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Heroes Community > Heroes 7+ Altar of Wishes > Thread: Stronghold - Barbarian Invasion
Thread: Stronghold - Barbarian Invasion

Adventuring Hero
posted March 16, 2017 11:34 PM bonus applied.
Edited by Cortes at 20:20, 17 Mar 2017.

Stronghold - Barbarian Invasion


It is time for a new version of Stronghold, though I took a bit of an inspiration from the Barbarian from H1 and H2.
Oh, I have gone with core, elite and champion this time. But that is only because I had much more units then just 7 and I wanted no one to be kicked out this time. And it is always just one unit and one upgrade, even if it looks otherwise.

And there is a campaign, which is a bit detailed this time.

I owe non of the pictures or the links:


A variety of monster, creatures and races, gathered together in more or less loose clans, who are primarily trying to gain honor and glory on the battlefield. The hold the deeds of someone in a higher regard then the name of the family.
Their society is build upon a mixture of strength and honor and they vote the duty a man has against himself at the same high regard, as the duty against his clan or his family. Aside from their live on the battlefield however, they can have a surprisingly laid-back personality sometimes. When you can practically die on the battlefield every day, you do not want to have unfinished business at home after all. So, there is no marriage for example, instead it is more like a living together which can end as fast, as it started. Such things are mostly done with one or two sentences and a mutual agreement, though both do have a duty to the children, if they are some.  
They do not have trained or disciplined armies like others. Instead every army is more like a giant horde, charging against the enemy and crushing their ranks. They are surprisingly effective and have been fighting as mercenaries on all kind of places, while they do not care, if a friendly clan has been hired by the other side. They do also accept a wide range of rewards. Slaves to make a sacrifice to their gods, gold, weapons and armor but also, since their homelands are not the most fertile corner of the world, natural materials. That said, they know how to do stuff like farming on their own and will do, if they can.

A Fort of Stronghold with the typical environment of this lands. :


The military leaders of the clans have to be both, strong warriors and wise leaders. The pressure is immense but the reward can be worth of it.

With a strong connection to the spirit world, shamans are the magical leaders of the clans. They are wise, strong mages, who talk to the nature and are often underestimated by other mages.

Battle Rage. The same as Blood Rage, just a different name and I go with H5 on that one.



Gnoll / Gnoll Scout – walker, ranged :

One of the beastmen, gnolls are mostly used as a wide range scout, often traveling days or even weeks outside of their homelands of their clan, following traces, spying on other clans or targeted cities or making a deal if mercenaries are needed.  
No melee penalty: No penalty to close combat
(U) Scout Shoot: Once per round unit can mark an enemy. Marked enemy will receive X% more damage from next attack.

Goblin / ( Goblin Slinger / Goblin Warrior   / Goblin Trapper – walker, melee (ranged / melee / melee)
/ /
Goblins. Without a doubt the most numerous race within the clans and the most annoying one. You kill one, three more will come, their numbers are their only strength. Cowards they are, they will always run, facing a strong opponent, just to return the moment this opponent turns its back on them.
Cowardice: Suffering damage from a melee attack, this creature tries to run off to the nearest unoccupied location within its movement range.
(U-Warrior): Bravery of a Goblin: If stack of this unit has more HP, then stack of target has, this unit will deal additional damage during attack. How much depends on difference.
(U)-Trapper): Set Snares: Unit can place a snare, invisible to the enemy, on the battlefield. When enemy falls into snare, there is a chance of X% that it will stop current turn.  

Wolf Rider / Wolf Raider– walker, melee:

Wolfs have always been a part of the life of the clans. Surprisingly, no goblin will ever run from a fight, if riding a wolf,  though the reason for it maybe questionable. That aside, they are often used for quick raids or as a vanguard to the actual army.
Howl: Once per round, unit can howl to reduce defense and morale of all enemy units within the range of speed.
Pack Hunter: When this creature attacks a target, the target is also attacked by all the other stacks of creatures of the same type, who stand on surrounding tiles to the target.
(U) Raider: Each time, this unit kills enemy units, you will get resources at the end of battle, equal to X% of the cost of these units.

