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Heroes Community > Heroes 7+ Altar of Wishes > Thread: Cortes thread for future factions
Thread: Cortes thread for future factions

Adventuring Hero
posted February 05, 2017 09:03 PM
Edited by Cortes at 09:46, 11 Feb 2017.

Cortes thread for future factions

Welcome to my new projects.

Yes, projects but all factions, that will be posted in this thread are not really connected to each other. So, no “one new world” for all the stuff down there or something like that. At least I do not plan to do so but should it look different enough that it could work, I do also not plan on making two versions of one faction within this thread, then that is fine as well.

I simply do not want to open a new thread every time, I post a new a new creation.

The only faction, that will definitively never be posted here, is necropolis.
I am completely fine with what was posted here:

I owe non of the pictures


NAME: Haven
SHORT: Humans

Whenever other races talk about humans, they talk mostly about kingdoms and empires. High and mighty, glorious and well known. But there are others humans, who do not live in such realms. Often referred as “Barbarians” and “Scum” by the civilized people, they live in  much harsher, more hostile lands. But nonetheless, they have their own society, their own culture, their own religion. And they can stand up for themselves, if challenged.    


“I am the sword and shield of the clan. I shall prevent my people from suffering any harm and shall guide them in dark times. I am no leader but a servant to the clan. Wherever I go, I will always honor the name of my clan and never shame them with my actions and if I should, only my dead on battle can purify me.”
Oak of the Thane.

Military leaders, who are often sons or daughters from the heads of the clans. But sometimes strangers and adventurers will be offered this position as well, as a reward. They are also known for traveling around the world to gain experience and knowledge.

“Nothing is better than a beer after a long ride with my boys on my side.”
Wulfstans life and his pride are his wolfs. He is well known through the clans for his extraordinary experience on raising and training them. His connection to them goes so far, that some are saying, he may be more then just a human.
All Dire Wolf and Silverback gain more offense and defense for every X hero level.

Priests can be found within every town or village of the clans. They usually do not go into battle but if they do, they have the right to do so as a commander. After all, it can not be wrong to trust a man or a woman who has a connection to the gods, right?

“If I have to go into battle, I do it to protect people, to save lives.”
Smirna comes from a family, who has studied the art of healing for generations. She did even once study it among the wizards at their home. The result can be well seen.
Regeneration becomes X% more effective for every X hero level and can now resurrect as well.

“For Honor and Glory”
Works similar to the racial skill from H7 but is rather balanced between skills for morale, defense and offense. Hero can also have a chance for luck, if he performs a normal attack.


Spearman / Town Guard – walker, melee

In a world, where the nature itself seems hostile sometimes, everyone need to be ready to fight if the the times has come. A basic combat training with spear and shield is a duty, every man has to attend to. And not few choose to join the local Town Guard to get a expanded training. Even though, they risk their  lives much more than others do, sometimes on a daily basis by patrolling the path and streets outside the cities and villages of their own clan for example, they know, there a jobs, who are worse than that.

Big Shield: Physical ranged damage is reduced by X%.
(U) Shield Allies: All friendly creatures located on neighbouring tiles get only X% of damage from physical ranged attacks.

Archer / Sharpshooter – walker, ranged

In a world, where the nature itself seems hostile sometimes, everyone need to be ready to fight if the the times has come. One can often see woman training with bow and arrow, to provide support from the second line during battle. Some of them are even capable of dealing greater damage, if the enemy dares to get to close to them.
Salve: X% of original damage over X by X tiles. Damages friendly creatures as well. Active Ability
(U) Precise Shoot: The shorter the distance between unit and target, the higher the X% of enemy DEF, who are ignored.

Dire Wolf / Silverback – walker, melee

Wolfs have been a common sight among the clans, as long as they can remember. Good friends and loyal allies, the men of the clans know how much reliable this creatures are. And while the howl of a wolf may be frightening for many on the world, humans of the clans, have another feeling, if they hear it.
Unlimited Retaliation: Creature does always retaliate.
(U) Feral charge: Creature can reach any target on the battlefield, if not blocked by other creatures, walls or something else. Activated ability

Giant Raven / Valravn – flier, melee

Ravens have always been one the more intelligent races of the birds. This goes even more for this ravens, who are as big as a man. They can speech the human language some of them can even do much more.  
Scavenger: This creature can restore its health and even their numbers by devouring the enemy corpses lying on the battlefield within its movement range. Valravn can only use “Shapshifter”, once they did “Scavenger”. Activated ability
Magic Resistance: Unit has X% resistance to any kind of damage or negative effect of magic.
(U) Shapeshifter: Once per battle, unit can change appearance. Changing takes one full round.
The Knight: walker, melee. Initiative and Move are decreased but ATK, DEF and HP are increased.
Wolf-Raven Hybrid: flier, melee. ATK and HP are slightly increased, gains “Unlimited Retaliation” as ability.

