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Heroes Community > Heroes 7+ Altar of Wishes > Thread: Community creation effort - factions
Thread: Community creation effort - factions

Legendary Hero
Highly illogical
posted March 12, 2016 05:09 PM
Edited by kiryu133 at 20:06, 12 Mar 2016.

Community creation effort - factions

Please post your factions for the Community creation effort here. Any discussion should go in here.

Any unrelated posts will be removed.

It is with a heavy heart that I must announce that the cis are at it again.

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Famous Hero
Warlord of the sea
posted March 13, 2016 12:00 AM
Edited by Mediczero at 21:42, 07 May 2016.


Alignment: Neutral
Themes: Raiders, Norse folklore
Native terrain: Coastal



Mystic Raven/Elder Raven

Tier 2.
Dwarf/Dwarf Defender

Tier 3.

Tier 4.
Rune mage/Rune Priest

Tier 5.
Sleipnir/Battle Sleipnir

Tier 6.
Mountain giant/Bergrisi

Tier 7.
Jotunn/Jotunn Warlord

Might: Thane


Edit: Finished the lineup

(Work In Progress)

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Known Hero
posted March 13, 2016 01:37 AM
Edited by leiah2 at 10:56, 16 Mar 2016.

The Clave
Facilis descensus Averno

Shadowhunters, also known as Nephilim, are a secretive race of beings who are humans born with angelic blood. They keep humankind safe from the ever present threat of demons.
T1 Shade
T2 Ranger or Shadowcat
T3 Werewolf/Blessed Werewolf or Vampire
T4 Nephilim
T5 Warlock or Seelie Knight
T6 Silent Brother or Iron Sister
T7 Inquisitor or Seraphim

(Red Priestess, Raven if you pick Silent Brothers or Caladrius if you pick Iron Sisters, Catapult)


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Hero of Order
Li mort as morz, li vif as vis
posted March 13, 2016 02:11 PM
Edited by Galaad at 22:27, 03 Apr 2016.

Marelle Town (wip)

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Supreme Hero
posted March 13, 2016 06:41 PM
Edited by Rakshasa92 at 12:42, 17 Mar 2016.

The Gloom - A dark and evil variant of the sissy Sylvan town.

All my favorite mythological creatures only suit into one town, and that is Sylvan, but since that is a boring wussy, good alignment town, there need to be some evil dark forest shadow town, which can house them all at once!
Oh and yes, I put on a big middlefinger to a race-based town, no Dark Elf theme or Dark Dwarf theme in my little creatons, back to HOMM3!

The Unseelie (evil fae) rule this town, they are the opposite of the Seelie Fae, which are in the Rampart/Sylvan town.

Every Tier has two choices, making it less obvious what you are going to battle or face, and give you more fun in the game, as otherwise you will be bored with the line-up after a couple of plays.

1. Will o Wisp (Wisp -upg- Witch Fire) (Flyer/Ranged)     <==>     1. Mandragora (Mandrake -upg- Mandragora) (Walker/Melee)
2. Redcap (Redcap -upg- Dunter) (Walker/Melee)     <==>     2. Lunatishee (Lunatishee - upg- Thorn Fairy) (Walker/Ranged)
3. Kumiho (Kumiho -upg- Nogitsune) (Walker/Caster)     <==>     3. Ozark Howler (Black Howler -upg- Doom Howler) (Walker/Ranged)
4. Valravn (Valravn -upg- Vilderavn) (Flyer/Shifter)     <==>     4. Mothman (Mothman -upg- Elder Mothman) (Flyer/Caster)
5. Sianach (Sianach -upg- Anhanga) (Walker/Melee)     <==>     5. Jorogumo (Jorogumo -upg- Arachne) (Walker/Shifter)    
6. Jubokko (Blood Ent -upg- Jubokko) (Walker/Ranged)     <==>     6. Troll (Troll -upg- Wood Troll) (Walker/Ranged)
7. Genderuwo (Genderuwo -upg- Genderuwo Brute) (Walker/Melee)     <==>     7. Erlking (Winter King -upg- Autumn King) (Caster + Flyer)

Creature descriptions & Abilities
Will o Wisp -
Mandragora -
Redcap -
Lunatishee -
Kumiho -
Ozark Howler -
Valravn -
Mothman -
Sianach -
Jorogumo -
Jubokko -
Troll -
Genderuwo -
Erlking -


The leaders of the town are the Wild Hunt (Hunter Hero) and the Morrigan (Witch)

1: Hunter

2: Witch

Neutral Creatures - These live in the dark forest, but they are too wild to tame or too evil to control. They are neutrals with connections to the Dark Forest.

2:Lechuza or Owl Harpy
4:Nocnitsa or Night Hag

Still to do:
1 - Creature description and role
2 - Creature abilities
3 - Town description and role

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Supreme Hero
The Clever Title
posted March 13, 2016 09:50 PM
Edited by Gryphs at 21:17, 06 Apr 2016.



Domination through fear; power through terror.

Background, society, lore
The Gaol is a feudal-ish kingdom ruled over by an entity know only as the “Lord”. The Lord rules from  behind a black curtain and has never been seen. It is unknown what it is, whether human or not, only that its voice is described as horrible and painful to hear. It does have “children”; although, it is unknown to even its highest ranking servants if they are actually related to it or appointed to the position. These “Children” hold the highest positions in the land, and are considered speaking for the Lord itself.