Axewielder / Ravager – walker, ranged:

Humans are flexible. So it is no surprise, that some of them have also made a home on these lands. Their flying axes are always having a high harvest under their poor targets. They are also the only humans, who have ever earned the respect from other like orcs or ogres, despite only being a group of a kind, which lives mostly on more comfortable lands.
No melee penalty: No penalty to close combat
Strong range penalty: Penalty to ranged attacks does already apply behind the tiles it can reach within a round.
(U) Rage Mode: If unit has at least reached first rank of Battle Rage, there is a X% chance, that it will attack second time. X% does depend on rank of Battle Rage and works for melee as well as for ranged attacks.

Brute / Crusher – walker, melee:

The are strong, the are though, they are wild. Orcs have lived and fought in these lands, since they can remember. They saw all the others coming and it is said, that they will see the other going. And remain with their ways.
Unfettered: Creature can not be slowed down.
Big Shield: Damage dealt by physical range attacks is reduced by X%.
(U) Cleave: If attack of this unit kills at least one unit of enemy stack, it can perform an additional strike.

Boar / Wild Boar – walker, melee:

To man his pig is the orc his wild boar. With the little difference, that this wild beast are sometimes also trained to go into battle. Not, that they would need much training, though.
Charge: Defense of enemy target is reduced by X% for every tile, this unit crosses to reach target.
Tusk Attack: Each attack has chance of X% to lower initiative and speed.
(U) Unlimited Retaliation: Creature does always retaliate.  


Centaur / Centaur Nomad OR Centaur / Centaur Marauder   – walker, ranged OR walker, melee :
Another kind of beastmen, the centaurs are the cavalry of Stronghold. It does not matter if they act as light cavalry with bow and arrow or if they go into close combat and attacking every unit on their way. They are fast enough to do both without getting much damage on their own.
Maneuver: When the creature is about to retaliate on a melee attack it moves away from the attacker first and then retaliates with its ranged attack.
(U) Mobile Shooter: Thanks to the perfect coordination of their legs and arms, Centaurs can either move and then shoot or shoot and then move.
Wheeling Attack: On its way to its main target, this creature attacks all enemy stacks adjacent to its route, delivering X% of its normal damage to them without suffering retaliation.
(U) Bash: At every attack creature has a chance to stun the enemy so they won't be able to retaliate and lose initiative.

Battle Witch / Rage Witch – walker, melee, caster :

There might be some who would be inclined to describe these female sorcerers as beautiful, but only until they take up their ritual daggers and begin to work their magic. They are well trained in a unique style of magic with can affect both, friends and enemies, even without casting a spell on their own.  
Magic Sharing: Every time, this unit is blessed with a positive spell, every friendly unit will get the same effect, if standing within movement range of this unit. Every time, an enemy unit within movement range is cursed with a negative spell, with the exception of damaging spells, every other enemy unit within movement range of this unit will be affected as well.
Witch can cast Slow, Haste and Stone Spikes
Rage Witch has a unique set of spells, who works only with rage points:
Shared Rage: Equals rage points between all friendly units.
Transferred Rage: Select two friendly units. Unit A will give as many rage points as possible to unit B.
Cleaning Rage: Selected unit will sacrifice rage points to get rid of negative spell.
Fist of Rage: Select as many units, as you want. This units will give every rage point and select enemy unit, to attack it with this spell. Attack power equals number of rage points.

Troll / Stone Troll – walker, ranged :

Stupid but strong, trolls join the armies to play their favorite game: throwing stones on living targets. They have a simple mind and there is not much needed to make them happy.
Crushing Throw: Range attacks get as much points of rage as melee attack does.
No melee penalty: No penalty to close combat
(U) Stone Skin: Physical damage is reduced by X%.

Wyvern   / Foul Wyvern – flier, melee:

If every day dead bodies remain, it does not take long before the scavengers come. And they do not care, if some of the bodies have already started rotting away. On the other hand, the clans have tamed some of these beasts a long time ago.
Scavenger: Once per round this creature can restore its health and even their numbers by devouring the enemy corpses lying on the battlefield within its movement range.
(U) Poison Breath: X% of original damage over X rounds.

