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Heroes Community > Other Games Exist Too > Thread: Creature Quest: A short guide
Thread: Creature Quest: A short guide

Famous Hero
posted February 02, 2017 09:24 PM
Edited by markmasters at 12:57, 02 Mar 2017.

Creature Quest: A short guide


Maybe you have seen the banner already in advertisements here, or maybe you've heard of the game Creaure quest in another way.
It's a game for mobile devices which I enjoy quite a lot, we even have a guild with people from Heroes Community In the game. Intrigued? Join us, and allow me to explain the game a bit for you and give some tips .

1. What is creature quest?
2. Does it cost money?
3. What is important to know during the game?
4. How do I level efficiently?
5. What should I invest my diamonds in?
6.      Combo dots, explained
7. Awakening      

1. What is creature quest?
Creature quest is a game on your mobile devices and requires internet. It is a game with the goal to collect all the creatures I guess, there is a huge variation.

With a wink to Heroes of Might and Magic, the game has a turn based combat system and an open ‘adventure map’.

You can choose one of the quests (which rotate on a daily and weekly basis) to gain certain rewards. When starting a quest you have to explore the map (using energy, your resource while playing the game which will recharge in time). Each map has different objectives and rewards but that is pretty self-explanatory during the game (the game gives a good tutorial).

After completing a quest you gain extra rewards and you can unlock the next difficulty of that quest (I recommend finishing all the squire quests first that you have, if that goes with ease, try a tougher difficulty first with the quest ‘A giant adventure’).

2. Does it cost money?
Like all ‘free 2 play’ games, no the game is free but you can buy in-game bonuses.

However UNLIKE games like Castle Clash, I don’t feel it’s mandatory to buy diamonds in Creature Quest at all. Sure it can give you an edge but that’s fine, overall the game is pretty generous with giving you diamonds in the form of rewards during quests and achievements/missions.

I play for quite a while and did hardly use any money. You can even play the hardest difficulty of most missions without paying a penny

If you want the best value for your bucks I would go for the starter bundle which is relatively cheap and gives you everything you need to start with .

3. What is important to know during the game?

Alright, I split this into 2 categories:
- Play modes
- Collectible items and treasures

Play modes
There are three play modes

First: The quests, which I explained before (with the adventure map

Second: The Battle tower: You can face a number of fights as many times as you wish, as you ‘climb’ the tower, rewards increase, but so does the difficulty, however look for the bonuses for each leven which you can acquire in THAT particular level for that duration (like double gems, gold, less energy cost etc).

Third: Weekly challenges
The ‘PvP’ (player vs player) system in this game. You design your own dungeon (level your opponent has to fight trough) with creatures you collected. You gain ranking points for defeating enemy dungeons and you lose points whenever another player emerges victorious from your dungeon. You use no energy for these fights but Pearls, which recharge as well over time but slower than energy.

After a week your score is counted and you gain prizes, another reason to join a guild because your personal score counts, but also the score of your guild gives you prizes, double the profit!

When fighting in any of these modes, there is a rock paper scissor system, you got creatures in elemental colours where fire (red) beats earth (green), earth beats electric (yellow), electric beats water (blue) and water beats fire (red).

Theres also black and white which are effective against each other and normal against the other colours (and vice versa).

Next to it’s own colour, each creature has ‘combo dots’ If a creature in your team is one of the corresponding colours as your ‘combo dots’, then your creature deals ‘combo damage’ (multipliers depending on the amount of combo dots it has).

Collectible items and treasures
Quickly explained:
- Gold: used for creature upgrades
- Gems: Used for upgrading corresponding creature evolves and giving experience to them (Beware, when you EVOLVE a creature, it becomes weak again, but gains a higher level cap than before, so ultimately it gets stronger when he has full experience again).
- Totems: boost the parameters of creatures like attack (used to overcome the enemies defence) Defence (used to reduce incoming damage) HP (health points), Power (boosts attack and most special abilities) and luck (boosts resistance and critical hit chance).
- Tomes and compendiums: Used for upgrades and attack type switching
Attack type switching?
Yes, your creature can be a bruiser (hits consistently) an assassin (specialises in critical hits) a warlock (deals extra damage against cursed creatures) and many more. I suggest you read them all yourself in the game.

- Diamonds: used to buy special items/specialties in the game, more about that later
- XP tokens (adventure map only) gives experience to level up your progress (not creatures)
- Energy tokens (gained during challenge battles, can be used to continue questing).

4. How do I level efficiently?

I don’t know if my method is the best, but I do have some tips.
When you level up your energy gets refreshed, so it’s a good thing to time that efficiently.

Some important things:
- When questing on the adventure map, DO NOT COLLECT THE TREASURES AND EXPERIENCE TOKENS RIGHT AWAY. The adventures often have shrines which give you a bonus for that quest (like 10% xp or 10% gold bonus). If you collect the goods after finding shrines, you get some extra for free
- Treasure chests: always pick experience over gold (gold is pretty abundant)
- Try to explore as much as possible of the map before doing battles (sometimes you have to before continuing).
- Are you almost level up, finished the map and just have to collect the XP tokens to finish it completely? Use remaining energy at the battle tower for XP and goods first
- Only use energy gained from quests/achievements when you really need it, don’t collect them right away because (especially early) you can cycle trough your energy and level up quite often
- Always take diamonds if you can pick them over another reward (they are the hardest to collect).
- Finish a quest for 100% to collect a random double bonus at the end of the quest

What should I invest my diamonds in?