Below the Lord and its “Children” are the Underlords. Underlords are appointed by the Lord, and rule over provinces known as “hemlocks”. Underlords rule their land with an iron fist in most cases, and those who do not vanish quickly. Underlords often have a perilously close relationship with demons which often results in wildly erratic behavior and mood swings. Those who fall too far into a demon's influence usually become possessed, and can become even more dangerous both to themselves and others unfortunate enough to be near to them. Oddly enough, the Lord's “Children” avoid these possessed Underlords, and the Lord seemingly ignores them. This indifference often makes others question its level of control; though, never in its presence and knowing it no one is sure were that ends.

Beneath Underlords are the Knights and Sorcerers. Knights and Sorcerers serve the similar purpose of commanding their Underlord's armies, controlling territories they are appointed over(known as fifes), and advising the Underlord in any matters she/he requires. Also considered in this rank are admirals, guild leaders, mayors, torturers(a most prestigious position I might add), and anyone else with power. The Underlords appoint all these positions as they derive their authority from the Lord who appoints them. This creates a rigid hierarchy in which it is almost impossible to ascend.

At the bottom is everyone else. Lay people occupy all the rest of the powerless positions within the Gaol. As most have no hope of ascending beyond their worthless existence, parents often have a habit of preening their children to acquire higher positions. As Underlords make all the appointments, all selections are made by their highly random qualifications. While sometimes skill is required, positions usually go to the cruelest and most pragmatic people in the land. As a result children are often raised into brutish maniacs creating a whole society founded on fear, cruelty, and sadism. Despite the foul happenings that occur frequently throughout the Gaol's lands, the lay people seem to be quite ignorant to it. Going about their lives they will happily tell anyone who asks them that the talk of Demons is just fear mongering. Denial perhaps? No one is really sure.

Naturally, there are people who would rather not live in such a miserable society. Those who attempt to flee the realms of their Underlords are derogatorily called, “scips”. Scips are hunted and hounded without mercy. Indeed, when the armies of the Gaol are not warring with a foreign power they are usually hounding their Underlord's hemlock for scips or trespassers. Some scips choose to live the life of bandits or rebels rather than just flee. The Underlords make no distinction though, and they are hunted as mercilessly as there fleeing comrades. After all only the Underlord is allowed to take from his people and rebellion is unthinkable. Those scips who are captured meet a wretched fate and serve to remind the people to remain docile.

There is no religion in the Gaol, officially that is. Some people do pray to the Lord (particularly those higher on the social ladder), but most people will mumble something about being a part of the Church of Nature. It is debatable what this is, and could refer to the odd spirits the people pray to. The Church as no temples, holy places, or sacred areas where people meet, and most people pray quietly by themselves. There is one building associated with the Church in the capital. A run down building, it could have been a cathedral at one point, but it is too decrepit to tell now. The building is constantly under guard by the Lords troops. Inside is nothing but a garden full of dead flowers. In the center, though, there is one white rose bathing the room in a soft, soothing light; stubbornly growing despite the lack of water or light. The “Children” occasionally come to look at it; though, always from behind a darkened window as if to feel its light would strike them down.

Hexing: Focuses on crushing enemy moral and luck while raising their own.(I will expound upon this later or if required)

The Gaol military is highly stratified and hierarchical, much like their society. Troops are expected to obey the authority of those above them on the latter without question, a system which is highly abused. Deviations from orders, even if beneficial, are usually met with immediate and brutal punishment. This single minded devotion to order is both their greatest strength and greatest weakness.

Gaol armaments are around 1600s Europe level and gunpowder is frequently used. All Gaol gunpowder is mixed with a revolting smelling powder called “demon fire”. This powder strengthens shots from their weapons and gives them a distinct sound and smell. The process to make “demon fire” is closely guarded, and known only to those who make it and Sorcerers.

Tier 1

--Description: The people of the Gaol live in constant fear. For all people know that behind any tree, in any cave, inside any bush, could be a beast of the Underlords. These hounds of an unnatural breed smell fear and rebellion like blood, and will stalk and kill any scip, bandit, or trespasser that dares wander through the Gaol's claimed domain.

-Upg. Warped Hound
--Description: “All the Underlord's hounds are touched by sinister magic, or so we were told. But these “warped” hounds were transformed by it. They ripped Gawain and Gwyn apart before they could move. A horn called them off and I hid in a basin. I think I will try...the horn again, oooh, the howls....”
An Unknown Journal

--No Retaliation

Tier 2

--Description: Hunters are the Gaol's lowest ranking troops. Given a cheap demon fire musket, dagger, low quality armor, and rudimentary training, hunters make up the bulk of any Gaol force. Hunters are given their name do to their all to boring, non wartime job of prowling the forests with hounds for scips. A job which, while menial, is welcomed by most hunters as it gives relief from both incessant bullying and the strange happenings that occur all to often back at camp.
--Snare: This unit can set a snare on the battlefield. Any unit caught in a snare loses its next turn and all remaining movement.