Ogre   / Ogre Lord – walker, melee:

It is said, that ogres did once rule over a quarter of the world. Long, long ago. They are very talented blacksmiths, they did indeed teach it to the orcs once and no ogre wold be called an adult, until he forged a sword for his personal use on his own. But only the mightiest ogres are able to unleash the full power of their swords.
Double-edged sword: Retaliation deals as much damage, as a normal attack would do.
(U) Rage Sword: If at least the first rank of Battle Rage is entered during combat, the sword deals additional X% fire damage, depending on rank of Battle Rage and starts burning.


Behemoth   / Ancient Behemoth – walker, melee :

The incarnation of the Battle Rage. Behemoths are considered the messengers of the darker gods of the clans. With their powerful claws, they penetrate even the thickest armor, while their inner fire makes them never stop in a battle. The oldest of them can even carry this conflagration outwards.
Sharp Claws: Every Attack ignores X% of enemies defense. Doubled % for Ancient Behemoth.
Unlimited Retaliation: Creature does always retaliate.  
(U) Explosion: Once per round, creature can damage every creature around itself.

Fallen Dragon / War Dragon  – flier, melee :

Someone once said that he could never believe that dragons could live in this barbaric way. He has lived up close, that there are some who do. These dragons enjoy nothing but the intoxication of the battle.
Fire Breath: During attack, creature damages not only the target but any other unit positioned directly behind it.
(U) Rush Dive: Once per combat this creature can perform an air attack against all the enemies in a line in the selected direction.

Cyclops / Enragd Cyclops – walker, melee :

Big, strong and though. Cyclops are not very intelligent but they do not need to be. They simply destroy everything with a strike of the giant clubs. Not even the best wall could take more than a few hits. And the fools who say, that they are an easy enemy, because of their one eye, should take a look into these eyes while fighting cyclops.
Crushing blow: Creature attacks always 2x2 tiles area, damaging everything on it. Can demolish walls and towers from a town during siege.
(U) Evil Eye: Every time, unit is about to suffer damage from close combat, there is a chance of X%, that enemy unit will not attack or retaliate to attack.


Drummer as Support:

“The mighty hordes are drawn to battle by the uniform tact of the war drummers.”
As long as the drums play, every friendly unit will get X rage points at the start of the round.

Hornblower as Ballista:

“When the mighty horns of the Horde shout, even the undead and the constructs crouch in fear.”
At the start of every round, every enemy unit gets a penalty on morale.  

Tamec Cyclops as Catapult:


Can increase growth of any melee unit by half of current growth/week.

Units gain more rage points while fighting on area of control of city.

Campaign: Barbarian Invasion

The main hero:

Data: Zaffre, Human, Male, 28, Chieftain

Appearance: “Tall, muscular and scarred”, would be a bit understated to describe him. He is almost 7 feets or 2.10 m tall and his muscles would make an orc proud. This goes even more for dozens of scars to be found all over his body. He named himself, Zaffre, after the colour of his eyes and he as a short, black beard and messy, black hair to the shoulders. He always carries a large, black, two-edged ax and wears only comfortable clothing. Chainmail at best, during battle.

“Peace is the worst disease, known to mankind. It makes man weak, woman faithless, friends to enemies. Only war can heal it. But a good beer or a beautiful girl would make it acceptable, temporary, at least. ”  
Zaffre has two sides: The first one is that of a wild, slightly aggressive man, who has a great love for beer, a good brawl, traveling and spending time, rather seducing, beautiful women of all kind of races. A man who is loyal to his friends, would go through hell for the woman he loves and is always open for some fun, like playing a prank or getting distracted by a beautiful women. A natural leader who hates it to take responsibility but would do it, if needed.

And then, there is the other side: The side of a rampaging beast, a fearsome, almost cruel warrior, who gets drown by his own rage on a recurring occasion and enjoys to let the blood of his poor enemies rain. An unforgiving man, who would burn down an entire kingdom just to get his hands on the man, who dared to lay his hands on the only thing, that could make Zaffre that angry: By touching his girl.
But if his girl gives the look that another man is more important to her, that she would sacrifice their relationship for a greater good, she will be reduced to nothing more than an enemy.