First I would go for the energy upgrades (which you can purchase twice) it gives you a total of 20 extra energy each purchase. The costs increases after the first one though, I only bought the first two for a total of +40 energy permanently.

After that I basically saved for the 10-Diamond chest bundles (800 diamonds). Because it is guaranteed to give you an epic/legendary creature (much much stronger).

If you can get a good prize in the weekly challenge you can try to buy some extra Pearls for challenges (only recommended if you can like reach the top 3). You sometimes get a discount offered to buy 10 challenge pearls in a ‘special deal’

I wouldn’t invest my diamonds in other things to be honest, however Late in the game you might like to use ‘quick battle coins’ for the harder battles. You can use these coins in a quest you previously completed on that difficulty. It saves me a lot of time by using these coins, but if you’re not lazy as me you can probably save up for better creatures with the 10-chest bundle .

I hope you have been informed enough. Feel free for questions, I’ll keep a Q&A here.

Enjoy, and hopefully we see you soon in HC Kreegans (our Creature Quest guild )

6. Combo dots, explained

You will notice all your creatures (even duplicates) have combo dots (well some have no combo dots it's possible).

Combo dots allow a creatures potential to deal a lot of damage or generate mana balls.

More dots is Always better BUT, if your creature has 4 combo dots (maximum) and it are 4 different colours it means IF he wants to obtain that 16x damage combo he will need to be supported by creatures of 4 different colours, that way I think it's not the best idea to only have creatures with 4 different dots) because then only 1 creature per round can obtain a combo. However dots can also be obtained of the same color, which lowers the amount of combo obtained, but generates more mana balls.

The following rule applies:
1 dot = maximum 2x damage
2 dots = maximum 4x damage
3 dots = maximum 8x damage
4 dots = maximum 16x damage

Example: Your egghead (yellow creature) has a blue combo dot and your wacky toad (blue creature) has a yellow combo dot. They won't be able to both combo UNLESS you have another blue or yellow creature in your pool. If you attack with the wacky toad first your egghead will receive a 2x combo on his next attack/ability and the other way around the same rule applies.

If your wacky toad however has a white AND yellow combo dot, he would need the egghead to attack first and THEN a white creature (like gremlim) to attack. If this happens the wacky toad now has a 4x combo for his attack/ability this turn.

Don't think too much about combo dots early in the game, one or two dots are fine as a starter, the quality of your creatures counts more (of which there is not definition of best, explore the combo's of abilities yourself . Of course, the size and quality of the creatures DOES determine your strength. From common - rare - epic - legendary.

When defending your dungeons combo dots determine the initiative for your creatures: the more dots they have, the faster they may act (so more dots is Always better in a defending situation!)

7. Awakening
Once a creature is completely evolved you can start awakening it simply by sacrificing a similair creature. If you have multiple it's the best idea to make the one with the most dots your most powerfull, Only your main creature has to be fully evolved, the level of the 'sacrifical lambs' does not matter. Awakening gives unique bonuses to your creature. For an example of 'Awakening', see the post below

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Adventuring Hero
posted February 17, 2017 10:55 PM

Awakening does not require sacrificing fully evolved creatures. In fact, you don't even need to collect creatures with the same combo dot count, just the same type.

See the following images:

Gargoyle Overseer with two combo dots gains a rank

with two gargoyles with one combo dot each

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Undefeatable Hero
Enrothian Conservative Party
posted February 19, 2017 07:01 PM

Hey Marks I think it would help with readability if you used at least some bold to separate different parts.
Join JVC's new AWESOME adventure!

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Famous Hero
posted March 02, 2017 01:51 PM
Edited by markmasters at 13:52, 02 Mar 2017.

Galaad said:
Hey Marks I think it would help with readability if you used at least some bold to separate different parts.

Good that you mention it, I'm not very good in lay-outs and such....do you think it's a bit better now? I appreciate that you mention it.

@Hayenne, great short example of awakening, a picture truly tells more then a 1000 words, thanks!

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Famous Hero
posted March 03, 2017 11:00 AM

Why does everybody hate the 150 energy pack for 25 diamonds? Without that I would never come so far?

I mostly buy the 25 pearl and 150 energy pack, because you can complete one full campaign with that energy.

And I don't level up everytime.

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Famous Hero
posted March 06, 2017 12:10 PM

Rakshasa92 said:
Why does everybody hate the 150 energy pack for 25 diamonds? Without that I would never come so far?

I mostly buy the 25 pearl and 150 energy pack, because you can complete one full campaign with that energy.

And I don't level up everytime.

We certainly don't hate it, and it is one of the better deals I'd say

But alas, time is a precious thing, and thus for me at least it is important to plan ahead.

At a certain point your progress will stop from only completing quests and you need better creatures. So it's better to try obtain better creatures as legendaries can only be obtained trough summons (and you can get one from the quests). I would argue that buying energy is not worthwhile anymore after completing all the Grand Wish quests on King difficulty, unless you really needsome certain items

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