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Heroes Community > Heroes 5 - Modders Workshop > Thread: [MMH5.5] RC10 Detailed info for Manual & Translations
Thread: [MMH5.5] RC10 Detailed info for Manual & Translations

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posted October 22, 2017 11:08 PM
Edited by magnomagus at 16:15, 19 Nov 2017.

[MMH5.5] RC10 Detailed info for Manual & Translations

In this thread I will centralize important info for the people who want to update manuals or translations for RC10

I recommend not working too hard in first week after release since maybe something unexpected comes up that requires stuff to change again

First of all, pretty much all spell descriptions have been updated, but that does not necessarily mean foreign language need to be updated as well, since a lot was unclear in english versions (+spelling errors). Also I just wanted to generally improve quality for English version. I'm quite sure however cleansing and all spells that moved need to be fixed in all languages
Secondly (for ThGryphn) all creature spellbooks and mana will have changes to them (check the spell masteries as well), it is very easy to overlook something here so it is possible I made a mistake myself. Goblin defilers & Orc tier 3 upgraded have modifications to blood rage bonuses
Thirdly (for dredknight) you have to pretty much update every spell in the manual either because of formula changes or cost changes.

Also important to check for translators:

all mage guild descriptions  
all shatter skill perks & base skill descriptions
all summoning perks at the end of the branches,
defense, combat+perks, sorcery and mass spell ATB

EDIT: offensive formations, defensive formations, armor spikes, back to the void, leadership (necro), retribution, enlightenment (base skill), occultism (base skill), exorcism

Following Artifacts have stat changes with regards to 2.5% development:

Boots of swiftness - relic
Ogre Club - major
Axe of Mountain lord - relic
Dwarven King set
Guardian shield & helmet
Ring of Caution
2x Runic artifacts
Dwarven Buckler
Ice Shield
staff of netherworld

Here is list of other changes to creatures:

Archangels -1SP +10HP
Champions -1SP, +2D, +10HP
Seraphs & Paladins unchanged
militia +1 A&D
Haven T5 +50% damage but with range penalty ability from dungeon T1

Griffin -1SP, +1 in damage
Battle griffin -1SP, +1 ini
Royal griffin +1 min dmg -1 max dmg (unrelated, excessive gambling)

Sprites +1 max Dmg, +1HP, remove wasp swarm
Sylvan wind dancer -1SP, agility +2D per tile
Ancient Treant +1 ini, -1SP, 170HP, other treant no changes
Sylvan T7 -1SP +10HP
Pristine unicorn -1SP, -1 ini, -10HP, dmg set to 11-22 (those needed to be nerfed anyway, because of bond of light)

upgraded T4 -6HP grim  -1SP brisk, cost -20
upgraded T5 +1 minmax dmg cost +30 (move power of t4 to t5)
hydra +1 min dmg

shadow dragon -1SP, +10HP
Red dragon -1SP (could use a nerf anyway), remove minimalist Defense nerf, no changes to Black
Blood furies (fastest) change stats to current sisters = 8 speed, 14 ini, 21HP
Blood sisters -1SP, 25HP, other stats like current furies except ini 14

Inferno, no changes to T3 and Nightmare, only Hell Stallion -1SP +2 min damage
Leaping range 3-7
Devil upgrades +10HP (were simply still underpowered)

Djinn Vizier -1SP, +5HP
Djinn upgrades swap magic proof abilities
Obsidian Gargoyle -1SP,+1 ini
Ksatra Dmg 24-32, -1SP (those needed to be nerfed anyway)
Vampire Princes -1SP (could use a nerf anyway)
Wriath +1D

Whitebear riders -1SP +5HP
Flamelord -1SP, +10HP
Thane -1SP,+10HP

goblin defiler - cleansing, immunity to mind control, hexing attack removed from rage level 2, removed cowardice
mauler&butcher - 1st rage level = 1Sp, 6HP for both
orc chief -1SP +2 max dmg

Phoenix -1SP - EDIT: also elemental
air elemental -1Sp +5HP
manticore 1500g 135 exp (EDIT14)

EDIT2: Planned but not yet implemented:

upgraded Zombie +1HP
centaur2 +1 ini, -1max dmg
centaur1 +1HP, -1 ini
treant unupgraded -5Hp,+1 minmax dmg, -1SP (EDIT3)
hell charger +10HP -2 ini (EDIT4)
unupgraded goblin +1Speed
goblin 1 -1HP
goblin defiler +1HP (EDIT5)

(all those are to maintain consistency between upgraded-unupgraded)

more variation between sylvan dragons: (EDIT6)

crystal dragon 12 ini,27A,31D,225HP,35-55Dmg
emerald dragon 13 ini,29A,27D,210HP,35-60Dmg

changes done to equalize factions for divine strength/weakness (EDIT7)
all treants +2min -2max DMG
untamed cyclops 42-60DMG
horror dragon 22-40DMG
demilich 15-22DMG
blackbear rider 4-7DMG
rune patriarch 13-18DMG

haven militia +1Speed -1ini -1A -1D (EDIT8) ini boost is not good enough

horned leaper +1HP and i forgot leap distance fix (-1)
necro T7 all +200 gold costs (EDIT9)
necro T6 all -150 gold costs, unupgraded 115 experience
cavalier 120 exp (EDIT10)
Bone dragon 20-35Dmg (EDIT11)
Death Knight (creature) +20HP,170exp

Related to balancing channeling:

Sprite all stats modified + Symbiosis
Dryad all stats modified + Siphon mana
Elder Druid - spells: lightning,divine str, endurance, cleansing, mana feed
High Druid - 9 ini, 12-15 dmg, Spells: Stone Spikes, Righteous Might,Haste,channeling (requires 34 mana) (EDIT12)

dungeon t6 & inferno t6 unupgraded -100 gold

related to balancing stronghold town increasing town building costs but also unraged power:

stronghold t5 unupgraded +2HP
all wyverns +4A,+4D +150gold and unupgraded also +10HP,+5min dmg,
exp values: 120 exp, 165 exp (EDIT13)
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