Greybeard / Whitebeard – walker, ranged, caster

If the head of a clan wants an advice, he can ask a Priest and a Greybeard. The first listens to what the gods say, the second listens, to what the history and knowledge of the clan say. They are the keeper of the past, a “living history book” so to say. They study magic and will record even the most tiniest details of the daily life, no matter, how unimportant it may appear.  
Caster: Unit can cast Haste, Deflect Missile, (U) Ice Bolt, (U) Ice Ring  

Berserker / Bearserker – walker, melee

Mighty warriors, blessed by the bear. Always the first to go into battle, they will never stop until  either the enemy or themselves have been wiped out. And once, their rage has taken full control over them, they became a fearsome sight, who might even attack friendly creatures, if no enemy is near. But no matter if target is friend or foe, no ones dares to retaliate to such a rage.
Iron Will: Creature is immunity to all mind related spells or effects.
Berserker Rage: When this ability is used, the creature's Defense drops temporarily to zero, Offense increases by the same amount, and it attacks the nearest enemy automatically without suffering the retaliation strike. However if there is no enemy in the movement range of this creature it will attack a nearest friendly unit instead of the enemy. Activated ability.
(U) Shapeshifter: Once per battle, unit can change appearance. Changing takes one full round.
Werebear: All stats beside Initiative and Move are slightly increased.

Rider / Cavalry – walker, melee

Horses are a relatively rare sight among the clans. Only chosen warriors are allowed to charge into battle on the back of a horse but many prefer their own two foots anyway. Does not change the fact however, that the clans know about the strategic possibilities of such attacks and are always searching for ways, to safely increase the number of good horses, suited for battle.  
Jousting: Creature gets a X% bonus to damage it inflicts during attack for each tile it covered on the battlefield before the attack.


If the clans fight a siege they trust on a simple Healing Tent and a solid but simple as well Ballista and Catapult.


Boost growth of Berserker and Bearserker by X per week.

Boost growth of Rider and Cavalry by X per week.

Decrease recruitment cost of new heroes and increase morale of defending army by X.


NAME: Bastion
SHORT: The swamp faction

Swamps can be found overall at on the world. Being the dangerous, dark places they are, not many dare to travel deep into them. And as far as it goes for the Lizardmen and Gorgons, living at the ruins of temples and cities far, far away from the borders of their home, it is quite good. Not many do know more then rumors and legends about them and only at rare times you see more then one or two travelers outside their home. They have various houses and tribes of their own, each lead by a couple of an Lizardmen Alpha and a Gorgon Matriarch. They do, however, lack king and queen, leading to civil wars from time to time.
They see themselves as one of the oldest races of this world and remember times, long lost for many else. They consider themselves as one race, since they need each other for the survive of the own race, living at peace with their home and are usually quit the peaceful neighbors. And if it is only because they are the probably most turtling neighbors you will ever know. But deep within their hearts lies the wish to return to the old days, increasing the size of the swamps to the old, giant areas.

More then anyone else rely the troops of Bastion on the right ground to fight. Heroes can create ponds on the battlefield to give Bastion units various buffs and supporting effects as well as giving passive effects on units and heroes on swamp areas. Ponds can be created to fit one tile or an area of 2x2 tiles but on a higher cost. If fighting on a swamp map, units will have a natural buff too.


Might. Only the strongest, fastest, most intelligence lizard are worthy being an Alpha and most of them are already born with the tendencies to become one. Alphas are not only being in need of being a formidable warrior but a reliable leader as well.

Magic. The Gorgons with the highest magic power are Matriarchs. Not only strong but charming and very intelligence, they now all to well, how they can charm other species and use them to their favor. As well as getting rid of them, when they have become useless.


Swampfly / Bloodfly – flier, melee

Big flies, which can be found everywhere in the swamps. They are rather annoying then strong but it is a good advice for an adventurer or traveler to avoid a fight with a swarm of them all alone. They are well known for their habit of flying around, almost never holding a place, thus giving their enemies trouble, hitting them.

Restless: Any damaging ranged attack or damaging spell, targeting only one target/one tile has X% chance to fail. If unit has an enemy on a neighboring tile, effect changes to melee combat.  
(U)Poison Attack: X% of original damage over X rounds.