-Upg. Sharpshooter
--Description: Sharpshooters are hunters who have proven their worth in some way to their commanders. Their skill with their guns means they are provided with new quality muskets that can shoot farther and more accurately. Along with better equipment come less menial jobs; and, of course, bragging rights a very important commodity in the Gaol military pecking order.
--Snare: This unit can set a snare on the battlefield. Any unit caught in a snare loses its next turn and all remaining movement.
--No Ranged Penalty

Tier 3

--Description: Gargoyles are possessed stone statues that are deployed by the Gaol for reconnaissance and “air” support. No one is really sure what they are controlled by; though, some say they are the new homes of the souls of scips. Their ability to “learn” lends credence to this idea.

-Upg. Petrified Gargoyle
--Description: Do to their shape Gargoyles are not the most durable things around. To remedy this Gaol Sorcerers came up with a method of hardening existing material they dubbed “petrification” . Those gargoyles that are perceived as useful enough for it are rewarded this “treatment” lending them much needed durability.
--Hardened: This unit takes 50% less damage from all physical attacks

Tier 4

--Description: The Underlords in general prefer to have professional troops to rely on rather than poorly equipped and under trained conscripts. To sate this need the Underlord's “soldiers” are heavily trained and instilled with both professionalism and loyalty. The soldiers ranks are technically voluntary; though, as recruitment is often aimed at such a young age range it is hard to say it is not just propagandic brainwashing.
--Enraged: Whenever a friendly unit dies this unit gains an attack bonus.

-Upg. Landsknecht
--Description: “The town was screaming, and I was hiding, when one of their Landsknecht kicked in my door. She threw some pots off my shelf then saw me, grabbed me, and demanded to know where my personal belongings were. I asked why, curious fool that I am. She said she wanted to bring something back for her sweetheart. Seeing how they had cut down other poor civilians in town, as if the killing of one drove them to kill more, I decided to spare myself. I said my things were in the basement, at which point she threw me out of my shop. I landed in front of one their hunters; he looked at me almost sympathetically. 'Where are your commanders to stop these looters', I asked, 'Looting', he answered.“My Horrible Life, by Sven Sevenfingers
--Enraged: Whenever a friendly unit dies this unit gains an attack bonus.
--Cleave: If this unit kills one enemy in a stack it will hit again.

Tier 5

--Description: “If you hear hooves on the road lock up tight and stay inside”, common orders from parents to their children should they have to leave their town; for Dragoons, the mounted soldiers of the Underlord's, are little more than thugs. Often picked from the most sadistic and cruel of the populace, the Dragoons have been known to run down people on roads, unload their blunderbusses into crowded areas, and even loot their own villages. Their behavior is often overlooked by their Underlord's frequently addled mind leaving the people with only the Dragoon's mood to determine their fate.
--Charge: The more hexes this unit crosses to reach its target the more damage it does.
--Grape Shot: Unleashes a blast of bullets hitting an area in front of the unit.

-Upg. Cavalier
--Description: Cavaliers are a higher rank to the Dragoons in the Gaol's military hierarchy. It is unknown to the common soldier when a Dragoon is promoted to Cavalier rank. What is known is that they are changed. Previous friends say they are calmer, less emotional, and more calculating. Cavaliers are often called “red riders” do to an unholy light that others swear they saw under their visors. Soldiers whisper around camp that maybe their sadism and cruelty invited something into their mind that they, in all there cruelty, could not even conjure.
--Charge: The more hexes this unit crosses to reach its target the more damage it does.
--Grape Shot: Unleashes a blast of bullets hitting an area in front of the unit.
--Infernal Presence: Any enemy unit within a two hex radius looses one moral.

Tier 6

--Description: Malice's are apprentice magicians and hope to one day become Sorcerers. Malices live a cushier life than most other members of the Gaol's forces, but should not be underestimated. A Malice's knowledge of spells and curses can easily devastate enemy forces. The name Malice is actually a bit of a paradox as Malices tend to be the more benevolent members of the Gaol army.
--Spell Caster
--Cursing Strike: This unit's attacks have a 65% chance of casting curse on the attacked unit.

-Upg. High Malice
--Description: High Malices are on the brink of becoming Sorcerers. The decision to promote them to Sorcerers; of course, lies with the local Underlord. As a result many High Malices will be sitting on this brink for years, if not their entire lives. All the better as far as the military is concerned as their magic and knowledge contribute greatly to military efficiency and research.
--Spell Caster
--Perfected Cursing Strike: This unit's attacks have a 100% chance of casting curse on the attacked unit.

Tier 7

--Description: These fat, disgusting, and stupid creatures were humans transformed by hideous magics usually as a cruel punishment for treason. Due to their regressed minds they are incredibly hard to control, and are usually unleashed ahead of the rest of the army. The magics that transformed them have also given them a dreadful appetite, and they can often be found engorging on recently fallen foes.
--Devour: When this unit kills an enemy stack it recovers 25% of the total starting hit points of the fallen stack.

-Upg. Executioner
--Description: Shamblers can develop greater intelligence as they “mature”. Those that reach a certain point are given great axes and are dubbed executioners. While they do not wield their weapons with much grace or intelligence their attacks still deal great, sweeping, damage. Their great appetite still calls to them however, and with greater intelligence they can sate it with an eerie vigor.
--Sweeping Strike: This units attacks hit an arc in front of it.
--Devour: When this unit kills an enemy stack it recovers 25% of the total starting hit points of the fallen stack.

