenak, a rebel supporter who’s betrayal almost ended the entire rebellion.

So, as some older HC Rpers may guessed it, this RP is set in my “Empire’s End” universe.  This was intended to be part of a sort of trilogy, but alas, never came to be. So, kinda rebooting and starting over from the “part 2” of the story.

To refresh the memory of the old players, and saving time of new ones, here’s the highlights of the in-game universe, so you can save some time and not look at the first Empire's End OOC thread.

First, some history:
2013: First contacts with the alien species of Malari are made.
2015: With Malari help, Humanity advances highly in space exploration and combat.
2057: Contact with the Akhari race. the two human and Akhari starships destroy each other.
2058: The human and malari combined forces crush the Akhari armies. The Akhari civilization is devastated, nearly driven to extinction, it's remnants withdraw back to their home system, protected by vast asteroid belts, which makes it hard to navigate through. No longer a threat, they are left alone.
2060: The Union Of Terran Colonies is formed. It acts as the main representative of the Human race.
2110: Recent advances in technology enable humans to explore their home planet, a sphere which has been abandoned after the space programs were launched. to their surprise, humans found the Aquatic race of Evolon living in the depths of the oceans. Alliances are quickly made. With the help of their newly obtained allies and their technology, humanity advances even further.
2115: Human psychics emerge everywhere across the UTC teritorry. They are considered the "next" step of Human evolution. Cold weapons such as swords and daggers return to service.
2157: After a lenghty campaign the UTC along with their Malari and Evolon allies reconquer the Evolon home system, liberating from a genetically engineered race of brutes which the human scientists named "Grendels". the Grendels are exterminated in the end of the campaign. their creators however remain unknown.
2164: A chain of terror attacks by an unknown race begin in the UTC controlled planets. A spec ops unit now known as The Hunters, originally named the Dark Angels are established, with a sole purpose to defend the UTC from hostile alien attacks.
2387: The grandmaster of The Dark Angels orchestrates a coup and seizes power of the UTC, which is renamed as the Terran Dominion. The dark angels are disbanded. Some of the order's members were cryogennically frozen, unknown to the Grand Chancellor of the Dominion
2389: The Evolon severe ties with the Dominion, and isolate themselves within their home cluster.
2410: Contact with the Thoran race. They are identified as the ones that executed the terror attacks few centuries earlier. A war heats up.
2443: The Thoran capitulate after their home planet has been destroyed by a nuclear bombardment.
2647: a bloody rebellion ignites wihtin the Dominion. It's leaders were identified as members of the disbanded order.
2687: The rebellions end in rebel victory. The Dark angel known only as Engelhaart takes the rule after killing his comrades, and proclaims himself the emperor. The Terran Empire is formed. Soon afterwards, it begins it's bloody campaign to conquer the known galaxy.
2690: The Malari are willingly absorbed within the empire. the Might of the empire continues to grow.
2723: Thoran and Evolon races are enslaved by the empire.
2735: Failed assaults against Ahraki home system. The imperial fleets are ravaged the the asteroid fields that surround the system.
2854: In it's latest expansion The empire found several star systems with planets that house legions of Grendels beneath their surface. the planets are placed under a strict quarantine.
2900: Project Legion is initiated. It's goal is to create a genetically superior human soldier.
2950: After Decades of experimentation, a "perfect" Soldier is made. Enhanced both genetically and cybernetically the Legionaires are proved to be the top soldiers of the Empire. Emperor Engelhaart IV had aquired his new shock troops.
3128: Project Nemesis is initiated. new advances towards sword fighting and psychic combat are made. close combat energy weapons are started to manufacture.
3547: Two new races, The Kharon and Borellians are encountered by the empire. Both strongly resist it. The pacifist like Borellians were a huge surprise to the empire, when they unleashed their combat skill during the invasion of their home planet, crushing the imperial forces. Kharon on the other hand, were defeated and enslaved by the growing empire.
4800: A group of imperial scientists develop a fully self aware AI, then defect and flee into the far reaches of the galaxy.
4820: Imperial explorers have been reported missing. footage of a new, biomechanical race is seen. The Dark Angels are reestablished, although now named as Hunters.
5021: a vast rebellion is quelled with brute force.
5228: Attempted assasination of the Emperor Engelhaart The Wise.
5870: Several dissidents form growing underground resistance groups.
5871: Two extragalactic alien races are encountered. both show hostile intentions.
5876: The rebellion stages a rescue operation from the Penal World of Marasus, and is betrayed by one of the Rebellion’s founders. The commando squad is successful in their objective, however, Shasnavi “Sage” Virrenak goes MIA, and several other rebellion operatives , namely Dorian Hawken severe ties to the rebellion and disappear. (The year that the plot of “empire’s end” takes place)
5878: Empire engages the Shrill race, aliens who with their technology were able to suck their invaded planets down to their last mineral and life form. While more commonly reffered to just as the “Swarm”,  a short bust costly war erupts between them and the imperials. Empire comes out victorious although lost most of it’s military might. Rebellion launches a full scale uprising soon after.
5880: The Grand Republic is formed from the systems conquered by the rebellion. Ahkari Collective and Borellian Commonwealth join this newfound political power. There are skirmishes between the Imperial and Republican forces, but no full on conflict. With the addition of Ahkari and Borellians into the Grand Republic the balance of power between the two governments is sort of equal. Currently no side is taking the upper hand in the conflict. On the same year, first group of Republic’s agents are sent to the outlaw world of Migla, Dorian’s supposed place of defection. The contact with them is lost soon after.