Toad / Poison Toad – walker, melee

Due the lack of the usual long tongue, the giant toads of the swamps have develop a hunting method of taking a leap on their prey. They simply crush it, while landing on it and eat the rest. Well, that is, as long as the prey does not live to strike back of course.

Leap: This creature can leap on any enemy target, at great distance, getting a X% attack bonus for every tile it goes over. After the leap, the unit lands on the tile next to the target, and is exposed to double damage bonus retaliation. The leap can't be longer than twice the normal movement range, and it can't be shorter than two tiles. Activated Ability
(U)Poisonous Skin: X% of original damage and reduction of movement over X rounds every time, unit is attacked. Goes as well, if unit performs Leap.

Alligator / Swamp Alligator – walker, melee

Big and intelligence alligators, well trained by the lizardmen and often used as hided guards on secrets passages. Enemies are often surprised by their quick reflexes, if their prey has come close enough.

Lizard Bite: Performs an attack against neighboring enemy and inflicts X% of regular damage, if this enemy is attacked by an allied creature.
Armored: Unit has immunity to any spell or negative effect which reduce defense.
Surprise Reaction: Every time, an enemy moves to neighboring tile around this unit, there is X% chance for attack, inflicting  X% of regular damage.
(U) Lurking: As long, as unit stands completely within a pond it is invisibly, if no enemy unit neighbors it.

Lizardmen / Lizard Warrior– walker, ranged

Long living, intelligence, humanoid lizards, they are one of the oldest races. Old stories telling how they once ruled half of the world. Even though, no one knows the correctness of this stories for sure anymore, they are very appealing to them. Does not mean, however, that the average lizardmen is going to war, just because of old stories. They are expert in handling the spear, no matter if on close or on ranged combat.
Crippling Wound: Creature has X chance of decreasing the target's Move and Initiative. Target is wounded for X turn.
(U) No melee penalty: Creature does not get penalty for melee combat.

Gorgon / Gorgon Priestess – walker, ranged / caster

Rather beautiful but sinister female, half snake and half human, the gorgons are one the main races in the swamps, alongside the lizardmen. While the lizardmen are having a strong body, the gorgons are trained in magic, allowing them to strike with magic attacks from range and once, a gorgon has finished the rites of a priestess, they can do even more.
No melee penalty: Creature does not get penalty for melee combat.
Petrification: Melee attack turns enemy into stone. (goes for X rounds or until first attack and enemy gets X% more damage from attack)
(U) Caster: Can cast Slow, Confusion, Earth Spikes, Poison Spray

Fungaloid / Fungal Beast – walker, mlee

Fungus of every size are a common sight in the swamps. Some can be eaten, others are poisoning and some of them, are actually part of a creature. This creatures may be of a rather peaceful kind, only acting aggressive, if feeling in danger, they are surprisingly useful, if raised from little. And the lizardmen and gorgons know exactly, how to do so.  

Resistance to earth: Creature has X% resistance to damage and negative effects of earth magic.
Spore Body: Every time, unit is attacked with physical damage, it will unleash a cloud of paralyzing  spores. Will reduce Move and Initiative of any unit, standing on a neighboring tile, until end of round.
(U) Spore Cloud: Once per round, creature can unleash a cloud of poisonous spores. Will deal X% of original damage over X rounds to any target standing on a 2x2 area around unit.

Hydra / Swamp Hydra – walker, melee

The king of the swamps. The hydra is giant, multi-headed creature, who seems to have allied with the lizardmen and gorgons, who praise it as a being, sent by their gods, to help them against their enemies. For some at least, while others does see it only as the mightiest monster around their homes. The king of the swamps, so to say.
Six Headed Attack: Creature attacks all adjacent tiles simultaneously, causing damage to all enemy creatures positioned there.
No enemy retaliation: Enemies can not retaliate to attacks of this creature.
(U) Regeneration: Creature restores health at the start of its turn.


Gorgons, who are so old, that their snakes turned white, like human hair, serving from behind the front lines as support and different Swamp Monsters acting like a Balliste or a Catapult.  


Turn area of control of city slowly into swamp terrain.

Increase knowledge of every hero visiting this town by X. Cumulative with other towns.

At the start of every week, one creature will be randomly picked to get increased growth rate. Actual increase depends on tier of creature and town level.

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Adventuring Hero
posted February 05, 2017 09:04 PM


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Adventuring Hero
posted February 05, 2017 09:06 PM

reserved again

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