Tier 8

--Description: No one is particularly sure what Demons really are. Some say they are just powerful evil spirits; others that they are the fallen servants of some god. Whatever they are, it is known that they are incredibly powerful, both physically, and mentally through their powers of compulsion. Demons seem to prefer controlling their realms from behind a veil and rarely show themselves to others. So when one is seen on the battlefield it is great cause for concern.
--Immunity to Mind Magics: This unit is immune to all spells that effect the mind(illusions, hypnosis, berserk, etc.)
--Infernal Presence: Any enemy unit within a two hex radius looses one moral.
--Possession: Once per battle this unit can instantly take over an enemy unit. The possessed unit will roll a percentage chance of regaining control every turn starting at 0% and rising by 10% every turn. Units that cannot be mind controlled loose their next turn.(This cannot affect other Demons and cannot be dispelled)

-Upg. Arch Demon
--Description: “I must say it was a quite unpleasant event. I had no control over even how fast I breathed. All the Arch Demon's thoughts seemed pulse through my head like a wave. So much anger and hatred, not just mere anger, indignation. As if it had been abandoned by some ungrateful force.  At some point it proclaimed that my body was one of the most useless it had seen, and mad me walk of a cliff. Thankfully, my shirt caught a branch, and I was only moderately scratched. While an interesting experiment, I am determined to never do that again.”Caroline's Index of Odd Experiences
--Immunity to Mind Magics: This unit is immune to all spells that effect the mind(illusions, hypnosis, berserk, etc.)
--Infernal Presence: Any enemy unit within a two hex radius looses one moral.
--Puppet Master: Once per battle this unit can instantly take over an enemy unit. The possessed unit will roll a percentage chance of regaining control every turn starting at 0% and rising by 10% every two turns. This ability affects normally immune units including undead and machines.(This cannot affect other Demons and cannot be dispelled)


--Description: Typically taken for some kind of skill or just because the Underlord was in a good mood; Knights command the Underlord's armies, rule fifes, and carry out other often inane duties. Working for an Underlord has its downsides as that typically places you as a target for their ever changing morality; however, it is usually the only way to be become an Underlord yourself and move up the chain. So Knights continue to carry out their orders either for a  ridiculous sense loyalty or their own ambitions.

-Bio: Pryce was the only child to two professional sadists. His mother, who was head torturer for the Lord at the time, used to bring him with her as she worked to teach him proper techniques. One day, his mother failed to extract enough information and disappeared. This event caused Pryce to go mad, and spent most of his time afterward wandering palace grounds drooling and howling. A “Child”, growing sick of this, had him taken away, and worked some horrid ritual on the madman. Now, while nowhere near sane he is useful to the Lord, in way horribly sadistic way, which is all that matters.
--Wrath: When this hero kills enemy units his attack increases.

-Bio: Eirlys was too kind to be an Underlord. Having been appointed from a Guild family for what the appointment letter said was, “No worthy candidates elsewhere”, Eirlys turned out to be quite unqualified. Her earnest attempts to make her hemlock's lot better annoyed other Underlords and eventually caught the Lord's attention. A “Child” was sent to “relieve” her; however, upon seeing the legitimate concern even her foulest servants had for her fate, the “Child” changed plans. Striding into the reception room the “Child” declared that, “the Lord has other plans for you”. She was demoted to being a knight, where her lovability could more properly serve the Lord.
--Inpsiration: All units gain “Bravery”(units cannot go below 0 moral).

--Description: Sorcerers carry out duties often very similar to Knights. Alongside these duties Sorcerers are on forefront of Gaol research and are responsible for dealing with any magical issues the Underlord requires assistance with. While Sorcerers have been  Underlords before, this is usually not the case. Instead promising Sorcerers are recruited by the “Children” into an unseen circle that works towards unknown ends. As the “Children” are heads of this circle it has been proposed by the morbidly curious that perhaps the “Children” were once Sorcerers, though it is still unknown.

-Bio: Ever since Mostyn was young he has had a talent for magic, in particular, the ability to create illness. As a child he would go into to the woods to find animals to waste away with his newest plague. As he grew older and his parents preened him to possibly become a Malice he became more secluded and sadistic with his methods. One day a “Child” was surveying the land when he came upon an abandoned village. Everyone had perished, save one young man grinning unsettlingly. The “Child” greatly approved, and took Mostyn under his wing.
--Plague Adept: At the beginning of every turn an enemy unit will take poison damage, the amount depending on the heroes level.

-Bio: Llewella grew up in her parent's cushy, wealthy home; never having to do a thing herself other than study. She often has fantasies about how successful and mighty she will be at some point, but rarely ever acts to achieve these ends. Despite her procrastinating nature, she managed to develop an ability to cast spells cheaper and more efficiently. This skill, which she dubbed “Mana Splicing” resulted in her appointment to the “Children's” circle only a few months after they heard of it. Although a Sorcerer her procrastination continues, and her comrades are always looking for opportunities to get her lazy bum off her chair.
--Mana Splice: Cast spells at half cost.

"Don't resist the force. Redirect it. Water over rock."-blizzardboy

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Legendary Hero
Celestial Heavens Mascot
posted March 16, 2016 06:20 PM
Edited by PandaTar at 19:01, 24 Mar 2016.