The current year is 5881, There are skirmishes between the Empire and Grand Republic, as well as looming threats hostile to both factions.  The government of the Grand Republic has dispatched another team to Migla, given confirmations that Dorian Hawken is stationed on the planet that has been a safe haven for outlaws of all calibre. The Chancellor and the ruling council of the Republic believe he knows whereabouts of the daughter of the traitorous senator Virrenak. Some hold her responsible for her father’s betrayal, and accuse Shasnavi “Sage” Virrenak of endangering the mission to Marasus, as well as Dorian himself, who in his younger years and as an Imperial Hunter was often described as a loose cannon. Their supposed objective is to retrieve the two and bring them forth before the newly formed government of the Grand Republic.

The technical specs of the in game universe:
Space and other tech: FTL systems are developed for ships of all sizes, from small freighters and luxury ships, to the mightiest of space cruisers. energy weapons are used, but are expensive to make.

most firearms work similiar to the ones seen in Mass Effect universe. There are also convetional ballistic firearms using cartridges of today, as well as blasters. melee weapons are used heavily, from conventional tampered steel, to energy ones. still, normal  metal swords are fading obsolete as they are useless against nemesis type used by psychics and energy blades. Since the defeat of the Shrill, there are living symbiont weapons used by some, although such tech is rare after the destruction of the Swarm and is distrusted by the common populace. Weapons based on the close combat weapons used by the Grendels, a race of supposedly bioengineered brutes have been surfacing as well. These weapons utilize a spiked chainsaw like blade, and can be very powerful if used on proper targets.
walkers, wheeled and repulsorlift vehicles are used on the planetary surface. You also have your typical “airspeeders” and whatnot to use on a planet’s surface.
androids exist, but are used mainly as servants to the nobility(analogue to the protocol droids from Star Wars), there are other types of “droids” as well. there are virtual intelligence used in computers, but they aren't much use other than being cybernetic assistants to various clerks. all of the AI used in cybernetics has various restraints and cannot develop self awareness and break free of their masters control. bionic prosthetics are fully functional, and can replace any part of the body, except for the brain, which can be upgraded by improving the memory. they are however expensive, and are exclusive to the higher class of the empire. a normal man could get it, but it would take years of waiting in line.

Rule of the empire: Although there is a senate and a council of advisors(mostly consisting of corporate heads and nobles), the empress's word is final. at the snap of her fingers anyone disobeying, plotting rebellions or just simply as giving her the wrong look can end up outlawed and prey to regural bounty hunters, The Hunters if the threat is seen huge enough, in penal work camps, or punished by death. she has a healthy(sort of speak) paranoia.
Of Course the Republic has a more democratic government and is more relaxed, although imperial agents will be dealt with swiftly and brutally.
With the rebellion erupting with full force, many former Hunters had enlisted the service to the Grand Republic, working as covert ops or double agents to spy on the Empire.

Other races: of all the races belonging to the empire, the Malari are treated equally to humans and human psychics, as they willingly became part of the empire. other races aren't treated as well and are subjects to racist disrimination and are living in ghettos. the two races that oppose the empire are portrayed as evil, destructive forces. vast propaganda ensures that.
The Grand Republic aims for peaceful coexistence of the citiens from all races within the Republic, but that however is a budding process needing great care, as many people still cannot forget the imperial dogmas.

