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Heroes Community > Other Side of the Monitor > Thread: The Truck of "Peace" visits Sweeden
Thread: The Truck of "Peace" visits Sweeden

Legendary Hero
Age of erwins is over
posted April 07, 2017 04:51 PM

The Truck of "Peace" visits Sweeden

It is the truck of peace
Truck of peace visits Sweeden


STOCKHOLM -- A truck crashed into a department store in central Stockholm on Friday, killing at least two people, Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lofven said.

Lofven says one person has been arrested and all indications point to the incident being a terrorist attack.

“Sweden has been attacked,” Lofven said. “This indicates that it is an act of terror.”

People in the downtown area fled in panic, and the country’s intelligence agency said a large number of people were injured.

Swedish broadcaster SVT said shots were fired at the scene and the Swedish news agency TT says several people have been rushed away in ambulances.


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Legendary Hero
President of MM Wiki
posted April 07, 2017 04:54 PM
Edited by EnergyZ at 16:57, 07 Apr 2017.

Time to bust out the big guns.

Shame though that, once more, the common people pay these mistakes. There should be some way to halt these attacks.

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Undefeatable Hero
Elvin's Darkside
posted April 07, 2017 10:06 PM

I bet it was one of those unruly, alcoholic Polish truckers, like that last time, in Germany. At least that's how one of the "ethical, most influential journalists" said it the last time a terror attack like this happened.

But what's really to comment here? Swedish government should be at the very least, dissolved and replaced. and then there's the more radical solutions which aren't allowed to be described in higher detail here.

But, hey, cultural "enrichment" is so good for the country. We need to be tolerant.
Lithuanian folklore:
The Good and the Evil grab a few beers and go to watch how the neighbor's house is burning down.
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"Herry can count to potato"- Fred79

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Famous Hero
posted April 08, 2017 04:44 AM

1. First off , frostysh don't like when the innocent peoples dying and suffering.

2. Even a gun of cal. of size of your head, mr EnergyZ, will bot protect you, or peoples near against terr. attack in highly urbanized area.

3. This attack looks like ahh, just distracting attention from something more important.

4. Replacement of the Government of the Kingdom of Sweden, radical measures , the 'radical measures' always was, continuously, usually the most 'humanistic and tolerant' countries such as US, killed the unbelievable amount of peoples, and the most radical countries is usually third world hell holes... Just wonder why .

5. A very predictable result: terr. attack + IPhones + Youtube + etc = panic, hate, radicalism growing, another topic to speak for folk in the Internet cafe, eating a good food, etc.

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Legendary Hero
Better than you in every way.
posted April 08, 2017 06:02 AM
Edited by Blizzardboy at 06:05, 08 Apr 2017.

You don't have to like their politics if you don't want to, but not very appropriate to make a snarky title over something where several people were just killed imo.
Ice skating uphill.

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