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Heroes Community > Heroes 5 - Temple of Ashan > Thread: Custom models question
Thread: Custom models question

Tavern Dweller
posted June 28, 2017 02:37 PM
Edited by Blood_Raven at 14:38, 28 Jun 2017.

Custom models question

Hello everyone!
Being an old-time Warcraft 3 modeler/texturer I was wondering if it is possible to make custom models and use them ingame, and if it is, is there a good tutorial to get me started?
I downloaded a program for exporting and editing Homm5 models (Archangel 0.5), but the manual is so badly-written I couldn't even get as far as opening a model, so a tutorial on that program would be appreciated aswell.

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Supreme Hero
disrupting the moding industry
posted June 30, 2017 09:53 AM
Edited by dredknight at 09:55, 30 Jun 2017.

Hello Blood Raven!

Welcome to the community. You can find a lot of texture editing tips on this thread.

I am not a designer but I can help you with most of the heroes V modding architecture besides the texture editing (for example how to build a new creature).

There is a project I am working on when I have time to extend the heroes V universe with new creatures and I am in need of a designer who is willing to create quality models.

Let me know if the texture information was enough.

Consider creating modding threads on the modding board. You will be more reluctant with getting answers there.
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Legendary Hero
Modding the Unmoddable
posted February 19, 2018 11:13 AM

Attack of virus bots :V

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