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Heroes Community > Library of Enlightenment > Thread: Heroes 3 Map BurNIng Desire
Thread: Heroes 3 Map BurNIng Desire

Tavern Dweller
posted March 22, 2016 12:04 PM
Edited by MeCho at 12:20, 22 Mar 2016.

Heroes 3 Map BurNIng Desire

You can download the map Here:



So it is finally done i have made Allied and non allied versions and i found that the AI is even worse then usual so i made EAI -Enchanted Artificial Intelligence versions which i highly recommend if you usually play on Expert or Impossible they grant AI extra units as well as gold to purchase them for and while you can play and win the map on Expert or Impossible it will be quite annoying for the first month or so.

BurNIng Desire is - A Large 4 player map with a Dungeon and moderate amount of water in both the Dungeon and the surface

Each player starts in a corner of a map on his own personal island 2 players on the surface (Rampart,Stronghold) 2 in the Dungeon (Inferno,Dungeon) as you already can see you cannot choose any other Faction except for the mentioned above but you can choose your hero the map comes in two versions FFA and Allies (Surface Vs Dungeon) and BONUS version for both FFA and Allies but thats a story for another day

What is to be expected from the map:
*Every Object hand placed with huge consideration taken to details *Every quest Fully customized
*Countless grammar errors
*Timed events and tile events some -player unique
*some open and well hidden humor and easter eggs
*A nice balance between unchanging and changing things
* Battle and recruit Feerie,Crystal,Azure,Rust Dragons
*All towns except hometowns customized which are few and very hard to get the map in total has at least one town of each faction
*Possibility of performing a monolight backstab or getting a backstab(and suffering a quick loose on a long game from it becouse you cant find a dominatable town you wont find town portal here ...no sir)
*Gameplay which will be enjoyed by new pawns and veterans alike
*Hard Challanges whit rewards that will leave you with a BurNIng Desire

This map will NOT be best suited for player who:
*want to get into player vs player action right from the get go this especially counts if your playing(Allies) version
*Want to start as Castle,Necropolis,Conflux,Fortress or Tower
*Dont like to finish a map that still has much left to offer
*Dont like the maps that dont provide mirror advantages

Completely removed Fly And Town Portal
Dimension Door limited to a single scroll on the map



Some Quest Artifacts
Badge of Courage
Pendant of Courage
Eagle Eye boosters
Angel Wings
Spellbinders Hat
Tome of Air
Tome of Earth
Eagle Eye boosters

Note that you should finish most of the games without having a single player
completing any of the collectables except for the admirals hat nevertheless
the artifacts include but are not limited to:

At least Two Shackles of War
All 4 Elemental Orbs
The Grail
Armageddons Blade
Collectable Power of The Dragonfather
Collectable Ring of the Magi
Collectable Admiral's Hat
Collectable Statue of Legion
Collectable Angelic Alliance
Collectable Titans Thunder
Collectable Armor of the Damned
Collectable Bow of the Sharpshooter
Collectable Cornucopia

Here are some pictures:

Dungeon town starting area teaser:

Backstabing place :

South West corner surface:

South West corner Dungeon :

Comeback to give feedback and rate and of course GL and HF


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Known Hero
posted November 14, 2020 03:00 PM

Thanks for making this, you clearly put in a lot

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Tavern Dweller
posted November 15, 2020 02:49 AM

This is the best map I've ever played!!! Thank you!!!

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