All rights go for the respective authors of each image (artist, photographer). Just gathered them here merely to illustrate an idea. I'll also make it highlighted and better organized later on.

FACTION – OVER THE HAZE (a.k.a. Mysty Cliffs)
    Above clouds and the mist that covers the world, there stands tall, and pristine, and proud, and fierce, a kingdom watching everything else.

    • Torama – Toramas are humanoids, usually wolf-like, panther-like, monkey-like, responsible for the defenses beyond the haze, bearing news from abroad and the ones who fulfill prophecies concerning visions of Oracles. Toramas tend to take shapes of beasts from places they are sent to in order to better develop their clans and lead them, creating a great and effective society of completely adverse conditions.
    • Oracle – bearing the looks of an angelical being, often being confounded as Valkyries or Angels, an Oracle binds alliances through visions, and breaks them when they lose the Eye. Their relation with the torama-folk started after the first Oracle foresaw an encounter with the old Torama leader, keeping the peace amongst the clans beyond the haze. They can go almost anywhere by flying, but there are places where they cannot See, and those are the places they won’t go.



    1. Unseen – Undead, Ancestor Binding, Relentless.
    The unseen were oracles who lost the Eye and the Lifeforce, forever lurking and preying invaders beyond the mist. Although not living, they are still bound to the fate of the Oracle leader, thus becoming a rather rudimentary, yet effective, first line of defense. Their relentless need to regain their Lifeforce make them soak up great damage and are hard to take down. And some even return if given time. They are not numerous, but they are a force to be reckoned with and should never be ignored.

    2. Torama – Nimble, Double Strike, Wayfarer.
    These toramas are the most common kind found in those lands, because they are the base of their folk. Very fast and nimble, they can sneak in and out of sight in a blink of an eye, striking down foes with absurd precision and strength. They are also very agile when traveling around the lands, almost not having problems to cross over even the worst terrains.

    3. Hodr – Blind, Preemptive Stance, Pain Reflection.
    Hodres are oracles who lost the Eye, but kept their Lifeforce by option, so as to extend their powers to the realms of the present, away from the prophecies of past and future. Not being able to see, there are formidable opponents which fight by using other senses and wield weapons manufactured directly from the Omnismith. A hodr may also specialize in some different abilities or even give up their Lifeforce and keep the Eye, as to achieve another extension of powers more inclined to the visions and the void. As such, they are masters at counterattacking and preventing upcoming attacks, and even reflecting some damage back at attackers.
HODR Upgrade 1. Melee Infantry | Teleporter Hodr Hoenir – Blind, Physical Fading, Preemptive Stance, Lurker
    Hodr Hoenires are those who given up from the Eye and descend strictly to do battle, to experience the art of war. As they don’t show any emotion, they are usually silent and are seen as ominous, eerie, even compared to omens of disaster and evil apparitions amongst enemies, especially because they are masters of fading in and out of existence. For the Oracle society, they are important vessels to determine how strong and how different enemies are, also being used as scouts. The lack of the Eye and the decision of descent makes them wingless, although not really necessary given they can get anywhere they want.
HODR Upgrade 2. Melee Infantry and Caster | Walker Hodr Loki – Preemptive Stance, Lifebreak, Mana Disruptor
    Hodr Lokis are those who gave up half the Eye and half the Lifeforce. This mingled experience extends their powers beyond the boundaries of their visions and their lives, making it unstable subjected by bursts of intense and dangerous manifestations, either physical and magical. Such instability causes mutations on their bodies. They are often found wingless and their limbs might acquire other sinister shapes, often mixing offensive physical prowess with subtle, but deadly, magic.
HODR Upgrade 3. Spellcaster | Flyer Hodr Vali – Undead, Ancestor Binding, Illusive Magic (five spells)
    Hodr Valis are those who given up from the Lifeforce, to experience the art of dealing with prophecies and the magical influence of visions on the present. As they lose their Lifeforce, they resemble reapers, winged skeletal beings, although their nature as seers is not something considered evil, but it’s to be considered real. Excellent spellcasters, they can create a ruckus of offensive illusive powers and guard their allied very well.

    4. Hati – Large, Enroot, Pack Howl, Evil Rage
    Hatis are toramas resembling wolves of the forests, even incorporating vines and trunks into their bodies, sometimes being taken as dendroids, whenever their wolfish appearance is not noticed. Forever below the haze, they are always wandering to see the moon again and are usually lonely beings, summoning smaller wolves when in need. Although they are slower than a wolf, they are much stronger than they look, still usually they are peaceful beings and avoid clashing whenever possible.
HATI Summoned Wolf 1. Light Melee Infantry | Walker Geri – Small, Nimble, Piercing Strike
    Geri are wolves of battle, used to be in the woods and they have a small horn they use to pierce armor of bigger foes. As they are very nimble and relatively small, they are very hard to hit, although their constant attacks might bring down even tough enemies.
HATI Summoned Wolf 2. Adventure Map Scouting Unit | Walker Freki – Scout, Watcher
    Although they sought for battle, Frekies are summoned mostly for scouting purposes, because they are harder to spot in the wild, are more silent and more cunning. They can cover great areas in a small time and their strong senses can perceive a great array of threats.
HATI Evil Rage Form. Heavy Melee Infantry | Jumper Fenrir – Large, Berserk, Entangling Vines, Crimson Claw
    Once per battle, Hati can transform itself into a Fenrir, becoming temporarily uncontrollable and berserk, tearing down enemies as it wreaks havoc on the battlefield. Fenrir’s power is based on the losses taken on the battle. The more allied troops perished, the strongest will become the transformation and the longer it’ll last. This transformation makes the peaceful looking Hati become monstrous, the tree like appendages look like living vines, and a fiery core glows red, deadly.

