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Heroes Community > Summoners Academy > Thread: ~ Guidelines and Feedback Summoners Academy ~
Thread: ~ Guidelines and Feedback Summoners Academy ~

Hero of Order
Li mort as morz, li vif as vis
posted August 02, 2017 02:51 PM
Edited by Galaad at 13:38, 03 Aug 2017.

~ Guidelines and Feedback Summoners Academy ~

Summoners Academy is the place to post and discuss the mobile game from JVC and key members of the original Might and Magic series Creature Quest.

Please read the Newcomer's guide below, if you're new to the forum and want to know how to behave.

Newcomers Please Read


1. The 10 Laws on "How to behave in the Heroes Community".
2. What are the yellow and red stars?
  2.1 How do I get/lose yellow stars?
  2.2 Yellow stars and custom Avatar.
  2.3 How do I get red stars (quality points)?
  2.4 Benefits with red stars.

1. The 10 Laws on "How to behave in the Heroes Community

1. Read the Code Of Conduct which explains what's allowed and (especially) what's not allowed in the forum.
2. Respect your fellow forumers, and talk to them in a nice manner.
3. Before you post, make sure what you want to say and state it as clearly as possible to avoid confusion.
4. Don't resurrect old and dead topics if you haven't got anything new to add to them (i.e. read through them and think twice).
5. Before posting a new Topic, make sure there are no other topics covering the same subjects.
6. Instead of making a new topic for a small question, rather use the already existant Questions Topic.
7. When posting a new Topic, make sure the title is descriptive as to what the topic is about. This helps other members to easily decide whether they want to read through it or not.
8. When you quote a topic with a lot of pictures or other load-heavy contents, please delete these from the original message.
9. Respect the wishes of the Moderators. If you feel that they are unreasonable, leave a message in this feedback thread, or send them an instant message to solve the issue. There will often be an explanation that you might not know of.
10. Be positive.

2. What are the yellow and red stars?

For a full description of these features, I refer to the Community FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions). Here is a short review:

Yellow stars correspond to the member's post count. Members start with no yellow stars and can get up to seven yellow stars. Each yellow star amount has a rank associated with it, see section 2.1.
  Yellow stars come automatically, and don't show anything about the quality of the work of the poster, only the amount.

Red Stars correspond to the quality of the member's posts. Posts of particular outstanding quality (top 2 % in forum) will be awarded a Quality bonus and will be marked with a Red Star to show other forumers where to look for quality work. The number of red stars below your fellow forumers avatars correspond to their total number of Quality bonuses (or QP's) (see section 2.3 for more).
  Members with less than 2 red stars in their status will have received quality penalties for breaking the Code of Cundoct (see above). For effects of red stars, read below.

2.1 How do I get/lose yellow stars?

As mentioned above, you get yellow stars by posting. Yellow stars depend on your post count as follows:

  1-20 posts: No yellow stars. Rank: Tavern Dweller.
  > 20 posts: 1 yellow star. Rank: Hired Hero.
  > 50 posts: 2 yellow stars. Rank: Adventuring Hero.
  > 120 posts: 3 yellow stars. Rank: Known Hero.
  > 300 posts: 4 yellow stars. Rank: Famous Hero.
  > 800 posts: 5 yellow stars. Rank: Supreme Hero.
  > 2000 posts: 6 yellow stars. Rank: Legendary Hero.
  > 6000 posts: 7 yellow stars. Rank: Undefeatable Hero.

Posts refer to post count. Post count is affected by the following things:
  - If you send in a post and the previous post in that thread was not your own, then your post count is increased by 1.
  - If you send in a post and the previous post in the topic is your own, then your post count stays the same.
  - If you send in a post and the two previous posts in the topic are your own, then your post count is reduced by 3.
NOTE: If you've made a reply to a thread, and want to make a new one then you can edit your post to avoid the penalty. To Edit a post you must log in using the user name you had when you made the post. The "Edit Post" link will then appear at the end of each post you've made.
  Trouble-shooting tip if the link does not appear even though you are logged in: When you log in the user name is not case sensitive. However, the "Edit Post" link does not appear if you are logged in with another capitalization of the user name than the one you used when you made the post.

2.2 Yellow stars and custom Avatar.

In order to get a custom Avatar you need two yellow stars. Each member can ask for only one custom Avatar. The size of the Avatar is restricted to 2kB. More information on Avatars and Avatar reservation is in the FAQ.

The option to reserve an Avatar becomes available when you have two yellow stars when you edit your Profile. (If you do not have two yellow stars then the option to reserve an Avatar will not appear when you edit the profile.)

2.3 How do I get red stars (quality points)?

The forum guidelines says that quality points should be awarded to the 2% top posts. Red stars will earn you a new Prefix as follows:

  0-2 QP's: 2 red stars. Prefix: No rank.
  3-7 QP's: 3 red stars. Prefix: Promising.
  8-14 QP's: 4 red stars. Prefix: Responsible.
  15-25 QP's: 5 red stars. Prefix: Honorable.
  25-50 QP's: 6 red stars. Prefix: Admirable.
   > 50 QP's: 7 red stars. Prefix: Praiseworthy.

It should be noticed that quality is subjective and the moderator reserves the right to judge what is good quality. Therefore, quality points is usually something which you will not get with any predictability unless a post is outstanding.

Getting quality points is not only a matter of posting things which has a good content, but it's also about avoiding things that are breaches of the code of conduct. Most minor breaches of the code of conduct will not result in penalties.
  NOTE: Moderators are overall good at keeping notes and remembering the good things you've done along with the bad things.

2.4 Benefits with red stars.

Three red stars unlocks the 20 posts restriction and removes flood-protect when editing.
Four red stars removes your flood-protect.
Five red stars allows you to rate topics in the forum.

Feel free to use this thread for anything related to forum feedback, such as +QPs recommendations or ideas you have to improve the place or any general question about the forums. For direct complaints in case of issues with members I'd rather have you send me an HCM for discretion.

Speaking of red stars, a few have been awarded.

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Legendary Hero
the reckoning is at hand
posted August 02, 2017 10:18 PM
Edited by LizardWarrior at 22:18, 02 Aug 2017.

Hooray! Nice sword you got there, mate

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Tavern Dweller
posted March 29, 2021 08:15 AM - penalty applied by Galaad on 29 Mar 2021.
Edited by Galaad at 22:04, 29 Mar 2021.

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