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Heroes Community > Summoners Academy > Thread: Party setups/team creation discussion
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Known Hero
posted May 30, 2017 07:46 AM

Who doesn't want more maps? I'd love a really challenging with some great rewards, high energy cost and a limit on how often you can do it. Think fights on the difficulty level of tower lvl 51, costing 20-30 energy each with chances to get legendaries or big essences, possibly in the chests on quest reward.

But waht faith do I have for that? The only new quests they made are seasonal quests, which are a rehash of other quests and very easy.

I think I've explained enough why I don't like you using the muse
- she is a rare
- she is unreliable
- she is super fragile
- you have a strictly better creature available

Look, assume a creature of 2000 pwr with soldier. A basic with x16 does 3500 dmg, a basic with x16 and crit does 4500. That's less than a 30% increase in dmg. On multihit specials it becomes even less, as you are pretty much guaranteed to not crit on all the hits.

Also why do oyu have to rely on basics? The only point where I rely on basics is wave 1. After that I kill the dangerous creatures with specials, then regain mana by hitting the small guys with basics and I go to the next wave with full mana.

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Hero of Order
posted May 30, 2017 10:32 AM

Yeah, I guess the easiest way for them to improve quests difficulty and rewards would be to add other layers of difficulty above King. Maybe we could get a suggestions and ideas thread going on, but I'm starting to get tired of creating threads.

- Why is it so bad using a rare creature? This game's mechanics are precisely deep enough to allow a wider range of strategy than simply "go with the best creatures or you die", if the latter was the case the game would be extremely p2w and I wouldn't play that. You say she has "no business in a lvl 270 party" but maybe the fact I'm using it should hint you she's not as bad as you think.
- I've told you she is reliable IF you use her correctly, I get it the "if" part is what makes her unreliable to you, but I can assure you Battle Tower 51 is the ONLY part of the whole game where she doesn't work, and that is because of the cleanse alone, if she was cleansing everytime I would pass that level fingers in the nose with the squad of nukers I use.
- Yes, she is super fragile, yet she stays alive on every SP map all the time aside for Black Wish which is the sole exception where I use a secondary party with Siren. She also stays alive MOST of the time in dungeon attacks.
- That last point I agree, although I can't use the Peri until I've awakened him, as the rough lvl 90 doesn't heal at all.

Anyway, I feel we are starting to repeat ourselves a bit, both our points have been heard I guess. Just so it's clear, I'm not forcing anyone to use the Muse, but I do consider her awesome from my experience.

In a game where there is so much place for random around 30% chance is decent imo, with Dark Elf it triggers enough times, and while it is true I can have a hard time on some LE w1 with rezzers, these actually make the difference for me: that last x16 basic hit with the DE on the LE is quite decisive in my condition. Also when I use the special there is 9 hits with each one of them getting a chance to crit, I NEVER have special strikes without crits (I would say the average is 4-5). Yes it's overkill for most fights, but it makes farming goes faster and kills the big baddies with huge HP in Tower a lot faster than any other party setups I've tried too.

For basic attacks again you only mention competition, but you also answered to your own question: fast and efficient mana fill.
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Tavern Dweller
posted May 30, 2017 05:30 PM

Here are my monsters with dots

Btw, I hope the picture works

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Hero of Order
posted August 07, 2017 10:55 PM

Some teams of smalls I'm having fun with.

Sadly not optimal with multipliers but I can only afford that much rerolls.
"Corribus is a teddy bear" - Blizzardboy

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