    5. Mireu – Large, Steam Breath, Frost Haze, Nebula.
    Those wyrms are beings of water and mist, often seen going in and out of the haze of the lands, at ease with their own concerns, but quite fierce at protecting their territory. Just as old as the first toramas and oracles, they come to aid those old familiar faces if it comes to it, and when they come, they usually bring a dense mist with them, which enemies easily learn to associate with a ‘veil of death’. This dragon then combines both physical and magical abilities when battling and it can control some of weather elements on its surroundings.

    6. Varuna – Spiritual, Shadow Being, Night Magic (3 spells), Void Blast.
    A being of the night and the shadows, it’s known as an oracle that can only see false prophecies. Varuna is a strong spellcaster which has its abilities best used at night and have strong effects upon the mind of foes. Other than that, it can concentrate gravitational energies used to mow down enemies. During the day, it cannot cast magic.

    6. MITRA Giant, Light Being, Pristine Magic (2 spells), Judge the Wicked.
    A being of light, said to be an oracle who can see the truth of times. Due its huge size, it doesn’t move on the battlefield, but mainly assist allied troops in need, punishing foes as they appear. Mitras are the strongest force of this faction and they can strengthen allies with their Seeing powers. But as they are beings of clear sight, at night or in shadowy places, they become unable to perform magic.

