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Heroes Community > Other Games Exist Too > Thread: Trial by Fire, and the Quest for Glory
Thread: Trial by Fire, and the Quest for Glory

Famous Hero
of picnics
posted April 28, 2016 07:36 AM
Edited by yogi at 09:54, 28 Apr 2016.

Trial by Fire, and the Quest for Glory

For those members of the Community of "Heroes" who deem themselves worthy of promoting to graduates of the Famous Adventurer's Correspondence School for Heroes, you must first pass through the Original Trial by Fire -





"The series consisted of five games, each of which followed directly upon the events of the last. New games frequently referred to previous entries in the series, often in the form of cameos from recurring characters. The objective of the series is to transform the player character from an average adventurer to a hero[11] by completing non-linear quests.

The game also was revolutionary in its character import system, which allowed you to import your individual character, including the skills and wealth he had acquired, from one game to the next.

Each game drew its inspiration from a different culture and mythology (in order, Germanic/fairy tale; Middle Eastern/Arabian Nights; Egyptian/African; Slavic folklore/Eastern European folklore; and finally Greco-Mediterranean) with the hero facing increasingly powerful opponents with help from characters who become increasingly familiar from game to game.

Many CRPG enthusiasts consider the Quest for Glory series to be among the best in the genre,[8] and the series is lauded for its non-linearity.[12][18] The games were notable for blending the mechanics of adventure video games and roleplaying video games,[6][19][20] their unique tone which combined pathos and humour,[6][15] and the game systems which were ahead of their time, such as day-night cycles, non-playable characters which adhered to their own schedules within the games, and character improvement through both skill practice and point investiture.
Polygon and Kotaku have characterised the game as a precursor to modern day RPGs.[13][19] Fraser Brown of Destructoid considers the games "one of the greatest adventure series of all time".[14]

Rowan Kaizer of Engadget credits the games' hybrid adventure and roleplaying systems for the series' success. "The binary succeed/fail form of adventure game puzzles tended to either make those games too easy or too hard," he wrote, "But most puzzles in Quest For Glory involved some kind of skill check for your hero. This meant that you could succeed at most challenges by practicing or exploring, instead of getting stuck on bizarre item-combination puzzles.

Each career path had its own strengths and weaknesses, and scenarios unique to the class because of the skills associated with it.[12][13] Each class also had its own distinct way to solve various in-game puzzles, which encouraged replay: some puzzles had up to four different solutions.[15] For instance, if a door is closed, instead of lockpicking or casting an open spell, the fighter can simply knock down the door. The magic user and the thief are both non-confrontational characters, as they lack the close range ability of the fighter, but are better able to attack from a distance, using daggers or spells. An example of these separate paths can be seen early in the first game. A gold ring belonging to the healer rests in a nest on top of a tree; fighters might make it fall by hurling rocks, thieves may want to climb the tree, while a magic user can simply cast the fetch spell to retrieve the nest, and then, while the fighter and magic user return the ring for a reward, the thief can choose between returning or selling the same ring in the thieves' guild (which is not available for those not possessing the "thieving" skills). It is also possible to build (over the course of several games) a character that has points in every skill in the game and can therefore perform nearly every task.

General attributes influence all characters classes and how they interact with objects and other people in the game; high values in strength allows to move heavier objects and communication helps with bargaining goods with sellers. These attributes are changed by performing actions related to the skill;[12] climbing a tree eventually increases the skill value in climb, running increases vitality, and so on.
There are also complementing skills which are only of associated with some classes; parry (the ability to block a blow with the sword), for instance, is mainly used by fighters and paladins, lock picking and sneaking thief's hobby, and the ability to cast magic spells is usually associated with magic user."


Good luck, "Heroes"

yogi - class: monk | status: healthy
"Lol we are HC'ers.. The same tribe.. Guy!" ~Ghost

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Famous Hero
of picnics
posted April 28, 2016 07:50 AM
Edited by yogi at 17:11, 16 Nov 2016.

Once you've graduated -


(now free on steam)

just found some really nice art extracted from the fourth game that folks here may be able to make use of in their projects - http://www.fief.org/kathleen/qg4/QuestForGlory4.html





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