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Heroes Community > Heroes 5 - Modders Workshop > Thread: [TOOL] NCF Configuration Utility
Thread: [TOOL] NCF Configuration Utility

Supreme Hero
disrupting the moding industry
posted May 31, 2017 09:04 PM bonus applied by Galaad on 02 Aug 2017.
Edited by dredknight at 19:26, 02 Jul 2017.

[TOOL] NCF Configuration Utility

Dear community,

I would like the present a new software tool for managing NCF deployments. It will allow one-click deployment of NCF for Tribes of the East installations as well as Might and Magic Heroes 5.5 mod.

This application will allow for modular NCF deployments where a person may have multiple customized NCF packages that he can use. I hope that this is going to be the foundation for any one who wants to just play with NCF or develop creatures for the game.

Changes implemented:
Changed: Mana value of some creatures because they could not use their spells
Fixed: Icons of numerous creatures were not visualized properly in-game.
Removed: Vanilla creatures from the pack. Now you can use the pack on top of standard game balancing mods.

The NCF Configuration Utility is currently in alpha stage, it is open source, for anyone interested the code is available on github. Besides the utility there are a couple of other scripts which have been used for:
- Extracting NCF creatures to a separate folder, create unified editor icons, extract and convert to NCF,  mods creatures that are made to overlap existing ones.
- Archiving the extracted NCF creatures in separate pack files
- Notepad++ python script to mass convert ncf text files encoding to UTF-8

Installation instructions

1. Head to the download section and grab NCF Utility Installer.
2. Install it in the Heroes V game directory. It will deploy a desktop icon called "NCF Utility".

Manage NCF

1. Launch the application and you will see the main window.

2. Click on a proper NCF core to install it ("Tribes of the East" or Might & Magic: Heroes 5.5 RC9b release)
3. Once core is installed you will be allowed to install an NCF package.

4. Select a creature pack and appropriate creatures from it and click deploy.

Adding NCF creatures

Now go to bin directory find the editor.exe that has NCF in the name open it and add NCF creatures on the map.

If you are playing the MMH55 you can use the MAPMIXER to auto-generate NCF creatures on already existing maps.

Removing NCF files and NCF Utility application

- to remove any trace of NCF creatures from the game just click "Purify".
- to remove the application go to <game folder>/NCF Utility and use Uninstall.exe

Find an opponent at HoMM55 Tavern! | NCF Utility Alpha

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Legendary Hero
modding wizard
posted June 01, 2017 11:50 AM

Nice, thank you for your efforts!
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Supreme Hero
disrupting the moding industry
posted June 01, 2017 07:41 PM
Edited by dredknight at 23:22, 07 Jul 2017.

Thank you Magno !

Btw I did set the other NCF methods as archive on moddb.  I wonder if the users still see them.


Some notes on how to migrate modded vanilla creatures to NCF.
Dropping it here just to stay in the community. I will later make a full guide.

1. Rename DIR: GameMechanics\Creature\Creatures\{Faction_name}\Creature_name.xdb to GameMechanics\Creature\Creatures\Neutral\Creature_name.xdb
2. Rename FILE: GameMechanics\Creature\Creatures\Neutral\Creature_name.xdb GameMechanics\Creature\Creatures\{Neutral\{Creature_ID}.xdb
3. Create DIR, FILE WITH CONTENT: scripts\Creature_{ID}.lua (create)
 - " CREATURE_{NAME} = {ID}"
4. Change CONTENT for FILE: MapObjects\Haven\WhiteKnight\Archangel.(AdvMapMonsterShared).xdb
 - <AdvMapMonsterShared ObjectRecordID="19"> change to <AdvMapMonsterShared>
 - <Creature>CREATURE_ANGEL</Creature> change to <Creature>{CREATURE_ID}</Creature>
5. Create DIR, FILE WITH CONTENT: MapObjects\_(AdvMapObjectLink)\Monsters\NCF\Creature_{ID}.xdb
"<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<Link href="/MapObjects/Haven/WhiteKnight/Archangel.(AdvMapMonsterShared).xdb#xpointer(/AdvMapMonsterShared)"/>
6. Rename DIR: Characters\Creatures\{race} to Characters\Creatures\Neutrals
7. Rename CONTENT in all Creature files: Characters\Creatures\{race} to Characters\Creatures\Neutrals
Some examples of files that are not changed and their CONTENT: (expresison for regex -> '"/Characters/Creatures/%s' %x,'"/Characters/Creatures/Neutrals')
 D:\mod workplace\NCF\Boulder_test_ncf\667\GameMechanics\CreatureVisual\Creatures\Dwarf\Thane.xdb (1 hit)
<AnimCharacter href="/Characters/Creatures/Dwarves/T6_Dwarf/Thane.(Character).xdb#xpointer(/Character)"/>
 D:\mod workplace\NCF\Boulder_test_ncf\667\MapObjects\Boulder\Thane.(AdvMapMonsterShared).xdb (2 hits)
<Model href="/Characters/Creatures/Dwarves/T6_Dwarf/Thane.xdb#xpointer(/Model)"/>
<AnimSet href="/Characters/Creatures/Dwarves/T6_Dwarf/Thane-arena.xdb#xpointer(/AnimSet)"/>
6. do something for upgrade relations
- not yet implemented

Find an opponent at HoMM55 Tavern! | NCF Utility Alpha

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