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Heroes Community > MapHaven Guild > Thread: A Kingdom Forlorn (Horn of the Abyss)
Thread: A Kingdom Forlorn (Horn of the Abyss)

Tavern Dweller
posted August 07, 2017 05:49 AM
Edited by fawahar at 10:01, 14 Aug 2017.

A Kingdom Forlorn (Horn of the Abyss)

Hay people, I'm here to present my next step into the oblivion of map-making. It's Single/Multiplayer Skirmish. It is not overbalanced so pick your starting spots carefully

Direct Download

Name: A Kingdom Forlorn

Author: Fawahar

Type Heroes 3 Horn of The Abyss
Size : Extra Huge (XH 216x216)
Difficulty : Impossible
Can be Human : 8
Players : 8
Teams : 0


High rose the towers of Avmirat and deep were dug the magic scribe-rooms of Saros'an. However, the day came when the two cities of wisdom fell plagued and were abandoned. You should locate these cities first and understand their hidden knowledge if you want to find the legendary Immortal Scrolls.


-Defeat all enemies Scenario.

-Eight players, "Free for all."

-Shield Spell is turned off. You can find it on scrolls or shrines only.

-Starting places are designed to fit different game-styles. Every starting place have specific pros and cons. Four of the starting places are with "random starting town" option.

-Many 4th grade artifacts that are usually off are now on. A huge plus to venture for the Dragon Utopias around.

-There is Random generated Grail and all obelisks placed.

-No timed Events on this map with or - to your resources. However AI is slightly buffed.

-There are few "Hut of the Magi" that will reveal key exploration points of the map.

-Azure/Crystal/Rust/ Faerie Dwellings placed.

-For better role play there are several "Deliver Artifact" Quests placed, some of them are with game-end turning rewards.

-Map is best played on 160% or 200% except for beginners.

-All 118 available heroes are remade custom (primary/secondary skills new spell choices) and with unique biographies as well.

-You will be wise to listen to the Inn rumors too.

If you have any advice for further expansion of the map and generally the lore, find any spelling mistakes, or tactical abuses, comment here or mail me at ratskin32@outlook.com

And if some other map maker want to use the portfolio of the map (clean map just the 118 custom heroes inside), follow that link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B6jOay9uJm-WanhWS2pRalcxNWM

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