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Heroes Community > Other Games Exist Too > Thread: HoI3 TFH AAR
Thread: HoI3 TFH AAR

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posted February 01, 2017 06:28 PM


In my free time I play Hearts of Iron 3 TFH. I looked at HoI4 and was less than impressed. I enjoy this game a lot because I can vent some of my warrior-markkur in the process but more importantly, the A.I. is "decent" and the depth of the game is very good and yet if I want to streamline my actions I can put the A.I. in charge of one or all areas. However, I control everything if the war or nation I play merits the detailed attention.

Just in case, someone does not know; an AAR means "After Action Report" and it has some similarities to a Let's Play. However, rather than just recording what happened in a video the creator tells a story with text and screens. Also, like the LPs it could be a tutorial or a game-setting based on difficulty setting, Mod, etc.

My AARs are a mix of WWII facts, my "weaving fictions" and the actual unfolding of the present-game. I tend to remember to give at least "some info" about the game-mechanics etc. to newer players but focus most on storytelling.

Fyi, most veteran players use the "1936-Start" because, depending on what country you play, that gives the player a long time of build-up and preparation before going to war, where you pick the Tech-trees you'll pursue and the make-up and numbers on land, at sea and in the air.

My last "Romanian AAR" crashed and burned along with my HD but before that I completed a full AAR on a very aggressive 1936 Japan, called "Early Rising Sun".

This time I went UK and not the <imo> usually easy 36-start but chose the Paradox Scenario called Blitzkrieg-1939. In this I had to start with England not normally developed TECH-wise and fielding nearly a whole Motorized Infantry Army.(quite unrealistic) Bottom-line is that I had to use a Paradox set-up that seems was made after a long drunken office-party.

“UK Motorway” is ongoing and at Barbarossa. The Allies have grim days ahead.

“UK Motorway” a Blitzkrieg-Scenario AAR

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