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Heroes Community > Heroes 3.5 - WoG and Beyond > Thread: Mod Project
Thread: Mod Project

Supreme Hero
Researching Magic
posted September 28, 2017 12:47 PM
Edited by RerryR at 12:55, 28 Sep 2017.

Poll Question:
Mod Project

Currently i have a little bit of spare time and want to start a new scripting project. I have some ideas and wanted to ask you what you would like to see realised. I will write down some thoughts and concepts. You can vote what you think is best or give suggestions.

first) Rework Heroes specialities
I always found the heroes specialists in WoG really fun to play. Espacially the creature specialists. It's just nice to see your creatures scale with every level from your hero. The problem is that its just not balanced at all (only considering WoG here). Some heroes have really lame specialities, espacially the magic heroes. I think there is much room for improvement. So why not equalize/balance all specialities not by nerfing the creature specialists, but by buffing everything else. As example: it should be possible to make a hero who has luck as speciality truly powerfull if he reaches high levels. The same shoud be true if you play a Ice Lightning specialists.

second Defensive Magic
It never made sense to my why stoneskin gives the same protection if you cast it with 5 spell power or 50. The same is true for spells like Protection from Elements, Slow, Haste, Prayer and a lot of other.
I could make a mod which changes that. Every spell which has no scaling with spell power will get one. This would on the other hand require for some spells to start at a lower value. Let's take Shield      
as example. Usually it gives 30% damage reduction at expert. It could start with 15% damage reduction at 0 spell power and get 2% bonus for every 5 spell power. So with 30 Spell Power it would give you 27% damage reduction. Numbers can change and for some spells you would need a cap or dimsihing returns, but you get the idea.

third) Advanced Classes Mod
The idea is that we get some kind of class distinction between Adventurer, Warrior, Mage heroes and extendet options for big maps and high levels. It should increase replay value and every class should feel strong and fun to play.
Looking at the secondary skills in heroes you roughly have 8 might skills, 8 mage skills and 8 adventurer skills. Looking somehow like this:

Air Magic
Earth Magic
Fire Magic
Water Magic

First Aid  

Eagle Eye

Now my idea was that you get class points for each skill you pick. By reaching a certain amount of points you advance in that class. Each class can have 3 levels. Expert, Master and Grandmaster. By reaching a level you unlock bonuses for that class. Lets say you pick all Warrior skills you will become a grandmaster Warrior. After you have maxed out all skills your hero class is determined. For every level after that you will be able to upgrade one of your secondary skills of that class.
I already put some thoughts in this concept and have a playable version which includes the warrior with all upgrades. But i drop this idea some time ago. So maybe if someone says he wants to team up with me and finish it, why not. The outcome can be different and iam open to new ideas. It could also be something like an extra Master and Grandmaster level for secondary skills.  

Rework Heroes specialities
Defensive Magic
Advanced Classes Mod
Something else
Shut up you noob
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Known Hero
posted September 28, 2017 04:10 PM


I have to answer bit fast, got to go soon...
If you want ideas, I'll be here if you want.

I suggest, before a rework of heroes' specialities, tere is some equilibration in secondary skills.
Some links are in because if, for example, eagle eye (=EE) is still weak, eagle eye's speciality won't be good.
If there is a rework who makes EE strong, this speciality can be too strong too. That's why I suggest a rework of both simultaneously.

That's why I aked "other" for now.

Have fun in modding,

If I'm crazy ? Sure, because its madness to be normal...

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Omnipresent Hero
Wog refugee
posted September 28, 2017 04:17 PM

Create an alternate level up system working in parallel with vanilla one, where levels (or level points) are given based on individual achievements, as number of battles, primary skills, also map adventure achievements, as visiting utopias, prisons unlocked, towns conquered, AI heroes killed, relics discovered etc.

Those levels, once unlocked, could give more movement, decrease mana required for spells, give free artifacts, boost stats of creatures in that army. This way the game would not become boring after the middle, which is too often the case.  

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