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Heroes Community > Bards Glade Pyre (RPG) > Thread: The Outfield - Gates Of Hell (OoC)
Thread: The Outfield - Gates Of Hell (OoC)

Famous Hero
posted July 21, 2016 04:13 AM
Edited by husham123 at 04:13, 21 Jul 2016.

The Outfield - Gates Of Hell (OoC)

A long time ago, there was a huge kingdom named Aplussia.
Aplussia was reigned by the Great King Greeth.
King Greeth offered equality among all the yet-known creatures, and wanted to unite the whole earth in a single Kingdom.
He did not want to be looked at as if he's asking for war himself, so he decided, to make a contest.
Creatures form all the Earth gathered around the Aplussian Market's Center. The contest mentioned :
,,I am the leader of a huge kingdom, and one of your kin will take my place, and lead the whole earth. To prevent cheating, my uncle, King Roland will supervise you, and remember that all of you have equal chances. You have to pick 12 contestants of your kin to fight against the other kingdoms and the winner will lead the world.
The winner, was his brother, who was an elf and his Rampart Squad.
Elves were not bad in general, but there was something particular about the elves that lead the Kingdom.
His brother, Alun, as an elf was not bad. He was also good, and believe it or not, their mother was a human and their father was an elf. As the king predicted, he died 3 days later, leaving
Alun as the king. Alun, blinded by power, decided to banish the ,,ugly monsters'' from their lands and left nothing else, but
mostly empty lands. He married his 3rd grade cousin, Jamina, which was a human, and together they had 5 sons. 1 died at a very
young age, assassinated by ,,The Banished''*. 2 of them were twins, and they were taken away at a young age, under the protection of a very brave knight. All of this to protect them from being assassinated too.
The two others were born later, when security was implemented, and it was now considered safe to go on a walk with your kid
outside. The two ,,Lords In Exile'' were Kregan and Kregal. They were both took to the desert, where it was less probable that
a normal person would come.
Kregan was lost in a cave when the knight tried to look for medicinal plants to heal the wounds. He was kidnapped and
taken care of by The Devil himself. Kregan had that evil side, which he inherited from his father, semt like. But yet,
it was more extreme, if you looked into his eyes, you wouldn't see the innocence you see in any child.
He grown up as the Lord of the Depths Of Hell Itself. Yet he was banished, as he wasn't made of fire like the rest of the
demons, so he couldn't step from his throne down on hot ground. Yet, he said he can at least rule them from above.
Kregan in Demonic, means Fire Raven which reffers to the first Devil King, the mother of Satan himself, Kreganka.
(name is ending in ka if female. Kre = Fire | Gan = Raven)
He built a fortress, and he drove more than 300 demons inside.
Kregal, Kregan's brother was studying very hard, and he is now considered the most inteligent found on the West side.
He learned Advanced Leadership, and Basic Estates, so he would earn enough money for him to employ an army of mercenaries.
He was raised by the Knight to become the chosen King of the West side, which was just populated enough for an army.
At the age of 27, the twins re-united in a battle.
Kregal won against him, and ever since, Kregan tries to destroy him and his army. They both are kept in an eternal fight,
supervised day and night by scouts from the Kingdoms nearby.
Meanwhile, on the other side, on the North-East end, the humans and the elves are also in war.
The 2 brothers, Allyx and Koilan were in a fight for their father. They both believed the nation the other one had, started
this war. In fact, their father was killed by the both nation's national agency, in a hope to start the war.
They knew that king Alun had only 2 sons left, one elf, one human, and as long as they had a war, it could be financed
by the West End, and so, they might be able to help the West End improve. Later on, Kregan won again, and advanced.
His empire ravaged over 52 cities in the way to the East, but was stopped by King Koilan. He was heavily injured,
and he can't fight for some days, says the diagnosis the doctor gave.

My character.
Name: Berthon
Race: Human, born in the North East of the Ghuna mountains
Gender: Male (The Name Says It All)
Appearence: A Mercenary Group Leader. Looks fit and in nice shape for a leader that has to train his mercenaries.
Blue eyes, Dark Blonde hair, 1.80 m tall (Average Size of the Humans in North-East, althought the ones living close to the
Elf border reach a maximum of 1.60), and an age of a respectable 35
Temporary Appearence: Wears an armour, and stays close to his swords, as living at the border with the Desert isn't that
easy. and from time to time, when hunting, wears a desert hunter outfit:
(Camouflaging Paint, No hat, hair spray (for the ones who don't have blonde hair),and clothes that don't weight more than
7 KGs. Excepting the stationary mercenaries, that hunt from a safe distance, not moving much, using the crossbows supplied)
Personality: He is quite a good listener. He's not only a brave mercenary, but he enjoys having a life outside of combat.
Likes art very much, designs new types of gears, trains his mercenaries, and this requires a lot of patience.
Perks: Well trained in fighting, but never fought in an army, thought a close friend of his claimed that he fought against
the elves once, but then abandoned, as his own army betrayed him, lied to him, and killed his mother in a war (might have
experienced the war, so he might fight against an army). His Leadership skills are advanced, but is he good enough to lead
the mercenaries in battle ? We'll have to see.

Here is the thing. You can play anything except Undead, Demon, or King.
The quest of the game is : Kill Kregan, destroy his city, travel to hell, and crush his Scepter.
BONUS : For the ones who can find the leader of the Banished.
Judge, Jury, Executioner, you can choose to kill him, to convince him to join you, or imprison him. You get it, multiple choices.
which will banish his soul from the Mortal Realm.
What the darn-diddily-doodily did you just say about me, you little witcharooney? Iíll have you know I graduated top of my class at Springfield Bible College, and Iíve been involved in numerous secret

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