Aside from any of this, he is a man of his word.

Zaffre was actually not born under this name. He was born as William Kain of Silverstone, the second son of Duke Thomas of Silverstone. With an peace loving father and an overly ambitiousness elder brother, Michael Abel, who had already set his eyes on the throne to become king one day, the only person he would get along with, was his sister Alexandra. Maybe this was the time, when the foundation for their future relationship was set.
Since a very young age he tried to avoid his duties and the daily life as a noble, by traveling. First only through the city but later his round would become larger and larger until the borders of the kingdom would not stop him anymore. He had many adventurers, made many friends and many enemies but by the time he reached the lands of Stronghold, he felt...at home. Their way of live was much more to his liking, then the life as a noble could ever be.
When he was at home, he continued his relationship with Alexandra, who turned into a huge nymphomaniac over the years and lured him beyond the point, of a normal relationship between siblings. He became also a good friend of Kholgan, a prince of the dwarfs and heir to the throne, who did also struggle with his life. They had some famous adventures together.
Then, one day, he returned home and fall in love. It was short but happy. But the woman was a noble as well and her father, manipulated by Michael to follow his ideas, had other plans for her. She should marry one of the younger sons of the king.
And this was the first time, the second side of his personality awoke while being at home. He tried a lot of things but after his father told him, that he would not risk peace and reputation for a son, who is not fulfilling his duties, he remained silent.  
But he had still some friends and followers left. And he called the most trustworthy ones. And the wedding, that was planned by Michael to secure his own preeminence, would later be known as Red Wedding.
At that day, William Kain died, as well as his father, the woman he loved and many, many other men and woman, including all men who followed him and Zaffre was born.

Every victory on battle gives additional movement points to the hero and every X victory increases initiative of friendly creatures during combat on that map by X%.

Mission 1: Retreat
Intro text: I can still hear the bells ringing. I can still see her face and feel her blood on my skin. It is too late to regret now but not too late for revenge. And I know exactly, where I can find the army I need for that.

Overview Map:
large, underground, no water, 3 player, 2 Haven, 1 Stronghold

Reach lands of Stronghold

Overview Mission:
You start at one corner of the map. No troops, no city, no resources, no artifacts beside your black ax, which ignores X% of enemies defense for each level of the hero.
You have to reach the opposite corner of the map to win this mission.

Mission 2: Clan
Intro text: Interesting. I have only been a few weeks in this lands again and I am already discovered. They will give me a chance. If I can rebuild an abandoned town and clean the area around it, they will recognize me as a chieftain. Fine. Just one question left: What I am gonna do with all the bones? Maybe Iranta, has an idea.

Overview Map:
normal, no underground, no water. 1 player.

Build your city as much as possible
Conquer/rebuild every fort on the map.
Defeat all neutral armies.

Mission Overview:
Just you, no other player. But very strong stacks of neutral with a very high growth rate.
First time with secondary hero, Iranta.

Mission 3: Challenge
Intro: Ah, finally a challenge! Three at once. Good, that will spare time. And I have wasted enough. And once I have four clans under my control, the others will follow.

Overview Map:
Large, underground, no water. 4 player, 4 Stronghold, one in every corner of the map.

Defeat other players.

Mission Overview:
It is a 3VS1 and you are the one alone. Defeat them all!

Mission 4: Friends
Intro text: Kholgan, my old friend. Watching my war or joining my side? Lets take the long road around his territory and find out. Iranta waits with armies from the other clans to the south.

Overview Map:
large, underground, no water, 3 player, 1 Fortress, 1 Haven, 1 Stronghold.

Defeat Haven
Do not march into Fortress territory or attack them any other way.  

Mission Overview:
No Iranta this map.
Kholgan will join you, once you have conquered the first area from Haven. He has a giant army and a city.