People of the regime: The empire gives an illusion of a free and happy society, yet it's military might is shown everywhere, as a warning of what happens if you try to rebel. crime and corruption flourishes however.
People who live in the newly formed Grand Republic enjoy relative liberties than those who live in the empire. Crime and corruption is on a smaller scale too.

The most vital planets. we can make up planet names as we go.
Earth/Terra: The capital of the Terran Empire.

Saherus: the current Capital of the Grand Republic. A rather arid by climate, Saherus is a growing City Planet, although the megalopolis itself spans only 3/4 of the planets largest continent. The rest of the planet is made up of arid steppes and shallow, extremely salty(Dead Sea like) oceans.
Soveris: Malari homeworld. in most cases similiar to Earth
Sakhuri: Evolon homeworld. 95% of the surface is oceans. the landmasses are only island archipelagos. the people there live in floating or underwater cities. very humid, and monsoons rage for about 3/4 of the planet's year.
Thokkia: Thoran homeworld. prior to it's destruction it was a lush jungle planet. nowadays it is an inhospitable radioactive wasteland, just freed from the clutches of a nuclear winter.
Nakere: Kharon homeworld. A harsh planet with an amonia and oxygen based athmosphere. non kharon are required breathing suits here.
Pharen: Akhari homeworld. A planet of fertile plains and marshes. it has two moons, Aros and Krena, which are armed with planetary defences, just in case the empire, or any other hostile force manages to succesfully navigate through the asteroid fields surrounding the system
Averia: Borrelian homeworld. It is quite similiar to Earth in most cases, but without such a biological diversity.
Lyra Secundus: a generic city planet, Dorian's place of birth
Migla: A mostly barren planet, with fertile steppes in it's northern hemispehre. the planet where most outlaws and other scum gather to hide from the law. Originally it was a starship graveyard, and most structures on Migla are built from scavenged parts of various spacefaring vessels.
Grendelis cluster: not exactly a planet, but a collection of star systems. the planets there are dotted with ruins, and have legions of Grendels sleeping in stasis beneath their surface.

habitable planets are organised into these categories:
City planet: One of the most common planet types. the surface is one huge city, ala Coruscant.
Agrarian planet: these world s produce food and clothing for the citizens of the empire.
Industrial world: as the name suggests it's home to numerous factories and plants.
Death world: mostly feral planets with nothing but a few research facilities. houses some of the most dangerous plant and animal life.
Preserve planet: these world's have minimal touch of civilization. these are mostly resorts to the rich, who want to escape the civilization, and rest surrounded by the natural beauty of these worlds
Penal world: mostly moons of gas giants, these worlds house criminals, from lowly thugs to dissidents.
Dead world: a once habitable planet which has been destroyed by war, natural or other causes.
Quarantine world: a planet which has been placed under quarantine by imperial/republican forces. for whatever reason.
Noble world: a world which has the appearance of pre industrial revolution Earth. little cities and manors of the empire's high class dot their surfaces.

The races that you may play:

Humans: Ordinary humans without any special powers or abilities. They are however quick learners and can adapt to any skill easily.
Human Psychic: "The next Step". while some have very little potential in their gift, others are living engines of destruction.
Malari: A race of psychics very similiar to humans. They are however taller than humans and have cat like eyes, and paler skin, when compared to "caucasian" humans.
Akhari: A race of warriors. Due to past conflicts and propaganda they are seen as the most evil in the galaxy, yet it is trully unknown to historians why the two vessels just opened fire on one another. They appear to be amphibian and toad like. Psychics are most often their spiritual leaders.
Evolon: an aquatic race, experts in engineering and electronics. lookvise appears similiar to Protoss of Starcraft, yet they have gills in their necks. Psychics are rare amongst them, but not unheard of. Due to their biology, they wear breathing collars on their necks, which ease their breathing on arid and desert worlds.
Thoran: A reptilian race. assasination and stealth are almost like genetically written in them, which shows in their technology and culture. they have very few psychics.
Borellian: Warrior-Poet monks by stereotype. always try to find a peacefull solution first, resort to combat only as a last resort. Powerfull psychics in their own right. May be the most powerfull race in the galaxy. they look similiar to humans, but have blue scaly skin.

