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Heroes Community > Heroes 3.5 - WoG and Beyond > Thread: ERA II mod suggestion
Thread: ERA II mod suggestion

Adventuring Hero
Member of the old Wog-team
posted September 03, 2017 12:20 PM

ERA II mod suggestion

I watched that last episode of Game of Thrones.
No spoiler that there is dragons in it, but it made me think.
IF you were to actually SEE a dragon, black gold or whatever, you would snow your pants.
Just the one would be enough to get any army to kneel in an instant.
Sooo (enough rambling)
In Heroes III you get a number of dragons each week, meaning youll end up with a wast number of them...
Makes them less...unique...
Would it be possible to only grant ONE dragon, and instead of it being powerful in numbers, increase its HP and attack accordingly to the number that it represents.
Eg, 1 Black dragon has 300 HP, if you each week added 300/per unit you normaly get, when you would have 10 dragons, youd have 1 with 3000Hp (and the stats that will follow regarding Damage.
It could be used to all monsters there is, giving you just 1 unit of each, but powerfull as the number you normaly have.
Like XP but just for surviving

I wish I personally could do this, but I am ERM blind/dyslexic.
Tried numerous times to understand it, but its never stuck :/

If anyone thinks that this is a good idea and want to make it happen Id be so happy.

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Omnipresent Hero
Wog refugee
posted September 03, 2017 12:39 PM

Balance means comparison and progression. When you pass from levl 6 unit with ~120 HP to levl 7 with 3000 HP, the game is screwed, basically within 2 weeks you killed all map with only one of them. So if you want it to work, you would have to recalibrate the price of the dwelling to something which really requires tons of resources and sacrifices, but then you will not be able to get lev 7 monsters in time, or templates are designed in such way that you need them rather early.

Such ideas can work only in custom maps, you have for example The Dragon Slaughter where you there is some unique boss at the end. But is boring, hitting one unit for hours until it dies while keep resurrecting your owns.

And I'm sorry to hear your dyslexia is total and irreversible, as the script required to modify HP is cake even for a 5 year old.

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Known Hero
posted September 03, 2017 12:55 PM
Edited by XEricSin at 13:01, 03 Sep 2017.

You can try my New Heroes 3(NH3) Mod. The rationale behind the creatures is to differenciate the levels.

A pikeman has 10 HP and an Dragon has 1000 HP. The growth rate is 100 and 1 respectively.

You can have a look.

By the way, if you only want to change the HP, just look for the creature stats file in the LOD pacs. It's very easy.

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