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Heroes Community > Other Games Exist Too > Thread: Half-Life 2 Episode 3 - Ending Revealed
Thread: Half-Life 2 Episode 3 - Ending Revealed

Adventuring Hero
posted August 28, 2017 03:50 AM

Half-Life 2 Episode 3 - Ending Revealed

A few days ago, the main writer of the franchise, who leaved Valve 18 months ago, published in his personal blog a "fanfiction" with the names changed (for obvious legal reasons) which revealed the ending to Half-Life 2 Episode 3.


There are a lot of videos all around telling you the ending but, if you want the short version, here we go:

They arrive with the helicopter near to the Borealis, but they are shot down by combines. They discover the Borealis, but it is in some short of phase state (it's basically bkinking). They find the doctor the were looking for (the one who sent them the coordinates), and she tells them that the Borealis uses a similar technology as the portal gun, except it doesn't need to create a portal, it creates some short of shield around it and then it moves the ship. But this device doesn't just make you travel through space, accidentally, the people at Aperture Science had created something that also moves through time. Gordon, Alice Vance and the doctor manage to get inside the ship, and inside it (while fighting against combine forces) they see many time-periods and places, such as the Seven-Hour War, other planets and etcetera. There is a discussion about what to do with the Borealis. The doctor wants to use the technology, Alice Vance wants to destroy it as her father told her (you know, her father, who died at the end of Episode 2), so Alice shots the doctor, killing her.

What happens know is that Alice Vance set the course of the Borealis to the Combine Nexus (as I understand, some sort of Dyson Sphere), using the ship as a missile to destroy it. Just before they crash, G-Man shows up and takes Alice with him. Gordon is left alone in the ship facing sure death, but then the Vortigaunt show up and save him, leaving him in some unkown beach, not knowing even in which year he is in.

And that's it. A bit sad. This may be the confirmation that we are never going to see a Half-Life 3, and the internet is now full of memes about this. I will leave you with some of them.

MY FAVOURITE ONE: video-montage recreating that ending except the Vortigaunt part

Terminator 2 montage

Recopilation of news with sad music

Twin Peaks montage

Just music, with a picture as background which recreates the Dyson Sphere as Gordon Freeman stares into it from the Borealis

In the letter published, the writer also apologizes for the waiting and says that this is the ending, that we won't hear of him again. According to some speculations, they never came with a good idea for a Half-Life 3, so there is no plot planned. This closes the story-arc of the combines, at least.

RIP Half-Life.

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Adventuring Hero
posted September 01, 2017 05:07 PM

Could've been a nice game. Even with the old source engine, still could provide a definitive and satisfying ending. Too bad Valve decided to steer the company in another direction.

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