You are not able to play as Kharon(Small stature insectoid race) Grendels(because 99.99% of them are just cyborgs with one setting: Kill) Hephaisti(another cyborg race, hostile to both factions) or the remaining extragalactic race.

The Story begins by the team of most of the PCs(excluding my own) being flown to Migla by a consular ship of the Grand Republic, with a simple mission : get to Dorian, and in turn get to Sage.
Things however are not what they initially appear to be, and a simple HVT(high value target) extraction mission is just a farce for the most part, a sort of theatrical court and scapegoating staged by the Grand Republic (Since one of the accused characters had nothing to do with the almost failed operation five years ago), and things turn unexpectedly to the extraction team.
People who participated in the previous installment may continue to play their old characters.

My characters:

Name: Dorian Hawken, also known as Bloodhawk
Race:Human Psychic
Appearance: about 1.89m tall,muscular, but not in the extreme. Long, black hair, usually tied into a plait. With a few week unshaven beard, because he's too lazy to shave. The head and facial hair is starting to gray.  Right arm and eye have been replaced by top tier bionics. the arm has integrated retractable claws(two blades) two compartments for flasks with booze and a lighter. wears anything made from natural things. leathers mostly. initial appearance is that of an outlaw biker. has a stylised hawk symbol with supposed blood droplets falling off it painted on his bionic arm.
Personality:a man of a few words. literally. doesn't waste his breath unless needed. Will always answer if asked something. usually seen as bitter and grumpy, but that's because he is slightly introverted. very few see his warmer side. has a drinking problem, but never appears to be drunk. never. Always has a strong opinion, and also curses a lot. has ociasional violent mood swings. He is however extremely loyal to those that earn it.
Background: Grown up in the slums of an imperial megapolis along with the aliens from the ghettos, Dorian mingled with the wrong people from a very young age. what's an orphan to do really? at the age of fifteen he has learned how to fully control his inborn psychic abilities, and led an outlaw biker group, until he was noticed by the imperial recruiters. being really drunk on Thoran krasnak(a drink similiar to human whiskey) he killed the officer by hitting right between the eyes with a throwing knife. after serving ten years in a penal colony and killing several individuals who the empire wanted out of the picture for a long time, he was offered a position amongst the Hunters. reluctant at first, he soon realised that this was a great opportunity. And he'd end up dead himself if he doesn't accept. After the disasterous mission to Marasus, Dorian had left to Migla, the biggest criminal haven in the Galaxy. Rumor has it, he had killed the long time pirate queen Arianna Marr and her top henchmen, and had taken control of the outlaw planet.

Skills/Powers/weapons/other assets: a gifted psychic, Dorian is able to influence minds, set fire, freeze and tear apart objects at will. A hand to hand combat specialist, very skilled with throwing weapons. quite skilled with a pistol as well. superior small starcraft pilot and a good mechanic.weapons of choice: A pair of energy blades(His Nemesis type katanas were lost during the mission to Marasus), throwing knives and shuriken, and a blaster pistol
Owns a Starship named "Sweetheart" and a motorcycle.

Name: Sage. Real name- Shasnavi Virennak
Race: Malari
Age: 33
Appearance:unusually short for a Malari(which are at least 2.00 meters in average,while Sage is just somewhere around 1.80). When last seen she had white hair along with your typical malari pale(but not milk white) skin and reddish eyes. Was usually wearing a standardised Hunter uniform( her’s was made from leather along with some light but durable armor plating on some spots, also covered up by leather)

Personality:More cheerfull and talkative than her partner, but still precise and cold when it comes to work. she is also more calm and doesn't lose temper as quickly as Dorian sometimes does
Background:Sage the third daughter of senator Virennak, and has enjoyed a quite wealthy and prosperous life. however her passion was warfare. too hotheaded for imperial army, she, after receiving special training, joined the Hunters, and met Dorian who was also just joined, and released from inprisonment. the two were made partners. Sage's family are supporting the rebels, secretly funding them and supplying them with weapons and intel.  Atfter the mission to Marasus she’s declared MIA, her whereabouts currently unknown.

Skills/Powers/weapons/other assets:A powerfull psychic in her own right, Sage excells in deception of her oponents rather than Dorian's raw power and "kill everything that moves" attitude. adept at hacking and cyber attacks. Weapons of choice: A Nemesis sword, and a light blaster rifle for the most part, current armament unknown.

"Kip is the Gavin McInnes of HC" - Salamandre
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