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Heroes Community > Heroes 4 - Lands of Axeoth > Thread: Heroes IV def H4D making! First guide!
Thread: Heroes IV def H4D making! First guide! This thread is 2 pages long: 1 2 · «PREV

Famous Hero
posted March 29, 2017 09:54 PM

Baronus, so you suggest i convert it from bmp to raw by using Irfanview, instead of just copying it from bmp to gimp and export it??

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Supreme Hero
posted March 29, 2017 11:11 PM

In your case I think you must only indexed it to 256 colors. RGB means milions of colors. Game dont read it. I dont know how work Namerutan tool but if rgb is error maybe indexing is solution.

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Supreme Hero
posted July 17, 2017 11:48 AM

Thanks Radmutant69 we have great progress in HIV def making. Now we can made map objects!
How to made HIV adventure def?
Its easy to do using facetoolkit 95 or Equilibris face tool.
If you want train extract creatures defs 52 and 82 and open defs using hexdeditor, open hero def reaname eg. anium to air elemental 0500Anium to 0d00air elemental. 05 and 0d (13) is number of letter the name. Dont add and dont cut nothing more! Copy Anium offset to air elemental creature def and see effect. Picture begins 000101001000000 and is long to end and next is of course 000101001000000. These value is 300 numbers up from hero/creature name see first hero/creature. Put h4d in data folder...
And see effect in H4REx (def viev img converter) or in game.
You can add eg. lich picture using facetool to def replaceing eg. Anium. Next edit name 0500Anium to 0600Medusa because is 1 letter more. And copy past from hero defs to creature defs.
facetool def1

So, let's see what i did:
1. Backup (at least) your new_mod.h4r file.
1. Save your image as a 82x82 sized bmp.
2. Paste it to the Facetool as (for example) Aislinn portrait and save it.
3. Open the new_mod.h4r file what you just made with mh4win or resedit2. Search for the layers.icons.hero.death.82.lay file and extract it.
4. Open this file with a hex editor and search for 'aislinn'.
Pic 4
5. Now scroll up until you find 00 01 01 00 nnnnnn... Mark it or something.
Pic 5
6. Search aislinn again and scroll down to find another 00 01 01 00. Mark the last byte before it and copy it and...
Pic 6a
...save it to an empty file.
Pic 6b
7. Search for aislinn in this new file and change her name...
Pic 7a
...to this:
Pic 7b
8. Extract the adv_object.Skeletons.Snake.obj file and open it with hex editor. Mark it from this point:
Pic 8a
To this point:
Pic 8b
9. Replace it with your frame and save the file with another name. And it's done. If you did it correctly, you have a 'new' object, what you can change whatever type you want.
The same method you can edit creature portraits.
Next you must change flag because dont fit. Its simply x,y system. From upper left corner is 0,0. I changed it succesfull. You can place flag where you want.
Flag position:
This is the flag code in the file:
Pic 1
The blue marked values are the coordinates of the flag. I just can't properly insert it into such objects like skeletons, rocks or whatever.
Edit: I didn't copypaste it from the original file with the file header, because it caused crash when i did. So I think there should not be any flag without it.
How to add new object to map:

try changing the file name from .obj to .h4d when placed in the Data folder. They work for me. Also you need to extract the files manually to your objects palette -> Tools -> Customize -> Creature generators.aislinnportrait and creature generators.tombofcurses
You can build your own object palette see editor: objects palette -> Tools -> Customize ->

BEWARE! If you try it first time only result may be editor desctruction! You must backup aop files brushes pbg deafault carryover and other because new file is saved! And you have changed editor and brushes. If its failed you have failed in save and its end of map editing. You cant use editor. The same with equilibris editor. It changed editor too and old editior can be broken.

facetool def2

Prepared by Baronus.

To be continued....

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