Description of unit abilities

    1. Undead – has no morale and mental capacities (immunity), take damage from healing spells, restored by parasite spells, immunity to some conditions, such as poisoning or bleeding.
    2. Ancestor Binding – will never run afoul against allied units, also being apt to react to tactics and instructions and even to some mind abilities from the leading Hero (when hero is an Oracle, effects are greater).
    3. Relentless – after being taken down, it has a small chance to return to battle with a little strength left. It can happen indefinitely during a battle. The longer the body is left alone and untouched after being taken down, the greater are the chances to return. This unit is also immune to special effects from attacks that cause extreme pain and/or paralyze.
    4. Nimble – this unit is not affected by slowing abilities. It also has a minimum chance of dodging attacks and spells in addition to any bonuses added by other means.
    5. Double Strike – this unit’s attack and counterattack hits twice.
    6. Wayfarer – on adventure map, grants no penalty over movements points on rough terrain. When by themselves, they can cross any terrain, except water. For exceptional terrain such as dense woods or cliffs or mountains, they move on 1/3 or normal movement.
    7. Blind – unit is not affected by vision-related spells, such as illusions, hypnotizing, fear.
    8. Preemptive Stance – this unit can prevent some upcoming damage by dodging or parrying, diminishing any damage by 20% and its retaliation inflicts 20% more damage.
    9. Pain Reflection – this unit can also reflect back some of the damage taken by reacting sooner and with more efficiency. However, this ability triggers only if enemies are not too numerous beyond the numbers of the stack. The minimum ratio to trigger the ability is 4:1 (enemies to unit).
    10. Physical Fading – differently from spiritual, this unit can turn its body into an unsubstantial form to avoid physical harm. But magical damage is amplified. It cannot inflict physical damage while in this form, and can soak and filter ranged attacks, nullifying 50% of their effects when they pass through.
    11. Lurker – during the battle, every round this unit spends beside an enemy force, it’ll gain bonus attack and defense against that unit by observation of abilities and strategies. If not directly engaging an enemy, it’ll boost attack and defense for allied troops if standing next to them and their target, by observing and feeding information to allies. Boost is lost if this unit’s attention is taken somewhere else.
    12. Lifebreak – this unit’s attack may cause a sudden and strong break upon a living target. The next turn, target’s max HP will drop by a certain percentage, ranging from 5-15%, minimum of 1. After that, max HP returns to normal.
    13. Mana Disruptor – whenever a spell is cast upon this unit, it’ll disrupt mana consumption of the caster for the next three turns, spending random numbers of mana points in addition to normal cost. These random numbers are never below 1 and not more than the double the normal cost.
    14. Illusive Magic – this is a unique set of spells:
• Exchange: causes a visual disturbance upon the battlefield, which may or may not exchange units from places. Units must always exchange position between one or another, while keeping an illusion layer of the embodiment of the other. This spell can make phantom images to completely move about the battlefield freely though.
• Phantom Image: creates a copy of an allied troop which will deal 50% of normal damage and have 50% of evading any upcoming harm. It will last only one stance of damage when attacked and hit. The copy lasts until destroyed or until the caster is subdued.
• Mirage Mirror: enchants an allied troop. The next attack that troop performs will come with mirrored images of itself, inflicting stances of additional damage. Stances range from 1-5 with percentage of damages from the main attack ranging from 5-15%. This spell only works for melee interactions.
• Mystical Echoes: the effect is the same as Mirage Mirror but regarding an offensive spell casting. Spell may echo its effect upon a target, additionally causing small additional stances of damage.
• Territory: upon the adventure map, this unit can cast an illusion spell upon an area hiding troops from enemy. Enemy will only perceive their presence if they get too close. Spell demands caster to stay stationary and consumes mana continuously to keep Territory active.
    15. Large – this unit inflicts 33% more damage upon small units, but has a 15% chance to miss attacks upon them. It also takes 33% less damage from small units.
    16. Enroot – this unit can root itself on place and won’t be pushed away or moved aside by any means. It’s defense is doubled while rooted, although it cannot perform attacks.
    17. Pack Howl – once per day, Hati can howl summoning two distinct wolves as aide. One can be summoned on the adventure map, the other in battle and each one has its own unique abilities. Constant awareness is necessary to keep the summoned beasts around. If Hati is rendered incapable in any way, they’ll vanish.
    18. Evil Rage – after allied troops had losses, this ability can be activated once per battle, shape shifting Hati into Fenrir. All summoned Hati’s beasts fades away when it loses control. The more losses, the stronger are Fenrir’s stats and the longer will be the transformation.
    19. Small – takes doubles damage from giant units and 33% more damage from large unit in exchange of having 66% and 33% of chances to avoid direct damage from those enemies. Small units never miss targets, unless targets are under specific effects which render them unable to be hit.
    20. Piercing Strike – this unit can attack a foe’s vital points directly, causing critical strikes ranging from 101% to 150% of maximum damage.
    21. Scout – this unit can walk around adventure map by itself, scouting the whereabouts. It can also sense traps and hidden passages nearby.
    22. Watcher – blending in the forest and not moving, it can watch nearby troops movements and can identify numbers and random abilities of those watched. It has chances to fail or to be discovered, depending on the skills of the watched army.
    23. Berserk – this unit will only attack the nearest foe relentlessly, never backing up, defending or waiting. Attack bonus whenever hit by a foe against that foe.
    24. Entangling Vines – whenever this unit hits a foe, its vines entangles the target rendering the latter unable to move away, unless the unit changes target.
    25. Crimson Claw – the fiery power of the crimson claw cuts deep and burn away. Damage from this unit can be only half healed. The other half is completely destroyed. As this is a physical property, it does not affect spiritual and unsubstantial beings.
    26. Steam Breath – this unit can identify weaknesses of a foe and either breath a hot humid destructive steam upon a foe or a dried up hot steam. The regular effect of this attack is creating a dense haze on the spot, making target unable to retaliate or having a great chance to miss that retaliation. When the breath finds weakness of a foe, it’ll deal bonus damage and render target unable to attack. This breath targets only one target.
    27. Frost Haze – this unit can cast a dense frosty haze upon the battlefield granting allies a bonus on evasion, and it’ll cause a penalty on movement and speed of enemies. After casting, it’ll move automatically to a random position near its original position and it’ll become invisible. The haze lingers until Mireu moves from its location or until it’s damaged.
    28. Nebula – ability to cast on the adventure map, covering an area in fog that lingers three days after it has passed by. It is impossible for enemies to pick up resources or find traps while within this fog, and they vision radius is halved. If they engage battle while under this fog, the battle will start with Frost Haze effect upon battlefield which will last 3 rounds.
    29. Spiritual – this unit has no physical body, granting halved damage taken from physical attacks. It also cannot be bound to place nor suffer effects from body-related ailments, such as poison, petrifying, freezing, devouring, exhaustion.
    30. Shadow Being – this unit’s composition is based on shadow powers, so it’ll absorb any shadow related abilities, but it’ll take more damage from light-based abilities. During the night or on dark places, this unit has increased stats.
    31. Night Magic – this is a unique set of spells:
• Moon’s Wail: cast during the night on the adventure map, this wail causes mind disturbances on surrounding foes, causing them to lose movement points and enter battle with low morale.
• Souldrink: casts an aura which keeps damaging foes and healing allies in the same amount. Damage is only applied if allied troops have missing hit points. The spell fails if allied troops are undamaged.
• Oblivion: engulfs a target (giant units cannot be targeted) with its own body, vanishing from existence along with the target from the battlefield for two turns. Both units cannot take actions meanwhile. Target must be adjacent.
    32. Void Blast – this unit concentrates an attack on all surrounding targets causing a small gravitational pull, damaging and pulling them closer. The effect of pull affects further than the damage. If varuna doesn’t move for three attacks in a row, the gravitational force explodes, wavering around and blasting away the defense (-50%) of all affected units during the next turn.
    33. Giant – only one stack of this unit can exist on the battlefield for each side. Giant units take only 33% damage from small units and will inflict doubled damage on them, at the cost of having 66% chance to miss. Normal sized units take 25% more damage. Giants are also impossible to be pushed aside or bound in place by traps or battlefield contraptions – only strong spell casting.
    34. Light Being – this unit’s composition is based on light powers, so it’ll absorb any light related abilities, but it’ll take more damage from shadow-based abilities. During the day or on clear places, this unit has increased stats.
    35. Pristine Magic – this is a unique set of spells:
• Prismatic Light: setting a focus point on the battlefield, a strong surge of power will explode in a fierce storm of light rays, damaging all surrounding foes and temporarily blinding them.
• Day of the Gods: casts an aura in exchange of actions which will boost all attributes and stats of allied troops. It consumes mana per round and can only be interrupted if caster is destroyed or if night comes.
    36. Judge the Wicked – this unit casts an aura upon battlefield that will damage every round all foes which caused damage on allied troops. Damage is based on the damage inflicted by foes particularly applied. Aura damage is applied until it equals the same amount inflicted by targets upon allied troops, when it gets balanced again.

