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Heroes Community > Heroes 3.5 - WoG and Beyond > Thread: era 2 king of world
Thread: era 2 king of world

Tavern Dweller
i'm not zombie just african
posted December 07, 2017 12:34 PM

era 2 king of world

hi, some one manage to play this map properly?
my mod manager cant find it but every other era 2 map it found just fine.
now when i copy the map to my heroes 3 maps and start era it finds it but i got this weird left ball feeling its shouldn't be played like that cause i cant beat the first monster.
in maps4heroes the creator dude said to copy it to mods folder and not to heroes 3 complete folder(like i did via other era maps)  i did copy to mods and still my mod manager cant find that snow some 1 save my black ass plz so i can enjoy that map
and how come no one opened topic about this map yet is looks badass

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Omnipresent Hero
Wog refugee
posted December 07, 2017 12:46 PM

I downloaded it and it does not enables automatically, you have to double click on mod while in mod manager, to enable it. From there, you can select the map, however all my attempts to start playing it ended in crash (era 2.41). Looking at map in editor, I think the author is masochistic adept, as we can(t manipulate any of the objects or even save map without endless error messages. Which may explain why can't be played. So don't know what to say to you, for me it just doesn't work.

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