Mission 5: Sister
Intro text: Now, now, look at this. Kholgan told me Alexandra died after she was forced to be the...replacement. I kinda doubted it or maybe I did not want to believe. But I would have never thought, she would return as a demon. A Succubus, if I am right. Suits her. So, first the fun for the body, then the fun for the soul. Sister and Succubus at once. And it is only morning!

Overview Map:
Large, 4 player, underground, water, 1 Haven, 1 Inferno, 1 Fortress, 1 Stronghold.

Talk with your sister
Defeat Haven

Mission Overview:
Zaffre and Iranta with one town on the surface and Kholgan with one town at the underground.
Alexandra will only talk with Zaffre.

Mission 6: Home
Intro text: Ah, my old home. Never liked it much. I guess I could make it my new capitol. Once I have cleaned it from the trash.

Overview Map:
Large, no underground, water, 2 player, 1 Haven, 1 Stronghold.

Conquer city of Haven.

Mission Overview:
1 town but 4 heroes. There are neutral forts with dwellings, one for Alexandra and one for Kholgan.

Mission 7: King
Intro text: My brother is awaiting me on the capitol. He has already taken the crown and thinks he can outnumbering me with help from elves and wizards. Fine, Kholgan and Alexandra can take care of them. But Michael is mine! It is time, brother!

Overview Map:
Impossible, underground, water, 6 player. Stronghold, Fortress and Inferno VS Haven, Sylvan and Academy.

Zaffre has to defeat Michael.

Mission Overview:
One giant map, divided intro three areas with no connection between them, except two one way portals, one each near the cities of Sylvan and Academy. Exits are near the city of Haven. They will keep sending heroes to attack Zaffre, if you do not attack them as well.

Outro: So, it is done. I got my revenge. My brother is dead and the kingdom is in ruins. What now? Maybe I am gonna listen to that idea, Iranta had a few days ago. She is beauty after all and quite open minded as well and should it really not work with her, then there remains an entire world to conquer. Oh, this is the right life!


And that is it

My idea for necropolis
Fortress with guns and cannons

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Famous Hero
Warlord of the sea
posted March 17, 2017 09:36 AM

Most of the links don't work.

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Famous Hero
posted March 17, 2017 06:23 PM

Mediczero said:
Most of the links don't work.

IDK why but there is a trailing colon at the end of each...

Delete it, and the link works.

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Adventuring Hero
posted March 17, 2017 08:31 PM


I almost thought, this would never happen!
But after I searched twice for every picture, once for the Hyperlink and the other as normal picture, I got everything!

I am a bit sorry about the centaurs but they were, aside from the Goblin Slinger who is not the original anymore, the most annoying ones. The Centaur Nomad has only 4 pictures and somethings wrong with the links of the smaller ones.
And the picture of the Centaur Marauder should actually be much bigger if you go with the link.

But worked!
My idea for necropolis
Fortress with guns and cannons

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Legendary Hero
Highly illogical
posted March 17, 2017 08:44 PM

It's very infantry-based and my first thought was that it might be a bit dull but it does give a good personality to it and the creatures seem cool and interesting, especially the Ogre. really like that one. Otherwise, pretty standard Stronghold. Big, brutal monsters and heavy-hitting infantry. good stuff.

One thing though: your campaign story? Not interesting. It's very cliche and not new at all. Seen it a thousand timse, will see it a thousand more times. Try coming up with something new. especially egregious in that Stronghold in Heroes tend to be particularly good in subverting expectations.

It is with a heavy heart that I must announce that the cis are at it again.

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Adventuring Hero
posted March 18, 2017 07:39 PM

Well, big, brutal monsters and heavy-hitting infantry is what makes Stronghold Stronghold for me. If that faction is not gonna have them, which one will?
And if others like it, it is even better. Thanks, by the way.

About the campaign, well, your right. It is not new or anything and I have seen the scenario "guy-on-revenge" a lot of times as well.
Thing is, I have rather a not so new but well-made campaign mission-wise, bit cliche does not bother me, instead of a new and unique story, while the missions are a total mess.
Besides, any campaign, where I can crush holy-glorious-mighty-famous empires with hordes of barbarians is totally enjoyable for me
My idea for necropolis
Fortress with guns and cannons

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