"Okay. Look. We both said a lot of things that you're going to regret. But I think we can put our differences behind us. For science. You monster."
GlaDOS – Portal 2

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Supreme Hero
posted March 17, 2016 09:48 AM


A combination of ancient Jackalmen kingdoms and the Gnoll tribes just outside their borders, they are unified by their worship of the "bird gods" of their native savannah-desert lands.

Might Hero: Pharaoh
Magic Hero: Vizier

T1 - Jackalmen > Anubis (Walker/Melee)
T2 - Serpent Fly > Wadjet (Flyer/Melee)
T3 - Scorpion > Black Scorpion (Walker/Melee; poison attack)
T4 - Gnoll Zulu > Chieftain OR Witch Doctor (Walker/Shooter; buffer or hexxer spellcaster)
T5 - Sphinx > Lamasu OR Manticore (Walker/Melee into Flyer/Melee; defence or offence)
T6 - Mummy > Ancient Mummy (Walker/Ranged; damage caster)
T7 - Roc > Simurgh (Flyer/Melee; some appropriately high level power)

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Legendary Hero
posted March 17, 2016 10:53 AM
Edited by MattII at 21:49, 17 Apr 2016.

Slightly different to the traditional Necropolis, but hopefully still acceptable.

Might: Death Knight
Magic: Necromancer

T1 Skeleton > Skeleton Archer (walker/melee > walker/archer)
T2 Ghoul > Banshee (walker/melee)
T3 Black Guard > Terror Guard (walker/melee)
T4 Wraith > Shadow (flyer/melee)
T5 Revenant > Vampire (walker/melee)
T6 Deathmage > Lich (walker/caster)
T7 Reaper > Collector (flyer/melee)

Creature Details
The most basic and numerous 'creature' available to the leaders of the Necropolis, but also the most flimsy, there is no real option to their use but to try to bury the enemy in weight of numbers. Being skeletal however, they don't take as much damage from arrows as most other creatures.
Undead - Creature always has neutral morale, and can't be affected by poison- blind- or mind related magic
Skeletal - Creature takes half ranged might damage
Skeleton Archer
In an attempt to ensure that they end the battle with at least some intact skeletons the wiser Necropolis leaders 'train' them in archery, which seems to work, since although their damage is still terrible they can at least do some damage to un- or lightly-armoured units before they get hacked to pieces.
Undead - Creature always has neutral morale, and can't be affected by poison- blind- or mind related magic
Skeletal - Creature takes half ranged might damage
Shooter - Creature can do damage to an enemy not in a next-door space
Unlike skeletons, ghouls can only be converted from the living or recently dead, but the results are much more fearsome, as these ravenous beasts will charge in without care for anything except its ravenous hunger for flesh.
Undead - Creature always has neutral morale, and can't be affected by poison- blind- or mind related magic
Scavenger - Creatures can restore their health by devouring corpses lying on the battlefield
Some strong-minded individuals who get converted to ghouls retain a tiny semblance of their former selves, which usually manifests as an scream that survivors of battles with the undead have described as bone-chillingly sorrowful.
Undead - Creature always has neutral morale, and can't be affected by poison- blind- or mind related magic
Scavenger - Creatures can restore their health by devouring corpses lying on the battlefield
Banshee Scream - Lowers the morale of all living creatures on the battlefield, Except the Black Guard and Terror Guard.
Black Guard

Terror Guard


Undead - Creature always has neutral morale, and can't be affected by poison- blind- or mind related magic

Undead - Creature always has neutral morale, and can't be affected by poison- blind- or mind related magic

Undead - Creature always has neutral morale, and can't be affected by poison- blind- or mind related magic

Undead - Creature always has neutral morale, and can't be affected by poison- blind- or mind related magic

Undead - Creature always has neutral morale, and can't be affected by poison- blind- or mind related magic

Undead - Creature always has neutral morale, and can't be affected by poison- blind- or mind related magic

Undead - Creature always has neutral morale, and can't be affected by poison- blind- or mind related magic

Undead - Creature always has neutral morale, and can't be affected by poison- blind- or mind related magic


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Famous Hero
posted March 17, 2016 11:59 AM
Edited by Minastir at 15:16, 14 Aug 2016.

Articun & Minastir



T1 Gnome / Nymph
T2 Sylph / Salamander
T3 Air Elemental / Water Elemental
T4 Earth Elemental / Fire Elemental
T5 Deva
T6 Lipica
T7 Manasaputra / Tetramental

T1 Gnome (Walker/melee)

T1 Nymph (walker/melee)

T2 Sylph (Flier/melee)

T2 Salamander (Walker/shooter)

T3 Air Elemental (Flier/shooter)

T3 Water Elemental (Walker/spellcaster)

T4 Earth Elemental (Walker/melee)

T4 Fire Elemental (Flier/melee)

T5 Deva (Walker/shooter)

T6 Lipica (Teleporter/spelcaster)

T7 Manasaputra (Walker/melee)

T7 Tetramental (Walker/melee)

PS: We will be using our own tier system from Inolin

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